Twin Confusion

Ashley and Carly Lopez are dating Justin and Jason Bieber but Justin's fans get confused about him and Jason so Ashley and Carly try to convince his fans that Justin is not Jason and Jason is not Justin but it's not working


8. Hospital

Justin's pov: I rushed over to the hospital as soon as Ashley told me Carly was hurt I couldn't stop thinking about my Fiancé and baby thinking if something was wrong with them.

I ran into the hospital seeing Ashley she hugged me tears running down her cheeks then the doctor came up to us she said," ok Carly should be ok and  your daughter is fine she's such a tough girl when Carly was kicked she moved to her ribs then moved back to her stomach as for Carly she's in a coma with Amnesia not going to remember many things but should remember in a few weeks" as she looked at her clipboard. I was shocked my Fiancé is in a coma with Amnesia and this is my fault I wasn't there to protect her and my daughter I thanked the doctor as Ashley and I ran to her room.

We walked in tears running down my cheeks seeing her lay pale and weak in the hospital bed I walked over to her bed sitting down next to her then held her hand I said," Baby It's your Fiancé Justin I'm so sorry this happen to you that I wasn't there to protect you I should have known Selena was after you to hurt you from taking me away from her putting you into a coma and giving you Amnesia please just tell me if your ok wake up, move your mouth, squeeze my hand do something I promise I'll be by your side everyday I love you so much" as tears fell down my cheeks landing on her hand making it move. I said," that's it baby fight through the pain wake up for me" as I looked at her smiling.

Carly's Pov: Who is this person talking to me ? Why can't I wake up ? What happened to me ? Where am I ? I saw a light seeing a person ahead of me I shouted," who are you ? " as I covered my eyes from the bright light. the person said," Princess it's me daddy" as he walked towards me I couldn't believe it when me and Ashley were 6 our dad left my mom for another women making our lives horrible but we managed to pull through. I said," why are you here I don't want to see you why did you leave us making mom struggle to take care of us" as I started crying.

I woke up still crying seeing a  handsome boy sitting next to my bed with a chain with my name on it  then I looked at my finger and necklace the ring had his initial on it and the necklace had his name on it. Then I looked to the right of my room seeing a girl who looked like me I tried to remember suddenly I felt a kick in my stomach "am I pregnant" I thought I can't be I'm only 19 or am I. I heard yawning looking to see the boy awake he smiled then frowned looking at me he kissed my cheek I asked," who are you ?" as I looked at him. He sighed then started explaining to me he said" My name is Justin Bieber I am 20 years old I'm an international pop star I have 3 younger siblings, Jaxon, Jasmyn, and Jason in High school I fell in love with a girl named Carly Amber Lopez which Jason liked he was dating a girl named Ashley Marie Lopez, Carly's sister now she's dating my cousin, Derek Johnson me and Carly are engaged we have a family 3 children twins, James and Juliet they both are 7 weeks old then a girl she's not born yet but I can't wait to met her" as he looked at me. I asked," where is your Fiancé. " as I looked at him. He looked down I said," I'm sorry you don't have to answer that" as I frowned. he said," no it's ok she's in the hospital she was in a coma now she has amnesia and doesn't remember me or anyone" as he started crying. The doctor walked in she said," ok I have a few questions to ask you, What's your name, age, are you in a relationship ?" as the doctor looked at me. I said," I don't know any of that I'm sorry I just want to go home but I don't know where I live ?" as I looked at her. The Doctor nodded giving Justin the release form to sign then they both walked out while Ashley helped Carly get dressed since she didn't know anything she walked her sister out of the hospital driving her to Derek's house since Justin left from being so sad that his Fiancé didn't remember him he took the kids to his mom's house spending the night.

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