A New Madman, A New Me

It is now October 10th, 1973. Karl Shoemaker and the Madmen are all as close as can be, and everything is going well in the non-normal world. That is, until a random kid from Ireland shows up like a leprechaun magically appearing at the end of the rainbow. But it seems he's lost his pot of gold. Maybe Karl can help him find it.


2. I'm not your Boyfriend


I stared at Darla and must have looked like a deer caught in headlights.

I felt like a deer caught in headlights.

My good mood had completely vanished and was replaced with a heavy feeling of dread.

This was the question I was so desperately hoping would never come! 

Because it was a lose/lose situation. 

Say yes to being Darla's boyfriend, and I would be in a relationship with someone I didn't like, and suffer through their horrible attitudes and possible verbal abuse. 

Say no, and I would have to deal with literal Madmen. All the bad things they could say or do would be said ordone, and no one will ever try to hear my side. Ever. 

My breathing started picking up as I analyzed both sides. I looked at Darla's hopeful face, her chest popping out as if trying to appeal to me. But honestly, there was probably nothing about this situation that could get me aroused in the slightest. I might as well be impotent.

I took a deep breath in though my nose and let it out through my mouth. If I became Darla's boyfriend, it would be my first ever relationship, binding myself to someone who I now didn't even want to call a friend. 

So I made up my mind. And I opened my mouth. And an ear shattering scream ripped through the hallway.

Immediately people started running towards the direction where the scream came from, despite the fact that class was starting in less than 5 minutes. I saw Darla running too, and smiled at my chance for a get away.

Darla would never admit to this, but she was addicted to drama. Most people, even the Madmen were. We can't resist speculating and judging, analyzing whatever it is, alive or not, like a scientific experiment. It was inhumane, and I didn't want to be that type of person.

I realized someone screaming their head of was cause for concern, but really, before school even starts, what could actually happen.

I turned my back on the scene and walked away, hoping I could get to class before Darla got bored. I walked easily, not thinking about where I was stepping. My steps were light, not as chipper as the morning, but I was getting there. I took a deep breath in through my nose and out through my mouth. The whole Darla situation was upsetting, but happiness was s choice that I was making, and nothing was going to ruin it again.

I smiled big and wide, turning the corner only to be bowled over by someone running into me.


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