Brain Dead

People are getting sick. Very sick; the kind that makes you want to run in the other direction opposed to giving them flowers.

How can I be expected to look after my sister when I'm unsure if i can even look after myself in this new world? There are so many things that are changing; things we never had to worry about are now a problem and the things that we were worried about are a joke; something to make us laugh when the world goes to sleep and we can't...or don't want to.


1. Danny - Packing

Danny - Packing 


“We’ll be fine Mum; Dad will be home tonight it’s not like you’re leaving us for a week.” My words do nothing to ease the worry in her eyes as she rushes between the bag on the bed and the wardrobe; occasionally stopping to give me a worried stare. 

“What’s going on?” 

My mum’s gaze swivels to the door and I see the look in her eyes; the fear of leaving us on our own but more importantly leaving her baby. She’s nine but still the baby as she’s the youngest and always has been a very big mummy’s girl. 

My sister’s eyes are squinting slightly; a clear sign that my baby sister’s head is still hurting her. She shuffles across the room, her eyes to the floor as she goes to cling to Mum’s side. “My head hurts, Mummy.” 

“I know Baby, you can have some more medicine soon.” My mum’s arms go around my sister as she looks at me over her head. “Mummy’s got to go, Auntie Laura has a problem and needs my help; Daddy will be home tonight. He can read you a bed time story.” Before she’s even finished my little sister is shaking her head against my mum’s stomach. 

“No, don’t want you to go.” My sister’s knuckles are white from where they are clinging tightly to Mum’s coral coloured jumper; the Autism makes it worse because Mum is her sole comfort though lately she’s allowed me to comfort her when she really needs it, taken to sleeping with me sometimes. 

“Georgie, Mummy has to go; she’ll be back soon and until then you can sleep with me and we’ll play whatever you want to make the time pass; she’ll be home before you know it.” Sliding off the bed, I come up behind Georgia and run my hand over her dirty blond locks trying to smooth it out; it’s so different from the black straw I have to call hair. 

“Come and cuddle with me? Watch Mummy pack?” She doesn’t move at first but she slumps back against me and allows me to ease her towards the bed where she curls up against my side; her lip stuck out in a teary eyed pout. My sister is very reasonable for a nine year old; surprising for a girl with Aspergers syndrome. I would know, I’ve been there at her age and I wasn’t as easy as she was; I was a nightmare to look after. 

Putting on a fake smile, Mum puts one last pair of jeans into the over night bag before zipping up the cheaply made zip. “I won’t be long.” She glances at the clock on the beside table before coming over to us and getting onto the bed with us and kissing both of our heads. “Baby, stay here for a moment while I talk to Danny okay? I’ll come and say good-bye before I go, I promise.” 

My sister’s eyes are barely open as leans on me heavily; I don’t think she is going to be awake when it’s time for Mum to leave. 

Easing out from under her I lean her against a pillow before following Mum out the door and towards my own bedroom. “I don’t want to leave you two.” She lets out a tired sounding sigh. “I’m going to kill that sister of mine for always going out with douchebags.” 

“Relax Mum, you know everything will be fine; It’s not like I haven’t looked after Georgia on my own before.”I say before giving her a hug she obviously needs. 

She nods. “Okay, but keep a close eye on her, and make sure to give her Calpol on the dot until this headache of her’s goes; you can see she is in pain.” Her shoulders are slumped as she obviously thinks about leaving us again. 

“Mum, go. You’ll miss the train.” My voice isn’t soft because I know I’m going to have to kick her out the door to get her away from her sick baby. 

“Okay, okay. I love you.” Planting a kiss on my forehead she scurries out my room and back to her own to grab her bag and say goodbye. Better to have an overprotective and caring mum than to have one that doesn’t care at all. My mum is damn near perfect when it comes to being a parent though I think I’d be good for her to take a deep breath sometimes. 

“No!” My sister’s wail causes my heart to sink, I was hoping she’d sleep through this.


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