Brain Dead

People are getting sick. Very sick; the kind that makes you want to run in the other direction opposed to giving them flowers.

How can I be expected to look after my sister when I'm unsure if i can even look after myself in this new world? There are so many things that are changing; things we never had to worry about are now a problem and the things that we were worried about are a joke; something to make us laugh when the world goes to sleep and we can't...or don't want to.


3. Danny - First Killing

Danny - First Killing 


Downstairs, Callie’s dad is kneeling down beside Georgia and murmuring to her; I can see whatever he is saying is soothing her.

“You girl’s ready?” He gives me a kind look though I can see he’s geared up for a fight by the way his shoulders are tense and his eyes wary. 

“Yeah.” My voice barely manages to come out when the pain in my head flairs up. “Let me just grab some things out the kitchen.”

Before I can move, Callie is placing her hand on my shoulder. “I’ve already cleared out your medicine cabinet and cupboards.” She nods towards the door and I see the boxes filled with our food sitting on the floor. “I found the boxes in your dad’s study and I’ve already left a note in the kitchen and up there.” She jerks her head towards the wall and I glance over to see a message written in her lazy scrawl: Gone to Callie’s farm house. With Georgia we’re safe. 

Walking over, I grab the marker before adding something to the end: We love you. 

“Let’s go.” I say before I loose my nerve; I’ve never been so scared. 

With my bag over my shoulder and Georgia’s over Callie’s, I take my sister’s hand tightly in my own; I smile at my baby sister and watch her clutch her favourite teddy to her chest with her free arm; on her back is her little pink backpack. 

Callie’s dad: James picks up a box of food and prompts his brother to do the same before leading the way out to the car. My eyes go to the Fennel’s house; fear spiking when I see Linda banging on the front door trying to get in. 

“Oh my God.” Callie takes my hand when she sees and gestures for me to be quiet as we near the car. After putting my bag on the floor for them to put in the boot, I make a beeline for the back seat to get Georgia in the car; my eyes never leaving Linda.

“Climb in the middle.” I instruct her after opening the door as quietly as possible; with her buckled up I glance at Callie before looking to James to see how we’re doing; everything is in the boot but James’ attention is drawn to something on the other end of the street. 

“Everyone in the car. Now!” There’s a protective nearing on violent look in his eyes as he heads for something to the right of the car. It’s only when I listen that I hear a gargling and growling noise; squinting through the lights flashing across my eyes, I see the shadow moving before I see the man. 

He looks normal until you look at his mouth and eyes. His teeth are bared in aggression, his eyes holding a hungry almost feral look as he advances on James. Like he’s hunting him. He moves slightly staggeringly but is obviously fast and not stupid like zombies are supposed to be; he looks like an animal. The kind you’re supposed to be afraid of. 

“In the car, Kiddo.” I jump when a hand nudges me and stare wide eyed at Callie’s uncle. When nudges me more persistently to get into the car, I jerk away before climbing into the old, muddy red Ford. Callie is already on the other side of Georgia and is talking to her; obviously trying to keep her distracted from what’s happening behind Callie. 

I can’t take my eyes away from James as he cautiously circles the Zombie; the knife in his hand winking at me every now and then as it catches the light streaming our from our house; we didn’t turn off the lights. This single thought distracts me for a second and causes me to miss James striking out; I see the zombie hit the floor though. It’s still moving, trying to drag it’s self across the floor to get to him before trying to get to it’s feet. James does’t give him the chance though and instead, grabs a handful of the zombie’s hair before plunging the knife straight into it’s skull; I didn’t even know you could do that. 

I can’t hear it, but I see blood come squirting out as he pulls the knife out. Blood covers the knife’s blade and some of James’ shirt; a splatter of crimson going up his shoulder and part of his arm. 

I have to look away as the world starts to spin. “Callie…” 

“Everything’s okay, Danny. It’s going to be okay.” 

No it’s not. The world’s going crazy and I have no idea where my parents are and if they’re sick or not. 




“Is she still asleep?” My dad’s voice is low, careful not to make anyone jump. 

“Yeah, they both are. Dan’ is freaked out.” I glance at her slumped form and listen to her deep breathing. 

“I’m not surprised; I’m sure she’s terrified.” He says as we pull up behind mum’s silver Volvo; our headlights light up the stuff piled high in the boot and the silhouettes moving around inside. A few seconds later, the tail and break lights flair to life and the Volvo begins leading the way to our farm house in Wales. 

“What do we do when we get there?” I ask, settling back against the seat and looking out the window; it’d gotten dark a long time ago but street lights make it possible to see just about.

“We’ll stay safe.”  He shifts uneasily in his seat. “Only thing left to do.” 

Glancing at Uncle Henry, I see him send an uneasy look towards my Dad before glancing out the window. 

I get the feeling this is going to be easier said than done. 




“Danny, wake up.” 

Something touches my shoulder. 

“Danny! Wake up!” 

I jump; my eyes flaring open when something hits me painful one the arm. “What?” I’m expecting it to be my mum or Georgia; I don’t remember falling asleep. Don’t I have homework to hand in tomorrow? 

My eyes focus on Callie and then Georgia who is looking up at me with wide eyes. Everything that’s happened floods my mind and I feel my heart sink; oh yeah. 

“You okay, Baby?” I run my hand over her head and she nods, relaxing under my touch. Wrapping an arm around her, I pull her to me tightly. “What’s happening?” I keep my voice to a whisper hoping Georgia will stop listening and become disinterested. 

Looking out the window, I watch James and Henry; they’re talking while James puts more petrol into the car. 

“I need to go to the bathroom.” She pulls away to look up at me with apologetic eyes. 

“It’s okay; we can go now.” Smiling at her reassuringly, I shoulder open the door and look at James over the top of the car. “I’m going to take Georgia to the bathroom; that okay?”

He hesitates but nods, looking at Callie through the car window on her side; “I want you to go with them.” He opens to allowing her out. “You have a problem, scream. Okay?” 

Nodding, Callie comes and takes Georgia’s other hand. She looks from me back down to Callie who is glancing around the petrol station curiously. “What do you want to do when we get to my house? Want me to paint your nails? We can draw? Watch motives?” 

Georgia smiles and nods; that’s all you’re going to get out of her I can see her eyes dimming. Is her head still hurting her? I’d stopped noticing mine though thinking about it I become aware of the pain again. 

“Georgie is your head still hurting?” 

She respond with barely a nod as we enter the Ladies’ bathroom.  

The first thing I notice is the broken glass over the floor from the smashed mirror, the second is the lady turning to us with her teeth bared. 

“Holy…” Shoving Georgia behind me, I go to look to grab Callie to drag out the bathroom but she’s already advancing on the women; she can’t expect to kill her can she?

“Callie, no! Come on!” I shout over Georgia who’s begun to cry at the sight of the lady. 

“Help me!” She dodges the lady as she swings at her though bangs into the sink the process; she winces in pain, her body jarring from the impact. The zombie notices and lunges but doesn’t manage to grab her because I meet her half way and push her towards the stalls with all my might. My feet lose grip on the loose glass and the world blurs as I slip backwards and land on my behind; the pain of the impact causes me to stop breathing and gasp for breath. Before I can recover or even scream in surprise, she’s in my face trying to…bite me? 

The realisation snaps the thread that I release is making me hold back. Ignoring the fact that I’m lying on very sharp glass, I focus completely on keeping her head out of range of any part of me, though I realise quickly that the head is the heaviest part of the body and holding her up with her body weight isn’t something I’m physically able to do. So with one big heave, I bring my knees to my chest and then with one last one heave manage to somehow get my feet planted on her chest before kicking her off me using all my might. 

Glancing back at Callie for a split second reveals her holding onto Georgia who is fighting trying to come to me. The sight suddenly makes me aware of what I’m hearing and the sound of my sisters crying and her screaming fills my ears to the point that I think my head might go boom. 

Callie throws something at me and for a second I can just stare dumbly at the where it’s fallen to on the floor; she expects me to?… “You have to!” She struggles to keep ahold of my baby sister; if the zombie gets anywhere near my sister she could bite her and she’d die… 

Snatching up the knife, I turn to see the zombie just now struggling to her feet; her face shows her frustration and anger. Can zombies even have emotions? Distracted by that thought, I miss the lady making a lunge for me and find myself being knocked back against the sink. Before I can even think about what I could do, there’s a blinding pain flaring in my arm that’s so much worse than the time that I broke my ankle. My brain tries to comprehend what I’m feeling, but it’s only when I’m on the floor and Callie’s above me like an angle, that I realise the blood around the zombies mouth is mine; she bit me. 


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