My English Love Affair

Calum takes a trip to Liverpool were he sees something magical, no not Liverpool winning a football match, he meets a girl called Hannah..,


3. That awkward lie

"Errrrrrrrrm" "I said I was goin out with the girls tonight why?"

"Maybe I could join youse?" Replied calum.

"It's like a hen party so only girls can go!"

"I'm sure the ladies won't mind if I join!"

This arguemant was lies after lies, sooner or later he was going to find out she was just on her own tonight but she doesn't really know Calum and doesn't feel comfortable talking to him in that way.

"That's cool then wanna come out tomorrow?" Calum asked.

"Sure sounds great then!"

They exchanged numbers. And that was the start of the roller coaster relationship.

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