My English Love Affair

Calum takes a trip to Liverpool were he sees something magical, no not Liverpool winning a football match, he meets a girl called Hannah..,


1. On The Plane


Sat on the plane, listening to blink I miss you 182. This brought back so many memories of me and the boys on tour in England. The fans were awesome. I am heading back because Liverpool football club have offered me a 6 month contract at there academy. I knew it would be hard to leave the boys but they know I'll be back.

I'm sat here looking through my Instagram and I decide to follow a girl called Hannah from Liverpool she's 18 and is a fan of 5sos. Her reaction was quite funny as soon as I sent the request she had posted "OMG can't believe Calum Hood is following me" she instantly had around 75/100 likes within minutes I like following people to see their reactions and also It must mean a lot to them.

"Would you like any food sir" a farmiliar accent called.

"No thanks I'm cool" I replied because I don't usually eat until we take off and that was 30 minutes away. I turned to see the woman and I recognised her? "No" I sighed I looked at her name badge her name was Hannah...

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