My English Love Affair

Calum takes a trip to Liverpool were he sees something magical, no not Liverpool winning a football match, he meets a girl called Hannah..,


2. meeting calum😭

Hannah's P.O.V

OMFGG this is Calum Hood... Wait no it can't be...or is it? I don't know! What shall I say? He probably won't remember or even know me. I heard his voice say "Hannah right?" My heard was pounding I couldn't even speak... I was speechless. I replied "yeah how do you know?" He responded "your name badge!" With that cheeky grin on his face.

Am I actually talking to Calum Hood I thought to my self? This must be some kind of dream! "No this is no dream" a voice whispered. Shit did I just sat that out loud. "Hannah I do remember you I followed you on Instagram about 10 minutes ago." laughed Calum. "Wow your beautiful" he sighed. I blushed. It went awkward for a moment until he asked a very unusual question. "So what you doin tonight"...

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