Too good to be true

"Do you actually love me?" I cried, dreading to hear the answer.
"Yes," he mumbled, walking out the door. Was this the last time?

Maya and Dan weren't the most predictable couple around. She was a pretty, preppy girl, and him... Well, he was very different.

Was this destined to fail?


4. Chapter 4

"Hope you had a good trip. " His friends were still giggling slightly.

"Sure did, I'll send you a postcard next time. " I replied quietly.

"You'll need my address for that, hun." He smiled. " I'm Alex, by the way."

"Hi Alex. Well, Feel free to give me your address whenever you want."

He winked at me, while I walked to the next available seat, only to see my stop was next.

I pressed the bell for the driver to stop, and walked back to the front of the bus.

Once I was off the bus,I marched slowly towards the school. I stopped at the front gate, and stared up at the tall, prison like building. Here we go again.

Before I walked in, a hand landed on my shoulder.


It was that guy, Alex.

He looked like that sort of guy, the one that went out with every girl in the year, and yet you still liked him. But, I looked at him, and I didn't feel anything. Usually, these guys make me awkward and shy, but he didn't have that affect on me.

"You seem cool, come with me? School doesn't start for ten minutes,"

What? Come with him? Where was he going, and to do what? Did I really want to know?

"Uh... N-" I looked Into his crystal eyes, and just melted, maybe I did feel something around him. "Sure. "

"Come on then, " he grabbed my wrist gently, and I walked to an alleyway with him.

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