Too good to be true

"Do you actually love me?" I cried, dreading to hear the answer.
"Yes," he mumbled, walking out the door. Was this the last time?

Maya and Dan weren't the most predictable couple around. She was a pretty, preppy girl, and him... Well, he was very different.

Was this destined to fail?


21. Chapter 21

Maya's POV

It was late at night when I was able to get back in, and up to bed; I went over to Mel's hotel room once we finished shopping. Once I got into the house I shouted up to Dan, to see if he was awake.

"Are you awake? He said he'd wait for me, because he wanted to speak." I muttered to myself as I walked up the stairs. I decided to check Dan's room, incase he had his headphones in or something.

"Hey Dan?" I walked through the door and saw Dan sleeping in his bed; next to someone. "Dan?!" I gasped, louder than expected.

"Maya?" He sat up, rubbing his eyes. "Maya!" He jumped out of bed and ran over to me. I finally saw who else was with him.

"What?" I asked,  storming down the stairs, and Into the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, I tried to stay up, but I was really tires, and you've come back pretty late." He grabbed my arm, pulling me to a stop.

"I don't care that you fell asleep, Dan." Tears started dripping down my face as I thought about what actually happened.

"What then? Why are you crying?" He lifted his arm to mine, softly speaking.

"Because, you.. and Phil! Do you actually love me?" I continued to cry, dreading to hear the answer. 

"Yes," he mumbled, as I walked out the door, in disbelief. 

"I'm going out for a bit, I'll see you later."

"What? Bu-" I slammed the front door, cutting him off.

"I need somewhere to stay while I clear my head. "I spoke to myself, before ringing Mia. "Hey, M. Can I stay at your hotel for the night? I'm sure they wont mind, Please." She agreed, and I got a taxi to the hotel, sneaking into her room.

Dan's POV

Once she'd left my eyes started to water, I'd lost all hope of staying friends after this. I stayed at the top of the stairs, staring down at the floor, until I felt someone next to me.

"Dan, I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" I looked up at him, wiping my eyes. "I should have waited up for her, It's not your fault." He smiled at me, and started walking back upstairs.

"It's 3am, Should probably be getting to sleep now."

"I'm not gonna be able to sleep for a while tonight." I followed him.

"Well, that video needs a lot of editing." We giggled.

"It does, I might just do that."

"Well, have fun. I'm really tired, goodnight." He went into his room.  I just had to edit this video, that might take my mind off of what happened tonight.

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