Too good to be true

"Do you actually love me?" I cried, dreading to hear the answer.
"Yes," he mumbled, walking out the door. Was this the last time?

Maya and Dan weren't the most predictable couple around. She was a pretty, preppy girl, and him... Well, he was very different.

Was this destined to fail?


20. Chapter 20

Maya's POV

Three years. I was with Dan for three years, living with him and our best friends. It was the happiest time of my live, and I never wanted it to end.


"Hey, " I greeted Dan, pecking him on the lips, before grabbing my bowl of cereal.

"Hey." he copied, running his hands through his unwashed, curly hair. It was kinda cute. "Any plans for today?"

"Actually yeah, I'm going shopping with Mel," Mel was the only friend I made in highschool, but she stayed with me up to now. "I'll see you later then, I've gotta catch the bus!" I shouted, dumping my dish in the sink. Today would be good. I heard Dan shout bye, as I ran out into the streets of London, where I'd moved to with Dan and Phil.

I met Mel at KingsCross and we got another bus together.

"So, how's things?" She asked me, as we found two seats.

"They're good, it's great to finally see you again now. "

"I know, you didn't really move that long ago, but it feels like ages. "

"I know. So how's things with Alex," I nudged her shoulder, winking.

"Oh wow, your accent changed as well! You're like, English now!" We both laughed, and looked out the window to find our stop. "We're fine. He's really cute, and sweet, and Perfect. Thank you so much for introducing us. "

"No problem. I think This is our stop. "

"Are you sure? I can never tell. "

"Erm... No, not really. Oh wait... Piccadilly Circus! Here we are. Shops here we come. " we walked off the bus, and began our day shopping together.

Dans POV

It was late in the afternoon when Phil finished making his video, and decided to come downstairs. I was laying on the sofa in our lounge, watching TV, I hadn't really done anything all day.

"Hi. " He jumped onto the next couch, and stared up at the TV. "Anything good on?"

"Nope. " I threw him the remote, and he flicked through the channels.

"Yeah, you're right. "

"Obviously. Do you want to film the gaming video today? It's finally arrived!"

"Sure. " he switched the TV off, and we walked into his room to do another Sims 4 video; with Dil.

"Hey Dan and Phil... Sims rhinos. " he did his goofy little intro.

"Sims rhinos, so accurate. "

"Well, maybe there is a Rhino playing sims. Somewhere. " I shook my head, and opened the games.

"Today... I'm not sure what we're gonna do, Phil?"

"... Play sims?"

"That would be a good idea, yes. "

After we finished filming the video, Phil blew the announcement horn, what was this about?

"I would like to say something to you, Dan. " he pulled me closer, and we kissed, passionately.

"Well, this is gonna take a bit of editing. " I grinned.

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