Too good to be true

"Do you actually love me?" I cried, dreading to hear the answer.
"Yes," he mumbled, walking out the door. Was this the last time?

Maya and Dan weren't the most predictable couple around. She was a pretty, preppy girl, and him... Well, he was very different.

Was this destined to fail?


17. Chapter 17

Dan's POV

She said yes. I can't believe she actually agreed to be my... girlfriend. She was perfect in every single way. I hadn't known her long, I know, But it felt like we'd been friends forever. 

We walked into the lounge, both smiling uncontrollably. I tried not to make it obvious, but I just couldn't Stop. Phil noticed, and smiled. "So, how are you two?"

"We're good." Maya answered quickly.

"So, anything you want to do for your birthday, or do you two want to stay alone?" Alex asked Maya.

"Hmm... do you have any good movies?"

"We have a huge Tv, and the internet." Alex winked.


We watched movies until about 1 in the morning, before going to bed, it was quite a good day.

"Dan," Maya said when the others had gone.

"Yeah?" I turned and looked at her, as she leaned forward and kissed me.



Maya's POV

I couldn't help it, he was my first boyfriend, and I loved him since the first day we met. We kissed, im not sure how long for, before hugging tightly and going to bed. This was the best birthday ever. With my three Best friends. They were all I needed.


A/N Very Short, I know, but I needed to get these together soon anyway ;) I've got some ideas for this so hopefully I can get them in. :)

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