Too good to be true

"Do you actually love me?" I cried, dreading to hear the answer.
"Yes," he mumbled, walking out the door. Was this the last time?

Maya and Dan weren't the most predictable couple around. She was a pretty, preppy girl, and him... Well, he was very different.

Was this destined to fail?


12. Chapter 12

Alex's POV

I was dancing around the room, listening to something by fall out boy, when Dan walked in with Maya.

"Hi.." Dan stared at me like i was insane.

"Ur... Hey there..." I tried to act normal, but inside I was so embarrassed. 

"Are you okay Maya?" Phil asked, leaning over the sofa.

"I'm fine, just need to take my mind off things. Any plans for today? Well, the rest of it." Maya smiled, she obviously wasn't fine, but she didn't want to talk about it, I respect that. 

"Actually I was planning on taking these guys to dinner, do you wanna come with?" I offered. 

"Sure, that'd be nice." We all smiled. "What time do you think though? I need to go get some clothes from mine."

"Anytime, maybe about 6?" Dan suggested.

"That's fine for me, Phil, why don't you drive Maya to her's."

"That's a bad idea, but I can if you want." Phil smiled. 

"Yeah please." Maya giggled.


Dan's POV

Phil set off to take Maya to her house, I hope he didn't let slip that I liked her, that would be very awkward when we went out for a meal. I went upstairs and got dressed into some quite nice clothes, my nicest pair of black Skinny jeans and a white top, yes I do own a white top. 


When I was ready I ran (ish) downstairs, and watched Alex dance to the music. When it was about half 5, Maya and Phil walked up. Somehow, Phil was wearing nice clothes, and Maya looked amazing. She had a medium length black dress, with calf high boots and a small bow in her hair. I could just tell this night was going to be amazing. 

"Come on guys, we better set off," Alex yelled, wearing black skinny jeans, and his red converse. 

"Okay!" We all shouted, walking downstairs and into Alex's car, that Phil drove. Me and Maya sat in the back. We drove to the restaurant and had a fantastic night.

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