Give Me Love

What happens when you fall in love with the hottest guy in school and all before you even know it


3. Fresh Starts

Autumn's P.O.V:

'Mum can you pass me that box?'

I say signalling to the box next to her, she passes it rather roughly.

'hey be careful that has my books in it!'

'Oh gosh you and your books, when will you ever go out and be a bit more like your sister? You're never going to get a boyfriend this way' my mum replies

'You're never going to get a boyfriend this way' I mock her, She looks at me disapprovingly.

I grab the box and walk up the stairs into my new beautifully designed bedroom that I no longer have to share with my sister as there was enough rooms to finally have one each. I put the box down and start to organise my books alphabetically.


'Hey' I say looking up to find my sister standing in the doorway

'So I hear that you don't want a boyfriend?' My sister starts

'No, I do want a boyfriend, I suppose' I sigh

'What is it?' Summer asks

'Its just I've seen how you do it so easily, and I want that. Australia is a new start for me. I'm changing my attitude and I thought maybe you could help me?'

'Oh, autumn of course I'll help you, I'm your sister and your best friend. I'm not going to miss the opportunity to give you a make over'

My face drops 'what? No, I don't want a make over. I just..'

'Just what? Huh?'

'Fine I suppose I need some sort of make over, just not too drastic okay?' I say looking over to her, she has her thinking face on

'I know what we can do!' She replied enthusiastically 'follow me!'

Summer's P.O.V:

'Mum, me and autumn are going to the store' I tell her

'Okay, don't be too long though you still have unpacking to do' she replies

'Okay!' I shout back as I head out the door dragging autumn with me.

We get into the car and I start to drive towards the store which autumn has to direct me because I don't know where I'm going. We get to the store and I rush autumn to the hair dye section

'What are we doing here?' Autumn asks with that look on her face

'this is my idea, I thought that we could dye your hair' I say

'OMG! No why would I let you do that to me!!' She practically screams

'Calm down! You don't have to do all of it, just the ends'

She looks at me with her big eyes

'How about blue?' I ask

'Hhm.. I don't know' she says uncertain

'Oh come on, you said you wanted change and this is it. Now pick one and hurry up'

She goes for a blonde instead and starts to walk away

'Hey! Wait for me' I say catching up with her.

I just had another idea.

'Hey aut? What if we also got rid of those nerdy glasses?'

'But then I won't be able to see, idiot' she replies

'No! We get you some contacts instead. Show more of that beautiful face to the world'

'Hey.. That's actually not a bad idea, well done sum' she says beaming at me.

After buying the dye and booking an appointment at the opticians we headed back home to finish unpacking.

Autumn's P.O.V:

So summer came up with the not so terrible idea of dyeing the ends of my hair. My mother didn't look too happy at the idea but were going ahead with it anyway

'Hey, sum will you come in here!' I shout from the bathroom

My sister comes bounding in 'yeah?'

'Will you help with dye my hair?'

'Of course, this is going to be so much fun!' She says smirking at me

'Yeah, just don't mess it up or you will have single handedly ruined my life'

'Whatever!' She replies and starts to apply the dye to my hair

After showering and drying my hair that actually looks really good it's quite late at night so I decide to go to bed as I have to wake up early tomorrow for my opticians appointment, I'm so excited. This change is definitely for the best.

I was just about to doze off when Summer came creeping into my room

'Aut?' She whispers

'What?' I reply sleepily

'Can I stay in here tonight?, it feels to weird staying on my own' she says louder this time. I move over quietly to make space for her.

'Thanks, I love you you know?' She says after getting comfortable. I turn around to face her 'I know, I love you too' I say and then we both fall asleep.

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