The infinite boy

My name is Nina endrich, I'm 18 years old and I have an amazing story to tell you. I was fourteen when I met him, I still know him now in fact he's right beside me. Our story is unique, it's full of love hate, forgiveness, depression, a battle, and secrets. He didn't deserve what he go in the end but then again who actually gets a happy ending? ** Hiiiiiii this is my first movella, so help me out if you guys got some tips or anything. Hope you enjoy!!!!


1. Heyyyyyy

Ok hi to whoever is reading this, I already love you and think you are and amazing person! This is my first movella so I'm new to this, if you got anything to say please do but no hate!! I really hope you enjoy this and want more. I'm so excited for you to read my story!!!!! 

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