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1. One

My name is Sarah Tina Turkin. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I woke up to the smell of waffles and turkey bacon mmm my favorite. I was a normal day except for the fact that it is my 12th birthday (sept. 13th).

I ate breakfast and bolted down to the bus stop. I got on the bus and there was Don McDonald. He is so mean. just because his dad runs the restaurant doesn't mean he is better. (I can't believe I liked him in fifth grade ugh). He pulled me down into the seat in front if him. Which had his friend that makes Don look like an angel. His name was Brice Fisher. You bet, his dad owns Fishers Price. He is the devil he was mean to me ever since kindergarten. He did it mentally till fifth grade. Then he started physically.

Well today he started calling me names I can't say on here. Then he started punching me. While Don held me back. Then I got so mad that since we were by the river. The water formed a giant hand and grabbed them. They screamed like little girls. I was cracking up. Then I took my hand out of a fist and the water dropped them. They stayed away from me the rest of the ride.

About 5 minutes later we got to the middle school. I walked into the 7th grade locker hall. My locker is right next to Erian Bric. Erian has had a crush on me since 3rd grade. He says it's over but he can never look me in the eyes and say it. There was Derek he had a cyan ( my favorite color) box in his hands. He opened the box as I got about 1 ft. away. Inside was a gold chain necklace. I had all the symbols of the gods (Egyptian, Greek, & Roman). I said "I can't seem to get the clasp.""Hold on let me get it" he said. I lifted up my hair and he got it on. I turned around to my locker. Then I closed my locker and turned around. There was Don McDonald and Kathy Miner (his girlfriend). Kathy shoved me down. Then I got up and she tried to push me down again. I didn't even flinch. Then her and Don got a running start and charged at me. I just stayed there blinking. So Don held Erian back and Katie tried to punch me in the face. I grabbed her fist and pushed her back. (No one can do that not even Don). I pulled Don away from Erian and grabbed my books. Then Erian and I walked away.

"Woah what happened there. That was amazing. You gotta teach me that. " Erian said with an amazed look. " I don't know it just came naturally." Then I told him about this morning.

After we got changed for gym we met up again outside. It was free game day today. But with our luck the bully pack lead by Don got in our way. They all surrounded us. Erian and I stood back to back. Then a force field went around us. The pack tried to come closer but got shot back.

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