Being Ashton's Girl



1. chapter 1

The final bell rang and I walk to my locker. I grabbed my backpack and put my homework in it. I have algebra, Spanish, and biology. Funnnn!!! Notice the sarcasm. Anyways I shut my locker and walked out the doors to get picked up by my boyfriend, Ashton Irwin. I see him standing there. I ran to him and we hug.

"Hey, babe how was school?" Ashton ask me while walking to his car.

"Like any other day," I say getting in the car.

I sit in the seat and buckle up. Ashton gets in and starts the car.

"So how's work," I ask looking myself in the mirror

"I have to go back to the studio," Ashton's pulling out of the parking lot

"Oh," I say little depressed

"But I'm sure you can with," he says kissing my hand

After a couple minutes, my phone rings. I look to see it was my friend, Kenzie. I answer.

"Yellow?" I say into the phone

"And blue makes green," Kenzie says on the other side.

"Haha nice so what's up?" I ask

"Ummm well what you doin?" She asks

"Going to the studio with Ashton, why?" I ask

"Well I kind of need your help with you know getting to Luke," Kenzie says almost in a whisper

"Kenzie, Ashton knows you like him," I say

"I know," Kenzie says

"Then why are you whispering?" I ask

"I don't fucking know," Kenzie says," no seriously this is serious Maddie."

"Ok come over to the studio and we will talk," I say

"But Luke will be there," She whines

"Suck it up buttercup," I reply back

"Ok fine see you in ten," She says with a sigh.

"Haha k," I say hanging up

After a couple minutes listening to whatever station it is but Ashton seems to like it. We finally arrive at the studio. Ashton pulls into a park spot and cuts the engine off. I unbuckle and grab my stuff. Ashton and I get out of the car, and Kenzie got out of her car. She ran towards me. Ashton waits for me at the nose of the car. Kenzie and I walk to him. Ashton and I walk inside as Kenzie walks beside.

"Ashton does Luke talk about me?" Kenzie asks

"Do you want a honest answer?" Ashton asks

"Yeahhh," She replies

Then Luke walks out of the bathroom, beside Kenzie to be exact. I push Kenzie into him. I let go of Ashton's hand and ran

"MADDIE GET BACK HER!!!!!!!" I hear her yell.

Then Calum walks out of the room right in front of me.

"Calum move!!!" I yell

"Ok jeez," Calum stands out of the way with his hands in the air like 🙌 this.

I just laugh and ran into the girls bathroom. I find the air freshener and held it prepared to fire. I stood where the door opens. Then it opens and held my breath. I see long blonde hair knowing it's Kenzie. The door closes. Kenzie turns around.

"Haha found you!!!!" Kenzie yells.

"I got air freshener," I say holding up the spray

"Wow I'm so scared," She says in a sarcastic way.

I dropped the air freshener and ran. I found Ashton.

"Ashton save me!!" I say

He turns around. I ran to him and engulfed him into a hug.

"Hehe you can't get me," I say sticking my tongue out at her

"Oh I can I know your weaknesses Maddie," She says inching closer

"Shit," I whisper yell

Ashton laughs. Then Kenzie takes my phone.

"Hey that's not far!" I let go of Ashton

"Oh look a text conversation with 'Boo Bear'," She says wiggling her eyebrows at me

"Good thing I know your weaknesses to and that's my brother, " I say walking away, "OH LUKE!!!'" (Guess Maddie's brother and I'll follow you)

I slowly walks backwards.

"Maddie don't please," Kenzie begs

"Give me my phone and I won't tell," I say

"Ugh your no fun," Kenzie says handing my phone.

Then Luke comes down the hallway.

"Yes Mads?" Luke says looking at me

"How many numbers from 1 to 100 have A's in it?" I ask btw there's none

"What?" He asks

"Never mind," I say rolling my eyes

Calum and Michael comes down the hallway and Michael open a door.

"Ladies first," Michael says

Kenzie walked in first then me followed by Ashton. I see the boys' producers in some of the spiny chairs. Kenzie and I sit on the leather couch in the back. Ashton kisses my lips.

"Have fun my drummer," I say

Then the boys went into the booth. I pulled out my bio and started working on it. I'm learning about cellular respiration...yayyy!!!!! No really.

"Umm Maddie??" Kenzie asks

"Yes darling," I say

"Well you know I like Luke right?" She says

"Yeah," I reply

"Well how do I talk to him?" Kenzie asks

"Just talk to him Kenz," I say looking up at her

"But it's not that easy it's easy for you mads," She says looking she's about to cry

"Look just be yourself if something weird comes out just laugh, he'll laugh with you," I say put my book down

"Luke isn't Ashton Mads," Kenzie says almost crying

"I know that Kenz but it doesn't help if you don't talk to him," I say

Kenzie puts her head in her hands and cried. I looked into the booth to see Ashton with a confused face like 😧 this. I sighed and rubbed my eye.

"Ok Luke we'd like to work on your solos," one of the producers said

The boys except Luke walked out of the booth. Ashton sits next to me and rubs my back.

"M-maddie?" Kenzie says

"Yeah?" I replied

"How did you talk to Ashton when you liked him?" She asks

"Ummm well I just talked really like nonstop sometimes he has to tell me to stop," I say rubbing her back, "but I don't really suggest that."

She turns her head to look at me.

"Why are boys so confusing?" Kenzie asked

"Well I don't know Kenzie but if you don't talk to Luke how would you figure him out," I say looking at her and then up at Michael who was sitting next to her

"True," She says smiling

"And some guys are harder to figure out like Ashton over here took me forever to figure out," I say

"Hey I'm not that bad!" Ashton says looking at me

"I'm kidding babe, but what I'm saying next time his out here talk to him," I say smiling

"Thanks Maddie," She says hugging me and I hugged back.

We pull apart and I pulled my bio back out. Ashton puts his arm around my waist as I worked on my work. After Luke was done, Michael when to work on his solos and I worked on my Spanish.

"Babe say I love you in spanish," Ashton asks

"Ok," I say as I turn to look at him, " Yo amo tú."

"Yo amo tú," Ashton says leaning in.

"No no yo trabajo en español primero," I say (if anyone knows what I'm saying comment and if you are right I'll follow you)

"I have know idea what you said. I'm guessing you said can you kiss me?" Ashton said before putting his lips on mine.

I roll my eyes and kissed back. We pull apart.

"Ahora lata tú dejas me solo, tal yo trabajo en español," I say turning back to my homework.

"You are driving nuts with this Spanish maddie," Ashton says

"Your point is???" I ask

I say finishing up my Spanish and then I really do feel like doing my Algebra. I lean my head Ashton's shoulder and he kissed it. After the guys finish their solos, they went back in the booth for group. I curled up onto the couch and Kenzie did the same. I use Ashton's sweatshirt has a blanket... hint hint I put it on 😆. I finally fell asleep.

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