In My Dreams

Diana is having dreams about Harry, and Harry is having dreams about her too. He doesn't know who's she is but she does. There is hope, but will she take the chance and find him? Or will he?


2. Overthinking

After getting ready for school I walked and I couldn't get him off my mind. Why was he in my dreams every night for the past 4 months. It's been a reoccurring thing . My grandma always told me that dreams had meanings to them and she would know what the meaning was so I decided to walk over to her house after school. She told me that it was nothing bad and that only good things can come of my dreams. I decided to just go with it, who knows maybe good fortune might come my way. I was on my way home and I stopped at the handy to get something to drink. A black limo haltingly pulled up and two men rushed out. I remember having a dream like this so I hid for my dear life, but it was too late I was being grabbed and blindfolded. They put me in the limo and I kept screaming.. After that They decided it would be best to put me down for a few hours. So they got a needle and I felt it pierce through my skin and I was injected. 10 minutes later I was out. About an 3 hours or so I began to wake up I could hear a mans voice he was concerned I could hear it in his voice that's when I fully woke.

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