In My Dreams

Diana is having dreams about Harry, and Harry is having dreams about her too. He doesn't know who's she is but she does. There is hope, but will she take the chance and find him? Or will he?


4. maybe a new beginning ? Pt.2

Harry's POV

She looked so beautiful after taking her on my jet I gave her a clean spare of clothes, I didn't have any girl clothes obviously because I'm a guy, so I gave her some of mine. Just the thought of her being in my clothes made me happy. She came back out of the bedroom in boxers, and a long t-shirt that hugged her in all the right places. She must've been pretty curious in why I basically kidnapped I slowly told her so she wouldn't freak out, I told diana about the dreams I've been having of us and she said she's Been having the same and that she thinks they are future memories of us. And I was pretty happy about that, I want to get to know her, I wanted her to get to know me, and I wanted her to open up to me. We had a lot of time in our hands so after we were well acquainted she asked me if I could do the dirty dancing move on her. And I did. I lifted her up and she looked to free, I done this move on many girls before her but she was different. And I found out later that night that it was her birthday so I sang her a song that has been in my head for a while that me and the other boys made up and It was based on my dreams of her, of Diana. At the end of the chorus she was already in tears and by natural instinct i hugged her and she hugged tighter. It made me giggle and she softly slapped my shoulder and then we both satires at each other with such passion and want. I got up and brought out the drinks and asked if she was over 21 and she wasn't she was only 18 and I said luckily where I'm from you can drink at the age of 18 so cheers. It was her first time drinking and she was drunk after her 4 cup and it was cute how she acted. I wanted her, I needed her now.i went to her and brushed her hair behind her ear and she immediately kissed me and I kissed her back. There were so Many sparks and it was so passionate the way we kissed. She then passed out in my lap and I chuckled at the thought of what would've happened if it went I brought her to the bedroom I. The jet and set her down softly, she was so beautiful, I began to start leaving, when she brought me back down to the bed she was still drunkly asleep so it was a bit funny and the way she wrapped her arm and legs around me was adorable I couldn't resist kissing her.when I did she woke up and I pretended I was asleep. She looked at me and smiled while getting more comfortable and kissed my cheek. I have to admit I felt like I was in a movie and that this was my happy beginning. I couldn't leave her now because I was trapped lol. So I cuddled with her and fell asleep thinking if she would remember any of this when she woke. We will see when we land in the morning.

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