In My Dreams

Diana is having dreams about Harry, and Harry is having dreams about her too. He doesn't know who's she is but she does. There is hope, but will she take the chance and find him? Or will he?


1. just a dream or apart of my future.

It was like a dream.. I was in time square on New Year's Eve with my crush and he held me close and when the countdown was at 10 seconds he said "you are my ending and my beginning Diana happy New Year's." And with that he gave me my first kiss. You know how in stories and movies they say that you will feel a spark, we'll I didn't feel a spark at all with Drew. More into the kiss I felt it deepen and I felt the strong made me melt. I opened my eyes to a pair of green eyes that I could recognize from anywhere.. It was Harry styles. In the flesh, with me on New Years.." It had to be a dream" I said to myself. He looked at me an held me close as If he was scared to lose me. He then said "I couldn't wait any longer to have you in my arms Diana I know we're going to meet in the future this is me reaching out to you. In The near future we get married and we have four beautiful daughters Darcy, Evangeline, Marielle and Jolene." I started to cry because those are exactly the names I wanted to have if I ever had any girls. I was so happy I started to cry. Then I asked him how he knew that and he said "because one day I got so drunk that I almost got tuned over and you saved me. Then took care of me until I felt better. You didn't have a place to stay so I let you stay with me in Los Angeles. That's when you told me about your dreams of being an actress and you showed me your skills." He started to laugh which made me confused. He went on saying " you even taught me how to dance, but that didn't really help haha, and we got closer over the year. You got signed right on the spot with the label that we now both share and when we celebrated I told you I liked you and you felt the same way. It was a happy day... 2 years later me and you were married with 2 daughter and 9 months later we had another beautiful daughter and then 3 months after that you were expecting again. 6 months later you have birth to another little girl. It was the best almost 4 years of making baby's with you." I couldn't help but laugh and be so happy. And then he ended it with " I found you, and now you have to come and find me.. Don't make me wait too long Diana we have a life to plan together." And with that he gave me a kiss on my forehead, then my left and right cheek an last my lips. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I woke up to my alarm clock singing sky full of stars my fav song of Coldplay. I had a smile on my face hoping to see Harry in my dreams the next night.

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