The hunger games 73rd

This is the final game that will be played probably. This is the game before Katniss everdeen has not even stepped into the capitals walls.


1. chapter1

The air felt cold around me. My feet stuck in the ground from the wet mud. My shoes are broken. So the mud is now all over my feet. But I don't care because there are bigger problems today. On all days. Because ,"it's the reaping today," Bradley shouted out,"I thought I should tell you incase you forgot. IT'S MY FAVOURITE DAY!!!"

I laugh out loud as a peacekeeper came by. A lady came out and said,"why would you laugh on this day of all people. There is nothing funny."

She walks of. Soon as her feet are moving again I shout out,"at least you don't have your name in there."

She looks at me and the spits on the ground,"you horrible people."

I stick my tongue out once I see her back. Bradley laughs. She stars back at us and gives us a horrible look. I feel like she is going to do something horrible. When she gets up in to her house she opens the window and shouts out," then aren't you going to get ready. But wait you seem like you will wear that. So. But you need a wash let me help!"

She gets a bucket and threw it over us. We shout out,"thanks. I needed that."

OMG! I say,"OMG!"


"I need to be back home so I can get ready for your favourite day."

I ran back to my house as fast as I could possibly. My house is a mile away and I got there in about 5 minutes.

"Darling, where have you been?" My mother asks.


"Where is out?"


"Okay but your late."

"Yeah I know."

"We have to leave soon."

"Yes mother I know. And I still have to get ready and your making me late."

I run to my tap and got some water to heat up for my bath. As the water was heating up I went into my bedroom that I share with my family. I don't have my dad anymore because my parents got divorced because he wanted someone else. So the capital decided to make him pay for he's death or he's live being a peacekeeper and he decided to become a peacekeeper.

The water is done now I go to the steaming pan of water and poor it into the cold horrible metal bath. The steam went up into the air hitting the rotted wood that has nail poking out. I put my feet into the hot water forgetting everything. As my body floats in the water. My skin is burning from the water. I touch my skin and start peeling it off the floor is now covered with dead burnt skin. I get the soap and rub my body with the soap and get this weird thing to scrub the dirt from my horrible grubby nails and my dead skin feet.

"Mum, I forgot my towel. Can you get my towel?"

She enters the room giving a grin.

"What's the magic word?"


"I would have thought you would have forgotten it as you never use it."

As she leaves the room I shout out,"ha, ha,ha!"

She comes back into the room and gives me the towel then she said,"by the way to have clothes on your bed."

She walks out of the room and I know I can't stay here I wish I could. I stand up allowing the water to drip down my body to go back into the disgusting dirty water. I go into the next room to get change laying their is a creamy white dress with a locket. I pick up the gold shiny locket and open it. There in there is two pictures my mother and father. I close it. On the back says, 'were ever you go we'll be with you.'

I mutter under my breath,"dad where are you? not here."

Suddenly the locket felt so heavy my hands couldn't take it and the locket fell to the ground. I stare at it as it hits the floor. I go pick it up and all the memories suddenly come flying back how my father left me and he's last words to me.

My mother shout out,"darling are you done we have to go."

I mutter under my breathe,"OMG, I'M NOT READY!"

"Mum I still have to get ready," I shout out as loud as I can why hurrying up.

Then I look at the only good clock and realise we have lots of time leaved I can't believe my mother goes over the top when it comes to her. We have to leave early when it comes to days like reaping or other days according to her. I don't want to go I just have a feeling. As well when we are their it's burning hot I hate it. It's a horrible day not even adding the heat. There's no shade the only shade is for the tributes, victors from other games and people from the capital.

I shout out," we have loads of time."

"I know but it's better to be their early. Then late."

"It's burning out there and we have to stand out there for practically all day if we leave now."

I get ready and brush threw my greasy hair. Allowing my curls to go down my face. I walk into the dinning/living room. Where my family is.

My mother steps forwards and said,"you look beautiful but," she pauses then moves my hair to the side so my face is showing."now you look even more beautiful.

"Let's go now before we late,"I say trying to hide the fact I'm so scared like every year I am scared it will be me who gets picked.

My mother opens the door. I go first, then it's my sister and brother their twins. Then my oldest sister comes out it's going to be her last reaping. Like it's going to be the twins first reaping. Then my mother came out. We walked down there.

On the way down there we all were quite. Soon as we got in there the peacekeepers made sure no parent comes near the crowds of children and make them go at the back. We get pushed into lines. My older sister gets pushed into the most crowded line with my brother. The reason why that line is more crowded is because some how it doesn't hurt their finger as much and the person who does it makes sure it doesn't hurt as much and isn't pulling your finger out of your socking. My other sister went somewhere else don't know. But I got pushed into the less crowded line because the person who does it literally hurts your finger. When it comes to me at the front I look over and see Bradley.

As I start walking to my place I bump into Bradley. Our hands touch our eyes meet. As we walk forward we get closer and closer.

Suddenly a peacekeeper comes over and whispered but he was still very loud to us so not everyone else around us could hear,"keep on moving."

As we still aren't he screams out," NOW!"

We start walking a bit before he starts moving then we stop and come closer.

Bradley whispers,"he's just jealous of us because we have a chance of becoming tributes and that's he's dream."

I started laughing why I was I told him," yes that very true."

I get even more dirty looks. As we both start walking on we start mocking the peacekeeper as well.

I get into my line but the only bad thing is it's we all squashed together. I look forward and see my younger sister then I look back and see my older sister. Then I look forward again into the boys line and see my brother. Then I look across and see Bradley winking at me. Finally I look back to try and find my mother but she is no where to be seen.

Then I hear the voice of the person who does district 10 I don't remember her name because I can't be bothered to.

She tells us," now we will show you the message from the capital."

We all look at the big screen and see the same message they show every time. After. district 10 speaker goes," as we always do and most districts do ladies first."

She goes over to the bowl and picks a name out. My heart is beeping so fast I can't control it my palms are wet from sweat. My hair is starting to become even more greasy.

Districts 10 speaker opens up and says,

"Lilly East."

That's my name.......

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