excuse, but the concert is canceled |MGC|

''You can cancel a concert or
a meeting.
But you can't cancel a friendship.
It can only grow.
Maybe bigger,
maybe better.''

A Michael Clifford fanfiction by michaelgurl

18 Jan 2015


12. what?

~ 8P.M ~

' See ya tomorrow K! ' Michael said while standing up. ' Okay! Tomorrow at yours or mine?' I asked. ' Erm, I don't know we'll see, Bye K' 'Bye see ya tomorrow creepy ass' Michael rolls his eyes and leaves. Today was fun!. I turn the tv on and watch Netflix.

* After 10 min*

Ding- Dong, Ding-Dong, Diiiiing- Dooooong. ' I'M COMING CALM DOWN!' I open the door and I see a girl, but not justa girl it's..... ' O MY FUCKING GOOOOOGLEEE ' We scream at the same time. ' CHLOOOEEEEE MG I MISSED YU SOOO MUCH!!' ' AW ME TOO KAEE!!' ~ Information: Chloe is my bestestest friend of all time. She moved to Virginia in USA for 10 months~

' Come in! ' I said to her. ' Thank you, you're such a gentle woman hahah' She laughed but then she stopped as soon as she saw Gabbey.' OMG, is this Gabbey? She's so fucking cute!' She said in a baby voice. I just laughed and nodded.'Wow, your hair is amazing!' I said to her. She has turqoise to purple hair, it's amazing on her. ' Aw thanks bae! Your hair is also amazing!' We laughed and hugged each other. Then I said: ' Hey, let's go to the tattoo shop and get some tattoos!' She was super exited 'YES YES YES!'. 'Good, but first, we have to change or clothes, what do you think?' I ask her. 'Is that even a question? COME ON!' We run upstairs with her bags.

~ After 5 min~

' What do you think of this? ' I had some high waisted shorts, in black, of course and a tank top that says: Dude, I really don't care. And some black slip-on vans and as make-up some mascara and black lipstick. ' Wow, you're perfect! What do you think of me?' Chloe had some black shorts with a greenday t-shirt and, like always, her famous combat boots. ' OH, sexy!' I laughed ' What would your parents say ahaha!' I laughed harder cause her parent are really strict. ' Oh, sush ahaha'. 'Do you have a penny board?' I asked her 'Ts, of course, a black and white one.' She says with a big grin. ' No way! I have a white and black one! We're TWINS!' she just laughed and so did I. 'Now, come on we're going with or penny boards!' I said as we went outside, with our penny boards.



Hey guys hope you like the story so far! And yes, I love penny boards hahah!

*Thanks for the 362 views!*

~ Emily

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