excuse, but the concert is canceled |MGC|

''You can cancel a concert or
a meeting.
But you can't cancel a friendship.
It can only grow.
Maybe bigger,
maybe better.''

A Michael Clifford fanfiction by michaelgurl

18 Jan 2015


8. nandos and 15 questions

*on the way to Nandos*

''So, wonna play 20 questions?'' Michael asked

'' Nah, 20 are to much, lets do 15!'' I said

''Mh, okay. I start. What music do you like?'' Michael said

''I like Green day ,duh, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd, guns 'n' roses, the police, ACDC. Let's say that I love punk rock music.''

He just smiles and says it's my turn. Mh, weird.

''Urm, dogs or cats?'' I asked

'' CATS! '' he exclaims

'' WHAT!! No, no, no, dogs are the best! Hahahaha '' I said

we bouth laugh. Then I say: ' I have a puppy English bulldog, Gabbey.'

' you have a bulldog?!' he asked

' oh, yeah hahah'

* Skip road to Nandos *

' Well, I think that we are now best friends hahah' he said

' for ever until we die hahah' we bouth laugh for like 5 minutes until the waitress comes to take our ordes:

' Hey guys, welcome to Nandos, what would it be?'

' Hey, so I would like the chicken butterrfly with diet coke please' Michael said

' And I would like 10 chicken wings with rubro please' I said o the waitress

' Okay ' and she goes away (btw we ordred 'take away')

We paid and Michael drove us to my place.

* In the car *

'ONE, TWENTY ONE GUUUNSS!!' Michael and I sing so loud we can.

' Oh, there it is! ' I shout. Michael parks his car in my driveway.

' Gabbey?' I say. Gabbey runs to us. 'Heey girl! This is Michael'

'you talk to your dog?' Michael said I looked him with my 'are you serious' face.

' Well, lets eat!' I said

Heey guys!

TADAAA, chapter 8 *Bam*. Idk if it is long or not but yeah it is longer than the

other chapter! And, OMG, 100 VIEWS!!!!! This is my first story and for me 100 views is.... just woaw. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

love you all!

~ Emily






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