excuse, but the concert is canceled |MGC|

''You can cancel a concert or
a meeting.
But you can't cancel a friendship.
It can only grow.
Maybe bigger,
maybe better.''

A Michael Clifford fanfiction by michaelgurl

18 Jan 2015


6. Green day concert ~PART 2~

So i've bin waiting for idk, 3 hours?

Why does it take it so long? I grab my phone.

'' What?! You can't leave me now!'' I said sadly at my phone. It's dead.

'' Excuse me? '' a red haired guy said at me.

" oh, sorry was talking to my phone heh." I said. This is pretty awkward...

'' Okay then. I'm Mic...'' just when he was about to say his name, a guy comes on stage.

'' SUP GUYSSSS!'' Everybody screams.

'' So there's a little problem... Mike is sick... So excuse but the concert is canceled.'' he said.

'' WHAT?!'' Me and the red haired guy said at the same time. We both laugh.


I know it's short but i'm gonna update later byyyyyeeee!

~ Emily

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