excuse, but the concert is canceled |MGC|

''You can cancel a concert or
a meeting.
But you can't cancel a friendship.
It can only grow.
Maybe bigger,
maybe better.''

A Michael Clifford fanfiction by michaelgurl

18 Jan 2015


14. AN


Uhum..... HELLO  BEAUTIFUL, SMART, PRETTY PEOLPE!!! Okay sorry I didn't update but listen, school is killin' me. :( And I'm really really really sorry!!!

please don't hurt me

I love ya guysss to theee mooooon and back of course ;)

If ya are feeling down.... I can help! (I hoop) so DM me on twitter if ya want ( @Emilybarde1 )

Don't worry, say fuck you to those bitches and voila!! But you have to laugh after saying it so they think you're joking but you aren't heheheheh Just Saying ( hahah I know )

~ The amazing Emily ;)

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