Skinny Lies

I'm so fat, they tell me.
You're so skinny, they tell me.
Who should I believe?
The mirror, the voice, or those that think they know me?
The girls at school or my family at home?


1. Prologue

I run towards the crowd,

Not caring if they're loud,

I ask them if I can play,

But they tell me to go away,

Say I'm too fat to stay,

Ask me how much I weigh,

I tell them seven stone, five pounds,

They start to run around,

Telling me I'm nobody,

I look down at my body,

Am I really fat? 

I could lose a bit of this, a bit of that,

But nothing much,

I just want to not be able to touch

fat between my thighs,

My body is telling me so many lies--

It is clear now,

I look like a cow;

I need to be thin,

My fat is such a sin -

Those girls were all right,

I feel so tight,

I'm nothing,

Until I lose something.

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