Ghostly experience

"You will never influence the world by being just like it." - Unknown

Ever since Amanda was a little girl she knew that she was able to see dead people. But as the years went by, and the power got stronger and stronger, she was able to hear what others couldn't, and talk to whom others wanted to.


7. Chapter 6

I feel bad for Keith. I was beyond selfish last week. Only thinking about myself and my problems instead of helping Keith. I feel so bad about what I had done, that I want to find his little sister, Meredith. It can't be that hard to find a person right? I mean she's alive and not missing or anything. I just have to look for a woman in her late thirties-start forties. Hm. 

I graduated yesterday because I'm tired of the jokes and teasing, and because I have had enough credit for a while now. I wanted to graduate normally, and feel normal for a day, but nope. I didn't want to wait. So now I'm just at home all day making sure Drew gets in school on time every morning. I even drive him in his own car when I have to. And then I pick him up after school again. It's amazing to make Drew embarrassed. He get all red and shy. It's a great sight. I understand him though. What teenage boy wants to be driven to school every morning by his twin/big sister? Yup I'm the big sister in this relationship. 

"Drew! Get up!" I screamed as I walked into hs room the next morning. I had heard the girl run out last night, so I'm not afraid to walk into his room. "It's time to school!" I said smirking knowing I didn't have to go anymore. Drew and I was born on March 3rd which makes us 17 and seniors. Our birthday is next month.

"Asdfghjkl." Was all I got. I giggled and walked to the end of his bed. His feet was sticking out the bed of the duvet and I smirked. I took a feather from the floor (don't ask me how it got there) and tickled his foot with it. It quickly disappeared under the duvet. I giggled. 

"Come on big boy, don't make me get the bucket!" I threatened. The boy practically shot up. 

"The bucket?" He asked scared. I smirked and nodded biting my lip. Drew jumped out of bed and into his bathroom. I quickly covered my eyes because he had sex yesterday (again), and he didn't think about putting on his pyjamas. 

"Drew! Ew!" I ran out of the room. 

"You can just stay out!" He yelled after me and laughed loudly. Motherfucker. 


"Drew we're leaving now!" I called out. I grabbed his car keys from the table beside the door. He soon came down the stairs, walking slower than a snail. 

"Come on you dork, we don't have all day!" I chuckled and opened the front door. To answer your question: no our mother is never home. 

"Why do you have to drive?" Drew whines as he got into the passenger seat. 

"Because I'm the oldest," I answered in a matter of fact, and started the car. 5 minutes older, and I'm gonna tease him about it the rest of his miserable life. 

"But it's my car!"

"Sour loser," I mumbled and drove down the road towards the school. 

20 minutes later I pulled into the schools parking lot and parked up front just to irritate Drew. 

"Bitch," Drew mumbled and started getting out of the car. I pulled him back and gave him a big wet kiss on the cheek when I was sure his friends were looking. I smirked evilly as he groaned and walked towards his friends. I watched as they teased him and laughed. It's like fresh air to see my twin beyond embarrassed.

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