Secrets Schemes And Sewing Machines

The second YA installment from Katy Cannon from the same world and featuring the same group of friends from the popular Bake Club in Love, Lies & Lemon Pies
Grace had a plan for this year – and it didn’t involve learning to sew. But when her world is turned upside down by a family secret, everything changes. Grace’s family is in need of patching up and she’s trying to focus on what really matters. But when new boy Connor appears on the scene, it doesn’t make things any easier. She’s desperate to prove to him that she’s not a drama queen – but why is what Connor thinks so important?



A needle.



And a pattern.

Sewing is more than just a hobby. Learning to sew 

means you can create outfits, accessories and looks 

knowing that no one else will ever have something 

exactly the same. You will always be unique and true 

to yourself. Whichever pattern you follow, 

make it your own.

Needle Book

What you need:

2 pieces of card, 15 x 10cm

1 piece of fabric, 20 x 26cm

2 pieces of felt, 13 x 20cm

What to do:

1. Lay your fabric out in a landscape orientation with the pattern (the right side) facing down and the back of the 

fabric (the wrong side) showing.

2. Place your pieces of card in a portrait orientation, side by side on the wrong side of the fabric, with a 1cm gap between them and a border of fabric around the edges.

3. Glue the card in place, then fold and glue the edges of the fabric neatly over the card.

4. Glue one piece of felt over the card that’s still showing, to give you a neat finish, then fold in half to make the needle book cover.

5. Mark the middle of the felt inside the book, and the middle of your second piece of felt – this will be your spine.

6. Lay the second piece of felt inside the book so the marks match up, then sew in place with a line of running stitch or back stitch using embroidery thread in a complementary colour up the spine, from top to bottom. Now you have the pages of your needle book.

7. Store your needles in the pages by feeding them through the felt and back out again.




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