"I changed because of you! Just because of you"


1. Prologue

"Liam, liam, Liam! Look what I found" The four year old girl screamed, running towards the boy. He was three years older than her but they always had a special bond. They boy never got annoyed by the little girl's constant chasing him around, making him play with her. He liked all the attention he was getting from her. He always wanted a younger sister and that what was she to him. their parents have been neighbors and good friends for years, it was only natural for their children to be friends too.

"What you got there Monica?" He asked curiously.

"It's a ladybug, Liam." The little girl jumped up and down excitedly.

"Now you get to make a wish Monica, then let it fly away. You better make it a good one" he whispered in her ears, making her giggle.

"I wish for...." She said as loud as she could.

"No, no. Don't say it out loud, then it won't come true" Liam said. She closed her eyes and muttered he wish.

"I want a new barbie doll" She said quietly and Liam could still hear it. He chuckled and started to tickle her right after the girl left the ladybug.

"You're going to pay for that" She screamed and ran behind Liam, who ran away laughing.

Eight years later, Liam and his family moved away. Until then he and she were pretty much inseparable. Even though they were completely different, somehow they got along really well. Liam was there for Monica when she needed protection, advice or comfort and Monica helped Liam break out of his shell, helping him realize his potential as a singer and buying him his first guitar. She was always there to help him get through heartbreaks, whenever a girl he liked didn't like back. People would go around telling that someday they would get married and have a big family. Liam would brush it off, calling Monica his sister.

The night before Liam left they made a pact to remain friends no matter what. Unfortunately that didn't work out.

Liam adjusted to his new town rather well. he had no problem with that. Liam was confident, talented and good looking, soon he became popular. It was Monica who had a hard time. She was nerdy, shy and didn't really have any friends. She became closer with a girl named Ruby and soon they became best friends.

Liam and his family came to visit Monica and her family. They stayed with them for two weeks. Liam realized something, which troubled him and made him feel disgusted. He had been roaming around lately in the neighbor hood gathering information about Zoe.

Monica noticed that Liam was keep distance from her and trying her best to avoid her. She decided to ask him, directly. Liam was sitting on the swing, looking at his phone. She walked towards him and he stood up, noticing that she was walking towards him.

"Liam, Wait. " She said, walking towards the waiting Liam.

"What is wrong with you? Why are you ignoring me and keeping distance?" She asked him.

"I don't think you want to know" He said.

"Liam, just tell me" She begged.

"Look girl. I am popular, handsome and a cool guy. If my friends come to know that I have friends like you, they will laugh at me" He said. her eyes filled up with tears.

"What's...What's wrong with me?" She asked innocently.

"Wrong? Everything! You are so nerdy, shy and ugly." He yelled. Monica turned around and ran towards her house, because she didn't want Liam to see her cry. Liam her best friend just called her Ugly. Nerdy and shy.

She didn't speak to him the rest of the time he spend in her house. Their parents kept asking them what was the matter between them but none of them answered. The day Liam left she cried the whole night, soaking her pillow in her tears.

"Mom, We need to leave this town and go to another town. I want a fresh start, a new life" She had said the next day to her mom. Liam Payne, you are a bastard.  



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