"I changed because of you! Just because of you"


2. Chapter 1

"Monica!" Her mom called, knocking on her bedroom door. "Get up or you'll be late!" Monica groaned and turned to the other side. The knocking got louder and she covered her head with the pillow.  


"Five more minutes mom" she muttered, loudly.  


"No! Now!Don't make me come inside and throw water on your face" Her mother said and walked away. Monica took her time walking up. She took her towel and walked to the bathroom.  


New place, new life, new friends. It has been seven years since she moved here. Seven awesome years she ever had. She heard her phone ringing, probably, Destiny, her bestie, Monica thought. She probably wants a ride to collage.

She wrapped the towel around her after the shower and walked into the room. She checked her phone and saw that Destiny had called her. She called her back.


"Hey Monica! Good Morning. Ride to school?" She asked and Monica laughed. I’m never wrong, she thought.  


"Sure. See you in 20 minutes" She said and hung up. A normal thing. She used to call for a ride and Monica used go to the house, pick her and drive to collage. Destiny’s car was destroyed by her ex boyfriend and she being the good girl, didn't file a case. Her ex boyfriend, Tody has been in love with her ever since Monica remember. She recently agreed to date him and then broke up with three weeks. His anger was put on her car.


Monica’s parents got divorced five years ago and dad remarried. He moved to the U.K, because of his job and used to visit Monica once in a while. His current wife is sweet and caring but not as much as her mom. She missed her dad but there was no way Monica was going to leave her mother and shift with her dad.


She dressed into floral strappy tank top, biker jeans, ballet flats and pulled her hair into ponytail. She put on some jewelry and went down with my leather backpack.

"Good morning, darling" Mom said, as Monica kissed her cheek. She took a bite from the toast and washed it with Mango juice.


"Bye, Mom" she sang, taking her car keys with her, as she walked out. she got into her car and drove to Destiny's house. She was standing in front of her house, looking beautiful like always.


"Hello Nica" She said, as she entered inside.


"Hey babe" Monica drove towards the collage, the world of freedom, fun and studies. Ryan, Fred, Josh and Caroline were sitting on the bench in front of the hallways, books in their hands. Monica suddenly remember that she had an exam.  


"Good morning, Monica" Fred said, as Monica snatched his book from his hand and started to read. She flipped the pages and realized that she had already studied this. Yesterday night she had sat whole night, studying. That was enough for the exam.


"Hey Josh! I didn't see you and your friends yesterday at the club. Got bored of dancing?" Regina asked Josh. She had walked all the way from her locker with her followers, Tracy and Euthena, to ask this why they weren’t in the club yesterday night. She knows the answer of course. She has been asking the same question every time they don’t show up.  


"We have a exam today, Regina. We were studying for that" Josh said, trying his best to polite. Regina has been running behind him every since he broke up with his long time girlfriend, Camilia and Josh hasn't got over the whole break up.


"We do? Well, All the best!" She said and walked to her class. Monica took out her reference paper and started to revise. Fred and David started to pour question's at her and she answered them all, except the last one. Frantically, she searched her whole textbook for the answer. The bell rang and they rang to our allotted classes, giving luck to each other.


Monica was no more the nerdy or Dorky girl. She and her friends, Destiny, Caroline, Fred, David and Josh, were the best students in their school and the popular ones. They spend most of their nights in the night club, where most of the students from their school went.


She plays football and basketball, which is an answer why she’s tall. She could sing and dance and also play the guitar. Fred, who was a guitarist had taught her how to play the guitar.


The person she hates has become famous, rich, filthy rich. He’s become a part of One Direction and because of him, she hates One Direction. She never listens to their music and never want to see them. 

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