Suprise, Suprise



1. Chapter 1

Kristen's P.O.V

It was my 19th birthday. My best friend, Nicole, came to pick me up to go to the club. “Hey guurl” she greeted cheerfully, pulling me into a close embrace.

“Happy birthday!.” she shouted in my ears, her voice echoing through the empty flat that i live in. I just moved in 1 week ago and still need to get some more stuff to fill the place in. Its a 2 bedroom flat along with a medium sized kitchen and a small bathroom, which was totally fine with me, as long as i had a bath.

“thanks.” I said fixing my tight staples dress, that was down to my mid thighs.

“Ready to party?!” she squealed jumping up and down in excitement.

“Yes lets go!” I laughed at her excitement and put my black leather jacket on. I grabbed my purse and phone from the kitchen counter, and walked out of the flat locking the doors behind Nicole. We got into a cab and drove of the busy streets of London.

After what seemed like hours, we finally arrived at our destination. We got inside and the loud music banged in my ears. I was used to it though. As soon as i turned 18, Nicole and I went out nearly every weekend. We went straight to the bar to order some drinks.

“What do you want?” she shouted over the laud music.

“Im not letting you buy me drinks.”

“It’s your birthday…” she turned to the barman. “Two shots of tequilla please” she said before i could protest.

The barman nodded and of he went to get her order. He came back a minute later and we both took the tiny glasses in our hands.

“To our beautiful birthday girl!” she shouted in my ear and smiled wildly. “And to our five years of friendship today!” she added and we both poured the liquid down our mouths, burning our throats as it was swallowed. Couple more shots and I could feel the alcohol making me tipsy.

“Lets go dance!” I laughed at her for whatever reason and headed to the dance floor with Nicole trailing behind me. We danced together for while, but i soon lost her out of my sight and was left there on my own, not that i minded of course. I loved dancing, and if i was drunk, it didn’t matter who I was dancing with. I swayed my hips from side to side, hands in the air, singing loudly as Sexy and I Know It came on. Not having a care in the world. I was enjoying every second of it, even though my best friend simply ditched me. I didn’t care.

Few songs later i felt a pair of hands grip both sides of my waist from behind. They were huge. Especially for my petite body. I didn’t bother turning round, ‘just another man trying to have a good time’ i thought to myself. I rubbed my arse on his crotch, swaying to the music. He pulled me closer to his body, now his hands slowly moving up, caressing my tummy. I was enjoying his every touch. He was so gentle, almost as if he was afraid of hurting me.

I was about to turn around when i felt my hand being grabbed roughly.

“There you are! C’mon, lets get some more drinks.” Nicole appeared in my sight as she pulled me away from the dance floor. I turned around to catch a glimpse of a curly haired man that was, just 2 seconds ago, dancing with me.

We stood at the bar and Nicole ordered some more shots. Im gonna be wasted if she keeps pouring the liquor in me. But hey! Its my birthday. Im supposed to have fun right? After few more shots, Nicole was telling me about how some strange man tried to get into her pants. I laughed it off and so did she; even tho i didn’t find it funny, the alcohol in my body made me laugh at anything she said.

“OMG!” i screamed at Nicole and her eyes went wide.

“That’s our song!!!” she smiled wildly as We Found Love blasted in our ears. Laughing she dragged me to the dance floor. As soon as my feet started moving i could feel myself tripping over them. I was more than tipsy now, my head was buzzing and i could barely control my movements. I took her hands in mine and jumped to the beat of the music. I was quite surprised i didn’t fall.

I closed my eyes and soon i felt those big hands on my hips again. I smiled and turned around quickly, to find out who the mysterious man is. He was about 8-10 inches taller than me. I was stunned when i looked up at his sparkling green orbs only to find him searching for mine. His plump pink lips curled into a wide grin as if i was a treasure he’s been looking for a quite long time. I returned the smile thinking he’s the best looking i ever got. Not that i was some sort of whore, cause i wasn’t. I only had sex once, and that was when i was 17… I simply enjoyed having good company at a party, especially when he’s a sexy motherfucker.

I studied his face as he looked me up and down. Only then i realized .. HOLY FUCK!!! I recognized that face. I knew who he was, Harry Styles.

No, I’m not obsessed. Not even a fan. Oh no. But I’m sure nearly everyone in the UK knew who he is and what he does. Especially those 16year old teenagers i have to work with as a part time model. All they ever talked about was One Direction. Not that i minded.

I was a huge fan of the x factor. I watched every week, for as long as i can remember, just like the other 80% of popularity in the UK, and i sure didn’t miss One Direction being in it, in 2010. I though they were good singers. And surely grew to be some good looking men as well.

I have been checked out from head to toe by the one and only Harry Styles. I smiled at the thought of someone famous finding me attractive. I decided to play dumb and pretend like i have no clue who he is. Harry smiled once again and pulled me close to his body. His movements were fast, yet gentle as ever. He turned me around so my back was against his chest and my head spun for a second. I started swaying my hips once again to the rhythm of the music and his hands traveled around my body. I pushed myself against him, hard, and he started kissing my neck. A soft moan escaped from my lips as he found my sweet spot, just below my earlobe. He chuckled lightly making my whole body shiver in by his sweet touch. I turned around facing him and immediately pulled his lips to mine. He kissed back harshly, full of hunger yet he still kept the kiss somehow passionate. Was that even possible?

Shivers went down my spine as he grabbed my arse in his huge hands.

And was that?… Noo it can’t be… Was that fireworks i felt in my stomach? That’s impossible. I just met the guy. I couldn’t care less. The alcohol took over me, i did not control my actions anymore. I kept kissing him, cause it felt right. It felt like our lips matched, just like puzzle pieces. He bit my bottom lip, i open my mouth slightly, and gave him access to it. Or tongues battled for dominance, which Harry won shortly after. He squeezed my butt and pulled me closer to him, if that was even possible. I moaned into the kiss as i felt his bulge on my thigh. I loved the effect i had on him, though i never thought i would have had any sort of affect on any guy like that.

I smiled happily into the kiss and my hands traveled to the back of his neck. I tangled my fingertips in his soft curls. And arched my back lightly pushing my body harder against his, as he squeezed my bum once again. Harry growled and pulled back. He looked frustrated. Had i done anything wrong? I looked into his eyes to find any sort of expression in them. Lust. Hunger. I knew what he wanted, and i was ready to give it to him. He had me wrapped around his little finger. I will do anything he wants. I was hungry for him too, more than i ever been before. I felt myself getting wet at the thought of what his incredible long fingers could do to me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd.

Oh god what am i doing?! Is this really happening?

I didn’t have time to think about any of it. We were in the toilet cabin now, and i was pushed against the wall. His lips crashed onto mine, and i could sense the rough taste of alcohol as our tongues met. He pulled me of the wall and took my leather jacket of me, not breaking the kiss for a second, and threw it to the corner of the cabin. My back collapsed to the cold metal wall, and i shivered from the cold. Harry pulled away from the kiss, taking his navy blazer of. His moves were quick and a little unsteady. “What’s your name babe?” he asked looking up meeting my gaze, tossing the blazer to the side.

“Kristen” i answered shortly, knowing that he will probably forget it in 10 minutes time. It’s only a one time thing, he did it a lot, from what I’ve heard. And i was sure I’m never going to see him again after whats about to happen.

“Im Harry” his husky voice making me go crazy, taking his white shirt of in one quick move. He walked up to me and his lips softly met mine again. He reached to the zipper of my dress and unzipped it slowly. It fell to the floor, my not so large books falling freely, and i stepped out of the dress. I felt a little uncomfortable being naked in front of a random person. I tried covering myself up a bit.

Breaking the kiss he took his time to look at my body.

“God, your gorgeous.” he whispered quietly, but laud enough for me to hear him. I never felt so exposed in front of anyone. And right now, hearing the complimant he made, It felt good. I instantly felt myself blushing a little. I let my hands fall to my sides, and bit my bottom lip nervously. He walked up to me and took my cheeks into his over sized hands.

“Your beautiful.” he whispered, looking me in the eyes. Ah, those green eyes. Something hypnotizing about them. His lips found mine again, and one of his hands traveled down from my cheek to my left boob, massaging it gently. I moaned into the kiss and his hand traveled further down my body. He has found my sensitive spot. The place where i wanted him the most. He softly rubbed my clit through the thin fabric of my black lace thong.

“You like that?” he asked pulling away from the kiss and looking in my eyes.

“mhmm” i mumbled under my breath, enjoying the pleasure he was giving me. I was getting wetter and wetter imagining what he will feel like inside me. He pulled my panties to the side and i jumped up a little as he pushed two of his fingers inside me. “Mmm. Your so wet.” he licked his lips and grinned mischievously. I closed my eyes but i could feel his eyes on me, watching me as he pleasures me to the fullest. He pushed his fingers in and out of me quickly and i bit my lip trying to hold in the moans. I didn’t want anyone to hear.

“Let it go babe.” he whispered in my ear. And i let out a loud moan. That boy can do some magic with his hands. Swirling and curling them around my insides. Another soft moan escaped my mouth.

“Harry.. I… Im gonna..”

“Cum for me.” he ordered, and his seductive voice sent me over the edge and i came all over his fingers.

“Ohh. my. god.” i breathed heavily as he pulls his fingers out of me and licks them clean. I look at him as he licks the corner of his lips and i put my hands on his well toned torso. I slide my hands down and reach his jeans and I painfully slowly unbutton them.

“ugh. Stop teasing!” his voice husky, annoyed and aggressive. I knelt down in front of him and pulled his jeans down. His Calvin Cain boxers were tight around his member. I looked up and smiled cheekily at him. I then pulled his boxers down with my teeth and he stepped out of them quickly. My eyes went wide as i saw the size of his dick. To be honest, it scared me a little. It is massive.

“It doesn’t bite.” he said chuckling a little, as if he read my thoughts. I giggled nervously and took him in my hands, slowly moving them up and down his length. I circled my thumb over his head and rubbed of the pre cum.

“ah. Suck it already!” he moaned in frustration. I lowered my head and slowly took his dick into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down faster each time. I looked up to meet his gaze, he watched intensively, enjoying watching me as i give him a blowjob. ‘pleasure’ written all over his face. I massaged his balls with one of my hands. He grabbed my hair and held it back so he could have a better view of me. I gagged a few times which only made him moan my name a few times. I was quite surprised that he remembered it.

“Oh shit, Kristen!… Ohh my… Okay.” he breathed as he quickly pulled me up from the floor and kissed me with hunger. Our tastes mixing when our tongues met. Harry grabbed my ass and forced me to jump, and wrap my legs around his waist. My palms flat on his tanned and well shaped torso. And his mouth meeting my neck, sucking on my sweet spot, leaving a hickey, I’m sure.

He managed to rip my panties of me and with no warning he thrusted his full member into me. I gasped at the sudden feel of him inside me.

“Holy fuck, you’re so tight..” he moaned into my neck, giving me few seconds to adjust to his size. After few seconds he looked into my eyes as if asking for permission to go on. I nodded slightly and he started thrusting in and out of me.

“You feel so good.” he moaned. Harry went faster and deeper with every thrust.

“Oh Harry.. Right there..ah. Yes! Right there Harry.” i moaned loud and it only gave him the courage to go even faster. I have never felt anything quite like this. No pleasure can top that. It is officially the best i ever felt.

Harry groaned in my ear and connected our lips again. This time with pure passion. But i couldn’t focus in the kiss, all i could think about was how he made me feel. He hit my g-spot everytime, got me moaning with every thrust he gave. I could feel myself getting closer to exploding. I ached my back, grabbed a hold of his shoulders and tilted my head back in pure pleasure.

“Wait for me!..” he moaned. I nodded slightly trying to hold it in for as long as possible.

“aaah… Kristen… look at me when… you climax.” he said angrily through breaths. His dirty talk turned me on i was near the edge. Another few thrusts and i couldn’t keep it any longer.

“Now!” he said with his final thrust, as i felt my walls clench around his dick, and his whole body twitch as his warm cum filling me in.

“Harryy!!” i screamed and my whole body shook in pleasure.

“Ah Yeah!.” Harry softly kissed my neck as he rode our orgasms out.

He pulled out of me and put me down after a minute or two when our breaths came back to normal.

“That. Was. Amazing.” he stated putting his clothes back on.

“yeah” i breathed out looking for my thong.

“We should do that again sometime.” he suggested looking at me putting my dress on. I nodded in respond.

“Could you?” i turned around as he zipped my dress up slowly. I put my jacket on and looked at my phone to check the time. 2.34am.

“Shit. I gotta go Harry. My friend is probably out there looking for me..” i tried to walk past him to exit the cabin but he stood in front of the door.

“At least gimme your number.” he insisted. I nodded and we exchanged numbers.

“We’ll keep in touch.” he said as he pecked my lips lightly, and then letting me out.

I knew this was an only one night thing, but somewhere deep inside me wished it could be more than sex. I’m not planning on calling him. Oh noo. If he wants to, then he will. I mean, it was him that asked me for my number. I really wouldn’t be bothered if he didn’t call me, he can have so many other girls that would be willing to fuck him.

I walked out of the bathroom as if nothing happened. The club was half empty. I found Nicole right away, at the bar. Fuck faced. It was a funny view, i gotta admit. I never seen her so drunk. How long was i away for? It all just happened too quick.

“C’mon Nicole, we gotta go home.” i told her.

“Okaaay. Lets goo baby guurl.” she now had the hick ups. And she innocently laughed at herself.

“Im older than you.”

“By like…… 11 days.” She frowned her eyebrows at me, but looked as she was about to burst out laughing.

“Still older.” I laughed at the funny faces she was making.

“But that’s not faiiir.. if i.. i was born 12 days before, i would have been—”

“yeah, i know..” I agreed just to shut her up.

“Where did you disappeaaar? You ditched mee..”

“Long story.. i will tell you in the morning okay?” i grabbed her waist and pulled her from the bar.

“Yeaaah, sure!” she said happily, grabbing a hold of my hand, as we walked out of the club to get a black cab to drive us to my flat.

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