I Wish



6. Chapter 6


"Niall can you drop me off at the drug store?"

"Sure babe!" he gave me a wink and I smiled. He drove into a parking lot right infront of the nearby drugstore and turned of the car.

"You can come in if you want." I looked at saron. she opened her door and got out. I took a step but winced in pain holding my belly.

"Are you ok!?!" saron asked putting her hand on my back.

"Im fine." we walked in the store and I went down one of the isles. Saron went with me. I saw some pregnancy testers and grabbed them off the shelf.

"You think your pregnant!?!?!" Saron looked at me with her mouth open.


"Its ok I will bye them for you if you want me to?"


we payed for our items and went out to the car.

We got back in the car and Niall gave me a seductive look. I looked at him nervously. He then looked at me weird. I looked away and out the window.

We then arrived home and not thinking set the bags down on the kitchen table.

"What are these?" I heard Niall behind me and flinched. I then turned around and saw him holding up the pregnancy test.

"There mine, don't worry." I heard saron speak up next to me. Niall nodded his head. "Where's the bathroom?" she spoke again.

"Down the hall second door on the left." Niall replied and saron walked out of the kitchen. I began too walk up the stairs and up too my room. Niall grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. "I know there yours, don't lie to me." I winced as he grabbed my shoulder tighter.

"Im sorr-"


"Go to your room!" she gave me a scared look and walked up the stairs holding her shoulder. I heard her slam her bedroom door.

Why did I do that!? Uggh! she's probably scared of me now. After all I am her 'master'!


I heard my door creak open and in walked Zayn.

"Don't struggle and you wont be hurt."

"Zayn don't im not in the mood at all!" I screamed at him. Where is saron!? She's supposed to be up here. Oh yeah she's probably flirting with Harry or somthin.

"Why did you do that too me?!?!?!" he yelled, "You broke my heart! I thought we would actually have somthing. I was so excited! But you had to go and so that!" He yelled the last part.

"Im soo sor-"

"No your not!!!!" He slapped me and I screamed out in pain as I put my hand on my now red cheak.


Why did I do that? Now she will never love me! Ever! Im done with this.


He looked at me with hurt in his eyes. I saw a tear run down his cheak and he ran out of my room.

"Zayn!?" I ran after him. I found him in his room crying with his back to the wall. "Oh Zayn." I looked at him with kind eyes. He looked up with tears rolling down his perfectly tanned cheak's.

I sat next to Zayn on the floor and put my head on his elbow.

"Your not scared of me?" he looked down at me.

"No." I rose up and gave him a little peck on the cheak. I stood up and pulled him up with me. "You wanna go swimming?" He started to laugh. "What?"

"I can't swim!" he laughed.

"Oh dah Megan!" I laughed.

"ya! Haha!! I reached up and wiped a tear off his cheak.

"Its ok. Im not scared of you. Don't worry!" I looked up into his perfect brown eyes.

"Good." he smiled.

"Do you want to go out for lunch?"

"Sure! Were?"

"I was thinking... Nandos?"

"Sure. Don't tell Niall he will freak!"

"Deal." I went back too my room and Zayn followed me as he was already ready. I walked into my closet and pulled out some white booty shorts, a blue tanktop and some blue flipflop with a white flower attached to the straps. "Look away Zayn."

"Fine!" He turned away and i changed. "Done yet?"

"Yep. I just have too straiten my hair a little." I walked into my bathroom and pulled out my straightener. I looked around the corner to see Zayn looking in the mirror attached to the wall. He was fixing his hair. I started to laugh. He looked at me and started to laugh too. He went over and sat on my bed.

"Are you done yet!?!" he asked sounding like a child.

"Almost" I said as I straitened the last straned. I put on my mascara and eyeliner.

I walked out if the bathroom. "how do I look?" His jaw dropped as he looked at me.

"Amazing!" He walked over too me and put his hand on my cheak and I put my hand on his and looked up into his eyes. "Just beautiful." He said quietly.

I couldn't help but reach up and kiss his soft lips. It felt so right but so wrong at the same time. I pulled away and he looked at me worriedly.

"Im so so-" but before he could say anything else I smashed my lips into his again.

"Its fine!" I grabbed my bag. "come on!" I ran out the door and Zayn followed me.


She's just so perfect! I can't get over her! We walked into Nandos and took a seat. a waiter came and took our order. I ordered a big whole chicken and Zayn ordered the same.

(A/N: instead of 2 chapters i decided on 1 long one thats it for today)

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