I Wish



2. Chapter 2


"Go to your room." he said kindly. I walked past the rest of one direction. winking at all them.

I walked in my room and sat down in a chair looking at myself in the mirror. Why would Niall pick me out of all the other girls im nothing but a slut. I was born to be a slut! I looked at my once brown hair. I colored it blond in 9th grade because I heard my crush loved blonde haired girls. My hair has stayed like it ever scents.

I took out my brand new laptop and turned it on. Once it came on I immediately went on the internet and searched 'Niall Horan One Direction' and set my background to a sexy pic of Niall shirtless. I have always loved him since the day I heard about one direction.

I heard my door open and in came Zayn my least fave in the band.

"Oh... hi" I said quietly.

"So.... your Nialls Knew girlfriend?"

"Um... ya." I said listening to what Niall had told me. Zayn walked toward me and I just sat there uncomfortable.

"your so pretty..." he said walking toward me.

"um... Zayn what are you doing?" he got so close that he grabbed my hips and pushed me too my bed. "Zayn!"

"What's wrong?"

"Im still a virgin." I said.

"Ooh? I thought that you were a sex slave and that you had sex before."

"How do you know about that?" I asked angrily. I was talking to him like I had known him for years.

"Niall told me all about you. But only me don't worry."

"And I stopped the sex before it got to that... I wanted to loose my virginity by love."

"Too bad for you!" he got on top of me and shoved his lips into mine.


I shoved my mouth into hers and kissed down her neck. She let out a little moan.

"Zayn! ohh! Zayn stop!" she yelled. I was afraid someone would here us but I didn't stop. I trailed my hands down her stomach and then sown to her thighs. I then started to slip of her pants and threw them in a corner. Then I slipped my hand down her panties and started rubbing her clit fast and hard. she moaned but I could tell not in pleasure.

"Stop Zayn!" she yelled and I slapped her across the face making her cry. I got off of her and stripped down with nothing on and locked the door.

I got on top of her again naked. I ripped of her shirt. She was in her bra and underwear. I then took of her underwear and slipped myself in her with all my might. She screamed in pain and I slapped her across the face again making her cry more.

"Scream my name!" I yelled at her.

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