I Wish



1. Chapter 1


"get out on stage!" sue pushed me out on stage. " biding starts at 10,000!" she yelled to the crowd.

"15,000!" a voice ran out from the crowd. I stood there in my slutty outfit.

"20,000!" another voice called out.

" going ounce..." sue called out.

"30,000!" a soft irish accent called one more time.

" going ounce.... going twice..... sold to number 347!" sue pushed me off stage and I grabbed my stuff off a black chair in the back of my room. I pulled out sweatpants and a t-shirt to pull over my slutty outfit. I exited the back stage and out into the back of the crowd where a guard lead me to a boy about my age with ruffled blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

"hello love." he said sweet and calm and took me in his arms.

As we walked into broad daylight I looked over at him and stopped dead in my tracks. It was Niall Horan from one direction!!!

He looked at me and gave me the sweetest smile. I almost melted!

"What's wrong love?" Niall asked me and helled out his hand.

(Ok! let's go back about three years! I lived with my shithead head of a mom and my stepdad with his four kids. My mom got so sick and tired of me and sold me to a club in great britain to work as a pole dancer.

The club then got shut down by police and I was secretly sold as a sex slave. Now that you have heard a little about me let's get back to the story!)

I took Nialls hand a he walked me to a black suv. I got in the front seat next to Niall.

"What's your name love?" he looked at me with kind eyes.

"m.. megan." I stuttered and i just started to think of the things he might do to me.

"Beautiful name." he said while keeping his eyes on the road.

"Th..thank you." I stuttered again.

We arrived at a beautiful house near a beach.

" Welcome home love." he took my hand a lead me into the house. "this will be your room he said opening a door and I looked at the bed, dresser and walk in closet. why was he giving me all this? "meet me in my room after you put all your stuff away." I nodded and he shut the door.

I put my things away and took a slutty outfit out of my drawer along with my favorite pink sweatpants and a big tanktop to put over the outfit. I walked upstairs getting ready for another painfull night of rough sex.

I slowly opened the door to his room and peeked in.

"come in love." I walked in and sat on his bed waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. he had tons of stuff on his bed. Niall walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. "I bought you some stuff for you while you stay.

he picked up a bag and took out a box containing a brand new pink apple laptop. he picked out another smaller box containing a brand new iphone.

"Thank you Niall!" I hugged his neck tight.

"your very welcome love."


"Thank you Niall!" she hugged my neck very tight.

"your very welcome love." she let go of my neck and look down holding the iphone box and looking at it thoughtfully.

" Why are you giving me these?" she asked not looking up.

"im not going to hurt you don't worry. the reason I bought you is not for sex."

"then what is your reason?" right then I heard footsteps and Nialls bedroom door opened and the rest of one direction came in.

"you are to act as my girlfriend around other people got it?" he whispered in my ear.


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