Charlotte is really good friends with Niall Horan and goes to one of his gatherings. When she runs into Harry Styles, she gets speachless. Harry takes the shy fan and shows her things that she would have never thought about. "Is this a illusion?" She asked him as he held her close. "No baby, this is not a illusion." He whispered in her ear.


1. Invitation

The rain stopped after a few hours and the sun came out from behind the clouds. I ran out to get the mail and saw a rainbow appear in London's skies. I flipped through junk mail until I saw a letter in handwriting that I recognized. "TO: Charlotte James FROM: Niall Horan" I read aloud and I sat on the stairs that led to my bedroom. I slowly opened the letter he sent me.

     Dear Charlotte,

I havent seen or talked to you in a while. Since I am going on tour again soon, I thought it would be nice to have all of my friends at my house here in London. All the boys will be there but I'm not sure about Harry. I have known you since we were 19 years old and you have only met 4/5 members of One Direction. Im sorry that Harry never appears when you are around. Anyways, I really hope you get to come this Saturday for my gathering. I really miss you!

 ~Love Niallerx

I have missed Niall so much and he hasnt had time to facetime me. Already working on the 5th album and getting ready to go on tour is a lot on him. He mentions Harry a lot in his conversations though. I hope I finally get to meet him this time, but I wont get my hopes up like I have every other time I thought I was going to meet him. I got up off my stairs and walked into the kitchen to get some food.


I smiled at the letter and thought about going to Niall's on Saturday. "That's it." I said to myself. "I'm going to Niall's house, going to have fun, and hang out with old friends." I said and my roomate must have heard me. "Going to Niall's house? Can I come?!" Jade said and I laughed. "Sure! I think he would be really happy to see you too." I said and she smiled while setting down the groceries.

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