Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


9. Chapter 9 (Spending the day with Harry)



The next morning when Scarlett woke up Veronica said "Morning" "Morning, what time is it?" "1:01pm" "Holly crap I slept in" "I was going to wake you up but I decided to let you sleep" "hahahaha your so sweet" "hahaha what time did you go to sleep?" "Like at 2 or 3am" "why?" "I was talking with Harry" "Oh" "Yeah he then gave me this" Scarlett said getting the unicorn and the necklace "Awwwww that's cute" "And a kiss on the cheek" "No way" "Way" "Oh my god" "I know Liam thought that we were together" "how did he know he was in here?" "I guess he was up here to check on me and saw" "Oh did he get mad?" "No cause I told him we are not together that we are just friends" "Oh I see" "Yeah he was like scared" "I bet but then to every parent is like that" "true" Then they both got up and fixed there hair and stuff then they both went downstairs then Liam saw them and he said "Morning girls" they both said "Morning" then they sat on the couch and Michael said "So Scarlett did you ever think of what you are going to today?" "I forgot about that so no" "Dammit" "hahahah sorry" "It's fine" Then Veronica said "I'm hungry" then Scarlett got up and went to go look in the fridge for something to eat then she decided to just make frozen pizza for her and Veronica then they were ready they sat at the table then once they were done they put the dishes in the dishwasher then went back to the couch with Michael, Niall, Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Zayn then Scarlett sat next to Michael and Veronica next to Niall then Scarlett was on her phone then Michael tried to touch her screen then she said "Stop" he kept doing it then Scarlett playfully slapped his arm and laughed then he said "What was that for?" "I told you to stop" "I was playing" "So was I" "You suck" "No you suck" "Your lame" "Your mom" "Hey" "Loser" "hahahaha your funny" "I know" "hahahaha" Then Scarlett went back to her phone then Michael said "What's with you and twitter?" "I get my 411 on this man" "About what?" "Concerts, music, Cd releases, where the next concert is, and videos" "Oh I see" "Yeah" "Do I follow you on twitter?" "Um I think so" Michael then took out his phone and then he said "look for yourself" "Okay" then Scarlett typed in her twitter name then said "You are" "okay how about Veronica?" "let me see" then she typed in Veronica's username and said "Yeah you are?" "Cool" "hahaha cool?" "Yeah cool cause you are both really funny" "Hahahaha well I know were funny kidding thanks your really funny too" "hahaha thanks" "welcome" "but really what's with you and twitter?" "I told you I see where people are, how a concert was, videos for a concert was, pictures of bands and stuff and well before it was to try to get all nine of you to follow me" "Oh I see" "Yeah I never got noticed though until now" "Yeah so no worries you got your 9 follows" "Not 9 I got 8" "who's not following you?" Scarlett whispered and said "Zayn isn't" "Oh why not?" "we haven't like really talked to each other yet" "Oh I see maybe when he does he will" "whenever that is" "You have only been here a couple days maybe he's getting used to seen you here" "Maybe" then Michael went on twitter and then Scarlett tweeted "@Michael5SOS I see you" then she was scrolling then she got a notification and looked and seen that it was a tweet from Michael it said "@denisestyles02 hahaha I see you too bro" Scarlett smiled and said "@Michael5SOS your lame bro" "@denisestyles02 nah I'm awesome" "@Michael5SOS your a weenie" "@denisestyles02 Nah I'm super awesome" "@Michael5SOS No I'm awesome" then she got off of twitter and put her phone down then she got a text and it said "I'm bored" "I know me too Veronica" "We should do something" "like what?" "I don't know let's go think in your room" "Okay then let's go" then they both got up and went to Scarlett's room when they got there Veronica said "It's a nice day we should walk around town" "I was thinking the same thing but what if we get lost" "true" "I really don't know my way around yet" "Okay then let's see what else we can do in the mean time I'll shower and think if I think of something I'll let you know" "Okay then go shower" "Okay" then Veronica got clothes then went to go shower while she was in the shower Scarlett was laying in bed thinking of something they could do then there was a knock on the door she said "come in!" Scarlett sat up then seen Niall there he said "Hey Scarlett" "hey Niall, what's up?" "I wanted to talk to Veronica?" "Oh um she's in the shower" "oh um should I come back or should I stay?" "Whatever you want" "I'll stay I can talk to you in the mean time" "hahahaha okay then" "So how do you like it here?" "It's amazing just like I had imagined" "Yeah it's nice here" "Yeah it is" "have you made any friends yet?" "yeah I made one" "A girl right?" "Hahaha yeah she's a girl her name is Ashley" "hahaha okay then" "getting all protective of me now Niall" "what can I say your Liam's kid that makes you family of course I'm going to be all protective of you" "hahaha that's cute" "and your the only girl in this house so good luck" "you make it sound like it's a bad thing hahaha" "trust me things will get crazy" "hahaha I can imagine" "your going to go crazy" "I don't think so I can get crazy too just let me get used to being here" "Well you shall find out" "trust me I was around the most annoying girls at the orphanage with the most annoying voices I have learned to ignore things like that" "Oh god I can imagine" "it was bad" "well all that is over now" "I know" then Niall heard Veronica opening the door then he said "can you tell Veronica I want to talk to her and to come to my room?" "Sure thing Niall" "thank you" "welcome" then Niall walked out of the room then Veronica walked in the room and said "Did you think of something?" "No you?" "nope" "ugh" then Veronica finished getting ready then Scarlett said "before you sit on the bed Niall came in here looking for you" "What did he want?" "He wants to talk to you" "Oh" "So he wants you to go to his room" "Okay can you show me where it is?" "Okay" then they walked to Niall's room and Scarlett knocked on the door then a think Irish accent said "Come in!" Scarlett opened the door and said "I brought you Veronica" "hahaha thank you" "welcome" then Scarlett looked at Veronica then said "good luck have fun love yah" "hahaha thanks love you too" then Scarlett walked back to her room got clothes then went to go shower when she got out she had on a blue and white polka dot dress that went above the knees she then got her blue flats and began to do her hair then she put on a bit of makeup then Veronica walked in the room Scarlett said "how was it?" "Good" "what did he ask you or tell you?" "he asked me if I was doing something and I told him that we were trying to figure out what to do" "Yes?" "And he said that he wants to take me around town" "Awww cute go with him then" "Sure?" "yes your here for 2 months just go" "okay then I'll go tell him" "hahahaha okay then" then Scarlett went back to what she was doing and 5 minutes later Veronica and Niall had left and Scarlett was sitting on the chair in her room on her phone Scarlett then looked at the unicorn Harry gave her and she seen then necklace she got it and put it on then she seen someone at her door she looked and seen Harry there she said "Hey Harry" "Hey can I come in?" "Sure" "what are you doing?" "Nothing I was suppose to go out with Veronica but Niall took her around town instead which I don't mind cause I don't know my way around and he does" "oh I see" "yeah and you?" "nothing much but since you want to go see the town I can show you if you want to?" "hahaha I'd love to" "really?" "yeah" "Okay then let's go" "I'll meet you downstairs" "okay then" then Harry walked out of the room Scarlett then got her phone and went downstairs when she got to the kitchen Liam was at the table Scarlett went up to him and he said "Someone looks pretty, where are you going?" "hahaha thanks dad and Harry is going to show me around town" "Where's Veronica?" "Doing the same with Niall" "okay then be careful" "I will dad" Scarlett said hugging him then Harry walked in and said "Liam I'll take care of her for you" "Thanks mate, have fun you two" "Bye dad" "Bye love" then Harry and Scarlett walked out of the house then as they were walking Harry said "You look beautiful" "thank you" "I see you have the necklace on" "yeah thank you again" "No problem" "hahahah" "So I have one question for you" "okay" "well two actually" "hahahahaha ask away" "Who's your favorite from 5 Seconds Of Summer?" "it's Ashton" "Your into drummers?" "hahahaha no I just like his personality and him" "hahahah" "Oh god did I just say that" "hahaha you did" "Hahaha damn" "And who's your favorite from our band?" "You know this one was a tough one for me" "Oh really?" "yeah took me a while to figure it out" "And who's your favorite?" "It's you" "Me?" "Yeah ever since I found out about your band I have liked you I have meet girls who are always changing who's there favorite is but I love you all but your my favorite" "how long have you been in this fandom?" "3 years since I found out all late about your band since I lived in America" "Oh I see" "yeah" "Wow you have liked me for 3 years" "Yeah three years and counting" "hahahahah can I ask you something else?" "Sure" "You have a boyfriend at the moment?" "No I don't" "ever had one?" "to be honest I have never had a boyfriend" "Never how?" "What do you mean?" "I mean your pretty, nice, funny, sweet, and just plain adorable how are you single?" "I don't know guess I'm not any guys type" "Lies you are" "hahahaha I don't think so Harry" "Yes I know someone" "Oh really you do?" "Yeah I do" "Who then?" "you really want to know" "Yeah I do cause I think your lying to make me feel better trust me in school my friend well old friend told me the same thing she lied to me so I wouldn't be sad when I found out she was lying I never talked to her again so careful with what you say Styles" "But this is all truth I would never lie to you" "Well tell me who it is" "okay um to be honest your my type of girl that I like" "I am?" "Yeah you are" "But Taylor Swift is not all of those I mean I'm not hating but she's not all of them" "I know" "hahahah" "but seriously your my type of girl" "Oh are my type of girls hard to look for?" "Well since I'm famous it's hard to find a girl period cause I sometimes think that they like me for fame and not me" "Oh I see" "Yeah but don't get me wrong I'm looking" "How's that going?" "So far so good" "that's good" "how about you?" "What about me?" "You don't have someone in mind?" "Well no cause I don't know anyone but you already know who my crushes are" "huh?" "You and Ashton" "right hahaha I forgot" "Hahahaha yeah but besides you two there's no one else" "Oh I see" "Yeah" "So if Ashton asked you out you would say yes?" "is this a trick question?" "hahaha i just want to know" "I would say yes" "Oh okay then" "Yeah but that's not going to happen" "But you never know" "True but it's not" "okay then but he does have your number right?" "Yeah he put it in himself" "what do you mean?" "he had asked me to use my phone and when he gave it back he said he had put his number and sent himself a text to have my number I didn't give it to him if that's what you think" "Oh I see now" "yup" "but why do you say it's not going to happen the thing between you and Ashton?" "I don't think so cause he's older than me I mean I'm not 18 yet soon but in a couple days and if it did happen it's going to be hard to like see eachother cause he's in Australia and I'm here like I would love for it to happen but I'd rather get with someone who I can see sometimes and hangout with" "I understand now basically someone who lives where you live would be better" "Yeah I can't do long distance" "Okay now I get it" "okay" "yeah" "Liam thought we were together" "How?" "I think he saw you kiss my cheek yesterday night" "Oh is he mad?" "No I told him that were not together he kinda freaked out" "Oh hahahaha but does he know you like me?" "Yeah I told him" "Oh okay then" "Hungry?" "kinda" "Pizza?" "Yeah hahahaha" "I heard it's your favorite" "Pizza is life for me" "hahaha let's got get pizza then" "okay" then they walked in and ordered pizza then they went to go sit down when they were sitting Harry said "seriously if I didn't know who you liked from 5 Seconds Of Summer I would've thought it was Michael" "hahaha why?" "cause you both like pizza" "I knew you were going to say that" "hahahah" "hahahaha" "there's a question that I've been wanting to ask you for a while" "What is that?" "Why do you like me?" "Oh let's see your hair, dimples, eyes hahaha just kidding I like you for you like yeah your famous I get it but I don't see you as famous Harry Styles I see you as regular Harry Styles your personality is amazing I don't like you for fame cause I see you as a regular guy with an abnormal job" "Oh my god I'm in love" "hahahaha your funny" then the pizza got to the table so they ate and when they finished they got up and continued to walk then Harry said "is it strange that no fans have noticed me?" "I was thinking the same thing cause when I was out with Louis we had to stay in the pizza parlor cause we had got mobbed" "this is strange" Scarlett then went on twitter and went to the stalker 1D page that she follows then she seen a tweet that said "Harry and Liam's daughter out in London #1" then Scarlett clicked the tweet and it had a picture of both of them laughing then Scarlett said "they know that your out" "how?" "see" Scarlett showed Harry the tweet then he said "so they know your Liam's daughter" "yup they do" "have they posted anymore?" "um let me see" Scarlett then checked and said "there's many of Veronica and Niall" "they got them too" "Oh My God!" "What?" "Look" Scarlett showed Harry the picture of Niall and Veronica holding hands then Harry said "you think there together?" "I don't know this looks like it" "I know" then Scarlett looked though more of them then she said "most of them are of them holding hands" "I think there together" "I do to" "yup" "Well if they are good for them" "I know true" "maybe Niall can get her to stay here" "What do you mean?" "I don't really want her to go back i want her to have a new start and this could be it" "Oh I think that would be a great if she lives here" "I know let's hope she changes her mind about going back" "true" then they a little while later they started to head back to the house then when they got in Scarlett went to her room and changed to shorts and a tank top then she put her hair in a messy bun then she took off her shoes and put socks on then she went downstairs to find Liam she seen him outside with Zayn, Luke, and Calum then she went outside and said "I'm home!" "Okay how was it?" "Okay this place is amazing hahah" "Hahahaha glad you like it here" "I love it here" "Glad you do" "yeah" then Scarlett went back inside and sat on the couch looking for something to watch then she found a movie called "Godzilla" and began to watch it in the middle of the movie someone sat next to her and they said "hi loser" "Michael" "how did you know?" "No one calls me loser" "hahaha" then they watched the movie after that one finished they had watched a scary movie called "Devil's Due" then when it finished Scarlett said "that wasn't even scary" "what do you mean it wasn't scary?" "Yeah I wasn't scared" "I wasn't either" "Yeah that's why you flinched and held on to my arm" "I thought you were scared" "stop covering it up Michael you were scared admit it" "fine I was scared" "I knew it" "how did you not get scared?" "I have seen scarier that's why" "your a weird child" "No your just a baby" "I'm not a baby" "Yeah your a baby" "no" "Yes baby" "Am not" "yes your a baby" "Whatever" "hahahaha""Well I'm leaving your lame peace" "What did baby Michael get sensitive?" "I'm not sensitive" "whatever you've annoyed me be gone child" "peace" "hahaha peace out bro" then Scarlett got up and went to the little house in the back and went into the theater room and looked for a movie to wath she decided to watch a movie called "The Possession" then the door opened Scarlett looked to see Veronica there then she sat next to Scarlett and said "What are you watching?" "Scary movie" "ugh" "Hahahah" "I have stuff to tell you after" "okay" then they watched for the movie when it finished Scarlett said "Veronica it's over" "Oh okay thank god" then they got up and went to Scarlett's room when they got there Scarlett closed the door then she said "What's up?" "Well um let's see" "I saw you and Niall holing hands" "How?" "twitter" "I should've known" "What is going on between you two" "well at first it was normal just talking and laughing the regular then he asked who my favorite was in there and I said him then he had asked why I told him" "Okay I got that" "then we started to talk more and I swear I had him repeat what he said 5 times cause I couldn't believe it" "What did he ask you?" "If I wanted to be his girlfriend" "No way!" "Right!" "What did you say wait that's a stupid question obviously your together cause you were holding hands duh Scarlett" "hahahah yeah were a thing now" "that's cute I'm happy for you" "thank you Scarlett" "not to bring this mood down but how are you going to do it when you go back home?" "Oh that's another thing we had talked about" "and?" "I'm going to talk to Liam and ask if I can move in" "No your lying" "no hahahah" then someone knocked on the door then Scarlett said "come in" then Liam said "Oh your both here good I need to talk to you" then he sat on the desk chair and said "So our tour is going to start up again and I really don't want to leave you two here alone so I was wondering if you both wanted to join us on tour?" Scarlett said "Are you kidding me I would love to go" Veronica said "I want to go" "Okay then we leave in 3 weeks" "Okay then" Veronica then had asked Liam if it was okay if she moved in and that her and Niall were together then Liam had said it was fine then he left the room then Scarlett said "I knew he was going to say yes" "hahaha I know but I wanted to ask for just in case" "true, are you going to sleep in Niall's room tonight?" "Yeah starting tonight" "Okay then" "Yeah" "you got with freaken Niall Horan that is crossed off your bucket list" "hahaha I know right" "Yeah" "let's hope it happens for you too" "I'm not counting on it" "Why not I am?" "I don't know like what if Liam doesn't allow it" "true but I'm still hoping it happens" "Hahahah okay then you keep hoping I'll just take it day by day" "hahahah" then a little while later Veronica got her things then went to Niall's room then Scarlett had got bored so she went downstairs and then Liam decided that the both of them should go out and see London during the night and to spend some time together when they got back home Scarlett went to her room and took off her makeup then closed her door then laid down and eventually fell asleep. Then in the middle of the night she woke up and couldn't go back to sleep she looked at the time and seen it was 3:30am she then got up and went downstairs quietly then noticed that everyone was asleep then she got some water then she heard someone walking in the kitchen she looked to see Zayn there she put her cup in the sink then went back to her room she then closed the door then sat on the roof for like 30 minutes then went back in bed and went to sleep


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