Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


7. Chapter 7 (Going Back To London With Veronica)

The next morning Liam went to the room at 5am and woke up Scarlett when she finally woke up Scarlett got up and Liam went to the other room then Veronica said "What time is it?" "5:10am" "Ughhhh" "Come on be happy your going to London plus you can sleep on the jet" "Jet?" "yeah the boys plane" "Ohhhhh that's cool" Then Scarlett turned on the room light and then turned up the music on her laptop then Veronica finally got out of bed and went to go fix her hair then someone knocked on the door and Scarlett opened it and Ashton was there then he said "Liam told me to make sure you girls are up" "yeah were up we will be in the room right now" "okay, I see your already partying" "hahahaha yeah" then Ashton went back to the room then Veronica and Scarlett got all of there things and then walked to the room the others were at then as they were walking to the room Scarlett had turned off the music and laptop then they walked in and put there things in there suitcases then Liam said "You guys are not going to change it's pretty cold outside?" Veronica said "I'll change on the plane" Scarlett said "Me too but I'll put some pants on for now" then Scarlett got some pj pant and put them on top of her shorts then they put on there shoes and sweaters then 5 minutes after that they had went to the airport. When they got there they got on the plane and made there way to London. When they were in the plane Scarlett got her suitcase and went to the restroom and changed her clothes then when she finished she went back to her seat when she got there she noticed that everyone was asleep but Ashton and Luke but they both had headphones in there ears Scarlett sat down by the window and plugged her headphones into her phone then she began to listen to the 5 Seconds Of Summer album then Amnesia began to play and she put it on replay and it made her think of Valerie somehow then she looked out of the window and then the tears began to fall down her face then someone tapped her shoulder she looked to see Liam he said "Are you okay?" "No" "what's wrong?" "I miss Valerie" "I know you do" "Liam it's hard really hard" "I know it is do you want to talk about it?" "I think that could help" "Okay so explain to me how you are feeling Dr. Payne is here" "Okay well see I miss Valerie like crazy I went from seen her everyday to not seen at her at all and I still miss her and it's been 2 years since she died and it's still hard for me to accept the fact that she is gone" "Love I know it's hard but I know I can't tell you it's going to get better well cause she's not here anymore but I know that whenever your missing her think about the good times you 3 had together it will help and if Veronica gets depressed about it talk about good times you had with the 3 of you don't think about her death think about happy times" Liam then hugged Scarlett while she cried then he said "Shhhhhh don't cry" "I miss her" "I know" Then Scarlett kept her head on Liam's shoulder and soon fell asleep. A couple of hours later when Scarlett woke up her head was still on Liam's shoulder she looked to see that he was sleeping she then slowly picked her head up and she looked behind her to see that everyone was asleep except Michael she then got her phone and checked the time then she went on twitter and tweeted "I literally have the best dad in the world" then she tweeted a picture of Scarlett and Liam then she got off of twitter and sat there thinking how much her life has changed since Liam adopted her. Then she slowly fell back to sleep again a couple of hours later Liam began to wake Scarlett when she woke up Liam said "We landed" Scarlett then got her things then got off the plane when she walked out of the plane Veronica walked up to her and said "Sleepyhead" "Whatever" "It's night time already" "good I'm tired" "hahahaha" "carry me Veronica" "your funny" "I know" Then they got in a van and it drove them to the house when they got there Scarlett got her stuff and said "Good night everyone, Veronica let's go" Veronica followed Scarlett into the house then she said "wow it's big" "Shhhh there sleeping" "sorry" then they walked to Scarlett's room when they walked in Veronica closed the door and said "Wow" "I know right it's big" Then Scarlett took out a long shirt and shorts then changed to that then she laid in the bed then she said "See it's big enough for the both of us" "hahahah okay" Then Veronica laid down and she soon fell asleep followed by Scarlett.

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