Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


4. Chapter 4 (Spending The Day With Louis)

The next morning when Scarlett woke up she got up and fixed her hair and brushed her teeth when she walked back in her room she had a huge headache, stuffy nose, and was sneezing like crazy then she laid in bed and started to sweat like crazy so she opened her windows and the balcony door then laid back in bed then Niall walked in and said "Morning" "Shhhhh lower your voice" "I'm not talking loud" "Shhh" "Why do you have the door and windows open it's freezing?" "I'm hot" "Are you feeling okay?" "I have a headache" "Let me get Liam" "okay" Moments later Liam walked in half asleep half awake then he said "What's up kiddo" "I think I'm sick" "It's freezing in here" "I got hot" "but it's cold" "I know I'm hot and I have a massive headache" "Ohhh" "Yeah but I get headaches like every week so I'm used to it" "that's not good love" "Oh" "Headaches every week you never went to the doctor for that?" "No I haven't" "You should go love" "No it's okay I have these pills that help me I'll take 2 of them then I'll be fine the rest of the day it's probably a migraine" "Fine" Scarlett went into her dresser and got 2 pills and took them then went to go shower when he came out she sat on the balcony until someone said "Hello" she looked to see Louis there she smiled and said "Hey" "still up for me and you day?" "hahahahah yeah I am" "Okay let's go?" "Sure" When they walked out of the room Louis whispered "I like what you did with my door" "Really?" "Yeah it's creative" "thanks" "When did you do them?" "last night when you guys left to the bar" "oh wait how did you know we went to the bar?" "Louis my friend it's called tv and Twitter" Scarlett said holding up her phone "Oh" "Yeah but it's okay I'm not mad" "Okay let's go" then they walked out of the house and went around town looking around and getting to know each other then Louis said "Eleanor likes you" "She does?" "Yeah she said your a cool girl" "hahahaha I don't know about that" "But she's right you are a cool girl" "I am?" "yeah your fun to be around your full of surprises" "I guess I am" "Yeah you are" "Your fun to be around to Louis your so full of energy" "thank you love" "Welcome" "so you want anything to snack on?" "Milkshake" "I know where we can get some" "yay" then they walked to get milkshakes then continued to walk then Scarlett said "Does Zayn like me?" "why you ask?" "every time he sees me he turns the other way he never tells me hi" "Oh I see I don't know to tell you the truth I can talk to him about it if you want me to?" "No it's fine he doesn't have to talk to me I'm not going to make him do anything he doesn't want to do" "okay then love" "yeah" "So you have twitter?" "yeah I do" Louis handed Scarlett his phone then said "Find yourself so I can follow you" "okay" Scarlett then found herself then handed Louis his phone then said "there's my account" "Okay thank you" "welcome" then he followed her then he tweeted "Hanging out with this kiddo @denisestyles02" then it had a picture of Scarlett holding 2 milkshakes smiling. then they kept on walking around and talking and laughing until someone yelled "OMG IT'S LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!" then he grabbed Scarlett's hand and pulled her into a store and closed the doors then Scarlett said "how long are we gonna be in here for?" "I don't know" "Ughhh" "Calm down kiddo we can talk and get to know eachother more" "Ok what store is this anyways?" "Pizza parlor" "ohhhh pizza" "Hungry?" "yeah" "Pizza?" "Hahaha of course" Then Scarlett sat at a table and went on twitter and seen that someone tweeted about Louis being in the pizza parlor with her then Scarlett tweeted "Stuck in the pizza parlor cause fans spotted @Louis_Tomlinson" then she sat there and Louis came back and said "I'm going to see what we can do to get out of here" "okay your not going to eat?" "Nah I'm not hungry" "hahaha okay but I know that I'm not going to eat the whole pizza so if you change your mind come back" "okay then be back in a while" "okay" Then Scarlett sat there on her phone bored then the pizza had got there and she just ate a slice then was on her phone then someone said "Excuse me love?" she looked to see a girl around 19 years old she smiled and said "yes" "um is this seat taken?" "No go ahead and sit" "thank you" "welcome" "I'm Ashley" "I'm Scarlett" "Nice to meet you Denise" "You too Ashley" then they started to talk then Ashley said "Your not from here huh?" "No I just moved here like 2 days ago and it's my first day going out and seen the city" "you like it here so far?" "yeah it' nice here" "yeah it is" "Yeah" "So what's with the screaming girls outside?" "Oh um Louis Tomlinson is in here so they spotted him and he's in here" "how do you know?" "I was with him" "Nooo" Scarlett pulled out her phone and said "Louis twitter look at his last tweet" she then read it out loud "Hanging out with this kiddo @denisestyles02 and it has a picture" "Yeah he was showing me around" "That's cool" "yeah" "How do you know him?" "I live with them" "Really?" "yeah I know you think I'm lying" "But how?" "Liam adopted me in America and bought me here after I finished school over there" "You were adopted?" "Yeah" "Oh" "Yeah so that's how I live with them" "I see" "yeah" "love it's okay don't be embarrassed to say that your adopted I'm not weirded out or anything" "really?" "Yeah I think of you as a regular girl I don't care if you are adopted or not" "thanks your the first person I talk to since I moved here I'm kinda scared to make friends" "Why love?" "I feel like people are going to use me to get to the boys" "Oh I see" "Yeah you understand me" "hahaha I would never do that to you" "hahaha I know you won't" "we need to hangout some time?" "Sure I would love to" "let me give you my number" "Yes" Scarlett then gave Ashley her phone and she typed in her number then gave the phone back to Scarlett then Scarlett said "thank you" "welcome" then they talked more until Louis got to the table and said "hey" "Hi Louis" "ready to go?" "yeah" "Okay" then Scarlett said "Bye Ashley it was nice to meet you" "You too Scarlett I'll text you to let you know when we can hangout" "okay" then thyey walked away then Scarlett said "How are we getting out of here?" "One of the delivery guys is going to drive us home" "We have to go home?" "yeah love but we can go home and play video games at home" "Ohhhh video games" "Yeah we have many" "okay Scarlett and Louis day is not over yet" "Until we go to sleep it's over" "hahaha okay sounds good" then they walked to the car got in then went back to the house when they got there they walked in and Louis had put the box on the counter then Scarlett got a marker then wrote on the box "Do not touch or else-Scarlett" then she followed Louis to the little house that was in the backyard they walked in and it was a gym then they went to another room and it was a game room then Louis said "there's also a movie theaters on the other side" "that's cool" "We have our movie if you want to watch it" "Oh my gosh really?" "Yeah you haven't seen it?" "Yes I saw it twice but still" "hahaha okay then well you can watch whenever you want to" "okay" then they began to play video games for 5 hours and a half until Liam walked in and said "You guys have been in here for 5 hours and a half time to get off" Scarlett said "Awww Liam don't be one of those boring dad's that do this" Liam said "Scarlett you both been in here for 5 hours and a half" Louis said "Liam don't mess up our Louis and Scarlett day" Scarlett said "Yeah dad" she then got up and went inside and got some pizza and water then walked back in the little house and sat on the couch then Liam said "Fine I'll let you guys have your Louis and Scarlett day" Louis said "thanks Payne-o" Scarlett said "Thank you" "your welcome" Then Liam left and they continued to play video games then Louis phone began to ring he said "Oh it's Eleanor" "tell her I said hi" "will do" then Scarlett got bored of playing video games then she sat there on her phone while Louis talked to Eleanor then she walked out of the room and went to her room and put on some workout clothes got a small towel and like 3 water bottles then also got her earphones and phone and went back in the house and began to workout then a little while later Louis walked in the room and said "there you are" "I'm here I got bored so I'd thought I'd workout" "Oh I see" "yeah" then Scarlett stopped what she was doing then went to her room showered then put on shorts with a long shirt then her slippers then she went back to the little house then Louis said "want to watch our movie?" "Of course" then they walked into the movie room then Scarlett said "wow it looks like an actual theaters" "I know right" "hahaha" then they sat in the middle and watched the movie when it finished Scarlett said "It's like if I watched it for the first time" "that's a fan for you" "hahaha" "well i'm gonna go to bed" "okay" "You coming in?" "No I'm going to lay in the grass for a while" "Okay then good night Scarlett" "Night Louis" When Louis went inside Scarlett walked to the front and laid on the grass looking at the stars and thinking when someone said "Scarlett" she looked to see Liam there she said "Hey" "what are you doing out here so late?" "Nothing just laying here thinking and looking at the stars" "Oh I see" "Yeah" Liam then laid next to her then said "What do you think of the lads?" "There all nice well the ones I got to talk to so far" "I thought they all did?" "No not Zayn not yet at least" "Oh I see" "Yeah" "so Scarlett" "Yeah" "what happened earlier?" "About calling you dad?" "Yeah" "you don't want me calling you that?" "I do" "well I called you dad no big deal" "I just though I'd never hear you call me that" "I understand but Liam I think of you as my real dad my parents I called them by there names never called them 'mom' and 'dad'" "really?" "yeah, I'm really glad you adopted me Liam" "I am too, I love you Scarlett" "I love you too dad" "so your good at photography I see" "Yeah I mean I would be able to edit the pictures faster if I had the things I needed" "What do you need?" "No I don't want you to waste your money on me" "Love it's okay what do you need?" "A camera and MacBook Pro" "we will go tomorrow" "For real?" "Yeah" "thank you dad" "Your welcome love" "well dad I'm going to go to sleep already" "okay I am too" then they both got up and walked inside then Liam said "Night Scarlett" "Night Dad" Scarlett then went to her room laid down and soon fell asleep

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