Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


32. Chapter 32 (Third L.A. Show, I Have a Sister?)

The next morning when Scarlett woke up she looked around the room and was breathing fast and was sweating then Harry said, "babe are you okay?" "um yeah I'm fine" "sure?" "yes" then Scarlett looked at the time and seen that it was 6am she got up and went to the bathroom and washed her face then Harry popped his head in the bathroom then he said, "are you sure you are okay?" "yeah just a nightmare" "again they have been happening a lot lately" "I know" then Harry hugged her then he felt tears on his bare chest then they walked back to the bed then Harry said "try getting more sleep baby" Scarlett then nodded her head then laid down then Harry laid next to her and held her close to him and they both went to sleep. A couple of hours later when Scarlett woke up she got up and went to the bathroom and brushed her hair and teeth and washed her face then she went back to the room to Harry awake he smiled then said "morning babe" "morning Harry" she then walked to the bed then sat next to Harry then he kissed her then he said "you okay now?" "yeah sorry for scaring you" "it's okay" then Scarlett's phone vibrated she looked to see a text from Kelly saying "hey my parents said that I can't go because were going 'camping' in like 2 or 3 weeks" "that's lame I'll try to take you another time then don't worry I won't stop till I get that yes for you to go to London with me" "hahaha okay then" then Scarlett put her phone down then said "I'm going to get ready for the concert tonight" "already?" "Harry it's going to be 1 already" "wow we slept in" "tell me about it" then Scarlett got clothes then went to go shower when she came out she had on blue jeans with a black shirt that said in white letters 'Normal Is Boring' then she brushed her hair down to dry then she began to put on her makeup then she also put on the necklace Harry had given her with the "H" charm on it then she noticed that Harry was in the shower then she put on her shoes then her phone began to vibrate she looked to see Veronica calling her when she answered she said "hello" "hi" "I miss you!" "it's your immune systems fault for being a butt" "I know it's being dumb" "I didn't know you were sick till I got to the arena and noticed that someone was missing" "yeah I woke up sick yesterday and I was on meds all day, so I feel better today" "so you're going?" "yeah but I'm not going to do the stage thing" "oh as long as your there is what matters to Niall" "I know true" "oh that's lame you were sick on your 4month anniversary too" "I know" "Veronica I had that nightmare again" "which one?" "the one of my parents finding me and then killing all the boys and you then them trying to get me but I woke up" "Why do you always have it on the third of each month?" "it's the date of mine and Harry's anniversary" "oh" "yeah I know" " Scarlett there just dreams that's not going to happen plus I'm sure we will not let anyone hurt you especially Liam" "I know it just feels so real" "that's the thing about those type of dreams they feel so real" "yeah true but don't tell any of the lads I told you about my dream okay" "Okay I won't" "thank you I don't want to add more stress and worries to their plate they have enough to worry about already" "I won't tell them I promise" "thank you" "welcome, hey I'll see you soon I'm going to finish getting ready" "okay then bye" "bye" When Veronica hung up Scarlett finished getting ready then when her hair dried she did a high ponytail then got a black bow that she had and put it on then she looked in the mirror then Harry had walked out of the bathroom then Scarlett went in and brushed her teeth again then she walked out then she sat down on the bed then her phone began to vibrate like crazy she got it and seen they were notifications from Twitter she then looked through them and it was fans tweeting her and Harry about their anniversary she then smiled at herself and was surprised that fans actually knew there anniversary was that day then she thought on how that was kind of creepy but thoughtful at the same time then she was brought out of her thoughts by Harry saying "princess?" Scarlett said "yes" "I just wanted to see if you're okay you looked like you were really deep in thought" "it's just the fans they surprise me that's all" "what happened now?" "they remembered our anniversary" "they did?" "yes that's why I'm surprised" "told you they are always full of surprises" "I know that's true" then Harry sat next to her then he said "which reminds me, Happy 4 month anniversary babe" "happy anniversary my love" Harry then kissed her then he said "I love you" "I love you too" then Scarlett hugged him then he hugged her back then someone knocked on the door ruining their moment Scarlett laughed then got up to open the door when she opened the door Liam said "morning love" "morning dad" "how did you sleep?" "good and you?" "same" "that's good" "yeah" "are you still worried about last night?" "no Louis was being mean trying to scare us" "if he keeps it up one day you're not going to believe him when something is wrong" "I know that's what I told him" "yeah" "what are you guys doing?" "Harry's getting ready and me I'm done" "I see that" "want to come in?" "sure" then Liam walked in then Scarlett opened the curtain to let light in then Liam said, "love at every stop we make your luggage seems to get bigger" "I only bought two more suitcases" "why?" Scarlett went up to the new ones she had bought and said, "clothes and pictures" she got the one with the photo albums in it then put it on the bed and opened it then Liam said, "photo albums?" "yeah my uncle got them from my old house" "wait your parents beat you no offense and made a photo album?" "no, they beat me yes, but they didn't do these my aunt did every time she came over she would always take pictures and put them in a photo album" "oh makes sense" "yeah" "any embarrassing ones?" "no just a couple with them and my aunts and uncles and cousins then there's a bunch of me alone like with birthday cakes and stuff like that" "oh" "but you can't see them right now since we have to get going" "true, wait are all of your things packed?" "yes why?" "after the concert were going to head back home" "Yay Home!" "hahahahaha you're such a child" "I miss my room" "I know you do" then Scarlett 's phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" " Scarlett it's uncle James" "what's up?" "a lot actually do you want the good news or bad news?" "um not sure" "okay I'll just explain it to you" "okay" "well when your parents died it turned out your mom was um pregnant and the baby well the baby somehow lived but since she was so tiny she's been in the hospital this whole time and they just called your aunt telling her if there was any siblings that the baby had and we told them your name and age" "WHAT!?" "yeah I know any ways they are wondering if you want to be the baby's guardian?" "but I have nothing" "I know Scarlett, but this is your sister" "um can I call you back to let you know?" "of course," "bye" "bye" then Scarlett got up and walked out of the room and walked to Niall and Veronica's room when she got there she knocked then Veronica said "hi-oh no what's wrong?" Scarlett then fell to the floor and began to cry then Veronica said, " Scarlett what's wrong?" "my take care...." " Scarlett you need to calm down I didn't get anything you said" "my mom was pregnant when she died and somehow the baby survived and now they're wondering if I want to be her guardian and I guess she's big enough to come home" by this time the boys slowly began to come out of their rooms to see what was going on than Veronica said "What!?" "I have a little sister" she whispered " Scarlett this is your choice do you want to do it or not?" then Liam said, "is she okay?" Veronica said, "I'd rather she tells you than me" Liam then sat next to Scarlett hugging her and rubbing her back then he said, "what's wrong talk to me love?" Veronica then sat on the floor as well then Scarlett said "my uncle called me saying that when my parents passed away my mom was pregnant and the baby was alive and I guess she's big enough to come home now because my uncle told me if I wanted to be her guardian and she would live with me and stuff" " Scarlett say yes I'll help you with her" "we don't have anything baby related" "we can go shopping Scarlett this is your sister if you don't accept there going to put her in the orphanage" Scarlett 's eyes widened then she got up and ran to her room and got her phone and called her uncle when he answered he said "hello" "uncle James I'll take her" "okay then" "what's the name of the hospital she's in I'll go pick her up and stuff?" "I'll text it to you" "okay" then her uncle hung up then she got her money, car keys, and key card then she walked out to the hallways and yelled "VERONICA!" "yes" "want to come to Target with me?" "okay" then Liam said, "I want to go too" "don't you got to go to the arena?" "we will go a little late I'll tell Paul it's a family emergency" "okay then" then Liam yelled out "BOYS!!" they all walked into the hallway then he said "I'm going to go do something with Scarlett then once we get back were going to go to the arena" then the guys all nodded their heads then Veronica had to pull Scarlett by the arm then they got in the car then Liam ended up driving then Scarlett 's phone began to vibrate she looked at it then the text said "she's at Children's Hospital are you going now?" "thanks Uncle James and after we go buy a car seat and some clothes to last until we get back home" "okay then" When they got to Target Scarlett said "dad go get a car seat while me and Veronica get clothes and diapers and stuff were going to need until we get back home" "okay" then they split up then Veronica got the diapers, bottles, bibs, socks, onesies, wipes, formula, blankets, and a diaper bag while Scarlett got all kinds of clothes since she couldn't resist then they found Liam then he said "what about something for her to sleep in?" "oh yeah" Scarlett then got a pack in play then they went to the cashier then Scarlett and Liam both paid then they put the stuff in the trunk then Scarlett put the car seat in the back and buckled it in then Liam said, "what hospital?" "Children's Hospital" "okay then Liam drove as they were driving to the hospital Scarlett 's phone began to ring she answered it then said "hello" "hi babe" "hi Harry" "is everything okay?" "yes, everything is fine" "but you were crying" "I know I was just shocked at the time" "oh" "yeah finding out you have a little sister is pretty shocking" "but how?" "my mum was pregnant when she died" "oh" "yeah so now my sister is my responsibility" "I see now" "yup so were on our way to the hospital to go get her" "alright then I'll see you when you get back" "okay" "love you" "love you more" when Scarlett hung up she sat there looking out the window and a couple minutes later they had gotten to the hospital so they parked and got off and walked in the hospital and went to the front desk and told the lady there what her uncle had told her then she gave them a visitors pass and told them where to go then they all did what the lady told her when they got there Scarlett went up to a nurse at the nurses station and told the nurse what she had told the lady in the lobby then she had Scarlett follow her but Veronica and Liam had to wait in the waiting room when they got to the room the nurse walked in with Scarlett following her behind and when they walked in there was a baby crib and there inside the crib laid a baby girl the nurse said "she's your sister?" "yes I'm going to be her guardian" Scarlett said with tears in her eyes the nurse aid "she looks like you" "hahahahaha she does" then the nurse left the room and Scarlett just stood there looking at the sleeping baby then Scarlett got her phone and took a picture and sent it to her uncle telling him that she was there then the nurse walked in again and handed Scarlett some papers then she said "you just need to fill these papers out and the birth certificate then she will be free to go" "okay" then they walked to the nurses station then Scarlett looked to see Liam and Veronica leaning against the wall then Scarlett read and signed the papers then the nurse handed her the birth certificate then the nurse said "is that gentleman your boyfriend?" "no, he's my dad" "oh sorry" "it's okay" then Scarlett put her name where it said "mother" and left the "father" section empty then for the last name she put "Payne" and for the first name she didn't know so she stood there thinking she then wrote "Olivia" for the first name once she was don't filling out the paper work she handed it to the nurse once the nurse over looked the paper work she gave Scarlett a copy of the birth certificate then she told her "whenever you're ready she's free to go" "thank you" "you're welcome" she then called Veronica and Liam over and they walked in the room then they both walked up to the crib and Liam said "she's so adorable" Veronica said "she looks like you Scarlett" she then smiled then Liam said "what did you name her?" "Olivia Payne" Veronica then said "Liam's a grandpa" then Scarlett carefully picked her up and changed her then put her in the car seat then Liam said "ready?" "yes" they then walked to the desk Scarlett signed out the baby then they went to the parking lot got in and drove back to the hotel when they got there they went up to the floor then Veronica went back to her room while Scarlett and Liam went to her room when they walked in Harry said "hi babe" "hi love, I'm back" Liam set the car seat on the bed then Scarlett took the blanket off then Harry said "she's so tiny" "I know, she looks so delicate" then Liam said "time to go" Scarlett said "dad what about Olivia?" "she can go we will put her on these headphones to block out the noise" "okay then let's go" then Liam carried the car seat then when they got to the hallway Louis said, "Liam you adopted another kid?" he then nodded his head "no" when they got to the parking lot Liam put the baby in the rental car then he said "be careful" "I will I'm going to stop by my uncles house" "are you going to stay there?" "no, I still have 3 hours till the concert starts so I'll stay there for an hour" "okay then" then Veronica said, "want me to go with you?" "I'm going to my uncles house then to the arena" "I know I'll go to help you" "okay" they both then got in the car then were on their way to Scarlett's uncles house when they got there Veronica got the baby bag while Scarlett got the baby then they walked up to the door and knocked a few seconds later the door opened then Bianca yelled "DAD!!!" her dad ran to the door then he said "Scarlett come in" they walked in then she said "you remember Veronica?" "how can I not you two were always together, how have you been Veronica?" "I've been good" "is this your sister?" Scarlett said, "yes this is Olivia" then they all sat on the couch talking each of then holding Olivia until Scarlett said they had to go they said there byes and hugged then they were on their way to the arena when they had arrived they parked the car got everything they needed then went inside when they got to the guys dressing room they walked in and it was empty she then sat the car seat on the floor then got Olivia out and laid her on the couch then took a few pictures of her then a few moments later one of the body guards walked in then said "5SOS on in 5 min" Veronica said "thank you" Scarlett then said "go I'll be fine" Veronica then walked out to go see the show then as Scarlett was sitting there looking at Olivia the door opened she looked to see Harry walk in she smiled and he smiled back he then said "hi love" "hi" he then walked up to her and kissed her then he said "how did it go at your uncles?" "good they loved her" "I bet they did" "I still can't believe I have a sister" "it is pretty shocking" "I'm sorry I didn't tell you this morning I was just shocked and it all happened so quick" "hey baby it's okay I understand" "I didn't want her to go through what I did" "the orphanage?" "yes, I just couldn't" "and that's understandable no child should have to go through that ever" "sadly they do" "I know, it's going to take some time to get used to but we all got this we will make sure she grows up a happy baby" "I know we will she's not going to suffer like I did and I'm so glad she's not" "me too" "do you want to hold her?" "um what if I drop her?" "you won't I'll be right here to help you" "okay" Scarlett then got Olivia then Harry sat next to her then she handed her to him he then held her then she said "see you got this" "she's just so small I feel like I'll hurt her" "you won't you got this" "Lux was a big baby that's why" "that's probably why" Olivia then opened her eyes then Harry said "hi baby" Scarlett then smiled then they sat there talking till Paul walked in the room then said "Harry it's time" "thank you" Paul then walked out then he said "I don't want to go" "I know but you have to, I'll be here when you get back love" "Okay" he then handed the baby to Scarlett then he gave her a kiss then kissed Olivia on the cheek then Scarlett said "good luck and have fun" "thank you baby, I love you" "I love you too" Harry then walked out and Scarlett sat there with Olivia on her chest, Scarlett then turned on Netflix on her phone to pass time. Once the concert was over the guys and Veronica walked in the room and then Liam said, "hi love" "hi dad" "how was she?" "she's been asleep" "she looks comfortable" "she probably is" Harry then sat next to her then he said, "she's still asleep?" "yes, I don't want to move her or wake her up" "she's just so tiny I can't get over it" "hahaha I know" Scarlett then carefully got her then put her in the car seat then they all got up and walked to the cars then Harry said, "can I go with you?" "of course, you can babe" he then smiled and sat in the car then Scarlett got in and drove to the hotel when they got there Harry helped her with the car seat by carrying it then they went up to the room when they got there Harry said, "are you all packed?" "yes I was even able to fit everything I got her in my suitcase" "hahaha that's good" then about 30 min later Liam walked in telling them it was time to go to the airport when they went through security and then went to the jet when they got on Scarlett sat on the couch then put the car seat next to her then Harry said "time to go home" "I know finally I can't wait I miss my bed" "I miss it too none of these beds were as good as yours" "I know" "it's just going to be different this time" "it is with sleepless nights for me since she will wake up at night for milk" "not only you I'm going to help you too" "you don't have to" "I want to I'm not going to let you do this on your own were in this together" "I love you Harry" "I love you too Scarlett" In that moment Scarlett couldn't wait to see what the future looked like for the One Direction boys, herself, and Olivia she was so excited but scared at the same time she didn't know how to care for an infant but she was willing to learn and knew she had so much help from the guys as well she was ready for this new chapter in her life.

THE END!!!! 


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