Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


29. Chapter 29 (Going to L.A., Meeting up With Old Friends)

The next morning when Liam woke up he went into all the rooms to wake up everyone then when he got to Scarlett's room he woke up Harry and then walked out then Harry began to wake up Scarlett when she woke up she said "morning love" "morning babe" Harry then kissed her then they both got up and got all there things packed then Scarlett put on some pants and a shirt then fixed her hair then Harry said "ready?" "yes" then Scarlett got her stuff then they went to the lobby with the others then Liam turned in the key cards then they all got in the vans and went to the airport when they got there they got in the plane and took there seats then Harry sat next to her then he said "you okay?" "yeah I'm just tired" "hahahahahaha you can sleep on the way" "true" "hahahahahaha" then moments later they were on there way to L.A. Once they were in the air Scarlett got her blanket from her suitcase then rested her head on Harry's shoulder then Harry put a arm around her then she ended up falling asleep.

A couple of hours later when she woke up she moved her head and seen that Harry was asleep she carefully got up then got her phone and went on twitter and said "L.A. here we come" then Harry rested his head on Scarlett's laps then she smiled and began to play with his hair while he slept then Liam sat in front of them then said "hi love" "hi dad" "whatcha doing?" "not much" "hahahahahaha I see that" "hahahahahaha" "love who were you talking to on the phone last night?" "oh that was my uncle" "oh I thought it was your friend" "why?" "it sounded like you were talking with a friend not family member" "it's because me and my uncle are like super close I always thought of him as a dad figure that I never had till now" "oh" "yeah it's because he always looked out for me like how a dad should look out for there little girl" "the protective uncle/dad type?" "yeah" "I see now" "yeah now he wants me to go visit them" "why don't you?" "I don't know" "from who are they related to mom or dad?" "mom" "oh" "it's just that my aunt looks like her I don't think I'm ready" "now I see why your so close to your uncle instead of your aunt" "yeah, then her temper is the same as hers too it kills me" "I think you should go who knows when your going to see them next" "true and I haven't seen them for more than a year, today actually been 2 years" "really?" "yup" "wow" "I know" "well I think you should go love" "I don't know let's see" "maybe I can meet just your uncle" "hahahahahaha hopefully he wants to meet you an Mr. Curly here" "you told him about him?" "just that I had a boyfriend" "oh" "yeah, oh dad are me and Veronica going to do the stage thing at all shows?" "you had fun didn't you?" "hahahahahaha yeah I did I would so love to do it with 5sos too" "hahahahahaha what song though?" "um I would say Amnesia since we sang it at the bonfire that one time" "true you should talk to them" "I will" "hahahahahaha okay" "wait are we only going to sing 18?" "no we only did that since it was the first show we will probably do a song off of our other albums" "yay I'm so glad I know all of them" "hahahahahaha" "well I don't want to look like a fool in front of thousands of fans and I live with One Direction and I don't know the song" "true very true" "hahahahahaha" "how are your sides when you laugh?" "no more pain" "back?" "same I haven't taken a pill since Monday" "really?" "yeah it doesn't hurt anymore" "that's good" "I know I can be normal again" "hahahahahaha" "but don't worry I'll wait another week or more until I workout just to be sure" "that's my girl" "hahahahahaha" then a little while later Harry woke up then said "hi Liam" "hi mate" "are we home?" "hahahahahaha no were going to L.A." "oh I had a dream that we were going home" "hahahahahaha no not yet" "okay L.A. is good too" then Scarlett and Liam laughed then Harry looked at Scarlett then he said "hi princess" "morning sleepyhead" "hahahahahaha" then one of the body guards said "30 minutes till we land everyone"

30 minutes later when they landed they got there things and got off the plane when they walked off Scarlett said "why is it so hot so early?" then they got in vans and went to a hotel when they got there Liam and Paul went to the front desk and got the rooms then he went back to everyone and said "okay let's go to the floor" then they got in the elevator and went to the 18th floor then they got the key cards then they all went to the rooms then Harry told Scarlett "what room did you get princess?" "um 1872 you?" "1872" "hahahahahaha" when they got to there room they walked in and it was bigger than the one in New York then they put there things down then there was a knock on the door Scarlett opened it then Liam said "hi love" "hi dad" "nice room" "hahahahahaha what's up" "come with me really fast" "okay" then they went into the elevator and went to the parking lot in the back of the hotel then Scarlett said "so what are we looking at?" "you see the mini cooper?" "the blue one?" "yeah" "yeah I see it, what about it?" "it's your rental car till we leave" "no way!" "oh yeah" "it's the same one like at home" "hahahahahaha I know" Liam then handed her the keys then she said "thank you so much dad your the best I love you so much" "welcome love and I love you too" then they both went back to the floor then Scarlett's phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hello my good friend where is you at?" "in the hallway" "okay" then Scarlett hung up then Veronica yelled "Hello My Good Friend!" "hi Veronica" "so what are you doing?" "nothing going to my room" "lame I'm bored and it's hot" "and what do you want me to do?" "let's go somewhere" "like?" "I don't know like let's go meet up some old friends at the beach?" "I don't like the beach you know that" "true" "well first let's go get ready then we decide" "okay" then Veronica went back to her room then Scarlett opened the door to her room and when she walked in she seen Harry sitting in the bed watching TV then she walked over to her suitcase and got clothes then went to go shower when she came out she had on shorts with a white One Direction crop top then she put on her converse and did her hair and makeup right when she was done with her makeup her phone began to ring she answered it and said "yes love?" "anything?" "nope you?" "no I'm wondering what car we are going to use" "I got that under control now to where?" "well I took care of the friends" Scarlett then put her on speaker while she fixed her makeup then she said "so who can?" "um it's Nathan, Danielle, and Liam" "okay that's fine wait.... did you say Liam?" "yeah why?" "no nothing" "they are all dying to see you" "I bet" "yeah Danielle said that we can pick them up at her house" "alright then you ready?" "yeah" "okay meet me in the hallway" "okay" then Scarlett hung up then she got her stuff then she looked at Harry then said "I'll be back later okay love" "okay have fun" "thank you" "I love you babe" "I love you too love" Harry then kissed her then said "be careful" "I will" "okay" "call or text me if you miss me too much" "hahahahahaha I already miss you and your not even gone yet" "your too cute" "you too" then Scarlett got the car keys then walked to the hallway then called Liam (her dad) when he answered he said "hello" "hi dad" "hey" "just calling to let you know that I'm going out to meet up with some old friends of mine and Veronica's" "where are you going?" "not sue yet" "need money?" "you know I don't like to take your money dad" "well I'm going to give you some" "oh god" "where are you at?" "hallway waiting for Veronica" "okay" once Scarlett hung up Veronica walked up to her then said "ready?" "yeah I'm just waiting for my dad" then he walked out of his room and went up to Scarlett and said "here just take it okay" "dad it's a lot" "love please incase you plan to go somewhere fun" "okay then thank you dad" "your welcome" then they got in the elevator and went to the parking lot then Veronica said "please tell me you took care of our car situation?" "yup" "so which one is it?" then Scarlett walked up to the car and said "this one" then they got in the car and drove to there friends house, when they arrived Veronica had messaged her and told her that they had arrived then they both got out of the car then as Scarlett got out her phone rang she answered it and said "hello" "hi buddy" "hi Mikey" "what are you doing?" "I'm at a friends house" "lame" "why?" "I wanted to hangout with you" "oh I'm sorry" "where are you going?" "not sure yet" "hahahahahaha nice" then Scarlett heard screaming she looked to see Veronica and there friends hugging and talking loud then Scarlett said "yeah I know" "any clue to what you might do?" "no why is Mr. Clifford bored?" "no it's Ashton" "sure blame your boredom on Ashton" "hahahahahaha" "why don't you four boys bond like a band, write music, make keeks, I don't know run around the hotel floor like children or watch TV or better yet sleep" "hahahahahaha your too much" "oh you know what eat pizza while Luke, Calum, and Ashton sing the pizza song to you" "oh god" "what you love pizza so why not?" "cause it's weird" "hahahahahaha not at all" then Veronica yelled "Scarlett!" "hold up!" Michael then said "busy?" "we just got here" "oh I'll talk to you later" "okay bye Michael" "bye Scarlett" "have fun with the others Gordon" "bye" then she put her phone in her pocket after she hung up then she looked at all her friends then Danielle said "Scarlett it's bee so long!" "hahahahahaha I know too long" then they hugged then she hugged the others then Danielle said "did you guys walk from your house Veronica?" Scarlett said "no" Veronica said "Scarlett drove us here" Liam said "oh I see" Nathan said "still live in the same place Scarlett?" "no I haven't lived there for 2 years already" Danielle said "where have you been living this whole time?" "the orphanage" "what!?" "yeah my parents died" "oh" "yeah but sad story over I don't live there anymore I got adopted" "that's good" "yeah" Liam said "how about you Veronica still live in the same house?" "no I moved too" "oh" Scarlett said "she actually lives with me and my new family" "oh" "yeah" "so where around here do you live?" Scarlett said "we don't live in L.A. anymore" "what!?" "yeah my dad who adopted me is British" "aw man that's so cool" "I know" Veronica said "so what shall we do then?" Liam said "um not sure?" Nathan said "let's go to the Santa Monica pier and go on the couple of rides that are there and stuff" Scarlett said "sure let's go" we all then got in the car and she drove then to the pier when they got there Scarlett parked the car then they all got off and walked on the pier as they were walking Veronica, Danielle, and Liam were talking while Scarlett and Nathan were walking in silence until Nathan said "so how you been?" "good and you?" "good too, I see you still like One Direction" "hahahahahaha of course I do that's kind of why were here" "to stalk them?" "hahahahahaha no to see them in concert tomorrow" "that's cool" "yeah" "still trying to meet them?" "no not anymore" "did you seen them in the U.K or something?" "um yeah something like that" "hahahahahaha so how's your love life?" "it's great" "still crushing on Harry Styles?" "oh yeah my love for him is still strong" "hahahahahaha" "and you?" "what?" "your love life silly" "oh hahahahahaha I thought we were still on the Harry topic" "no hahahahahaha" "well my love life is okay I guess single but good" "oh hahahahahaha your not crushing on anyone?" "well...." "oh you are who tell me" Nathan then looked at Veronica then Scarlett said "Veronica?" "yeah" "oh boy I would abort that ship" "why?" "she has a boyfriend" "since when?" "1 month ago" "from over there where you guys live?" "yeah" "oh lame" "I'm sorry" "it's not your fault" "true" "how about you?" "what about me?" "your single still?" "finally after half of my life I finally have a boyfriend" "hahahahahaha that's good I'm happy for you" "thank you" "I didn't know you were in the orphanage" "yeah no one knew" "only Veronica?" "yeah I told her to tell you all that I moved" "she never told us she kind of shut us out of her life for a while" "oh" "never told us why" "that sucks" "yeah" "I was the same at my new school I didn't have any friends or anything" "that sucks" "I know" After they went on the rides and walked around and talked some more Danielle said "guys I have to go my dad wants me home" "okay" then they all got in he car and drove them back to Danielle's house when they got there they said there byes then when they walked in Danielle's house Scarlett's phone rang she answered it and said "hello" "hi love" "hi dad" "what are you doing?" "going back to the hotel" "already?" "yeah" "okay I guess we can all hang out" then he yelled "Zayn Tell The Others To Get Ready!" then he said "don't eat just come back" "okay then we will be there soon" "okay bye" "bye" then they got back in the car and drove to the hotel when they got there they parked the car then went to the floor when they got there they went to there room, when Scarlett walked in Harry said "your back" "hahahahahaha told you I wouldn't be long" "hahahahahaha you did" "well you look nice" "got to look good for my lady" "I look like a bum" "no you don't you look cute" "is it my shirt?" "hahahahahaha totally your shirt that has cartoon versions of us" "I knew it" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett got nice looking clothes then went to go change when she got out of the bathroom she had on a navy blue floral dress then her hair was in a braid then she put on her white sandals then brushed her teeth again then she walked in the room then Harry said "wow" "is it too much?" "no it's not you look beautiful" "thank you" "excited for the concert tomorrow?" "oh very excited" "excited to see the show or sing?" "both" "hahahahahaha I knew you would have fun" "hahahahahaha I knew I would too but some how when I did it at the concert all my nerves went away" "maybe the spotlight is your place to be at" "maybe" "maybe your going to be a rock star" "hahahahahaha I don't know about making it big" "hahahahahaha, well you can be a star on our stage" "true very true" Then a couple of minutes later they all got in the vans and went to go eat dinner and spend some times together then while the lads and Veronica were talking Scarlett went up to the 5SOS boys and said "hi boys" they all said "hi" Ashton said "oh Scarlett you were great on stage the other night" "thank Ash" Calum said "me and the lads were talking and how would you like to sing a song with us too?" Scarlett said "I would love to sing a song with you boys" Michael said "what song?" Luke said "how about Amnesia since we sang it all together at the bonfire that one time?" they all then agreed then Scarlett said "I was thinking the same thing" then a little while after they had all went back to the hotel since it was late and they had to be up early, when they got to the hotel they went to the floor then they went to there rooms and all of them went to sleep.

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