Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


26. Chapter 26 (The Vamps, It's out, Kelly?)

The next morning when Scarlett woke up she got out of bed then went to the bathroom and did her morning routine then as she had finished her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hey Scarlett it's Zayn" "hey Zayn your up early" "hahahahahaha I know probably because Perrie is in town" "oh that's right her concert is on Wednesday I'm so excited" "hahahahahaha it was her idea" "hahahahahaha" "anyways want to go skate?" "um yeah sure let me change" "okay it's hot out there" "okay, I'll call you when I'm ready" "got it" then Scarlett hung up then put on some shorts and a tank top/ crop top then she brushed her hair down then she got her snap back then she got her skate board, and key card then she called Zayn when he answered he said "hello" "I'm ready" "okay meet me in the hallway" "okay bye" "bye" then Scarlett quietly walked out and went to the hallway and waited for Zayn when he came out he said "hey ready?" "hey and yeah" then they got in the elevator and went to where they were skating the day before when they got there Zayn said "everything is fine now with the hate?" "well I haven't gone on twitter so yeah" "hahahahahaha how long are you planning to stay off?" "um maybe more than a month I mean I'll go on when the concerts start to tweet about the concerts but then I'm off I'm not going to look at my mentions or tweets" "I see" "yeah I already put my instagram account on private so people that don't follow me can't see my pictures" "oh I see" "yeah just so people can't post mean things on my pictures" "oh that's so true and smart" ''right hahahahahaha" "how are your sides when you laugh?" "they don't hurt anymore" "wow they healed fast" "right and it's probably because I have been relaxing until we got here yesterday" "hahahahahaha I know" "then tonight is The Vamps concert then relax one day then Wednesday is the Little Mix concert then rest then Friday is when your concerts start" "hahahahahaha it's like you get to rest for one day after each concert until you get to ours" "hahahahahaha I know"

Then they began to ride the skateboards in the parking lot then as they were there skating these two guys around maybe 18 to 19 went and then said "why are you two here this is our spot?" Scarlett said "no it's not you don't own this parking lot" one of them said "it's still our spot" Scarlett said "go find another spot" "what if we don't want to" "then your going to share this one cause were not moving" then Zayn whispered "what in the world are you doing?" "standing up for us because we were here first" then Scarlett's phone began to ring she answered it and said "yes Veronica?" "is you busy?" "I'm dealing with two jerks at the moment" "what!?" "I'm in the parking lot with Zayn" "oh I got to see this" "oh god" "I'm going" "okay bye" "bye" then Zayn said "maybe we should come back later" "no Zayn are you crazy let's just skate don't worry about them" "fine, fine, fineeee" "hahahahahaha'' then Scarlett got back on her skateboard and continued to skate then she seen Veronica come out she got off of her skateboard then walked to her then she said "hey' ''hiiiii" "I can't believe you came" "hey if your going to punch someone I want to see" "why because you missed it when I punched a guy at the photo shoot?" "yes!" "hahahahahaha okay" then Zayn said "Veronica you know how to ride one?" "a skateboard?" "yeah" "oh yeah" "you can borrow mine if you want I'll just watch to make sure those guys don't pick on you guys" "okay thanks Zayn" "no problem"

Then Zayn stood by the wall of the hotel then one of the guys said "hello" Scarlett and Veronica looked then Scarlett said "um hi" Veronica said "oh no" then they skated away then Scarlett said "what?" "they used to go to school with me there big time jerks" "I had a feeling they were" "hahahahahaha" then they continued to skate then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" then she put it on speaker then Harry said "good morning babe" "morning love" "where are you at?" "I'm with Veronica and Zayn" "so early" "yeah hahahahahaha" "where are you at?" "parking lot" "okay I'm going" "hahahahahaha okay" then Scarlett put her back in her pocket then she went up to Zayn then she said "Mr. Styles is going to join us" "okay I have someone to talk to now" then Veronica went up to them then said "here Zayn you can use it for now I'm going to go put on shorts it's hot" "hahahahaha okay" then Veronica went in and then Scarlett and Zayn skated around the parking lot then Scarlett started to go fast then Zayn stopped then Scarlett yelled "ZAYN MOVE!!" Zayn quickly moved then Scarlett stopped then she said "my life flashed before my eyes" "hahahahaha sorry about that Perrie just texted me" "awwww tell her I said hi" "will do" "are they in New York already?" "yeah they got here late last night" "oh makes sense" "yeah" "is she going to come by?" "um not sure" "oh I hope she does I already miss Eleanor like crazy" "I bet" "yeah" then they seen Harry standing by the wall then Zayn went up to him while Scarlett got her phone out and texted Eleanor telling her that she misses her like crazy already then one of the guys that were there went up to her and said "so where's your friend?" Scarlett looked then she said "none of your business'' "I'm Allen" "that's cool" then the other guy said "I'm Daniel or Danny for short" "that's nice" Allen said "what's your name?" "it's bye" then Scarlett got on her skateboard and went to Harry and Zayn then she said "hi Harry" "hi princess" Harry then kissed her cheek then he said "having fun?" "oh yeah" "hahahahaha go have your fun" Harry then got her snapback and put it on him then Scarlett got on her skateboard and road it around the hotel this time when she got back to the parking lot Daniel said "now what's really your name?" "why do you care?" "cause I can make small talk" "not after what you did when you came here" "look I'm sorry I'm having a bad morning already" "oh well I wonder why" "I just got dumped by my girlfriend" "were you a jerk to her too?" "no" "don't believe you" then Scarlett seen Veronica come out then she went up to her then Scarlett said "well you took long" "I had to put my face on" "oh god" then Veronica got Zayn's skateboard then Scarlett got her snapback from Harry then they went off.

Then back at Harry and Zayn, Zayn said "so what are you thinking Styles?" "not much" "sure" "yup" "okay hahahahahaha" "I didn't think Scarlett would take the hate this well" "I know I'm sure Liam didn't either" then back to Scarlett and Veronica Scarlett yelled "VERONICA!" "what?" ''we need to go to Target" "why?" "it's out today!" "oh crap oh my life call the driver dude" "I would if.... wait it's in my calling log" Scarlett then called the driver guy and asked if he could take them to Target when he said yes and he was in font of the hotel Scarlett and Veronica went to the front and got in the van and were on there way to Target when they got there they asked the driver if he could wait for them that they wouldn't be long so Scarlett and Veronica went into the Target and got what they went for then went to go pay when they paid the went back to the van and went back to the hotel when thy got back they said there thank you's then got the skateboards and went back to the parking lot then Scarlett threw away the Target bag then Zayn said "did you guys go inside the hotel?" Scarlett said "maybe we did, maybe we didn't" Harry said "so you didn't?" "hahahahahaha no we went to Target" Zayn said "girl issues?" "no Zayn it's called fangirl issues" she said showing then the albums Harry said "did you really need 2 of them?" "of course not it's for Veronica" "oh hahahahahaha" Scarlett then handed the CD to Veronica then Veronica opened the album and then she said "hahahahahaha I love the album already" Zayn said "that's a fan for you" then Scarlett got her phone out and held the album up in the air and took a picture of it then when she edited it she made the background blurry and the only thing in focus was the album then she went on Instagram and posted the picture then she got twitter and poste the picture o twitter too then she deleted the app off her phone again then she said "I'm hungry'' Veronica then said "me too" "what should we eat?" "I don't know" "the hotel food?" "what time is it?" "12:30pm" "what already?" "yeah I know I'm going to have to get ready for The Vamps concert soon" "oh right the concert" "yeah" "like I said I would go but I don't listen to them I only know them because of you" "hahahahahaha I know Harry is going with me, I think" "oh no well if he doesn't go with you then I will go with you just so you won't go alone" "hahahahahaha okay" "but I'm not counting on it" "okay then" "I'm counting on the Little Mix one" "oh I'm so excited for that one too" then Zayn yelled "girls come!" then they both got on the skate boards and rode them to Zayn and Harry then Zayn said "we should go with the others Liam just ordered pizza" Scarlett said "pizza yes!!" then she got her skateboard then ran to the elevator then got in before the others then when she got to the floor she got on the skateboard and went around the floor then stopped at her room she opened the door put the skateboard away then washed her face then put her hair in a braid then she walked to the window and looked out of it then the door opened and she looked to see Harry there then he said "hey" "hi" "what are you doing?" "looking outside" "I see" then Scarlett got her album and opened it then she said "oh shinny paper" "hahahahahaha" then she looked at all of the pictures in it then she got her laptop and put the cd in then she said "let the emotional rollercoaster begin" "oh god hahahahahaha" "shhhhh this is my song" "hahahahahaha" "don't breathe, don't speak, don't move it's Harry's solo" "you do know that Harry is right next to you?" "shhhhh" "hahahahahaha Harry is next to you" "Harry hi I didn't see you there" "hahahahahaha" "just kidding love" "hahahahahaha your funny princess" "am I am I really?" "yes yes you are" "hahahahahaha okay" then Scarlett said " I love this album" "hahahahahaha your only on the second song" "I know and I love the album plus it's One Direction I don't have a song of yours that I don't like I like all of them" "well then" "hahahahahaha" "I wonder what will be your favorite" "oh lord that's going to be hard" "really?" "yeah it took me a while to figure out what were my top three favorite for Midnight Memories" "what are they?" "well that's the thing it's not three of them" "what are they?" "the whole album plus "Take Me Home" and 'Up All Night' " "oh" "it's hard to choose" "I can tell" "oh my life is that Niall?" "yes" "dead I'm dead no life in me" "hahahahahaha" "what is life" "hahahahahaha" "oh my life it's Harry" "hi I'm Harry" "hi Harry" "hahahahahaha" "oh yup those Harry lyrics are my favorite" "hahahahahaha you are too much babe" "oh then there's Louis and Harry dead I am dead" "you were right about the emotional rollercoaster" "oh a slow song" "hahahahahaha it's called 18" "yup Harry has a heart and a soul" "hahahahahaha" "I love this song already" "oh my" "oh Zayn yup I'm in love" then Scarlett got her phone then downloaded the song '18' then she said "I have it on my phone" "hahahahahaha" "it's a nice song" "I know Ed wrote it" "ohhhh Ed" "hahahahahaha" "oh my life Louis" "yeah, your really fangirling" "I've fangirled worse" "how worse" "you don't want to know" "maybe I do" "I ended up in the hospital" "oh you told me about this wasn't it when me and Niall followed you" "yeah it was bad" "hahahahahaha" then they continued to listen to the album until there was a knock on the door then Harry got up to open it then Liam was there then he said "pizza is here'' "okay there we go" then Harry said "babe pizza is here" "okay" Scarlett then paused the music and got the laptop then followed Harry they ended up going to the dinning room in the hotel when they got there everyone else was there then Scarlett sat at a table without anyone then Veronica went up to her then she said "hi" "hey" "what are you listening to?" "the emotional roller coaster of my life" "your listening to it?" "yeah of course" "hahahahahaha" "I fangirled in front of Harry" "oh god'' "he might think I'm cray cray" "well that's why I'm waiting I don't want to scare Niall" "I'm sure you won't scare him me and Harry were making jokes" "oh god I can only imagine" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett put the volume up a little not to loud considering they weren't alone in the dinning room then Veronica said "your killing me" "it's all out of love" then Liam went up to them and said "hi girls" Scarlett said ''hi dad'' Veronica said "hi Liam" "here's your pizza" they both thanked Liam then he went back with the guys then Scarlett said "crap I don't know what I'm going to wear for the concert tonight" "wear a dress or something" "I know I'll see what I got" "okay then" "we should have went into Hot Topic when we seen it" "why?" "they have The Vamps shirts there" "they do?" "yeah when I got my 5SOS tank top they had some" "oh we should have went in then" "or I can buy one at the merch store there at the concert" "true get there early and stop before you head to your seats" "true" "what time does it start?" "7:30pm" "well if you leave at 6:40pm you will be good" "true" "wait for the internet here do you use your hot spot on your phone?" "Veronica don't tell me that's what you have been doing?" "no psh" "there's wifi in the hotel" "I know that" then Scarlett went on her laptop and began to read when she began to read she got so into the book that she didn't hear Harry or Liam calling her until Louis yelled out her name she then said "what?" Liam said "we have been calling you" "I'm reading don't bug a reading Scarlett" Harry said "what are you reading?" "stories online" "oh" "aren't you going to start getting ready for the concert tonight?" "your coming right?" "of course" "okay I'm going to go get ready" then Scarlett got up and went back to the floor and when she got there she went in the room and showered. When she got out and was dressed and plugged in her curler and turned it on then she got her laptop opened it got her speaker plugged it in and played her music and began to do her hair a little while later Harry walked in the bathroom and said "hi" "hey, you want to shower?" "yeah please let me just get in then you can come back" "okay" then Scarlett stepped out so Harry could get in and once he was in he yelled "There You Can Come In!" then Scarlett went in and did her hair when she was almost done she said "let me get out so you can get out" "okay" then she stepped out then a couple of minutes later Harry walked out wrapped in a towel then he said "thanks babe" "no problem" then Scarlett walked back in the bathroom and finished her hair then once Harry was done getting dressed her went into the bathroom the bathroom and said "your not done yet?" "almost just this last piece of hair" when she finished the last piece she got her hair spray and sprayed her hair and ran her fingers through her hair then she said "now I'm done" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett brushed her teeth then after that she got her mascara and mirror then put on her mascara then Harry said "I'm ready now'' Scarlett looked then she said "I like when you were those things on your head" "hahahahahaha" "what?" "nothing" then Scarlett got up and put her laptop away then there was a knock on the door she got it then opened the door then Liam said "hi love" "hi dad" "you look pretty" "thank you" "you and Harry are going out?" "concert remember" "oh right The Vamps concert" "yeah" "he's getting ready?" "no he's ready already too" "okay then" "want to come in?" "yeah just to talk for a bit" "hahahahahaha okay" then Liam walked in then Harry said "hey Liam" "hey mate" then while they talked Scarlett got her stuff ready then her phone vibrated she looked to see that it was from Facebook she went on it then seen that it was a message from her cousin Kelly it said "hey" "um hi" "how you been?" "great and you?" "good I got One Direction tickets" "that's awesome I did too" "for L.A.?" "no New York" "lucky" "yeah and I moved to London" "what??" "yup got adopted then moved" "cool" "yeah" "yup" "so what do you want?" "you met Harry and Liam?" "why do you say that?" "your profile picture is you with them and something on your faces" "oh that yeah I met them on my flight to New York" "that's so cool" "yeah" "did you get there new album?" "yeah I went this morning, you?" "no not yet" "lame" "yeah I know I have to wait till Christmas to get it" "oh" "yeah did your new parents buy it for you?" "no I bought it with my own money" "oh are your parents nice?" "it's only one parent as in a dad" "oh is he nice?" "yeah he's lovely" "that's good" "yeah" "does he have other kids?" "no he's only 21 and he's single I'm his only kid" "oh I see" "yeah" "oh happy late birthday" "thanks" "what did you do?" "I went to a concert" "to see who?" "5SOS and Union J" "you saw 5sos too?" "yup" "how god were the seats?" "front row'' "that's awesome" "yeah" "who did you go with?" "my boyfriend" "oh you have a boyfriend?" "yes as of a week ago" "that's nice is he nice to you?" "yeah he's the best" "can I see how he looks?" "okay" then Scarlett said "Harry" "yes" "come really fast please" "okay what's up?" "can we take a picture to send to my cousin" "okay" then Scarlett and Harry took a picture then she said "thank you your free to go" "hahahahahaha your welcome" then she sent it to her cousin and put "that's me and him like 5 seconds ago" "that's Harry Styles I mean I know you like him but you don't have to lie about having a boyfriend" "hahahahahaha I knew you wouldn't believe me" "your lying about having a boyfriend huh?" "nope I'm not you can believe what the hell you want you want but I know what's happening for reals don't you ever go on twitter and see what's up with these guys?" "I haven't gone on twitter in a while" "well let me fill you in Niall has a girlfriend, Harry has a girlfriend, Liam has a kid" ''how do you know?" "freaken twitter man go look" "okay fine" then she got three pictures from her cousin one was of Veronica and Niall holding hands then another one of Harry and Scarlett holding hands in London and the last one was of Liam and Scarlett out in London then she put "is that you?" "noooo it's my twin sister" "you have a twin?" "oh my god your so dumb" "no I'm not" "well if you were smart you would know that I don't have a twin sister and that I was being sarcastic" "wait that's you!?" "yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes" "wow" "yeah so I wasn't lying about Harry gosh man you get me mad when you call me a liar" "sorry" "no your not sorry because every time I get something good you call me a liar then say sorry and think everything can go back to normal well not this time you got to learn how to be happy for people and not sound jealous like god man it's really freaken annoying" then she put her phone down to let it charge then she sat on the bed trying to calm herself down since her cousin got her mad then when she calmed down she got her suitcase took her inhaler then some pills so her back wouldn't start hurting at the concert then she looked at the time and it was 6:05pm then her phone began to ring she then answered it and said "what do you want now?" "can I talk to them?" "no you can't talk to them there not here" "I thought you were with them?" "I'm in my hotel room" "oh" "yeah so you can't talk to them" then someone on her cousin's line said "who the hell are you talking to?" Kelly then said "Scarlett our cousin" "why are you talking to her low life ass" then Scarlett said "nice to know you all think of me like that" "Scarlett I didn't say it Bianca did" "I don't care your supposed to be my family what the hell man this is why I never liked her" "Scarlett I'm sorry this time I mean it" then Scarlett got up from the bed then walked out of the room then got in the elevator then went to the parking lot and said "look if you guys really hate me that much just tell me don't let me find out like that" then again someone on her cousins side said "who are you talking to?" Kelly said "Scarlett" "can I?" "um okay" then they said "hello" "hi" "Scarlett how you been?" "um good until 2 minutes ago" "oh no what happened?" "your daughter Bianca called me a low life ass that's what happened" "that girl is driving me crazy too" "yeah I can tell" "so what's new?" "um I'm no longer living in the orphanage" "they let you out?" "no I got adopted" "that's good" "yeah I know finally left the country" "you don't live in L.A.?" "nope I always said I was going to leave and I did" "that's good" "yeah I'm on the road touring the country" "wow that's good" "yeah I'm in New York at the moment" "I've always wanted to go there" "hahahahahaha then I go back to L.A. soon" "oh that's good" "yeah I'm only going to see One Direction" "why don't you stop by?" "I'll see if I have time I'm like really busy" "are you traveling for work?" "well kinda I take photos just to do it so I'm going to photograph One Direction and stuff" "that's good" "yeah" "so are your parents nice, your new ones?" "well I don't have a mom but my dad is super nice" "how old is he?" "21" "he's young" "yeah he's so fun and awesome I love him" "that's good" "yeah and I got uncles and aunts" "oh wow that's good too" "yeah" "I would love to meet your dad if possible" "oh I would say okay but he's a really busy man" "did you come alone?" "no my dad and uncles are the ones who are traveling for work" "oh so you came along?" "yeah" "Kelly got One Direction tickets so maybe we will see you" "yeah maybe, where are you guys sitting?" "second row" "oh yeah you might see me I'm around there too" "awesome" "your going to go with her?" "yeah and Bianca" "oh cool" then someone said "Scarlett?" she looked to see Liam there then she said "yeah dad?" "your leaving already" "okay um tell Harry that I'll be there right now" "okay love" then Scarlett said "well I have to go I have some things to do" "alright then it was nice to talk to you" "you too" "bye" "bye" then Scarlett hung up then she went back to her room then when she walked in the room Harry said "your ready?" "yeah let's go" "okay no camera?" "no I'll use my phone" then Scarlett got her money then they both walked to the parking lot then they got in a rental car then Harry drove to the arena when they got there it was 6:50pm they got off and walked in the arena holding hands then when Scarlett seen the merch stand she said "can we stop by there?" "of course" then they walked to the merch stand then Scarlett said "Harry you should get a shirt too" "hahahahahaha no I'm good" "come on we can get matching shirts" "but what am I going to do with it after?" "um hello you have a girlfriend" "hahahahahaha and my shirts fit you long too" "yes they do" "fine I'll get it just because you asked me to" "yay!" then they got the shirts then Harry paid after a long time of debating who was going to pay then they went to go find there seats when they got there Harry had put on his shirt on top of the one he was wearing then he sat down then Scarlett put hers on then she sat down then she got her phone and took a picture of her and Harry then edited it because it was a habit of hers then posted it on Instagram and Twitter tagging Harry in both posts.

At 7:30pm The Vamps had went on stage and did there thing then when they finished Harry had got the backstage passes then they went backstage when they got there they waited in line and when it was there turn Brad said "hey Harry" Harry said "hey guys" "I see you guys made it" "yeah we did, anyways this is Scarlett my girlfriend" Brad said "nice to meet you" the rest said "hello" Scarlett then said "hello and thank you for the tickets I had so much fun" "no problem" then they took pictures on Scarlett's phone then she said "thank you so much" they all said "your welcome" Connor said "want us to sign something?" "I don't have anything but you can sign my shirt" "okay" then they all signed her shirt then after Tristan said "there you go" "thank you" then they all said "happy late birthday" "thank you all so much" then Scarlett hugged them all then they said there good-byes and left when they got back to the car Scarlett said "I'm never washing this shirt" "hahahahahaha at least you got a backup" Harry said taking off his shirt and folding it and afterwards handing it to Scarlett then she said "I'm wearing it to sleep tonight" "your going to smell like Harry" "hahahahahaha I'm going to smell like Harry's cologne" "hahahahahaha"

When they got to the hotel it was 11:50pm they went to their floor then went to there room then changed into there pajamas then laid in bed said there good nights then went to sleep. 

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