Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


25. Chapter 25 (Exploring New York, Going Public with Harry)

The next morning when Scarlett woke up she got up and fixed her hair, washed her face, and brushed her teeth then her phone beeped she looked to see that Veronica texted her the text said "hey are you awake?" "just woke up why?" "get ready let's go explore New York" "okay I'm going to go shower" "okay let me know when your ready" "okay" then Scarlett got clothes and went to go shower when she was done and dressed she walked out the bathroom and put on her shoes then she got her phone and texted Veronica "I'm done" "okay I'm ready too" "um what room are you in?" "10055" "okay I'll go to you" "okay" then Scarlett got her wallet and a small bag and got her camera then made sure she had her key card then quietly walked out of the room then went to Veronica's room when she knocked on the door then it opened then Veronica walked out then she said "let's go" then they got in the elevator then went to the lobby then Veronica said "someone is going to drive us around" "one of the guys drivers?" "yeah" "awesome" then they got in one of the vans then the driver said "where to ladies?" Veronica said "we don't know really this is our first time in New York" "ah your new faces to this place?" Scarlett said "yes we are" "well how about we go to Time Square" "okay sounds good" then as they were on there way to Time Square Scarlett decided to text Liam "well morning dad just letting you know that me and Veronica came out to explore New York, we didn't walk one of your drivers brought us we will be back soon" then they parked somewhere then the driver said "well this is where I leave you girls" Veronica said "thank you" "here is my number so when you need me to pick you up just call me" Scarlett then said "thank you" she then got the card with his number then put it in her wallet then they got out saying 'thank you' then the car left then they walked around exploring New York taking lot of pictures of different things then as they were walking a girl around 14 or 15 went up to Scarlett and Veronica then she said "hi" Scarlett smiled then said "hello" "are you Liam's kid?" Scarlett said "yes that's me" "awesome and are you dating Niall?" Veronica said "yes I am, what's your name love?" "I'm Jane" "nice to meet you I'm Veronica and I'm sure you already know Scarlett's name" "yeah almost the whole fandom does but no one knows your name" "yeah that's true" "well now I know your name" "hahahahahaha that's true" "can I get a picture with you both?" Scarlett said "sure" then Scarlett and Veronica both took a picture with the fan then when they were done she said "thank you both so much" they both said "your welcome" then the girl walked away then Scarlett and Veronica walked around some more then a couple of hours later when there feet were hurting they decided to go back to the hotel so Scarlett called the driver and told him where they were at then they waited for him to get there and 15 minutes later he found them then they got in the car and went back to the hotel when they got there they got off saying 'thank you' then when they got off there was a mob of girls yelling and screaming then Veronica said "wow" "I know right" then as they were walking girls were wanting there autographs and pictures then as Scarlett was doing it she would talk to some of the fans then when they got to the door and walked in Veronica said "some of those fans are really nice while the other half were sending me death threats then others were telling me to not listen to them" "don't listen to them there just jealous" "I know I didn't" "good" then they walked in and went back to the floor then when they were on there floor Scarlett said "I so want to ride a skateboard through here" "right" "I'm going to get one" "isn't that one right there outside that door?" "ohhhh it's Zayn's" Scarlett got it then gave her bag to Veronica then Veronica yelled "SCARLETT YOUR CRAZY!!" then a door opened then she said "no I'm not" then she road the skateboard down the hall then turned on the corner then came out from the other side then she stopped back at Veronica then she said "that was fun" then Zayn said "hey that's mine" Scarlett then got it and said "thank you" then Veronica went to her room and Scarlett went to hers when she walked in she seen that Harry was still sleeping then she got one of her back pain pills and took it then she also took her inhaler then she walked out of the room and went to where there was couches and sat down then as she was sitting there someone sat next to her she looked to see Zayn there then he said "I didn't know you could ride a skateboard?" "yeah I taught myself" "oh" "yeah I used to have one too but yeah it broke" "how?" "a car ran it over" "lame" "right that's what I said" "wait how did it end up in the street?" "I was outside and these annoying girls there at the orphanage kicked it in the street then a car ran it over" "oh that's just wrong" "yeah I know so I never got another one" "oh I see" "yeah but eh I don't really care for them now but when we got up here I really wanted to ride one" "I've been wanting to do it here too" "can we?" It's our floor why not?" "not sure" then Zayn got on the skateboard then road it then when he got back he said "okay I'm good now" "oh god" "hahahahahaha" "will Paul get mad if he catches us?" "no sometimes we do worse" "oh god" "we have had banana fights in the hallways" "oh god" "so riding a skateboard is not that bad" "I want to go again" "here you go" "thanks" then Scarlett got on the skateboard and went around the floor twice then she stopped then she said "I changed my mind I need one of these now" "I had a feeling you would" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett stood standing on the skateboard then a room door opened then Liam walked out then Scarlett said "hi dad" Liam said "hi love" Zayn said "hey Liam" Liam said "hey mate" "I thought you were out with Veronica?" "yeah I was but we got tired so we came back" "oh what are you doing with the skateboard?" "standing on it" "I see be careful" "I will dad" then Liam sat with Zayn on the chair then they talked then Scarlett got bored so she got on the skateboard and road it around the floor.

Then back at Liam and Zayn Liam said "she's always surprising me" "who?" "Scarlett I didn't know she could ride a skateboard or drive a car" "she can drive?" "yeah she told me last night when I gave her the car I got her for her birthday" "oh she's a keeper Liam" "hahahahahaha no kidding" "I mean I know what I said about her was so, so, so wrong and once I said it I knew there was no taking it back then when I found out she heard what I said made me feel even worse but now that I talk to her I'm so glad I started to cause she's so funny and I love to be around her she's a good friend" "I'm so glad that you guys started to talk too" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett went up to them then she said "hello gentlemen" they both laughed then Liam said "having fun?" "of course'' "wait I just noticed where's Harry?" "still asleep" Liam looked at Zayn then he said "shall we?" Zayn said "we shall" Scarlett said "what are you both going to do?" "you have your key card" "maybe I do maybe I don't" "come on were going to wake him up" "fine" then Scarlett opened the door to her room for them then walked in and Harry was still asleep then Scarlett walked out then continued to ride the skateboard then she was going to turn the corner when Veronica came out of no where and said "stop" Scarlett then stopped then she said "oh god" "Niall is going to tae us shopping" "okay" then Scarlett road the skateboard to her room then she put her camera back in her suitcase then got her bag and left the skateboard out of the door then she yelled "Dad!" "I'm leaving bye!" "okay bye" "bye Zayn thanks for letting me use the skateboard" "bye Scarlett and welcome" "good luck waking him up" then she walked out of the room then Veronica, Niall, and Scarlett went to go do there shopping.

Hours later when they returned to the hotel Scarlett went to the room and put her things away as she was doing that Harry walked in the room then said "hi princess" "hi love" "what are you doing?" "putting my stuff away" "you went shopping?" "yeah with Niall and Veronica" 'nice" "yeah so now I'm going to relax" "hahahahahaha okay" then Scarlett got up and then sat on the bed then Harry sat next to her then he said "I thought you were asleep with me until Liam and Zayn woke me up and I was alone" "I got up at 12:30 then went out to explore New York with Veronica then we came back and I was with Zayn and my dad then left with Veronica and Niall" "sounds like you have been busy" "hahahahahaha not really" "has your back started to hurt?" "no I took a pill so I'm good" "oh that's good" "yeah" "do your sides hurt when you laugh still?" "kind of not as bad as they used to" "oh that's great'' "I know" "you hungry?'' "yeah, I don't know how I didn't think about eating while I did all of that" "hahahahahaha well I know where we could go get some good pizza" "oh pizza yes'' then they both got up then they made sure they had at least one key card then they went to the front and got in one of the vans and Harry told the driver where to go when they got there they both walked in and ordered what they wanted then went to go sit down and waited then as they were waiting Harry said "are you getting noticed more now?" "yeah I am but for Liam's daughter I don't think they got the message that were together" "hahahahahaha maybe not" then Scarlett looked out of the window that looks out to the city and when she wasn't looking Harry took a picture of her then went on Instagram and posted it with the caption "not sure if you guys know but that's my girlfriend" then posted the same thing on twitter but only tagging her on the picture on Instagram then Scarlett's phone vibrated she looked to see that Harry tagged her in a picture she opened it then seen the picture that Harry took of her then she read the caption liked the picture then Harry said "now all will know" "hahahahahaha now all will know" then Scarlett put her phone in her pocket then a couple of minutes later the pizza got to the table then they began to eat and since it was a small pizza they finished it then when they finished they threw there trash away then Scarlett said "thank you Harry" "no problem princess" then they walked around for a bit holding hands then thy decided to go back to the hotel when they got back to there floor Scarlett went to her room then she sat on the bed then went on twitter then seen pictures of Scarlett and Harry holding hands all over twitter then the thousands of tweets that she was mentioned in she read through them and most of them were hate tweets while others were saying that they make cute couple then she went on instagram and made her account private then she got her earphones and plugged them in her phone then blasted music in her ears then she just stood laying in bed then she got a text it said "hey Scarlett it's Zayn are you in your room?" Scarlett texted back "yeah I am" "I'm knocking" then Scarlett took out the earphones and opened the door then he smiled then he said "are you okay?" "it's that noticeable huh?" "kinda" "I just want to be alone" "Awwww I was going to say if you wanted to go skate in the parking lot with me?" "I don't have a skateboard" "well you do now" Zayn said showing her a skateboard then he flipped it to the bottom and it had 1D and 5SOS stickers and other things then she said "how did you get it in so little time?" "I know people" "thank you so much Zayn" "your welcome" then Scarlett took off her beanie she had on and put on her snapback then she said "let's go skate" then they went to the parking lot in the back and found an empty spot then Zayn said "do you want to talk about it?" "I'm getting hate on twitter" "for dating Harry?" "yeah I mean I knew it was going to happen" "yeah true" "but actually reading them hurts so much" "look Scarlett you just got to ignore it" "I will just it's just that Harry posted one picture of me saying that I am his girlfriend then bam the hate began of jealous fans" "trust me I know it's hard I always get hate" "I know it's kinda no it's really sad" "yeah it's cause there supposed to be fans and be on your side no matter what decisions you make in life but when it comes to us dating they turn against us'' "yeah I've noticed that I've never sent hate to any of your girlfriends well I never sent hate period" "I see" "it bothered me that fans would go against each other like were supposed to be a family" "yeah I know" "yeah" "feel better?" "yeah thank you Zayn I guess I needed to talk about it" "yeah and your welcome" then they began to skate around the parking lot.

Then back in the hotel Harry went up to Liam then said "have you seen Scarlett?" "no why do you sound like your panicking?" "have you not seen what these fans are saying about her on twitter cause she's with me?" "no" "oh there bad" "you think she saw?" "I don't know'' "have you tired calling her?" "yes but no answer" then Liam walked to the window that was in the hallway that looked into the parking lot then he seen Zayn and Scarlett laughing then Liam said "I'm sure she's fine" "but it's hate" "just try calling her again" "okay" then Harry got his phone an called Scarlett when she answered she said "he-hello" "love where are you at?" "I'm fine I'm out with Zayn" "out?" "yeah out as in not in the hotel type of out" "Oh hahahahahaha" "what's up?" "nothing just called to see if your okay" "yeah I'm fine" "okay then I'll see you later have fun" "thanks bye" "I love you" "I love you more" then Scarlett yelled "ZAYN MOVE!" then she hung up then Liam said "she's fine right?" "yeah she's with Zayn" "there hanging out Harry" "but where?" "there" Liam said pointing out the window then Harry looked to see Scarlett and Zayn laughing away riding the skateboards then Harry said "oh I see" "yeah she's fine" then Liam got his phone out and texted Scarlett he put "love?" a little while later Scarlett texted back "yes dad?" "have you gone on twitter recently?" "yeah like 2 hours ago I'm staying away from twitter for a while" "hate?" "yeah" "and?" "Zayn talked to me and I've decided to ignore twitter for a while" "how are you going to do that?" "I deleted the app off my phone" "for how long?" "a month maybe more" "I'm glad your not crying over this" "nah these fans won't care anyways" "true" "well dad were going to go in soon were just having so much fun" "hahahahahaha okay then" then Harry said "who are you talking to?" "Scarlett" "what did she say?" "she knows about the hate" "and how is she taking it?" "she talked to Zayn and she decided to stay off of twitter for a while" "how do you do that?" "she deleted the app off her phone" "smart" "yeah she's fine but just talk to her when she comes in or before you both go to sleep" "okay then" "okay" "oh were going go out for dinner all of us so get ready" "okay" then Harry went to his room.

Then back outside Scarlett said "oh god we have to do this more often" "right your my skateboard buddy" "hahahahahaha okay" "yay" "hahahahahaha" "I think we should go in now cause were going to go out to eat for dinner" "okay" then they got there skateboards then went back to the floor when they got these Scarlett said "that was fun" "I know hahahahahaha" "thanks for that Zayn I really needed that after I read all of that hate" "hey whenever you need you can call me or text me" "hahahahahaha okay'' then Scarlett opened the door then went in and put the skateboard by the window then she took off her snapback and put it away then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hey love" "hey dad" "um just letting you know that were going to go out for dinner" "okay then" "so get ready okay" "okay I'm going to shower since I was sweating" "okay then" "but Harry is in the shower" "come to my room" "what's your room number?" "it's across from your room" "oh hahahahahaha okay let me get my stuff and I'll be there right now" "okay" then Scarlett put her phone on silent then put it to charge then got some pants and a shirt then went to Liam's room when he opened the door Scarlett said "I'm here to borrow your shower sir" "hahahahahaha come in" "thanks dad" then Scarlett went to go shower when she came out she said "thank you for lending me your shower" "no problem love anytime" "wait you get your own room?" "yeah Louis and Zayn share and I was the only one who doesn't have a sharing buddy" "oh do you party all night?" "hahahahahaha I would" "party?'' "yeah stay up listen to music without worrying that I would wake up anyone don't go to sleep till 8am" "hahahahahaha your still with the 8am thing?" "well yeah we didn't do it last time" "true" "so I want to do it still but let's see when" "when we move into the tour bus and take a 2 day bus ride to our next stop" "oh yeah" "hahahahahaha" "well dad I would love to stay and chat with you but I better go get ready" "hahahahahaha okay love'' then Scarlett walked out of the room and got her key card and opened the door when she walked ins he put her clothes away then put her shoes on then began to brush her hair then she put on mascara then she got her phone and played some music while she finished getting ready then she got her phone and texted Veronica "Veronica?" she then texted back "yes" "World War 3 of jealous fans has started" "for me?" "no me" "no they know?" "yeah'' "where are you at?" "in my room'' "what's the room number?" "10022" "okay there I go" "okay" then Scarlett turned off her music then there was a knock on the door she then got up from the bed and went to go open it and seen Veronica there she hugged her then said "are you okay?" "no I can't hide my pain" "you saw what they were saying?" "yeah and I'm done with twitter" "oh no" then someone said "hi buddy" Scarlett looked to see Michael there she said "hey" "what happen?" "World War 3 of jealous fans has started" "huh?" Veronica said "in other words she's getting hate for dating Harry" Michael said "oh no" Scarlett said "I'm done with twitter" "how can you be done with twitter?" "easy don't go on delete the app off my phone" "oh" "I mean why be depressed over this the fans won't care all they care about is that one Harry is single and 2 I would die or disappear" "so what are you going to do when you go out in public?" "easy ignore it I'm not going to stop my life because of them" "true" "well I'm going to finish getting ready" then they both said "okay" Michael said "think of unicorns and mustaches" "hahahahahaha what?" "just wanted you to laugh" "oh god hahahahahaha" then Scarlett walked back in the room then finished getting ready then when Harry seen her he said "hi love" Scarlett smiled and said "hi my love" "I didn't know you were in here?" "I've been getting ready" "oh hahahahahaha" "yeah" "well Liam just texted me that were almost leaving" "okay then I just need to do my hair" then Scarlett got up then went to the bathroom and did her hair then brushed her teeth then Harry said "babe?" "yes" "um" "is this about the hate on twitter?" Scarlett said walking out of the bathroom Harry said "yes" Scarlett sat next to him on the bed then she looked at him then she said "don't worry I'm not going to go on twitter for a while" "how?" "I deleted the app on my phone" "smart" "hahahahahaha I mean it hurts it does but I'm not going to let a mob of jealous fans get in the way of our relationship" "that's true" "so I'm okay if I need to talk about it I'll go to you okay" "okay" Harry then hugged her then kissed her then he said "I love you" "I love you too" then Harry looked at his phone then he said "let's go were ready" "okay" then Scarlett got her phone then Harry put his key card in his wallet then they walked out of the room then Zayn, Liam, and Louis did too then they got in the elevator then went to the lobby when the others were at then they got in the vans and went to a buffet to eat when they got there they paid then sat at a table big enough for all of them then they ate and talked.

When they finished eating they got up and left and went back to the hotel when they got there Harry and Scarlett were the last ones out in the hallway then Harry said "come with me I want to show you something" "okay" then they got back in the elevator then when they got off they walked up some stairs then went through this door they walked through the door and Scarlett noticed they were on the roof and there was chairs and a fire pit set up then Scarlett said "wow this is cool" then Scarlett walked to where the seats were at then Harry said "you can sit" she sat down then Harry turned on the fire then sat next to Scarlett then she said "it gets really cold here too great" "maybe I should've told you to get a sweater" "hahahahahaha it's okay" Harry then hugged her then he said "better?" she looked at Harry then smiled then she said "better" "hahahahahaha good" "hahahahahaha" then they stood quiet but not an awkward quiet they stood there sitting looking up at the stars then Harry said "you want to go in now?" "yeah I'm tired" "okay let's go in" then they got up and went back to there room when they got in there room Denise changed to her pajamas then put her phone to charge then she sat in bed then Harry said "ready?" "yes" then Scarlett got under the covers and Harry turned off the light then he laid in bed then he said "good night babe" "night love" "I love you" "I love you more" then Scarlett kissed his cheek then Harry kissed her then he said "now that's a proper kiss" "hahahahahaha" then they both eventually fell asleep.

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