Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


24. Chapter 24 (Going to New York)

The next morning Liam had went around the house waking up everyone when he went to Scarlett's room he turned on the light then on his phone he played the police siren then Harry jumped up then Liam said "morning mate" "morning" "did I scare you there?" "kinda" "hahahahahaha" "well it sure didn't work for Scarlett" "she's used to the noise" "I'll wake her up Liam" "okay then" then Liam walked out of the room closing the door then Harry began to wake up Scarlett when she woke up she said "morning Harry" "morning babe" then he leaned in and kissed Scarlett on the lips then after that she got up then put on some jeans and a shirt then she got her One Direction sweater then put that on then she put on her shoes then she got her suitcase then she put shoes in her suitcase then made sure she had everything she needed then she made sure she had her camera, batteries, laptop, the charger for her laptop and camera then she took her inhaler and put it back in the suitcase then she fixed her hair and put it back in a braid then she went to the closet and got the blanket that Zayn and Perrie had given her and seen that it was bigger than the other blanket she had and it was warm and soft then she got that with her suitcase then she made her bed then made sure her window was locked and her balcony door was locked as well then Liam walked in her room then said "want me to take those?" "yes here take these two I'll take this one on my own it has my laptop and camera" "okay" then when Scarlett walked out of her room she closed her door then when Scarlett walked out of her room she closed her door then went downstairs with Liam when they got there Liam said "Veronica is already in the car" "okay I'll be with her" then Scarlett got her suitcase and went in the vans that Paul had sent then found the one that Veronica was in then she got in with her then she said "hey" "hi your ready?" "yes did you get your Little Mix shirt and ticket?" "of course I packed it" "me too I'm so excited" "me too" then little by little Ashton, Michael, Calum, and Luke got in then in the other van was the rest of the boys then as they were driving Scarlett told Veronica "Liam got me a car" "what?!" "yeah he showed it to me last night" "that's so cool" "that's what I said" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett's phone beeped she looked to see a Twitter notification from the boys then she looked out the window then since Michael was sitting next to her then he said "why so quiet?" "I'm tired" "I see" "yeah but at the same time I'm wide awake" "probably cause your excited" "yeah probably" then Scarlett rested her head on his shoulder then went on Instagram then she just looked at pictures and liked them then she remembered then she took a picture of her gifts and balloons from Perrie and Zayn then she put it in a collage then posted it on instagram with the caption "had an amazing birthday yesterday thanks for all the gifts" then she tagged all 9 boys and Perrie and Eleanor then her phone began to go off like crazy then she got cold so she got her blanket and covered herself with it.

Then a couple of minutes later they had got to the airport then they all got off and then Scarlett put the blanket back in the suitcase then she got out then stood there with Veronica then she got her other suitcases and then put one like a backpack as it was a backpack then when they began to walk in the airport Ashton said "hey" "hey Ash" "need any help?" "no I'm okay thanks" "no problem" "are you guys flying on the same plane as us?" "oh yeah" "hahahahahaha crap okay" "what?" "it still hurts to laugh" "oh right" "yeah so I'm trying not to laugh but I can't it's torture" "I wouldn't last either" "right!" "yup" "oh thanks for the thing that you did last night at the concert" "no problem, Michael is the one who asked if we could do it" "he cares he just acts like a badass" "yeah I know" then when they walked to the jet Scarlett told Liam "dad did you bring the cake?" "yeah I had Paul drop them off in the plane while I was waking all of you up" "okay cake yay" "hahahahahaha" then they both got in the plane then Scarlett sat on an empty row by the window then got her blanket and covered herself then got her phone and went on Facebook then she posted "New York here I come" then she got off then looked out of the window then Liam said "you okay?" "yeah I'm fine" then Scarlett looked behind her to see that Niall and Veronica were there then Scarlett covered herself with the blanket then got her earphones plugged them in her phone then went on Netflix and looked for something to watch for when it was okay for them to use there phones and other electronic devices then someone sat next to her she looked to see Paul there she them smiled then said "hey" "hi Scarlett, I was told that it was your birthday yesterday" "yeah I turned 18" "well Happy late Birthday and Harry told me you wanted a cd of what he did for you?" "yeah I did" "well here you go" Paul said handing her the cd then she said "thank you so much Paul" "your welcome" then he got up and went to go sit somewhere else then someone said "excuse me" Scarlett looked and said "yes" "are these seats taken?" he said pointing to the seats in front of Scarlett facing her she said "no go ahead" then he sat down then a couple of minutes later they were on there way to New York then Scarlett had got her laptop and took out the little table to put her laptop on then she went on Netflix and decided to begin to watch Once Upon a Time then she put her headphones in the laptop then put her phone on vibrate then put her phone on her laps then she began to watch the show, in the middle of the show her phone vibrated she looked and it was a text from Harry it said "hi princess" she texted back "hi love" "what are you watching it looks good, although I can't hear it" "hahahahahaha it's called Once Upon a Time" "can I watch it with you I'm sitting next to you" "of course" then Scarlett paused the show then took one of the earphones out of her ear then gave it to Harry then they continued to watch the show then when it finished Harry said "well that was um yeah nice show" "I liked it" "oh god" "it's a TV show Harry season 5 is on TV and there's 4 seasons here" "great'' "your too much" "hahahahahaha" "let's see what's next" "um not sure" "ohhhhhh I needs to go on YouTube" "okay" then Scarlett went on YouTube and searched "One Direction" then the "Night Changes" music video came up then she clicked it then put full screen and watched it then when it finished she looked behind her then she said "Veronica?" "yeah" "it's out" "no! really?" "yes I just watched it" "and?" "dead" Niall then said "I'm lost" Veronica said "I need to see it" then Scarlett unplugged her earphones then she got up and sat with Veronica then she told Niall "is it okay if we don't use headphones?" "yeah it's fine" "okay" then they watched it when it started Niall said "I should've known" Veronica said "shhhhh" then when it finished Veronica said "I feel like I just went on a date with all 5 of them" (yes Zayn is still part of the band in this story because I still love Zayn!!!!!) "oh god, that was kind of the point Veronica" "hahahahahaha" then she went back with Harry then he said "so you failed to not fangirl" "how can I not fangirl that video was perfect" "hahahahahaha" "like I need that song on my phone" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett downloaded the song on her phone then Harry laid his head on Scarlett's shoulder then she smiled then she went on Twitter and seen what people were talking about then she got off then she got bored so she just sat there then she whispered "Harry your hair is tickling my neck" "sorry love" "it's okay" then he moved the arm rest that was in between them then Scarlett closed her laptop and put it in her suitcase then she laid her head on Harry then he put his arm around her then he said "is that the blanket that Zayn and Perrie gave you?" "yes" "it's warm" "I know I love it" "hahahahahaha" then 5 minutes later Scarlett had fallen asleep.

When she woke up a little while later she felt someone playing with her hair she opened her eyes and looked then Harry said "had a nice nap" "I needed that" "I know" "hahahahahaha" then Harry kissed her cheek then Liam went up to them then he said "Scarlett can I borrow you for a moment" "sure" then she got up and went with Liam then he said "you want cake?" "yes please give me a big piece so I can share with Harry" "hahahahahaha okay"  "thanks dad" then Liam gave Scarlett a piece of cake then she went back to her seat with Harry when she sat down she said "want some cake?" "okay" then Scarlett got the spoon full of cake then held it out to Harry then he ate it then he said "is this the cake that Zayn and Perrie got you?" "Yes" "oh it's good" "of course it is it's chocolate cake with fudge in the middle that's life" "hahahahahaha" then Harry got the spoon and gave some to Scarlett then he got some frosting and put it on Scarlett's nose then she said "what was that for hahahahahaha?" "because your so darn cute" "well then" then Scarlett got some then put it on Harry's cheek then he got some and put it on her cheek like American football players do then Scarlett did the same to Harry then Liam said "how is the......never mind" Scarlett said "it's good" "I see that it's all over your face" then Harry said "it's cause it's good" then Scarlett got her phone and put the camera to her then she said "oh god" then she put it in front of Harry then he said "well my face is going to be sticky" "I have more frosting than you" "hahahahahaha I know" "I want to do a mustache on you now" "oh god" "can I?" "fine" then Scarlett looked to see that Liam sat in front of them then she got the frosting and did a mustache on Harry's face when she finished she said "how does it look dad" Liam said "he looks like a man" "oh god" "hahahahahaha" "your turn" "WHAT!? NO!" "please dad just like mine except not on the nose" "fine, fine, fine" "yes!" then she got frosting and put some on Liam's face then she said "all done" then she got her phone then said "see" "oh god" then she sat back down then she said "picture time" then Harry laughed then she said "dad get over here you too" "hahahahahaha okay" then Scarlett took the picture then edited the picture then went on Instagram and put as the caption "Harry went through puberty on the plane" then she tagged Harry and Liam in the picture then she said "okay I need to wash this off now" Harry said "I'll show you where the bathrooms at" then they both walked to the bathroom when they got there Scarlett washed the frosting off her face then when she was done she got out then Harry went in then she got her phone and looked at the picture that she just took and put it as her main wallpaper then she went on Twitter and tweeted "messing around with frosting, with my two favorite guys @Real_Liam_Payne and @Harry_Styles" then she added the picture to the tweet then when Harry was done he said "now I want water" "go get your water hahahahahaha" "you want one?" "yes please" "okay" then Scarlett went back to her seat then Liam said "all better now?" "yes now I can finish this cake" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett put her phone down then Liam said "did you watch the video?" "yours right?" "yup" "dad that video was life I felt like I went on a date with all of you" "that was the plan" "hahahahahaha" then Harry sat back down then handed Scarlett and Liam a water bottle then they both said "thank you" then Liam began to talk to the security guard who was sitting next to him who's name was Brandon but they called him "Brad'' for short then Harry said "is there more cake?" "yes here take the rest I'm cake wasted" "what does that mean?" "I ate too much cake" "hahahahahaha okay" "yup" then Paul said "2 more hours till landing everyone" then Scarlett got her phone and checked her phone to see what time it was going to be in New York when and when she checked she noticed that it was going to be 1or 2am when they landed then she went on Facebook and changed her profile picture to the one of her, Harry, and Liam with the frosting on her face then she also changed it for her Instagram then Harry said "you okay love?" "yes I'm fine" "how's your back?" "good it doesn't hurt" "your side?" "it' good too since I'm not laughing" "I've noticed that" "yeah" "are you sure your okay?" "just thinking" "about what?" "all this that has been happening to me" "oh" "like it makes me think of back then well of what I would always tell Veronica" "what was that?" "that I wish I could get adopted by Liam and that I would've dated you and become part of the family" "I see now" "and it happened both of those did" "I know they did" "and then I always tell myself that if Liam didn't adopt me that day and adopted another girl I would've been dead as of yesterday" "what!?" "I told Liam about that" "about what?" "that if he would've never adopted me the orphanage would've let me go at 18 so I had no where to go, no home, no family, no money, so I was planning to end it all" "I see now' "yeah but then I think to myself that I'm so grateful for what I have right now which is why I don't except anymore like I have everything I've always wanted" "and what's that?" "loving family, nice home, people who care for me, good friends, clothes, a place to sleep, food, and lastly a wonderful boyfriend" "now that's cheesy" "it's the truth though" "I know it is" "so that's what I've been thinking about lately" "princess anytime you want to talk I'm here for you okay" "okay thank you Harry" "your welcome my love" then Harry kissed her cheek then Scarlett smiled at him.

Then 2 hours later they had landed in New York when they got off the plane and made sure they had everything which was all there luggage and then the cake well what was left of it then they got in vans and made there way to the hotel when they got there they walked in and Paul went to go get the rooms for everyone then as they were waiting Harry said "you okay?" "yeah I'm tired though" "I think we all are" "probably" then Liam came back and said "okay let's go to our floor" Scarlett said "we get our own floor for all of us?" "yup" "awesome" then they got in the elevator and went to the 10th floor then when they got there Liam handed Scarlett and Veronica a key card then the rest then he said "two people per room Paul's order" then Scarlett walked to room 10023 then opened the door and walked in then there was a knock on the door then she opened it and then saw Harry there then she smiled then he said "maybe it was fate?" then Liam said "no funny business you two" Scarlett said "or maybe it was a Liam" Harry then said "Liam we won't I promise it's just like if we were at home" then he said "goodnight you two" Scarlett said "goodnight dad'' Harry said "night Liam" then Harry closed the door then Scarlett got her pajamas then went to the bathroom and changed then she put those clothes in the suitcase then she got her blanket and folded it then Harry turned off the lights then they both laid in the bed then Harry said "goodnight babe" "goodnight love" "I love you princess" "I love you too" Harry then kissed Scarlett then they both eventually fell asleep.

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