Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


23. Chapter 23 (Scarlett's Birthday, One Direction movie, Union J Concert)

The next morning when Scarlett woke up she looked at the time to see that it was 10:30am she got up made her bed then got clothes then went to go shower when she got out she had on a black skirt with a white One Direction shirt then she put on her converse then she began to curl her hair when she finished she did her make-up then her phone began to ring she looked at it then said "hello" "hey Scarlett" "hey Veronica what's up?" "just called to see if your awake" "I just woke up" "okay I'm going to your room" "okay" then the door opened then Veronica said "hi" "hey" "you look pretty'' "thank you" "how do you feel?" "good" "that's good" "yeah well I'm hungry" "oh god" then they both went downstairs then Scarlett went to the kitchen and looked in the oven to see the pizza bagels from yesterday still in there then she got a cookie sheet and put them in there then she turned on the oven then put the bagels in there then Veronica said "there's more of them?" "yeah a couple" "well we both know that there's plenty of cupcakes" "I think I made too much" "nah it's good" "oh god" then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hey Scarlett" "hey Valerie" "happy birthday" "thank you" "so what are you doing today?" "um I'm going to the movies and spending the day with the family" "oh nice" "yeah" "well have a good day and I'll talk to you later" "okay bye" "bye" then Scarlett hung up her phone then Veronica said "Valerie?" "yeah" then her phone began to ring again she answered it and said "hello" "heyy" "hii" "oh my gosh Happy Birthday" "thank you very much" "so what are you doing for your big 1-8 birthday?" "movies" "nice" "to see the One Direction movie duh" "oh I'm going tomorrow" "hahahahahaha crap" "what?" "nothing'' "anyways I called before I went to sleep I'll talk to you soon" "hahahahahaha okay then bye" "bye" then the oven beeped and Scarlett took out the pizza and gave some to herself and Veronica then they sat on the table then as they were eating Ashton walked in the kitchen then said "hello girls" Scarlett said "hey Ashton" then Scarlett's phone began to beep she looked at her phone to see a message from Harry she looked at the message and it said "Good Morning my beautiful princess, Happy 18th Birthday my love, I love you so much babe, oh are you awake already hahahahahaha" then Scarlett texted back "good morning love and thank you so much, I love you too and yes I'm awake I'm in the kitchen with Veronica and Ashton eating" then Liam walked in the kitchen then said "morning" they all said "morning" then Ashton said "oh Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett, my friend, buddy" "yes Ashton" "Happy 18th Birthday" "thank you Ashton" "hug now?" "eh might as well" then Scarlett hugged Ashton then she sat back down then Liam said "Happy Birthday love" "thank you dad" Scarlett hugged Liam then he kissed the top of her head then he said "has your back hurt today?" "no not yet should I take a pill before I go to the movies?" "just to be sure yeah" "okay when I leave" "so did you finish packing last night?" "yeah I think I got everything I'll make sure I got everything later" "okay" "yeah" then Scarlett put her plate in the dishwasher then got a water bottle then someone hit her leg she looked to see Theo there she said "hi little buddy" then he laughed then held his hands up for Scarlett to pick him up then she got him then went outside with him then she sat on the bench with him making him laugh and tickling him then Scarlett got him and held him in the air with him laughing then she went into the little house and seen that no one was in there then she checked the time and seen that it was 11:25am then she sat with Theo on the couch then Theo played with the Xbox control then the door opened then Harry walked in then he said "there you are" Scarlett looked at Harry then smiled and said "I'm here" then he sat down then he said "Happy Birthday princess" "thank you love" Harry hugged Scarlett then he kissed her cheek then he said "you look beautiful" "thank you, like the shoes" "oh very" "oh god can't laugh" "sorry" "it's okay" "the shoes do go with it though" "hahahahahaha good" "it's really hard for you not to laugh huh?" "oh yeah it's very hard I sometimes have to hide the pain cause I don't want to worry the others" "I know you don't" "hey how come you didn't sleep in my room last night?" "I was packing for tour last night and I got to tired and I just decided to sleep in my room" "makes sense" "hahahahahaha yeah" "so what time are we leaving?" "we can leave now it's 12:05pm" "okay then" then Scarlett got Theo then they walked in the house then Scarlett put Theo on the couch then she went to Liam who was at the table then she said "hey dad" "hey love" "were leaving already" "don't forget to take your pill" "oh right" "hahahahahaha" "I'll be right back" "okay" then Scarlett went to her room and went in her suitcase and got her pills out and took one with a water bottle that she had in her room already after she took the pill she went back to the kitchen then she said "okay I took it" "alright then" then Harry walked in then said "your ready?" "yup" then Scarlett added "bye dad be back in a bit" "bye love have fun" "thank you" then Scarlett and Harry walked out of the house then Harry said "car or walk?" "how far if we walk?" "a couple minutes" "walk" "okay" then they walked to the theaters as they were walking Harry held Scarlett's had then he said "you don't mind do you?" "not at all" "I know we have been waiting but what better time to go public then on your birthday" "hahahahahaha god, I think that's a perfect time'' "hahahahahaha that's good"

When they got to the theaters it was 12:35pm and the movie starts at 12:55pm then Harry got the tickets for the movie then they went to go get some snacks and a drink after that they went to the theater room then sat down and as they sat down the theater began to get filled with more people and a little while the movie had began during the movie Harry whispered to Scarlett "these girls are something else'' Scarlett said "I would act like that if you were not here" "oh god" then Scarlett looked at Harry with a smile then Harry smiled back then they watched the rest of the movie. When it finished al the girls got up to leave and Scarlett and Harry stood seated then a little while later one of the movie workers went up to Harry and whispered something in his ear then he left then Harry said "the movie isn't over yet" then the lights went down then Ed showed up on the screen then he said "hey Scarlett it's Ed here just wanted to wish you a very special 18th birthday take care love" then Taylor showed up on the screen next then she said "hello Scarlett so I just wanted to say Happy Birthday have a good one cause you only turn 18 once and let's see when you can hang out so we can have some girl time together" then Little Mix was next then Jade said "Hello Scarlett we were informed that one you were part of the family now and two it's your birthday" then they all said "Happy 18th Birthday Scarlett" then Union J was next then George Shelly said "hello Scarlett so I was told that you were a fan of our band and two it's your birthday" then they all said "Happy 18th Birthday Scarlett" Josh Cuthbert said "Have an amazing day don't let anyone bring you down this is your special day not there's" Jaymi Hensley said "since your a fan of the band we have a little surprise for you" JJ Hamblett said "we sent you two tickets to come see us perform tonight yes that's right tonight the 15th at the 02 arena" then Harry held out the tickets then Scarlett said "oh my gosh" then lastly The Vamps showed up on the screen then Brad said "Hello Scarlett well we were told that it's your birthday today so Happy 18th Birthday" then James said "have a wonderful day take care but most importantly..." Tristan said "don't talk to strangers" James said "no what I meant to say was have fun you only turn 18 once so live for the moment cause you only live once" Tristan said "Yolo" then Connor said "anyways as a birthday gift we sent you two tickets and two backstage passes to come see us perform in New York on Monday as we were told you would be in New York on Monday anyways hope to see you there" then the lights went on then Harry held out those concert tickets then she said "best birthday ever" "I'm glad you liked it" "thank you so much for this Harry it means a lot to me" "your welcome my love" "I didn't expect that" "well you did say to get you things out of love and creativity" "that was creative" "I had planned it since you told me about your birthday and I was thinking of who I can put in the video and I seen your door then I asked them" "how did you get Taylor and Ed in it?" "oh that I actually went myself to film I know your thinking if it was weird to be in the same room as your ex but I didn't care I really wanted to do this for you" "well thank you so much for this Harry" "your welcome princess" "now we got two concerts to go too oh yeah" "I'm going with you?" "yeah your going with me or you don't want to?" "yeah I do I just thought you would go with Veronica?" "no she doesn't listen to Union J" "oh no wonder" "yeah so I want you to go with me" "I'll go to the concert with you" "yay I love you so much" "hahahahahaha I love you too" then Scarlett smiled at him then Harry smiled back then Harry began to lean in slowly until his lips met Scarlett's lips then a few seconds later he said "gift number 2 down" "hahahahahaha" "well let's get back to the house now" then they got up making sure to get all there trash to throw away then walked home holding hands, when they got home Scarlett and Harry went to the living room then Scarlett sat at the table and noticed that more than half of the cupcakes were gone then Scarlett got one and ate it while she was on her phone then she went on twitter and tweeted "Literally the best birthday ever thanks to @LittleMix @TheVampsband @taylorswift13 @edsheeran @UnionJworld for the birthday messages and the gifts" then Harry sat next to her then Scarlett looked at him and smiled then Harry said "so did you like the movie" "I loved it, I felt like I was at the concert" "that was kind of the point" "hahahahahaha crap, I loved it though" "we get our copy in 2 weeks" "awesome" then Niall walked in the kitchen then said "hey you two lovebirds" Scarlett said "hi Niall" "oh did you both go see the movie?" "of course we went" "I didn't see you both there?" "maybe another theater?" "probably" "yeah" "oh before I forget Happy Birthday" "thank you Niall" then Niall gave Scarlett a hug then Scarlett had seen Michael outside she got up then she went outside and yelled "Hi Loser!" "buddy" "oh god"  "what are you doing?" "not much I'm going to be leaving in a while" "to where?" "Union J concert" "perfect" "what?" "nothing do you know how good the seats are?" "not sure Harry has the tickets" "oh okay" "what are you guys doing?" "we have to go do some band stuff for the night also" "oh lame'' "hahahahahaha not really" "okay" "Happy Birthday Buddy!" "thank you Mikey" Michael then hugged Scarlett then she said "have you seen Liam or Eleanor?" "nope" "lame" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett went back in the house then Veronica said "oh Scarlett where are you at?" "table Veronica" Veronica went to the table then she said "hi Harry" he then said "hi" then Veronica said "me and Niall got you something" "what no you didn't have to" "you got me something for my birthday why can't I get you something?" "cause I don't want you guys spending your money" "but you're going to like this" ''what is it then?" "Niall got me and you a free shopping spree to there One Direction world store in New York" "oh my gosh are you serious?" "yup it's for reals" "oh my gosh thank you so much like this has been the best birthday ever" ''your welcome" Niall said "your very welcome" Veronica said "what else did you get today?" "um stuff" "like what?" "Harry had Ed, Taylor, Little Mix, Union J, and The Vamps tell me happy birthday then I got concert tickets to see Union J tonight and The Vamps on Monday" "awesome now if I listened to them I would be happy and excited but I don't but I'm happy for you and have fun at both of the concerts" "hahahahahaha" Harry said "both of the concerts are front row" Scarlett said "oh yes" Veronica said "who are you going with to the concert tonight?" "Harry" "awwww it's like a date" "oh god Veronica your too much" "what?" "nothing" "okay" then Liam walked in the kitchen then said "hey your back already" "yeah" "how was the movie?" "amazing so watching it when we get it on dvd" "hahahahahaha" "I tried to keep my cool though cause Harry was there but if he wasn't there I would've so died" "oh god" "but I survived" I see that" then someone said "Honey I'm Home!" Scarlett said "who's that?" Liam said "Louis" then Louis walked in the kitchen then said "just there person I wanted to see" then they all laughed then Louis yelled "Happy Birthday Scarlett!!" "thank you Louis" then Louis hugged Scarlett then she said "Louis too tight my back" "oh sorry" then he let go then Scarlett sat down then she got another cupcake then Liam said "love" "yeah dad?" "come here please" Scarlett then got up and went to Liam then he said "you okay?" "kinda my back hurts" "I'm sorry I should've told him" "it's okay I'll be back" then Scarlett got her phone then went to her room and got her pills then she went to the bathroom and threw some water on her face then went back to the kitchen then she told Liam "dad can I take another one?" Liam looked at the bottle then said "yeah it says whenever you feel pain" "okay" then Scarlett got a water bottle then went to the table with the others then Veronica said "are you okay?" "my back hurts" "we should've warned him" "I know that's what Liam said but don't worry about it I'm fine" then Scarlett took a pill then she went up to Liam then she said "dad I'm sorry we had to cancel the bonfire" "it's fine love we can always do it another time" "I know but the parents won't be here" "I know like Harry's, Niall's, and my parents are leaving right now and Louis' parents left last night" "lame"

Then about 5 minutes later Niall's family had left then Harry's mom walked in the kitchen then said "Harry were leaving" then Harry said "bye mum I'll see you soon" "bye love be safe on tour" "I will" then Anne said "bye Scarlett it was nice to meet you" "you too" "Oh and Happy Birthday" "thank you" then Anne hugged her then she said "bye" to Robin and Gemma then Liam's family were leaving as well so Scarlett went to the front with Liam then his dad said "bye Liam" "bye dad" "bye Scarlett it was so lovely to met our granddaughter" "bye it was nice to meet you too" then his mom said "bye Scarlett I'll see you soon love, I was glad to finally meet you" "me too" "Happy Birthday" ''thank you" then she got Scarlett's hand then let go then Scarlett opened her hand then his mom said "from me and your grandpa" "thank you both so much" Scarlett said hugging them both then they got in there car and drove off then Liam said "that was nice of them" "dad I didn't want to take it" "why?" "I don't like taking people's money" "love they thought about you" "I know they did and I'm grateful for that" "good" then Scarlett hugged Liam then he hugged her back, then a car pulled up to the driveway then the car doors opened and closed Scarlett looked to see Perrie running to her then Liam said "don't hug her too tight she's having back problems right now" Perrie said "okay" then she added "Happy Birthday Scarlett" "thank you Perrie" "how old now?" "18" "hahahahahaha yay" "oh I saw your birthday video from the band" "you did?" "yeah thank you" "your welcome" then Zayn said "a little help here" Scarlett looked to see Zayn holding some balloons and a cake then there was some more stuff in the car then Scarlett went up to Zayn then he handed her the cake and balloons then she went up to Liam then he said "let's go put that in the freezer" "oh yes ice cream cake" "yup" "that's my favorite" "hahahahahaha good" then they walked inside then Veronica said "whoa!" "I know" then Scarlett tied the balloons to the chair then noticed that the balloons were One Direction balloons then she put the cake in the freezer then Zayn walked in with gifts then he said "where's Veronica?" then Veronica said "I heard my name" Perrie said "so I know your birthday passed but we got you a late birthday gift" "thank you guys" then they handed her three boxes then Zayn said "and Scarlett we got you something too" "What? Why! I don't like people wasting there money on me" Harry said "she told me that too and imagine I'm her boyfriend" then Zayn handed her 4 boxes then said "well Happy Birthday Scarlett" "thank you" then she hugged him then hugged Perrie then she opened the gifts then in one box had a Little Mix shirt then she took it out and there was an envelope in it then she got it then opened it to see a ticket and backstage pass to a Little Mix show in New York on Wednesday then she said "oh my life too many concert tickets today thank you so much" then Veronica said "you got one too?" "yes for Wednesday" "me too" "yes were going" "oh yeah we are" then in another box was the One Direction make-up kit, there perfume, and there book then she said "thank you so much" in the next box was a 1D blanket and a Little Mix poster that was signed then Scarlett said "is this really signed by you girls?" Zayn said "yup yours and Veronica's are" 'awesome" then the last box was a small little box she opened it to find a necklace that had Harry's old paper airplane charm on it then Scarlett said "thank you both so much" then they both said "your welcome" then Scarlett threw the wrapping paper in the trash then she got her stuff and put it in the bigger box and took it all up to her room when she got there she put everything on her bed then went back to the kitchen then she checked the time and it was 4:55pm then she said "Harry?" "yes love" "what time are we leaving?" "well it starts at 6:10 so we will leave at 5:10" "okay" then Zayn said "where are you going?" "Union J concert" "now I get why you said too many concert tickets today" "yeah and I'm seen The Vamps on Monday and Little Mix on Wednesday so awesome" "then our concerts start on Friday" "oh yeah even more awesome" "hahahahaha" then Harry said "your going to change?" "just my shirt" "okay then'' then Scarlett got up and went to her room went to her room then looked for a shirt to wear that would match her skirt then she decided to wear a white shirt that had a mustache on it then she got her curler and did her hair again then 15 minutes later she was done then someone said "hey" she looked and seen Harry there then she said "hi my love" "what are you doing?" "getting ready" "I see that and let me be the first to tell you that you look beautiful" "thank you my love" Scarlett then kissed his cheek then he said "almost ready?" "yup" "okay well were leaving soon" "okay" then they both went downstairs then Liam said "love are you going to put these balloons in your room?" "yeah let me take them now" then Scarlett untied them from the chair and took them to her room and tied them to her desk then she closed her door and went downstairs then her phone beeped then she looked and seen that she had a text from Michael it said "Did you ever find out the seats for your concert tonight?" "oh yeah I was going to tell you but you all left there front row tickets" "oh good seats" "I know hahahahaha my shirt has a mustache on it" "oh god" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett sat at the table then Veronica sat next to her then she said "your hair looks so nice curly" "thank you" "who did it?" "I did" "it looks so pretty" "thanks" "I'm so excited for the Little Mix concert" "oh god so many concerts for me" "I'm wearing the shirt that was in the gift" "me too hahahahaha" "yes twins again" "oh you know it" "oh god" "can't laugh wanting to laugh so bad" ''I bet" 'this is going to be difficult not to laugh" "I know it is" "yeah" then Harry said "princess time to go" "okay" then she said "well I'll be home later" "okay then bye" "bye" then Scarlett went to her room got her car charger then went to Liam then said "bye dad" "bye love have fun" "thank you and we will be back later" "okay" then Scarlett got in Harry's car then plugged in her car charger to charge her phone then they were on there on there way to the arena when they got there Scarlett got her phone and it was fully charged then she unplugged the charger then her and Harry walked in the arena holding hands when they found there seats they sat down then Scarlett said "is someone opening up for them?" "yeah" "who?" "you will see" then Scarlett looked to see what time it was and it was 5:57pm then the lights went down and no other than 5 Seconds Of Summer went on then at 7:30 Union J had went on then at 9:02 before they had finished the concert 5 Seconds Of Summer went back on the stage then George said "before we go I need you guys to do me a favor" Ashton said "okay London will you all help us sing Happy Birthday to a good friend of ours she's in the crowd tonight" Michael said "on the count of 3 ready 1....2...3" then the whole crowd began to sing "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Scarlett, happy birthday to you" then the crowd cheered then Calum said "Happy 18th Birthday Scarlett from 5SOS to you we all love you" then JJ said "well thank you for coming out tonight get home safe" then the lights went on then Michael went to where Scarlett and Harry were at then he said "hey buddy" "Mikey" "so what did you think?" "thank you" "it was our idea to sing you happy birthday" "thank you all so much well let me tell you I was surprised" "I bet" "yeah" "well I'll see you at home" "okay" then Scarlett and Harry walked to his car then got in and went home then Harry said "did you have fun?" "yes you?" "I had fun being there with you" "hahahahaha your so cute" "you too" then when they got home Scarlett got her charger then when they got in the house Scarlett had went to her room then put her charger away then got her warm pajamas then changed then she put her hair in a braid then took off the mascara she was wearing then cleaned her face then she put on a fluffy socks then went back downstairs then when Liam saw her he said "how was the concert?" "amazing 5sos opened up for them and both bands or whatever sang me Happy Birthday" "that was nice of them" "I know it was Michael's idea" "so he does have a heart?" "well yeah dad he's not dead" "hahahahaha true" "oh god" then Eleanor walked in the kitchen then she said "hey Scarlett" "hey El" "so I got you something" "you too" "yes now shhh you will love this" Louis then walked in holding a little tray of cookies and cake pops Scarlett walked up to Louis and noticed that the cookies were the 1D boys and the cake pops were the 5SOS boys Scarlett then said "oh my life this is so cute thank you so much" "your welcome these are yours I had the bakery make some for the guys so they get to eat there own heads" "hahahahaha that is too funny" "right'' "thank you so much Eleanor you too Louis" they both said "your welcome" then Louis put the stuff down on the counter then went to go get the others out from the car then Liam said "so now it's my turn for my surprise" "what did you get me like I don't know what more I could possibly get I have everything I've always wanted like what more could I get?" Liam then handed her a box then he said "open it" Scarlett opened the box and there was car keys in the box then Scarlett said "keys?" then Liam got Scarlett by the hand and walked her to the front then Liam said "for your new car!" "OH MY GOSH! AHHHH A CAR FOR ME! OH MY GOD THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH DAD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOUR THE BEST!!!" then Liam said "your welcome love, wait do you know how to drive?" "the orphanage taught me" "oh" then they went inside then Liam said "well we have to be up at 5am you should go get rest" "okay then" "I'm going to head to bed then good night dad" "good night love" then Scarlett went to her room then as she walked in Harry said "hey" "hi" Scarlett put her keys on her desk then Harry said "your going to sleep?" "yeah I'm tired" "okay" "want to join me" "of course'' then Harry closed the room door then he said "good night princess I love you" Scarlett said "good night love, I love you too" then Harry kissed her then they both fell asleep.

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