Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


21. Chapter 21(Bowling, Day 4 With Eleanor, Hospital Again)

The next morning when Eleanor woke up she got up and walked out of Louis room as she walked out Harry walked out of his room then he said "morning El" "morning Harry" then Eleanor began to walk to Scarlett's room then Harry said "are you going to wake her up?" "no not yet it's only 10:25am" "oh okay good" "hahahahaha why?" "Scarlett, Veronica, and Liam stood up till 8am" "what?" "yeah" "oh she's going to be tired" "I know where are you taking her today?" "me, Veronica, and her are going bowling" "oh nice" "yeah but it's cosmic bowling so night time thing" "so she can sleep in?" "yup" "hahahahaha good" then they had went downstairs. Then at 1:15pm Liam had woke up he then went into Scarlett's room and seen that they were still asleep then he went downstairs with the others.
At 3:15pm Scarlett and Veronica had finally woke up then Scarlett said "what time is it?" Veronica looked at her phone then said "holy crap it's 3:16pm" "in the morning?" "hahahahaha no in the afternoon" "what!?" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett got up and fixed her hair then used the bathroom, brushed her teeth then when she walked in the room Veronica walked in the room with clothes in her hand then she said "I'm going to go shower" "go ahead" then Veronica got in the shower then Scarlett stepped outside then went back inside and got clothes cause she was going to shower after Veronica then when Veronica got out Scarlett went in and took a shower when she got out Veronica yelled out "TWINS!!" Scarlett looked and noticed that they were both wearing there 5 Seconds Of Summer shirt and they were exactly the same then Scarlett laughed then got her 5SOS bracelet and put it on then Veronica began to blow dry her hair  then Scarlett put on her shoes then put on mascara then when Veronica finished she did Scarlett's hair then Scarlett had left it down for once then she got a black bandana and put it on like a headband then as Veronica finished getting ready she got her phone and texted Liam "Good Morning father" Liam texted back "morning hahahahaha well I see you both slept in" "told you I was going to sleep the entire day" "hahahahaha well you got lucky you are doing a night activity again" "thank god I was starting to feel bad" "hahahahaha your good" "yay" "come down so you both can eat" "who's down there?" "the parents, Eleanor, Louis, me, Niall and Harry" "where's the 5sos boys?"  "they had to work" "lame" "hahahahaha" "we will be down soon" "okay then" When Veronica finished Scarlett said "bandana or fedora?" Veronica said "bandana" "okay good" "hahahahaha" "oh Liam said for us to go downstairs to eat" "oh okay twin let's go" "wait!" "what?" "selfie first" "hahahahaha okay" then Veronica stood behind Scarlett so her shirt would show and Scarlett put the phone high so her shirt would show as well then she took the picture then they started to walk when they got to the stairs Veronica held her arm as Scarlett typed away on her phone Scarlett then posted the picture on Instagram with the caption "twins hahahahaha matching with the bestie oh I also just dyed my hair too hahahahaha" then posted the same thing on twitter tagging Veronica in both then Scarlett put her phone in her pocket then Veronica "everyone is going to think were mental waking up at 3 in the afternoon"  "hahahahaha I don't think so" "you never know" "hahahahaha" "can we skip late night workout tonight and start tomorrow" "yes I was thinking the same thing" "hahahahaha sleep" "yes" then they both laughed then Liam walked up to them then said "I was just going to go get you both" Scarlett said "where here" "I see that oh nice shirts matching I see" "hahahahaha wasn't planned" Veronica said "it just happened" Liam said "I see" "yeah" "well let's go feed you both I made Mac&Cheese" then they walked to the kitchen when they got there Liam's mom was in there she said "Scarlett hi" "hello" "I haven't seen you since the waterpark" "yeah I know I was busy yesterday" "oh makes sense" "hahahahaha yeah" then Liam gave them there food then they went to the table then Scarlett sat with her back to everyone then Veronica got out her phone then said "can you send me the picture we took?" "sure" then Scarlett sent Veronica the picture then after that she went on Instagram and liked a bunch of pictures like she always does then someone said "hi girls" they both looked to see Eleanor, Scarlett and Veronica "hey El" then she sat down then Scarlett said "did my sleep mess up out plans for today?" "oh no don't worry about it where the three of us are going is a night thing" "not another concert is it?" "hahahahaha no" "okay then cause I'm too tired for that" "hahahahaha well were going requires a little strength" "where is that?" "cosmic bowling'' "oh fun" Veronica said "yay I can't wait" Eleanor said "I see your both matching" Scarlett said "it wasn't planned it just happened" Veronica said "it's like my brain told Scarlett to wear that shirt cause I was going to be wearing it too" Eleanor said "hahahahaha or because your fans" Scarlett said "well yeah that too" then the three of them laughed then Eleanor said "oh gosh Scarlett you did your hair also" Scarlett said "yeah I went yesterday when you both went to do Veronica's hair" "oh hahahahaha I like it" "hahahahaha that's what Liam said" then when Scarlett finished she put her plate in the sink then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" then she walked to her room "hey Scarlett it's Valerie" "oh hi ha" "what are you doing?" "um not much just here at home" "oh are you busy today?" "yeah I'm busy but not till later why?" "oh how about Saturday?" "oh I'm packed busy on Saturday I'm going to the movies and shopping with some of the guys then after that were doing a family thing" "oh how about after that?" "I'm going to be out of town for months I'm going to America" "oh lame" "yeah then tomorrow I'm busy too not sure what I'm going to do since this week has been nothing but surprises" "oh no you hate surprises" "yeah I know" "they better not throw you a surprise party" "hahahahaha I told Liam in case he was planning to" "hahahahaha" "me and Veronica still have the video from that night" "your party?" "yeah" "oh" "well I just put it on my laptop this week cause I'm going to do something with it" "oh I see" "yeah so we both have it" "that's cool well I had called to see if you wanted to meet up somewhere" "oh I would say yes but since I was out all day yesterday I haven't spent anytime with the boys so I am going to do that today" "oh" "yeah so I'm going to spend the day with them" "how about Veronica is she busy?" "yeah she is too sorry" "oh it's fine, well then I'll let you go I'll talk to you later" "okay then bye" "bye" then Scarlett put her phone in her pocket then walked to the front and laid on the grass looking at the sky then a car pulled up to in the driveway then they said "Scarlett" she looked to see Zayn there Scarlett said "hey Zayn" "what's wrong?" "nothing" "you don't just sit out here alone without either Harry, Veronica or Liam'' "well they don't know I'm out here and Harry hasn't talked to me since the night of the waterpark" "is he mad at you'' "no he just hasn't talked to me" "oh" "cause if he's mad I don't know why I didn't do anything wrong" "hahahahaha" "yeah" "I know something is bothering you" "just stuff on my mind" "do you want to talk about it" "wait isn't Perrie in the car?" "no she's at her house I came to pick up some stuff that I needed" "oh" "so let's talk" Zayn said sitting on the grass "okay then" "hahahahaha" "well I don't know if I told you about Veronica's sister?" "yeah you told me she passed away cause she has cancer" "yeah well that's what we thought until I went on twitter yesterday and seen Luke with a girl who everyone thought was Veronica" "oh no" "yeah but Veronica has blue hair now as of yesterday this girl had brown hair so we looked for Luke and found then we talked and turns out that girl is Veronica's sister who we thought was dead for two years" "wow" "yeah Veronica is not ready to talk to her" "why not shouldn't you both be happy?" "we should until she told us that she moved her a year ago if she wanted us in her life she would've went back home to tell her parents and Veronica that she was okay" "true" "Veronica's family had gone through hell excuse my language and for her to think it would be okay and we can go back to the way things were but no it's not that easy I got put through so much with her fake death" "wait didn't you guys have a funeral?" "yeah it was a closed coffin" "oh" "now I see why" "there's an empty coffin in the ground right now?" "yeah there is, it's reserved for her already" "hahahahaha" "oh god that sounded mean" "your too caring Scarlett" "I know I try to be mean but I can't I'm too nice" 'but then it's a good thing cause people will treat you nice as well" "yeah I know" "so don't take it as a bad thing" "oh trust me I do have a bad temper though'' "how bad?" "remember the photoshoot with Eleanor?" "yeah" "I punched a guy that day" "oh god why?" "he got on my nerves trying to flirt with me and telling me that Harry was using me" "oh then he deserved it" "right that's what I said" "hahahahaha" "then yesterday another guy was flirting with me I almost punched him but Veronica got there just in time before I did punch him" "hahahahaha" "I hate that now all of a sudden guys flirt with me no one ever did that when I lived in L.A." "that is weird" "yeah maybe it's cause I'm American but I don't know I hate it" "well yeah I know you do"  "well I'm going to go get what I need then go back to Perrie's cause her family is coming over tonight for dinner" "oh then you better hurry" "hahahahaha seriously'' then Zayn got up and went inside then a couple of minutes later he walked out and walked up to Scarlett then he said "bye Scarlett" "bye Zayn have fun" "hug?" "hahahahaha okay" then Scarlett got up and then Zayn hugged her as he hugged her he said "don't think that situation over too much maybe it was fate for you three to meet up again" "yeah maybe" "so don't let this get to you okay" "okay well actually she has my number and I have hers" "has she called you?" "yeah today" "just take baby steps" "okay take it slow" "yeah" "hahahahaha thanks Zayn" "your welcome" "you better get going" "oh I know" then Zayn got in the car and drove off. Then Scarlett's phone began to ring again she answered it and said "hello" "hi it's me again" "hahahahaha what happened" "I'm bored" "same" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett put Valerie on speaker then texted Liam that's he was going for a walk then Scarlett said "meet me at the park okay" "Oh I'm already here" "oh hahahahaha" "I'm by the swings" "okay I'm on my way" ''okay bye" "bye" then Scarlett quickly went inside and got  cardigan and her earphones then she quickly walked out of the house and walked out of the house and walked to the park listening to music when she got to the park she walked to the swings and when she seen Valerie she turned off her music and walked to the bench she was sitting on and sat next to her then she said "hey" "hi" "how you been?" "good and you?" "same hahahahaha"  "look I know this is a bit weird for you'' "um it kind of is" "well your not the only one who reacted like that" "who else?" "my brother so after I got out of the hospital I was going home to tell my parents what happened and when he seen me I told him what happened and he got mad and told me to not even bother" "Valerie you shouldn't have took it the bad way haven't you ever wanted to try again" "you have no idea how much I've been thinking about going back and telling them" "what's stopping you?" "that there going to be mad and want nothing to do with me" "it's worth a shot'' "true but I've never stopped thinking about you and Veronica I wanted to find you both first and now that I have I feel like Veronica wants nothing to do with me that's how I feel my parents are going to act" "Valerie, Veronica is just shocked give it some time she will warm up to you again just don't give up on her keep trying to be in her life and if she doesn't want to then you still got me okay" "okay" "I mean yeah I was shocked at first but I talked to one of the guys about it" "they know about me?" "well they think your dead cause when Liam adopted me I was quiet, always crying, and depressed cause of your 'fake' death" "oh" "but this morning Zayn knew there was something bugging me so we talked about it and he said that I shouldn't let this get to me cause maybe it wasn't your time to go" "I guess so to" "you do know that there is an empty coffin in the ground with your name on the tombstone" "what?" "yup in LA" "it's reserved for me hahahahaha" "yeah they will just have to change the date you died" "oh god I can't believe that" "Valerie I think you should go back home" "why?" "your parents are still struggling, with this your room, oh your mom hasn't touched a thing in there Veronica used to just go in there and cry" "what if she touched things now?" "nope I was there like 3 weeks ago" "oh still live in the same place" "yup" "I don't know" "just think about it okay" "okay I will" "what if my brother tells me off or something" "he moved out he no longer lives there his room was empty when I went" "oh" "just give it a try okay" "I'll think about it" "okay" "I feel like this is all a dream, you getting adopted by Liam Payne, Veronica dating Niall, me dating Luke, seen you both here, living in London" "yeah I feel the same way" "maybe it was fate" "maybe it was hahahahaha" then Scarlett's phone began to ring she said "sorry about that" "no it's okay just take it" Scarlett answered it and said "hello" "hi princess" "hi love" "where are you at?" "I'm out with a friend why?" "Awwwww I wanted to spend some time with you since you were everywhere yesterday" "I was on my own the whole day till Veronica joined me already in the night" "oh" "you were in the game room with all the lads" "yeah I know hahahahaha" "I think your brain got fried" "not really I didn't play any games" "then what were you doing?" "our personal trainer came over yesterday so me, Niall, and Louis were working out" "ohhhhh makes sense" "hahahahaha when are you going to come home?" "soon" "Awwww" "your too much curly" "hahahahaha then we didn't get to cuddle last night" "I was on a date last night" "I seen that" "my date went all the way till 7:35 in the morning" "oh party girl" "no no no" "hahahahaha I'll let you go see you soon" "okay bye" "bye" "I love you" "I love you too" then Scarlett put her phone back in her pocket then Valerie said "Scarlett I'm so sorry to cut this short but Luke is going to stop by my house in a bit" "okay then I'll talk to you soon" "okay then bye" "bye" then Valerie got up and left then Scarlett got her phone then called Harry when he answered he said "yes my love" "hahahahaha oh god" "hahahahaha'' "what are you doing?" "um let's see I'm in my room laying in bed talking to my princess" "hahahahaha" "how about you?" "um I'm on a bench talking to my love" "hahahahaha" "so your busy?" "not at all" "I'm not either" "I thought you were with your friend" "she had to go" "oh so your alone" "technically not alone in a room I'm alone as in surrounded by people that I don't know alone" "hahahahaha" "that sounded smart it sounded better in my head sorry"  "it's okay princess I'm just glad that your not mad at me" "why would I be mad at you?" "cause I didn't text or call you yesterday" "it's okay though I'm not mad" "I would be mad at me" "hahahahahaha I'm not cause I had a feeling you were busy if you were in there so long" "oh true" "that's why I'm not mad" "your so understanding I love it" "hahahahahaha" "so what's new?" "I almost punched a guy again yesterday" "what!? why?" "he was flirting with me even after I told him I was taken" "oh makes sense" "okay so where are you at I'm bored and I want to see you" "I'll go home then" "no no no no no no I'll go to you" "hahahahahaha I'm at the park" "on my way love" "hahahahahaha" "see you soon babe" "see you soon" then Harry hung up then Scarlett put her phone in her pocket then she just sat on the bench waiting for Harry then two little girls around 9 went up to Scarlett then one of the girls said "hi" Scarlett smiled and said "hi" "how are you?" "I'm good how are you?" "I'm good too" "that's good" "why are you alone?" "um well I'm waiting for a friend to come" "oh" "and you girls where's your mom?" "oh we came with my brother but he is with his friends playing football (soccer)" "oh" "yeah, well I'm Jenny and this is Ariana" "it's nice to meet you both I'm Scarlett" "we know who you are your Liam's daughter" "hahahahahaha that is true" "hahahahahaha don't tell my brother we told you this but he knows who you are too" "really?" "yeah he thinks your pretty" "hahahahahaha" "yeah so shhhhh don't tell him we told you" "hahahahahaha okay" then someone said "Jenny, Ariana there you both are" then this guy around 19 went up to them then he said "what have I told you about talking to strangers" "but" "no but's" "it's Scarlett Payne" he then looked at Scarlett then smiled and said "hi" "hello" "um sorry if they bugged you" "oh no they didn't it's fine I don't mind" "I'm Mark" he said holding out his hand Scarlett then shaked his hand and said "I'm Scarlett even though you probably already knew that" "hahahahahaha I kinda did" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett's phone began to ring she picked it up and said "hello" "hi my princess where are you at?" "by the swings I'm on a bench" "on my way my lady" "hahahahahaha okay" then Scarlett put her phone in her pocket then she looked to see Harry walking to her then she said "well it was nice to meet you all but I have to go" Mark said "bye nice meeting you" "you too, bye girls" they both said "bye" then Scarlett walked to Harry then he said "hello my lady" "hi" Harry then hugged Scarlett then he said "what were you doing?" "making friends" "with who?" "children" "hahahahahaha you would" "hey they came up to me" "oh then that's different" "hahahahahaha yeah" "they were fans huh?" "yup even the brother" "oh god" "he was like around my age" "was he a fan of us?" "not sure but he knew who I was" "oh" "hahahahahaha he was a fan of me oh no" "hahahahahaha which girls were they?" "the ones on the bench" "and that's there brother?" "yup" "hahahahahaha" "so where to now?" "um not sure I just wanted to come see you" "hahahahahaha makes sense" "nice shirt" "hahahahahaha thank you" "I like your hair too" "hahahahahaha thank you I actually forgot I dyed it" "hahahahahaha it's the same blue as Veronica" "yeah and I did mine when I went with Liam" "oh I see" "yeah I have ben saying for years that I wanted to dye my hair" "what stopped you?" "bleaching my hair" "oh" "yeah cause I've never dyed my hair so this is my first time and I didn't want to damage it" "makes sense" "hahahahahaha yeah" "so it looks like were walking around" "hahahahahaha I guess" "I don't mind I'm with you so I'm fine with that" "hahahahahaha me too" "hahahahahaha" "Oh before I forget tomorrow night me and Veronica are going to do a girl thing in the house out back so you can sleep in my room" "hahahahahaha it's fine at least I know your going to come to bed" "of course, no more late nights for a while" "hahahahahaha what time did you wake up today?" "3 in the afternoon" "hahahahahaha me and the lads will wake up at the time when were on tour" "oh god hahahahahaha'' then Scarlett's phone rang she got it and said "hello" "hello my lady" "hahahahahaha hi my lady" "where are you at?" "walking with Harry" "well sorry to end your fun but were almost leaving" "okay then" "your on your way right?" "yup" "okay bye" "bye" then Scarlett put her phone in her pocket then she said "Veronica said were almost leaving so I need to get home" "okay" Then they walked back to the house when they got there Scarlett went to her room to put her phone to charge then she took off her cardigan then put it in her closet then her phone began to ring she looked to see that it was a call from Facebook she answered it and said "hello" "hi" "oh my gosh Melissa hi" "how are you doing?" "I'm great and you?" "I'm good too" "that's good" "I know it's like 2 in the morning but I decided to call you I miss you" "it's okay and I miss you too" "so what are you doing?" "um not much just here in my room" "nice nice" "hahahahahaha yeah" "we should hangout again, wait no okay I called to tell you something" "what's that?" "sit down, don't breathe, don't talk" "hahahahahaha" "I got two tickets to see One Direction when they come to L.A." "oh my gosh" "do you want to come with me?" "YES! how good are the seats'' "there not floor seats" "ohhhhh" "I'm so excited" "hahahahahaha I can tell" "I mean floor seats would've been awesome" "true but hey were still going to be going" "true well when can we hangout so we can make plans" "oh crap" "what?" "I'll go with you but I live in London now" "lame" "but let's see if I can go for a couple of weeks to visit you" "hahahahahaha okay" "oh god I miss you so much" "I do too" "hahahahahaha" "hey you have a phone?" "yeah want me to send you my number?" "yeah what kind of phone do you have?" "iPhone" "Face time?"   "of course" "okay talk to you soon" "okay bye" "bye" then when they hung up Scarlett sent Melissa her number the got her earphones and plugged them in her phone then walked downstairs then her phone began to ring she then went outside and said "hello" then Melissa popped up on the screen then she said "it's day time there huh?" "yup" "hahahahahaha" "so guess what?" "what?" "I got adopted by British people" "that's how you live there?" "yup" "nice can I see who?" "oh you really want to know?" "yup" "okay" then Scarlett flipped the camera around then Melissa said "are they nice?" "well I don't have a mom it's just a dad" "is he nice" "oh very, you will see when I find him" "how big is the house?" "Um 12 rooms, 13 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, and more" "wow that is huge" "yeah" "is he rich?" "oh yeah" "hahahahahaha" then Scarlett said "Veronica have you seen my dad?" Melissa said "Veronica Veronica?" Scarlett said "oh I forgot to tell you that she lives with me too" "tell her I said hi" Scarlett then said "Veronica remember Melissa?" Veronica said "of course I do I miss her" "she said hi" "your talking to her?" "face time" "tell her I said hi" Scarlett then said "Melissa she said hi" Veronica said "your father is right there" "thanks" then Scarlett said "dad!" "yes love" "my friend from L.A. wants to meet you" "okay" then Scarlett said "your ready Melissa?" "yup" then Scarlett and Liam went into the little house then Scarlett took off the earphones then she said "Melissa meet my dad Liam, dad my friend Melissa" "OH MY GOD! AHHHHHH OH MY LIFE!!" Liam then said "hi love" "YO- YOUR LIAM PAYNE FROM ONE DIRECTION!!" Melissa said crying "hahahahahaha yes that is me" "oh my life I'm going to see you boys when you come to L.A" "awwww yay" "hahahahahaha" "love are you okay?" "yeah I'm fine" then Scarlett said "well you met my dad" "is that even real?" "oh yeah very real" "oh my life that makes you famous too" "I guess cause now I'm all over twitter when I'm out and about like how they are" "oh my gosh" "hahahahahaha I know" then someone walked in the room and said "hi buddy" "buddy, hey I thought you were at work?" "yeah recording we had to be there at 5 in the morning" "I didn't see you all leave" "it's when you were outside with Veronica" "no wonder" Then Michael sat down then began to play video games then Melissa said "where are you at?" "game room" "there's someone in there huh?" "yup it's my buddy for life" "hahahahahaha who's that?" "Michael" "Michael?" "Michael Clifford" "from 5sos?" "there's no other Michael Clifford that I know" "there also there too?" "yeah cause there going to be touring with 1D" "ohhhh the concert is going to be so much fun" "tell me about it" then someone said "princess?" Scarlett looked and said "yes" "your leaving" "lame" "tell me about it" "I'll be there right now" "okay" then Melissa said "princess?" "that's what they call me" "hahahahahaha" "anyway I have to go um I'll talk to you soon" "okay then bye" then Scarlett got up from the couch then said "bye Mikey" "bye Scarlett" then Scarlett went in the house and went to her room and then Liam said "there outside" "oh okay then bye dad see you later" "bye love" Scarlett then hugged Liam then Harry walked in then Scarlett said "bye Harry" "bye princess" he then opened his arm's so Scarlett can give him a hug then Scarlett gave him his hug then he kissed the top of her head then he said "I love you" "I love you too" then Scarlett kissed his cheek then she walked to the front and said "bye" to Louis and Niall then they got in the car and made there way to the bowling alley. When they got there they paid and got the shoes that they needed then went to the alley that they gave them then they began to bowl as they were bowling Scarlett began to feel light headed and dizzy then Veronica went up to her and said "are you okay" "not really I feel dizzy and light headed" "oh no" then Veronica looked away for a couple of seconds then when she looked back at Scarlett she was passed out on the floor then Veronica yelled "ELEANOR!" ''oh god what happen" "I don't know" then Veronica had called 9-1-1 then a couple of minutes later they had got there and took her to the hospital then they got there stuff plus Scarlett's shoes then they got in Eleanor's car when they were driving to the hospital Veronica had got Scarlett's phone and called Liam when he answered he said "hello" "Liam it's Veronica" she said crying "what's wrong?" Liam asked. "Scarlett" "what's wrong with her?" "she fainted at the bowling alley" "oh my gosh" "were on our way to the hospital" "is she in the car?" "no the ambulance took her" "okay I'm on my way" "okay be careful" "I will" then when they got to the hospital they went to the front desk and asked about Scarlett and the lady said that there wasn't any information yet so they sat in the waiting room then a little while later they seen Liam walking in when he seen them he said "how is she?" "they haven't said anything yet" then Liam sat down the Eleanor said "where's the rest?" "home I came alone" "oh" "El if you want go home?" "no it's okay I want to make sure she is fine" "what happened?" "I don't know we were all having a good time then the next thing I see is her on the floor passed out" "oh". Then Liam looked at Veronica to see that she was crying then Liam sat next to her then he said "hey" "hi" "what happened to her Veronica?" "I don't know she was fine one moment then passed out on the floor the next" "oh" "she looked fine at home what could be wrong with her she didn't do anything she didn't want to do so we know its not a panic attack" "I don't know hopefully it's nothing bad" "me too" then a little while later a doctor walked to the waiting room and said "Scarlett's family" then Liam got up then the doctor said "hello" "hi" "okay so we did all these test to find out what's wrong with her and it's not cancer so that's a good thing" "what is it then?" "that's what I found strange can I ask you something?" "sure" "has she ever gotten beaten or into fights?" "her parents used to beat her I'm her adoptive dad" "oh then no wonder" "why what's wrong?" "I think she fully hasn't healed from those beatings she has broken ribs and a head concussion" "is it serious?" "nothing life threating" "oh thank god" "but the head concussion is what caused her to pass out in seconds" "can it happen again?" "not that I know of" "okay thank you so much doctor" "your welcome" ''can we go see her?" "yes but not tonight we need her to rest and she won't wake up till the morning" "okay thank you so much again" "your welcome'' Then Liam went back to Veronica and Eleanor then Veronica said "what did he say? Is she okay?" "she's okay" Eleanor said "then what happened?" "well it's all from when her parents used to abuse her she still has broken ribs and a head concussion Veronica said "is it life threatening?" "no it's not" Eleanor said "can we go see her?" "not today they want her to rest plus she's not going to wake up till tomorrow so we should go home and rest" Then they walked to there cars and went home when they got home Eleanor and Veronica went straight to there rooms then Ashton said "hey where's Scarlett?" "it's that noticeable huh?" "what do you mean?" "she's in the hospital again" "what?" "yeah she has a head concussion from when her parents used to beat her and broken ribs still" "oh wow" "yeah nothing too serious that's going to kill her" "well that's good but why aren't you there with her?" "they were not going to let me see her till the morning" "oh" "yeah have you seen Harry?" "living room" "thanks" then Liam walked in and seen Harry on the couch watching tv then Harry said "are they back yet?" "um" "what's wrong?" "Scarlett is in the hospital again" "what?" "it's nothing that's going to kill her she's just still recovering from the beatings her parents gave her" "she's not going to die?" "no she's fine" "why aren't you there" "they weren't going to let me see her till the morning" "oh" "yeah well it's late I'm going to go get some rest" "okay night" "night" then Liam went to his room and went to sleep.

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