Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


20. Chapter 20 (Denise Day, Valerie?, Fair with Liam and Veronica, All nighter with Veronica and Liam)


The next morning when Harry woke up he looked to see Scarlett still asleep then he checked the time and seen that it was 9:30am then he got up and went to the bathroom when he got out he seen that Scarlett was sleeping then he walked out of the room closing the door then he went downstairs. Then when Scarlett woke up she looked at the time and seen that it was 1:25pm then she got up opened the curtain in her room to allow light in then she went to the balcony and walked outside then noticed that it was a hot day then Scarlett went back in her room she closed the balcony door then she went to her closet and then got jean shorts and a tank top shirt then went to go shower when she got out she combed her hair and put it in a braid then there was a knock on the door she yelled "come in!" Scarlett went in her room and Eleanor walked in and said "morning" "morning El" "how did you sleep?" "good I slept in I feel so rested now" "that's good, you just woke up?" "hahahahaha yeah" "I thought you've been awake?" "nope" "hahahahaha I just woke up like at 1pm" "hahahahaha" "so I don't feel like a lazy bum" "hahahahaha the guys don't care though" "for you maybe but I'm always up early" "I think Liam doesn't care cause he knows I'm up here sleeping and safe'' "true" "hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "so what are we doing today?" "nothing hahahahaha relax then tomorrow we continue I knew that we were going to be tired so I planned this day to just relax" "lazy day?" "yup" "awesome" "hahahahaha" "more sleep" "oh god" "hahahahaha I'm kidding" "well I'll talk to you later I'm going to go downstairs" "okay then" then Eleanor walked out then Scarlett opened her window then she sat on the roof then she heard her phone ringing so she got up and answered it she said "hello'' "oh your awake" "hahahahaha yes I'm awake" "well finally I called you earlier and no answer" "I woke up like 30 minutes ago maybe" "you lazy bum" "hey you sleep till like 12pm everyday" "it's cause sleep" "so now that I do it it's a bad thing" "hahahahaha it's cause you hardly do it" "I know but I'm so exhausted" "hahahahaha true so where are you going today?" "Eleanor said no where she planned to have a lazy day today cause she knew we were going to be tired" "oh that's good" "I know I get to sleep more" "lazy bum" "hahahahaha I'm just kidding Veronica" "hahahahaha" "I'll just relax and stuff" "true" "yeah are you downstairs?" "yeah" "are the parents there?" "yup" "oh okay then" "your going to come down?" "um maybe later" "your not hungry?" "not really" "okay then" "yeah" "I'll talk to you later'' "okay" then Scarlett put her phone on the dresser then she made her bed then she went to her suitcases and put the dirty clothes where they belong and the clean clothes back where they go then she put her suitcases back in her closet then when she walked in the closet she noticed that she still had pictures of the guys from the last time she had printed out pictures then she got her phone and went in the closet and closed the closet door then she began to sort out the pictures on the floor then she got tape and got a couple of pictures then went to her room to look where she could put them up on her wall then she looked by her window and decided to put them there she then got the pictures and began to put them on her wall. 

Then downstairs Liam went up to Veronica and said "is Scarlett still sleeping?" "um no she's awake" "okay thanks" then Liam went upstairs when he got to Scarlett's room he knocked on the door and slowly opened the door then he said "Scarlett" "oh hey dad come in" Liam then walked in then he said "morning" "morning hahahahaha" "you hungry?" "no I'm okay right now" "when did you wake up?" "like at 1:30pm" "oh slept in?" "yes I'm exhausted well was" "hahahahaha I noticed, Eleanor slept in also" "I know she came in here before she went downstairs" "hahahahaha" "yeah" "what are you doing?" "just decorating my wall" "hahahahaha I see that" "they were extras from when I did your doors" "oh I see" "yeah I just finished" "hahahahaha it almost covers the whole wall" "I know I'm going to get more but of 5sos" "nice" "hahahahaha" "so what's new down there?" "not much Harry, Calum, Michael, Ashton, Niall, and Louis are in the game room Veronica and Denise are getting to know each other the dads are talking same with the mom's" "hahahahaha nice" "yup" "hahahahaha" "well I'm going to go with the dad's" "okay then" then Liam walked out then Scarlett looked at her wall then smiled then she got her phone turned off her music then she went to Liam's name on her phone and called him when he answered he said "hello?" "hey dad" "hey love what's up?" "is it okay if I go walk for a bit?" "sure it's fine" "okay just called to ask don't want you to panic cause I'm gone" "hahahahaha it's fine be careful okay" "okay I will" "bye love" "bye dad love you" "love you too" then Scarlett put her shoes on then she got her phone and money and put that in her pocket then she put on mascara the she fixed her hair then went downstairs and walked out of the house then she took her phone off of silent then she just walked then she decided to walk to the mall and looked around then she walked into a store and looked around then she found this One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer shirt that she liked so she got those two then she looked around some more and got a 5sos bracelet and a poster of 5sos and 1D then she went to go pay when she was walking out someone said "hi" she looked to see a little girl and her brother from the night before then Scarlett said "hey" the little girl said "I found you again" "hahahahaha yeah you did" "hahahahaha" "what's your name love?" "Samantha but everyone calls me Sam" "it's nice to meet you Sam I'm Scarlett" "hahahahaha I know" "hahahahaha your so adorable" "hahahahaha thank you" "your welcome" 'this is my brother Jake" "it's nice to meet you" Jake said "you too" Sam then said "where's your dad?" "he's at home with the others" "oh your alone?" "um yeah I just needed to be alone for a bit" "oh are they crazy?" "hahahahaha no I sometimes like to be alone for a while" "oh I do that too but I go to my room to play with my toys" "it's kind of the same" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett's phone began to ring then she said "I'll be back" "okay" then Scarlett answered her phone then said "hello" "hi" "hi dad" "just checking in on you" "I'm fine" "your all over twitter with this guy and a little girl at the mall" "oh hahahahaha yeah I'm talking to the little girl she's a fan of you boys and she noticed me" "oh okay then cause Harry was asking me all these questions" "oh I'm talking to the girl not the guy" "got it" "hahahahaha yeah" "okay then I'll let you go" "okay then bye dad" "bye love" then Scarlett looked behind her to see the little girl there then Scarlett walked back to her then Sam said "my brother will be back he went in that store" "oh okay" "hahahahaha yeah" Then the little girl looked in the store with all the One Direction and 5SOS merch then Scarlett said "you want something from in there?" "no it's okay" "come on I don't mind" "okay then" Scarlett then held her hand and when they walked in the store Scarlett told Sam "what do you want?" "um can I get the teddy bear?" ''yeah who's face do you want on the sweater?" "um well I have Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn so Niall" "hahahahaha okay" then Scarlett got the bear then she said "thank you" "your welcome you don't want a shirt?" "um okay" then Scarlett got a shirt with a necklace then went to go pay when she paid they walked back to the front of the store then Scarlett went into the bag and took out the necklace then she said "I also got you this necklace" "thank you" "I seen you looking at it" "I've been wanting that since forever" "well now you have it" then Sam's brother walked up to them with a girl clinging onto his arm then he said "Sam let's go" then Scarlett put the necklace on Sam then gave her the bag of the other stuff Scarlett got for her then her brother said "you didn't have to buy her things" "it's okay I don't mind" then Sam said "thank you so much Scarlett" "no problem" then Scarlett got her phone and said "okay I need a picture with you" "hahahahaha okay" then Scarlett took a picture with her then Scarlett said "thank you Sam" ''your welcome, hopefully I can see you again" "me too" "bye Scarlett" 'bye Sam" then Jake said "thank you for the stuff for her" "no problem" 'bye" "bye" then Scarlett looked at the girl and she had an annoyed look on her face then Scarlett walked away then she went in a couple of more stores but didn't find anything she wanted so she just decided to leave then she started to walk around town then she didn't find anything so she walked back to the house when she got there she walked in and heard talking and laughing then she just went to her room when she got there she closed the door then she took out her stuff that's she bought then she put her shirts away then she opened her posters then she got tape and put them above her desk then after that she put on her bracelet of 5SOS that she bought then she went to her balcony then closed the curtain and left the door open then she sat on the chair that was there then she was just enjoying the nice day then she went on Instagram and posted the picture of her and Sam then she posted it on Instagram and Twitter then she put her phone back in her pocket and right when she put it in her pocket it began to ring she picked it up and said "hello" "hey love" "hi dad" "are you back already?" "yeah I am" "come down to eat you haven't ate yet?" "um okay there I go" "okay then" then Scarlett got up and went to the kitchen when she got there Liam was right there then he said "you came" "hahahahaha yeah" ''good cause you need to eat" "hahahahaha I know" "so did you find anything at the mall?" "just band merch" "hahahahaha I had a feeling" "hahahahaha I got this bracelet a poster of 1D and 5SOS and a shirt of 1D and 5SOS" "nice" "hahahahaha yeah" "that's all you got?" "yeah I didn't really look I'm waiting till I go on Saturday with the boys" "true true" "hahahahaha" "well here's your food love" "thanks dad" then Scarlett and Liam sat down then she said "where's Veronica and Eleanor?" "they went to the salon Veronica wanted to dye her hair" "oh nice" "hahahahaha they just left like 10 minutes ago" "oh I see" "yup" "I've been saying that I want to dye my hair" "what color do you want?" "um I want like a nice blue like a turquoise blue" "all of your hair?" "no like ombre type hair" "I have no idea what that is" "google" "hahahahaha" Scarlett then got her phone out and looked it up when she found one she liked she said "like this dad" "ohhhhhh I get it now" "yeah the blue and pink would look nice like that" "how come you haven't done it?" "I don't know" "you want to do it?" "I do" "want to go now?" "um okay" "okay finish up then we will go but find one that you like so we can show the salon people how you want it" "okay" then when Scarlett finished he cleaned her plate then Liam said "ready?" "yes" then they got in his car and drove to the salon as they were driving Scarlett found a picture that she liked it was blue she saved it then and when thy got there they walked in and Scarlett showed the lady how she wanted her hair then she sat down and they did her hair a couple of hours later when they finished Scarlett looked in the mirror and then looked at Liam and said "how does it look?" "it looks nice I like it" "hahahahaha I do too" then they paid and then Scarlett put her hair in a braid then Liam said "it looks cool in a braid" "hahahahaha I know" then they got in the car and went back to the house when they got there Scarlett went to the kitchen and got some water then Michael walked in and said "hey buddy" "hi Mikey" "where have you been all day that I haven't seen you?" "out and about'' "with who?" ''alone" "oh" "yeah" "I thought you left with Eleanor?" "no not today she planned this day as a lazy day" "oh that's cool" "yeah I get to be alone" "you like to be alone?" "yeah I mean I got so used to being alone so it doesn't bother me at all" "oh that's true" "yeah it's like I enjoy your company all of your boys but I also enjoy the company of myself" "I see" "yeah like I even left the house" "what?" "yeah I went into town" "oh" "yeah no one probably knows that I left well only Liam of course" "oh I see" "yeah so I'm thinking of today as Scarlett day" "Scarlett day?" "yeah spend time with myself" "oh I see now" "yeah well I'm going to go" "okay" then Scarlett walked to the front yard then she texted Liam "I'm going for a walk again" then he texted back "are you okay?" "yeah just having a Scarlett day" "Scarlett day?" "yeah spending time with myself" "oh" "yeah no one seems to notice me gone anyways" "I do" "I know you do but I got used to my own company so I don't mind" "I see" "yeah so don't worry I'll be home soon" "okay then be careful" "I will" then Scarlett walked around town and enjoyed herself then her phone began to ring she got it and said "hello" "hey Scarlett" "hey Veronica" "are you home?" "no I left" "oh with Harry?" "no alone" "it's Scarlett day?" "yeah no one even knows or noticed that I left" "didn't you just leave?" "no this is the second time I have left today" "oh I see" "yeah so I'm just walking looking around" "oh I just got home" "oh" "yeah I did my hair again" "what color?" "blue" "oh cool" "hahahahaha yeah" "well I'll be home in a bit maybe" "maybe?" "yeah I don't know" "I know something is bothering you" "I just feel like everyone is happy without me there right now" "I don't think so" "I do" "I'm not" "I know not you but the guys maybe" "um not to sure about that" ''what do you mean?" "Liam's mom just asked where you are at so did Ashton, Eleanor, and Louis" "oh" "they care" "I know just ugh" "thinking negative" "yeah" "I know I'm the same some days" "I don't know why" "just think positive they do care for you" "I'll try" "please do" "I will" "okay then" "bye" "bye" then Scarlett walked to the park and sat on a bench and then enjoyed the day then this guy around 18 sat next to her then he said "hello" "um hi" "what's a girl like you doing here alone?" "just getting fresh air'' "oh I see" "yeah" "I'm Ivan" "nice to meet you" "what's your name?" "Scarlett" "it's nice to meet you" "you too" "your American?" "yeah I've only been here for like a month" "oh how do you like it here?" "it's so beautiful" "yeah you are" "what?" "um sorry" then Scarlett's phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hey it's me again" "hahahahaha I know" "where are you at?" "um why?" "cause I'm bored" "at the park" "great" "hahahahaha you do know how to get here right?" "yup it's down the street" "exactly" "be there in a few" "okay then" "love you" "love you too hahahahaha" then Scarlett hung up then Ivan said "um how long are you here for?" "oh um I moved here" "oh nice" "yeah" "so how about I take you out one night?" "um no I'm good" "why not come on?" "I have a boyfriend" "oh lame" "hahahahaha" then her phone rang again she said "yes" "where are you at?" "by the swings" "okay there I go" "okay" then he said "your really pretty" "um thanks I guess" "sucks that your taken" "to you yeah to me no" "hahahahaha" then Veronica said "Scarlett" then she got up and went to her then she said "hey oh I like your hair" "hahahahaha thank you" "welcome did anyone know you left?" "nope" "nice one" "hahahahaha let's go eat" "okay" then Veronica said "who was that sitting next to you?" "I don't know he sat next to me and started to flirt with me" "weird" "that's the second time someone has flirted with me I hate it" "I bet" "ugh" "hahahahaha what did he tell you?" "he said that he wanted to take me out one night" "what did you say?" "no thanks I'm good" "oh hahahahaha" "then I told him I had a boyfriend" "oh I see'' "yeah I was getting annoyed thank god you showed up" "hahahahaha I saved you before you punched him" "oh the last guy that flirted with me I punched" "oh my god'' "he told me Harry was using me I got mad" "temper" "oh yeah" "hahahahaha well what should we get?" "I don't know" "Panda Express?" "okay" then they walked to Panda Express then got some food then they sat down then Veronica said "where did you go earlier?" "oh I walked around then went to the mall" "wait the guy that was all over Twitter with you is the guy you punched?" "oh no and I wasn't with the guy I was with the little girl she was a fan" "oh okay then good" "hahahahaha I know Liam asked me the same thing" "oh'' "yeah'' then when they finished eating they threw there trash away then walked around town then Veronica said "has Harry called or texted you?" "nope only Liam" "oh you think he thinks that your home or left with Eleanor?" "yeah maybe but Michel didn't even notice that I was home" "well yeah there all in that game room they have been in there since 10am" "what really?" "yeah" "I think there brains are fried already" "yeah I know" "hahahahaha" "did you buy anything at the mall?" "band merch" "wait what band?" "5SOS and 1D" "since when do they have band merch we just went the other day and I didn't see none" "hahahahaha I know I was thinking the same thing but it's cause the store is on the side of the mall that we didn't go to" "no wonder" "want to go?" "yes" then they walked to the mall Scarlett and Veronica then walked to the merch store then they walked in and looked around then Veronica had got a shirt of 5sos and another one od 1D and a bracelet or 5sos like Scarlett's then she went to go pay then as they were walking out of the store Veronica said "they need to update there 1D merch" "Veronica everywhere needs to update there merch" "true" "so what's next?" "not sure" "after I went in there I didn't find anything I liked so I just went home'' ''well what are we going to do there?" "I don't know sit on the roof and watch the sunset" "let's go'' "really?" "yeah" "okay" then they decided to just go home when they got home they walked upstairs then Scarlett and Veronica went into Scarlett's room closing the door behind them then Scarlett opened her window and then Veronica put her bag on Scarlett's bed then Veronica said "nice wall" "hahahahaha thanks" then they sat on the roof then Veronica said "no wonder you sit out here a lot'' "yeah it's so nice out here and you can see everything" "yeah do you ever come out here at night?" "yeah I did the other night but Harry told me to go in the room cause it was cold" "oh no wonder" "yeah but I like to come out here" "I see" "yup" "he still hasn't called you?" "Harry?" "yeah'' "nope" 'I think he'll notice that you didn't go anywhere now" "why?" "look there's Eleanor going into the little house" "oh true" "you think he will come up here?" "I don't know" "maybe if we see him come in we should make him think your gone" "how though?" "hide in your closet" "oh" "hahahahaha "I feel mean though" "hahahahaha it's just for fun he should have called you today or at least a text" "I guess your right" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett looked and said "look there's Louis, Eleanor, Harry and, Niall" "you think there coming up here" "I don't know"

Then downstairs Niall said "Eleanor have you seen Veronica?" "not since we got home from the salon" Harry said "did Scarlett go with you both?" "no we didn't tell her we were going" "oh" Niall said "you don't know where she went after?" "maybe upstairs to your room" Harry said "have you seen Scarlett today?" Eleanor said "only when I woke up I went to her room which was at 1:50pm and she said she had just woke up" "oh" then the three of them went upstairs then they looked in Niall's room for Veronica then Niall said "she's not in here" Eleanor said "she's maybe with Scarlett" then they walked in the room then Eleanor said ''no ones in here" Harry said "where could they be?" then back in the closet Scarlett got her phone and texted Liam she put "if Harry, Eleanor, and Niall ask where me and Veronica are act like you don't know where we are at okay?" then Liam texted back "okay got it"

Then in the room Harry said "you think Liam knows where there at?" Niall said "maybe he will" then they walked out closing the door behind them then Veronica said "there gone" "there eventually going to come back" "let's make a run for it now" "hahahahaha to where?" "the park" "okay but can I change to pants it's going to get cold" "okay hurry" "just don't look I'll put tights on really fast" "okay" then Scarlett quickly changed then she said ''okay there" then Veronica said "can I borrow on of your sweaters" "yeah go ahead" then they both got a sweater then Scarlett began to fix her hair then Veronica said "oh lord your hair" "what about it?" "you finally did your hair" "oh yeah I went today" 'it looks so nice" "hahahahaha thanks" ''hey you did it the same blue as my hair" "hahahahaha that's true" then Scarlett got her beanie then put it on then Veronica said "you have another one?" "yeah here" "thanks" "I also have scarfs it will get really cold" "okay then" "will these sweaters even keep us warm?" "um maybe if we put another sweater under" "okay'' then they put on another sweater then they put on the beanies and scarfs then they walked out of the house before anyone could see them then they walked to the park then Veronica said "your right it is cold" "told you" "hahahahaha" then when they got to the park they sat on a bench then Scarlett said "selfie?" then Scarlett took a picture with Veronica then put it up on Instagram with the caption "Hanging out with the bestie today" then she posted the same thing on twitter tagging Veronica in both posts then Scarlett said "you want some hot chocolate?" "ohhhh yes'' then they both got up and then Scarlett got hot chocolate for the both of them then Veronica took a picture of both of there drinks and started to type then Scarlett's phone vibrated she looked to see a tweet that Veronica mentioned her in then she opened the tweet to see the picture of there drinks with the caption "out on a date with @denisestyles02'' then Scarlett favorite and retweeted it then Scarlett said "best date ever" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett's phone began to ring then she said "hello" "hey love" "hi dad" "your still out?" "yeah I'm on a date" "with who?" "I'm on speaker huh?" "pshhhh no" "I can hear the echo" then Michael said "hi loser" "hi buddy" Liam said "so who are you out on a date with?" then Harry said "I still can't find them" Scarlett said "with Veronica" Liam said "hahahahaha how's that going?" "awesome" "hahahahaha okay I'll let you get back to your date" "hahahahaha okay bye dad, bye buddy" "bye" then Scarlett looked at Veronica and said "there still looking for us" "hahahahaha" "I told him I was on a date" "oh god he must think were mental" "hahahahaha no he doesn't he knows were messing around" "true I mean we have been friends for so long that one day we were married" "hahahahaha I know" "so this date is not weird" "totally not" "hahahahaha" then they walked around town looking and talking then Veronica said "I've never been out during the night" ''it's beautiful out here at night" "I know" "I sometimes even look at town during the night from my window" "I bet it looks nice" "it does" "hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "it's just like how the three of us imagined how it would be" "I know only if she was here" "yeah I know it would've been awesome" "yeah but she would've either gotten with Luke or Liam and if it was Liam that would've been weird for me" "hahahahaha she could've gotten with Luke" "yeah true" "yeah" then Scarlett went on twitter and said "oh no'' "what?" "why are you all over twitter with Luke?" "what?" "see" "how is that possible I'm right here with you?" "I don't know" "and I have blue hair that girl has brown hair" "oh my god" "what?" "you think it's?" "no" "but she died" "I don't know" "we need to find Luke" "where is he at?" "um at the donut shop down the street" "okay let's go" then they walked to the shop when they go there they saw Luke and the girl that was with him then Veronica said "should we go talk to him?" "um no he saw us'' then they looked to see Luke and the girl walking toward them then he said "hey girls" Scarlett said "hey Luke" "oh Harry, Niall, and Eleanor are looking for you both everywhere there going crazy" "oh Liam knows were not home" "oh okay then'' "so what are you doing out?" "oh um I'm out on a date" "oh Mr. Hemmings" "hahahahaha" "didn't know you had a girlfriend" "never came up" "true" "well this is Valerie, Valerie this is Scarlett and Veronica" they both said "nice to meet you" Valerie said "you too" then Scarlett said "well were going to go see you later Luke" "okay bye" Luke replied.


Then when they walked away Veronica said "it's her" "but how she died in front of me?" "I don't know" then Scarlett looked behind her and said "there walking this way" "I see that" "hahahahaha" "Harry still hasn't texted you?" "nope" "weird" then her phone began to ring she said "yes dad" "okay please tell me that's not Veronica with Luke" "hahahahaha it's not Veronica member she has blue hair now" "oh god okay thank god" "why?" "Niall is freaking out here" "she's right here with me" "oh" then Veronica said "hey Liam" Scarlett said "see dad" "okay I believe you both" "are they still trying to look for us?" "no I just told them you were spending time with each other" "oh okay" "so then if Luke is not with Veronica then who is that?" "okay we know this might sound crazy but we both think it's her sister" "how?" "that's what I want to know" "me too" "hahahahaha" "well get home safe" "we will" "bye" "bye dad" then Scarlett said "so what now?" "I don't know" then they were walking then a girl said "hey' they both turned around to see Valerie there then Veronica stood quiet and Scarlett said "hi" "how are you?" "um good and you?" "I'm great" 'that's good" "yeah um well I don't know how to put this but it's me Valerie your best friend and Veronica's sister" "but how you died in front of me" "yeah I know" "how?" "after they took you both out of the room they did all they could and revived me then they were able to take the tumor out of my body and yah here I am" Scarlett looked at Veronica and seen that she was crying then Scarlett said "why didn't you tell us?" "I tried to but your phone was disconnected and Veronica changed her number" "oh well yeah see I went into the orphanage a year after we thought you died" "what?" "yeah the two people I hated with so much passion died" "oh wow" "yup" "then how are you here and how do you know Luke?" "I got adopted by Liam so that's how I know Luke then Veronica lives with us" "oh I see" "yeah where do you live now?" "here" "how long?" "almost a year" "oh I see" Scarlett then looked at Veronica then she said "excuse us for a moment" "okay" then Scarlett walked up to Veronica got her hand and walked away a bit then Scarlett said "you okay?" Veronica said "I can't believe after all this time I thought that she was dead does she not know what I've been through when she was alive all this time like how can the doctors not tell us she lived?" "I know it's hard I can't believe it either maybe it wasn't her time to go yet so they gave her a second chance" "maybe I guess I want to go home now" "okay let's go tell her were going to leave" "okay" then they walked back to Valerie then Scarlett said "um it was nice to see you but were going to head home" "oh okay can I have your number se we can catch up again" "um yeah sure" then Scarlett gave Valerie her phone and Valerie gave her phone to Scarlett then they put there numbers in then Scarlett said "bye" "bye" then Scarlett and Veronica began walking away as they were walking Scarlett said "do you really want to go back to the house?" "no I didn't want to be there anymore" "how about I tell Liam to let's go to the fair?" "then he's going to bring the others" "I can tell him to just come alone" "okay then" then Scarlett got out her phone and called Liam when he answered he said "hello" "hi dad" "what's up?" "can you... wait an I on speaker?" "no hahahahaha I'm in my room" "okay we have a little problem and we need Dr. Payne to help out" "what can I do?" "can you take me and Veronica to the fair" "sure" "don't tell anyone that your going and oh tell Harry that Veronica is going to sleep with me tonight" "okay hold up someone is at my door" "okay" then Liam said "come in" then Scarlett heard "hey Liam'' "oh hi Harry" "there still not home?" "there fine" "I hope so" "oh before I forget Veronica is sleeping in Scarlett's room tonight" "oh lame" "she's not feeling well" "who?" "Veronica so Scarlett wants to help her" "is it bad?" then Liam asked Scarlett "how bad is it love?" Scarlett said "member the girl on twitter?" "oh crap it was her sister?" "yup" Liam told Harry "it's very bad Harry" Harry said "oh no well then it's fine" "okay" then Scarlett said "um we will wait for you at the park" "okay then" "the bench that is in front" "okay" "bye dad" ''bye love" then Scarlett said "he said he will come alone" Veronica said "okay then" then 5 minutes later her phone began to ring then she said "hello" "hey love" "hi" "I'm here" "okay there we go" then they got up and walked to the car when they got to the car Luke had seen them then he said "hey girls, Liam" Luke and Valerie walked up to the car then Liam said "hey mate" "what are you doing here?" "came to pick up Scarlett and Veronica" "oh okay then well I'll see you three when I get back to the house" "alright have fun and be careful" "will do" then Liam drove to the fair then Scarlett said "did they ask you where you were going?" "no I sneaked out of the house" "how did you manage that?" "after Harry left my room he went to his room then I got my jacket and scarf and keys then left no one saw me" "hahahahaha nice" "hahahahaha I mean if you girls need some space alone just you two and ask me to take you somewhere and tell me to come alone I know that you just want to be alone for a bit" "yeah we do we need it after what we just found out" "I understand" then Veronica said "Liam did Niall think that it was me out with Luke?" "he did but then I told him that you had dyed your hair today so it wasn't brown anymore and that you were with Scarlett" "he believed you?" "yeah cause I went to Scarlett's twitter and showed him the picture that Scarlett posted and you could see your blue hair then he seen the one you posted about your date with her" "oh hahahahaha" "then he was like she's on a date with Scarlett" "hahahahaha what did he say after that?" "I hope those two lovebirds have a blast tonight" then Scarlett and Veronica both laughed then Veronica said "were both going to have a blast at the fair" Scarlett said "yeah we are" Liam said "you girls are something else" then they both laughed when they finally got to the fair they got off and went in and had there fun and this time they had almost got on all of the rides then thy had decided to go back home as it was late already when thy got home they walked in then Scarlett and Veronica went into her room then Veronica said "let me go get my pj's" "okay then" Veronica quickly got her clothes then went back to Scarlett's room then Scarlett quickly changed in her closet then Veronica changed in the bathroom then Scarlett opened her balcony door and opened her blinds then Veronica said "ugh I've had a long day" "hahahahaha I know me too" "okay I'm still not used to the hair" "mine?" "yeah" "hahahahaha you will eventually" "I know" "hahahahaha" "can we go see what's downstairs to eat?" "yeah let's go" "okay" then they walked to the kitchen and Veronica began to make sandwiches then it was quiet and Veronica looked at Scarlett to see her looking at the floor with tears going down her face Veronica walked up to her then said "I know I know" "like she put us through a lot with us thinking she was dead then she thinks we can act like nothing happened that's not cool like I want to put that in the past and we should be happy but the fact that they let us think that she was dead was not the right thing to do" "I know I thought the same thing when I saw her and she was telling us how she's still alive" "ugh" "please stop crying" then the back door opened then Ashton said "hey girls" Veronica said "not now" then Ashton said "okay then sorry" then Veronica got the sandwiches and water then they went back to the room then Veronica said "want one?" "yeah just one" then Scarlett got one then Veronica cleaned the tears from Scarlett's face then she said "no more crying" "it hurts" "I know but we shouldn't be crying she had a choice to go back home and say her story but she didn't she moved here to live her life and that's the same thing we should be doing" "yeah your right she did know where you live but she didn't go home so I'm done with this crying it's pretty annoying" "hahahahaha yeah it is" "hahahahaha" "see smile laugh crying is a big no no no" "I know I was holding it all in cause I didn't want to cry in front of her" "I tried not to" "I don't think she noticed" "good" "I know" then Scarlett put her phone on her charger then left it on the dresser then Veronica said "what now?" "um not sure I'm not tired yet" "I'm not either I feel wide awake" "me too" "hahahahaha" "oh can I see the city at night from your window" "yeah you can" then they climbed out the window and sat on the roof then Veronica said "it's nicer from up here" "yeah it is" "so peaceful like ugh" "hahahahaha" "what?" "nothing" "hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "okay let's go back in the room it's cold out here" "hahahahaha" then as they were going in the room Scarlett closed the window then was about to close the balcony door until Liam said "Scarlett!" she looked in the backyard then she said "yes!" "want some hot chocolate?" "yes two cups please" "coming up" "thanks dad" "no problem" then Scarlett closed the door then closed the curtains then she said "Liam is going to bring hot chocolate" "oh nice" "hahahahaha" then there was a knock on the door and they said "I can't open the door my hands are full" then Veronica opened the door while Scarlett put her hair in a messy bun then Ashton walked in the room and put the cups on the desk then he said "there's your hot chocolate" Scarlett then said "thanks Ashton" "no problem oh Harry, Eleanor, and Niall went out to look for you two and Louis too" "why?" "they were convinced something happened to you two" "Harry hasn't texted or called me all day if he was worried he could've done that plus I called Liam twice when Harry was around Liam" "oh then Liam was no where to be found also" "he took me and Veronica to the fair we needed some alone time that's why" "makes sense now" "hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "thanks Ashton for bringing these up" "no problem" "where's all the parents?" "there all in there room's" "hahahahaha okay then" "hahahahaha" then Ashton left then Veronica went to go get her laptop then Scarlett's phone beeped she looked at it to see that she had a new follower on twitter and Instagram she looked to see who it was and noticed it was Valerie she followed her back on both of them then put her phone back then a little while later when they had finished the hot chocolate they wanted more so they went to the kitchen and got more then as they were going to the room Liam said "you girls are still awake?" Scarlett said "yes we just wanted more hot chocolate" "hahahahaha okay then" "oh Ashton told me that Harry, Niall, Louis, and Eleanor are out looking for us" "oh I know Harry just called me saying that there on there way" "okay then" then they went back to the room then they closed the door then Veronica said "what if they come in here?" "I don't know" "I don't want to get these questions thrown at me" ''I don't either" "you should be mad at Harry he hasn't texted or called you all day" "eh I'm tired of being mad, sad, and depressed I'll just ignore it" "yeah true" "hahahahaha" "you think if we put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door they will listen?" "I don't know probably not" "oh" "I'll tell Liam to tell them that were asleep" "oh yes" then Scarlett texted Liam "when the four of them get home tell them were asleep we really don't want to be asked all of these questions were not in the mood" then Liam replied "got it love" "thanks dad" "no problem" then Scarlett said "he said he will tell them that were asleep" Veronica said "okay good" "but there going to know were awake cause the lights are on" "true" "I'll turn it off and we can be on our phones and laptops" "oh yeah" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett got her laptop then turned off the light then she sat on her bed then turned off the laptop then she didn't know what to do then she went to the bathroom and brushed her hair down then she looked at her hair then she left it down then Veronica said "I don't know what to do" "me either" then Scarlett checked the time on her phone and it was 1:55am then she said "it's going to be 2am almost and I'm not even tired" "we should see how long we last tonight" "oh yeah" "I'm going for 6am" "how about 8am?" "oh hardcore girl" "oh yeah" "well what are we going to do" "I feel like working out" "hahahahaha" "hey might as well stay busy" "true and we can blast our music in there" ''you want to do it Veronica?" "why not" "hahahahaha yay" "hahahahaha" "I'll lend you shorts and a shirt'' "okay then" then they changed to workout clothes then Scarlett got two small towels that they could use then she got her speaker and phone then they went downstairs then Liam said "what are you girls doing?" Scarlett said "very late night work out" "oh god" "were going to see how long we can last tonight" Veronica said "our goal is 8am" Liam said "you two are something else" "hahahahaha" "oh they just got here" then the front door opened and Veronica got a couple of water bottles then Niall yelled "WERE HOME!!" Scarlett said "dad you know where to find us" "got it" then they walked to the little house then all the lights were off in the house then Scarlett turned them on and closed the door then Scarlett began to play her music but not too loud then there workout began at 2am.


When they were working out the door opened then Liam walked in and said "you two are still working out?" Scarlett said "yes we are" "hahahahaha well I came to join the party if that's okay" "won't the others come to look for you?" "they went to sleep" "oh" "hahahahaha" "what time is it?" "3:30am" Veronica said "it doesn't feel like were been in here for a hour and a half" Scarlett said "tell me about it" then they continued to workout then at 4:30am they stopped then Veronica said "oh man that was a good workout man I feel great" Scarlett said "2 hours and a half not bad" "hahahahaha" Liam said "I do this every night" "oh snap I should too like when Harry goes to sleep come out and come workout" "hahahahaha" Veronica said "I should too" then Liam said "well I'm going to go shower" "are you trying to stay up with us?" "oh yeah" "awesome" "hahahahaha" then Liam went inside then Scarlett said "well we should shower too" Veronica said "yeah I was thinking the same thing" then Scarlett turned off the music then closed the door then they went to Scarlett's room then Scarlett took a shower first then when she got out Veronica took one next then Scarlett began to comb her hair down to let it dry then there was a knock on the door then Scarlett said "who is it?" "Niall" then she opened the door then she said "hey Niall" "hi is Veronica in here?" "oh yeah she's in the shower" "is she going to my room?" "not tonight our date is not over yet" "I see hahahahaha" "it's nothing personal with you she's not mad at you were just seen who last longer to stay up late so yeah were still on our date" "hahahahaha okay then" "she will be back tomorrow in your room" "got it" "it's just one night" "one night is fine'' "okay hahahahaha" "good night" "night" then Niall left and Scarlett closed the door then a little while later Veronica got out of the shower then she said "Scarlett so you have a blow dryer?" "yup" then Scarlett gave it to her then Veronica began to do her hair when she finished she said "Scarlett want me to do your hair too?" "yes please" "okay then" then Veronica did her hair when she finished Veronica said "there you go" "thanks" "welcome'' "I wonder if there's more hot chocolate" "the only way to know is if we ask Liam or go check" "hahahahaha let's go" then they both walked to the kitchen when they got there Liam was on the couch watching TV then Scarlett said "dad is there any hot chocolate left?" "um check to see if there's some left" 'okay" then Scarlett checked the pot and turned it on to heat up again then Veronica walked in and said "was there still some left?" "yup but I'm going to heat it up again" "hahahahaha okay" then they heard someone walking down the stairs then they looked to see Harry and Niall then Scarlett said "dad are there any good movies on?" "um let me check" "okay" then Scarlett poured the hot chocolate for the three of them then she gave some to Liam then Veronica said "your hair is soft Scarlett" "hahahahaha I know" "still not used to the color yet" "you will eventually" "true" "yeah" "have you put your hair in a braid" "yes it looks awesome" "hahahahaha I bet" then Liam said "there's nothing" "lame I'll go get a movie" "okay" Veronica then said "take me with you" then they went into the little house and looked through the movies and didn't find any that they wanted to watch so they turned off the lights then walked out as they were walking they seen Harry and Niall talking to Liam then they quietly walked in got there hot chocolate and went to the room then Scarlett went into her closet and found a movie that she never had watched it was called "Deliver Us From Evil" she got it then said "I found a movie" "let's go watch it" "okay" then when they got to the kitchen then Scarlett got more hot chocolate then she said "I found one" Liam said "okay we will watch it right now" "got it" then Scarlett looked in the cabinets and found marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate then Veronica said "smore's?" "yeah but how?" "fire" "Veronica where is the fire pit thingy?" "outside" "let's go" "you know how to turn it on?" "yes I seen how Liam did it" "okay" then Veronica put the stuff in a bag then she got the hot chocolate then Scarlett got the fire pit then did what Liam does to turn on the fire then when she got it on they got two chairs then sat down and did there smore's then Veronica said "this is the best all-nighter ever" "tell me about it" "hahahahaha" ''so what movie are we going to watch?" "Deliver Us From Evil" "I heard that movie is scary" "I don't know I haven't watched it" "hahahahaha" "we will in a bit" "yeah we will" "the sun is already coming up" "high five were doing it" "high five" Then back inside Harry said "where did they go?" Liam said "found them" Niall said "what are they doing out there?" Liam said "date remember" Niall said "right" Harry said "I like Veronica's hair" Niall said "it's a nice blue" Liam said "they had a long day so let them be" Niall said "wait did Scarlett do her hair the same color as Veronica's?" Liam said "yeah" Harry said "it goes with both of them" "yeah"

Then back outside Veronica said "I'm not even tired" "I'm not either" "I didn't think we would be able to do this" "I know I didn't either" "hahahahaha'' "maybe it's cause were doing things instead of just laying down in bed" "true" "cause member how we would always get tired when the three of us had sleepovers" "yeah it's cause we would lay down and watch TV" "I know" "we should do this more often" "hahahahaha well I'm going to do the late night workouts with Liam" "oh you both can count me in" "are you going to sneak out when Niall goes to sleep?" "no I'll just tell him that every night I'm going to go workout with you that way he doesn't come" "hahahahaha smart idea" "hahahahaha" "I'll just tell Harry I guess the same thing" "hahahahaha it's better than sneaking out cause then what if you end up falling asleep" "true" "see so just tell him it's a girl thing" "okay I will do that" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett got her phone and played her music then Veronica said "oh yes let's turn up" "oh god" "hahahahaha" "I think you had too much hot chocolate" "oh that reminds me I want more" "hahahahaha let's go I want more too'' then they both walked in the house then when they poured more hot chocolate Liam said "you both are still awake?" "hahahahaha yeah" "you girls can last" Scarlett said "well yeah duh" "hahahahaha" "where did Harry and Niall go?" ''sleep" "lame" "hahahahaha" "so are we going to watch the movie now" "sure" then Scarlett with to go turn off the fire then she went inside and then they put the movie on and began to watch it when it finished they looked at the time to see that it was 7:25am then someone walked in the kitchen they looked to see Denise and Theo she said "morning" they all replied "morning" "Liam you three are up so early" Liam said "no we haven't gone to sleep yet" "oh you guys are crazy" then Scarlett looked at Veronica then said "I forgot Eleanor was going to take me out again today and watch me sleep the entire day" Liam said "oh no I totally forgot you were supposed to go to bed early" Veronica said "screw 8am you need to sleep now" then Scarlett said "night/morning dad hahahahaha" "night love" then Denise and Veronica went to Scarlett's room then they both laid down and eventually went to sleep.




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