Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


2. Chapter 2 (Graduated High School, Going Home To London)

The next morning when Scarlett woke up she got dressed and then went to the livingroom and seen Liam cooking pancakes when he seen Scarlett he said "Morning kiddo" "Hahaha morning Liam" "want some pancakes" "Sure I'll take three please" "You eat three" "yup" then Liam gave Scarlett her food when she finished she told Liam thank you then went to go finish getting ready then when she was ready Liam drove her to school.

*Skip rest of the school days*

Today was finally graduation day for Scarlett she was getting ready in the dress that Liam bought her the day they went shopping, the guys hair and makeup stylest Lou was there to do her hair and makeup. Once they finished the 4 of them drove to where the ceremony was gonna be at when they got there Liam, Lou, and Lux went to go sit down and Scarlett signed in and got in line to begin to walk in then a couple of hours later the ceremony finished and when Scarlett walked out she seen Liam she walked up to him and he smiled big then he said "Congrats Scarlett" "Thank you Liam" "I'm so proud of you even though I just adopted you I'm still proud of you" ''Thanks Liam" "Oh the lads said Congrats and wished they could've been here" "Tell them I said thank you" "Lou can you take a picture of us please" "Sure" then Lou took one on Scarlett's phone also then they got in the car when they were in there Scarlett put the picture of her and Liam as her wallpaper then she got a notification from twitter saying that Liam tweeted she checked it out and it said "Proud Dad" with a link to instagram so she went on instagram and seen it was the picture of her and Liam she smiled then liked it then she locked her phone and continued to look out of the window, when they got to the hotel they all got off and went to the room then Liam said "Scarlett we are leaving tonight so pack all of your things" "Yes sir" then Scarlett went to the room and began to pack her things and charge her phone then Lux walked in the room and gave Scarlett an envelope then she said "It's from uncle Harry" Scarlett opened it and it was a card with money and it was signed by all the boys and Perrie and Eleanor. Then Scarlett smiled and Lux then sat on the bed then Scarlett said "I thought you left" "no I stay with you" "okay" "yay" When Scarlett finished packing her and Lux took a couple of pictures then Scarlett and put one as her lockscreen picture. Then she went back to packing and about 5 minutes later she looked at her bed to see Lux asleep she smiled then Liam walked in and said "You packed?" "yeah I'm done" "okay ill take your bags" "were leaving?" "yeah" Scarlett then put her changer in her suitcase then her phone in her pocket then got Lux and carried her then Lou said "you want me to get her?" "No it's okay I got her" then they got in the car and drove to the airport when they got there got there Paul was waiting for them then they got on the jet and made there way to London. When they arrived in London Scarlett got her stuff and walked off the plane then Lux ran to Scarlett she kneeled down and try began to talk the Lou said "Lux it's time to go Scarlett is going to uncle Liam's house" "No mommy I don't want to go I stay with Scarlett I like her" "Lux not today we will go to Liam's house in the morning" "Okay bye Scarlett" "bye Lux ill see you soon okay" "okay" Lux then hugged Scarlett and left with Lou then Scarlett as Liam went to the house were all the other boys were at. when they got there Liam said "they might be asleep" "they didn't know you were coming?" "No I didn't tell them" "Oh well I'm tired" "that's why I didn't tell them cause I knew you would be tired" "oh" then they quietly walked in the house and Liam said "ill show you your room" then they walked up to a door and opened it and it was a room for Scarlett she walked in and said "Wow it's big" "yeah it is, if you need me my room is right next door" "okay thanks Liam" "your welcome and night" "good night" then Liam closed the door, Scarlett then changed to her pjs plugged her phone to the charger turned on the light in her room and then she began to unpack she had finished putting everything away like at 3:30am and still wasn't tired so she walked in her walk-in closet and bathroom the put some sweaters and her graduation dress in the closest then she had nothing else to do so she turned off the lights and went to sleep.

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