Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


19. Chapter 19 (WaterPark, Meeting Harry's Parents, Day 3 with Eleanor Part 2)

Then they both looked to see Robin there Harry swam up to him and said "hey" "were going to get some food now" "oh okay there I go" then Anne went next to Robin then she said "there you are"  "I'm right here" "food" "hahahahaha Robin told me um can you both meet us by the steps?" "sure" then they walked away then Harry went back with Scarlett then he said "time to eat"  "oh" then they got to where Harry had told Anne and Robin to wait at then they got out and Harry said "have you guys met Scarlett?" Anne said "Karen was talking to you correct?"  "yes she was"  "I didn't get it when she meant granddaughter"  "oh um Liam is my dad"  "oh it all makes sense now" "hahahahaha yeah" "well it's so lovely to meet you" Robin said "nice to meet you too" Harry said "she's not only Liam's daughter she's also my girlfriend" Anne said "since when?'' "almost a week" Robin said "Well Harry I'm happy for you I kinda had a feeling you had a girl you seemed so happy" "thank you Robin" Anne said "well Harry I'm happy for you too"  "thanks mum" then the four of them walked to the table then Scarlett got her towel then Liam said "what you want kiddo?"  "I'll go with you" "okay" then they went to the food stand to order then Scarlett had got French fries then they waited for the food, as they were waiting Liam said "you met his parents huh?"  "yup" "and?" "they were happy for him" "that's good" "yeah Robin said he had a feeling that there was a girl in his life cause he looked so happy"  "well Robin is right he is happier" "hahahahaha I know" Then Liam got there food then they walked back to the table when she sat down she noticed that Theo had woken up then Liam sat next to her she then got her phone out of her bag and turned it on then she got her fries then Theo began to cry then Scarlett told Liam "can Theo have a fry?" "um I don't know" "ask Denise please" "okay" then Scarlett was on her phone while Liam asked then she went on Instagram since she was getting a bunch of notifications then she clicked on one and it was for her picture with Theo then she went to her profile picture and changed her picture to her and Theo then she went on Twitter and did the same then Liam said "she said he can have some" "okay thank you dad" "no problem love" "hahahahaha" "your phone is really vibrating" "oh I know it's all from Instagram" "oh what cool kid" "hahahahaha see" Scarlett said showing Liam the picture of Scarlett and Theo then he said "oh no wonder" then Theo went up to Scarlett and then she picked him up and handed him a fry then he looked at it and ate it then Liam said "so I as thinking that on Saturday in the night we have a bonfire with us 5sos, Veronica, and our families" "oh yes we could do that" "you want to?" "yes I do" "okay then we shall do it" "yay it will be fun" "of course we can also makes s'mores and hot chocolate" "yes" "hahahahaha" Then Karen and Geoff sat in front of Scarlett and Liam then Scarlett put Theo down then Liam got a fry and Scarlett said "I seen that dad" "hahahahaha darn" "hahahahaha you can get some though" "hahahahaha okay" Then when Scarlett didn't want anymore fries she turned off her phone and put it in her bag then Theo went up to Scarlett then he ran off Scarlett then got up and followed him then when she caught up to him she got him and she sat in the water him since it was the little kids section then Theo started to splash water then Scarlett laughed and so did Theo then he sat in front of Scarlett and just looked at her with a smile then Scarlett got him and tickled him and he began to laugh then he got up and began to walk then Scarlett followed him and he had found the little kid water slides then Scarlett put him at the top and held on to him as he went down then he laughed and clapped his arms then someone said "hello love" she looked to see Niall's mom there she said "hello" "I'm Maura" "I'm Scarlett, Liam's daughter" "it' so lovely to meet you" "you too" "I see Theo is enjoying his company" "hahahahaha yeah he sure does love water" "oh that is true" "hahahahaha I hope you guys don't mind that I brought him here?" "oh no we don't jus wanted to see if everything was okay" "oh hahahahaha everything is good" "that's good" "yes it is" "hahahahaha how old are you love?"  "I'm 17 going to be 18 on Saturday" "you look so young oh my I thought you were 14" "hahahahaha don't worry about it a bunch of people have told me that" "oh my but it's a really good thing" "I know I mean I don't get offended when people think I'm younger than my age I think it's a really good thing" "oh love it's a really good thing" "hahahahaha yeah it is" "so how is Niall with you?" "hahahahaha oh Niall's the protective uncle to me" "I had a feeling he was he's the same with Theo" then back at the table Niall sat next to Liam and said "have you seen my mom?" "she's in the water over there with Scarlett and Theo" "oh I see them" "they have been talking for like maybe 30 minutes already" "oh that's good" "I know" then Maura said "well I'm going to go back with the mom's I'll see you around love" "okay bye" "bye" then Scarlett had got a life jacket for Theo then went to the lazy river with him since there was a way to go in by the little kids area then she carefully wet his hair then she wet her hair then she just went around with Theo while he was splashing and talking his baby talk and Scarlett just smiled at him then she had seen Luke in a tube Scarlett then said "LUKE!" he turned around then Scarlett walked toward him then he said "Hey Scarlett" "hey Luke'' "what are you doing in here alone?" "not alone I got Theo" "hahahahaha" "I should ask you that question" "hahahahaha well I'm relaxing in this tube with my sunglasses on" "hahahahaha I see that I thought that you were asleep" "does it look like that?" "yeah it does" "cool" "hahahahaha" "well this river is the place to relax when you have the waterpark to yourself" "oh I know" "so that's what I'm doing" "do Mikey, Cal, and Ash know your here?" "no I left when they were not looking" "oh" "yeah I just wanted to be alone for a bit" "that's why I came in here too" "oh I see" "yeah" "yup" "to enjoy the quietness and relax" "why don't you get a tube" "cause what if Michael comes and flips it and I have Theo" "oh that's true" "so yeah I'll wait" "wait for what?" "that" Scarlett said as Michael jumped in then Scarlett said "now I can get one" "hahahahaha true" then Scarlett got a tube then Ashton caught up to them then Ashton said "hey" Scarlett said "Ashton help me yeah" "what can I do" "hold Theo while I get in this" "okay" then when Scarlett got in the tube she said "Michael?" "yes" "don't flip mine I have Theo" Ashton then handed Theo to Scarlett then Michael said "I wasn't going to do it anyways cause I'm getting a double one for me and Calum"  "okay" then Ashton said "I'll stay out of one incase you need me to get him" "thanks Ashton" "no problem" "oh you have sunglasses" "want to borrow them I'm not using them" "you sure?" "yeah" "thanks" Scarlett then put the sunglasses on then Theo sat on Scarlett's laps facing in front then as they were going around he laid his head on Scarlett's chest then Ashton said "hahahahaha cute he laid down" "hahahahaha only if he had sunglasses to block the sun from his eyes that would be cool" then Michael yelled "ASHTON HOLD THESE FOR ME!" he said throwing him his sunglasses when he caught them he put them on Theo and then Ashton said "there the little man is good to go" "awesome" then it was quiet for a bit until Scarlett said "can you see if he's asleep" Ashton looked and said "he's falling asleep" "again" "you have something that makes kids go to sleep" "hahahahaha maybe'' "well he's like asleep" "hahahahaha that was fast" "your going to get out to give him to his mom?" "yeah" "okay" then Scarlett got him carefully and handed him to Ashton then Scarlett got off the tube then she got Theo then she said "hold that tube for me I'll be back" "okay I'll get out and wait for you" "okay" then they both got off then Scarlett took the sunglasses off of Theo then she went up to Denise and Greg then she said "he fell asleep again" "oh hahahahaha thank you Scarlett" "no problem" Greg said "where were you both at?" "in the lazy river I was in the tube and he was laying on me and he fell asleep" "oh" "hahahahaha yeah and he had these sunglasses on" "hahahahaha thank you for watching him" "no problem" then she got the sunglasses and walked back to where Ashton was at then she handed him Michael's sunglasses then he put them on then Scarlett said "okay we seriously need to take a selfie together with these on" "hahahahaha let's go do it before we forget" "alright then" then they walked to the table then Scarlett got her phone and then said "okay let's take this selfie" then she had took a couple then they got up and went back in the lazy river then when they were in there Ashton had found a tube but it was a double one for 2 people so he got it and then let Scarlett get in it first then he got in after and they floated around then Scarlett said "this is peaceful" "hahahahaha I know" "so Ashton are you having fun?" "yeah I am are you?" "oh yeah I'm having fun on the energy that I have left in my body" "hahahahaha  did you party hard last night?" "we got home at 12:30am" "oh what you were partying with Taylor?" "hahahahaha no more like Ed" "hahahahaha" "to be honest it was her concert but I was more excited to see him" "hahahahaha" "but she did good" "didn't know you like her" "oh Ashton I love her songs" "hahahahaha makes sense" "total sense" "hahahahaha" Then someone said "hey" they looked to see Harry there Scarlett said "hello" Ashton said "hey mate" "I've been looking for you" "oh I was with Theo then I talked to Niall's mom then came in here with Theo he fell asleep then I gave him to his mom then came in here with Ashton" "hahahahaha I don't know why I didn't look in here I seriously looked everywhere else but here" "hahahahaha well you found me'' "hahahahaha that is correct" "I'm so exhausted" "hahahahaha I would be too" then Ashton said "I'm going to go with Michael and the others" "okay bye Ash" "bye" then Ashton got out followed by Scarlett then she said "can we go sit on those chair for a bit I'm tired" "sure thing princess" then they got out then walked to the table then Scarlett got her towel and phone then they sat in the sun on the chairs then when Scarlett sat down Harry sat on the same chair as her but next to her then he got Scarlett's sunglasses from her bag and put them on then Scarlett got her phone out and went on twitter then got bored so she got off and put her phone back in the bag then Harry said "you okay?" "yeah just tired" "hahahahaha I know you are" "oh lord I'm so going to sleep early today" "hahahahaha" "watch me go to sleep late" "hahahahaha I know" "hahahahaha" "but if your really tired you will got to sleep early" "oh totally" "hahahahaha" "what?" "nothing your just funny" "hahahahaha okay" then Scarlett rested her head on Harry's arm then he smiled and kissed the top of he head then he said "you know you can sleep in the car too" "oh I am going to sleep in the car" "hahahahaha I don't know how Eleanor is all around here and Veronica too" "I don't know" "hahahahaha well Veronica might have back up power but Eleanor?" "maybe lots of coffee this morning" "maybe" "that's maybe why" "yeah you should've had some coffee" "no I don't like coffee I prefer hot chocolate than anything" "well that would have done nothing" "hahahahaha I know" "can I see your phone?" "of course'' Scarlett then got her phone and gave it to Harry then put her bag back where it was then she seen Harry typing then he gave it back to Scarlett then she got it and smiled then her phone began to vibrate like crazy then she said "hahahahaha Harry what did you do to my phone it's going crazy" "hahahahaha maybe it's fangirling cause I touched it" "hahahahaha" then she looked and they were notifications all from Instagram then she went on Instagram to see that Harry had took a selfie Scarlett read the caption and it said "All The Love, Harry!" she smiled then she said "your funny Harry" "hahahahaha it's what I do" "oh god" "hahahahaha at least your phone isn't going off so much" "oh it will once I lock it" "hahahahaha true" "you broke my phone hahahahaha" "no no no your phone loves me just like you love me" "if you say so but I do love you" "hahahahaha I know you do" "yes sir you do" "hahahahaha sir?" "yeah your a sir" "hahahahaha well I can tell you that it is true I am a sir" "hahahahaha well your definitely not a girl" "hahahahaha that's true" Then at the tables Karen told Liam "there in love" Liam said "who?" "your daughter and Harry" "oh hahahahaha yeah they are" "they would make a cute couple" "mum they are a couple" "you let him?" "yes I did they were both madly in love with each other" 'that's cute" "yeah so there a couple" "how is he to her?" "good she's always smiling when she's around him same for him too" "all they have been doing is laughing" "that's all they do when there together" "really?" "yup they talk and laugh which is a good thing cause when I brought her to the house she was quiet and crying a lot cause of things that happened in the past so ever since they got together she's been happy and not crying which I love" "well that's good then" "oh yeah" "I had a feeling that they were together when I seen him sit with her on the same chair then she rested her head on his shoulder but before that he came here to ask if we knew where she was at like 3 times" "yeah I mean when there in public they don't look like  couple I guess there not ready for that yet but he's trying to spend as much time as he can with her" "why?" "Eleanor has been taking Scarlett places all week since we leave for tour on Sunday and for her birthday" "oh my it's her birthday today?" "oh no not today it's on Saturday" "what are you going to do for her?" "well in the morning she's going to the movies with Harry then after that she's going to the mall with some of the guys and Harry then in the night were going to have a bonfire'' "oh so no big plans?" "no but I'm planning to do something for her soon" "oh hahahahaha something big I can tell" "hahahahaha yeah she's going to be so surprised" "I bet have someone record it so you can send it to me well her reaction" "hahahahaha will do I'll ask one of the 5sos boys to record it for me" "okay thanks love" "no problem mum" then back at Scarlett and Harry he said "so what do you want to do now?" "um I don't know" "well it's almost closing time" "already?" "yeah it's 4:40pm this place closes at 5:30pm" "lame'' "hahahahaha so where to next" "um let's see" then they had just decided to stay in the lazy river the rest of the day well time they had left. Then at 5:30pm since they were closing they got out and went to the tables to get a towel then Scarlett gave Ashton back his sunglasses then she got dry then when she dried herself she then sat on the chair then Veronica went up to her and said "come with me to change" "okay " then Scarlett got her bag then went with Veronica to the restroom then they went into a stall to change when they changed they walked back to the table and put on there shoes then Veronica said "I'm so tired" "I've been tired since I woke up" "hahahahaha I drank lots of coffee but since all that caffeine is fading away I'm getting tired" "I had a feeling you had coffee this morning" "well of course I did" "hahahahaha" "I miss you at the house" "I know you do but you won't have to worry about that anymore" "huh?" "I'm going home today" "What! no your messing with me where is Ashton Kutcher I'm being punked" "hahahahaha your not being punked and there is no Ashton Kutcher we only have Ashton Irwin" "wait your serious?" "yup I go home tonight cause the families are going to be at the house" "oh no wonder" "yeah so Eleanor just told Liam that she would take me to the house and she's going to stay there too" "that's great" "oh I know" "hahahahaha" then they walked to the parking lot and got in the cars and then Eleanor said "Scarlett you get to go home today since the families are going to be there" "hahahahaha okay" "so were going to my house then the three of you will get your stuff and I'm going to stay there as well then we will go back to your house" "okay sounds good" Then Scarlett put her phone on the charger then she faced the window and put the brightness up then she went on Instagram then went to the picture of Harry then read through some of the comments some said "Harry what does this even mean?" "hahahahaha of course Harry would put to be nice" "wait isn't this Liam's daughters account why is he with her?" "Liam's daughter is lucky that she get's to hangout with all of them everyday" "then she stopped reading then then went looking through her pictures then she decided to post one of her and Ashton that she had took then she edited it then put ad the caption "Waterpark day with the family" then she tagged Ashton in the picture then she put her phone down and took a nap then when they had got to Eleanor's house Scarlett woke up then unplugged her charger and took it in the house and got her bag also then she went to the room she was using and began to get her stuff together and then got the poster from the concert from the closet and put it on the bed along with her two suitcases then she plugged her phone in the charger then sat on the bed then Harry walked in the room and said "you ready?" "yes sir I am" "hahahahaha okay" then Harry walked in and closed the door then got his charger and put it in his bag then sat next to Scarlett then he said "I'm exhausted" "join the club Harry" "hahahahaha " then there was a knock on the door Scarlett then said "come in" then the door and Louis said "let's go" then they both got up then Scarlett got her bags and poster then walked to the car and then put them in the trunk then they got in the car and were on there way to Liam's house. When they got there Eleanor parked the car and they all got out then Harry helped Scarlett with her suitcase of clothes then they walked in then Harry and Scarlett went to her room to put her stuff in there then she said "thank you Harry" "no problem princess" then Scarlett put her stuff on her bed then Harry walked out then Scarlett got her phone and went downstairs and went to the kitchen then Liam said "glad to be home?" "oh you have no idea" "hahahahaha I bet" "hahahahaha" "did you take any pictures at the concert?" "of course" "hahahahaha" "want to see them?" "sure" "okay let me go get my laptop" "okay" then Scarlett went to her room and got her laptop then went back to the kitchen then she sat on the table then Liam sat next to her then she went to the pictures then showed then to Liam then he said "you got lots of Ed" "oh yeah Ed is Ed" "hahahahaha and hardly any of Taylor" "I was more excited for Ed" "hahahahaha I see that" "I got a group selfie with Ed" "hahahahaha let me see it" then she showed him the picture then he said "you edited it huh?" "hahahahaha yeah how can you tell?" "the colors are brighter" "hahahahaha yeah I edited" "you get better every time" "really?" "yup like the colors are always so bright" "hahahahaha it's a habit" "hahahahaha I see" "hahahahaha yeah" "it's really good to have you back home" "I'm so happy to be home I missed you dad" "I missed you too love" "you would not be able to leave me here for tour there is no way you would live" "hahahahaha I know but you wouldn't be able to live either" "of course not I would miss all 9 of you way too much that I could die" "hahahahaha are you sure not only Harry?" "all 9 of you dad" "hahahahaha okay I know just checking" "hahahahaha if I meant Harry I would've just said his name in the first place" "true" "hahahahaha" "but you told me about tour before I got with Harry" "I know" "wow lots has happened in less than 2 weeks" "hahahahaha it just hit you right now?" "yes hahahahaha I didn't notice how much happens in so little time until I just said the thing about tour" "hahahahaha now you see how much work we do in so little time" "yes I do hard worker Liam Payne" "hahahahaha'' "what you guys are hard workers I mean 4 albums in 4 years it's like a new album every year" "that's out goal" "hahahahaha I'm so excited for Monday" "why?" "dad your album "Four" comes out time to learn new songs" "well you already know 'Steal My Girl' don't you?" "yes not all of it almost I learn more of the song everyday" "hahahahaha" "and the music video for it is amazing like it doesn't go with the song at all but it's still so amazing" "hahahahaha I know it has nothing to do with the song" "but I love it" "hahahahaha of course you do" "I have not found a music video of yours that I don't like I love all of them" "hahahahaha" "I even love your video diaries" "X-Factor days" "yeah" "what's wrong?" "nothing I'm just so proud of your guys success in 4 years like other people don't get why I love the band so much" "I've been wanting to ask you that question" "well I can tell you that" "hahahahaha okay" "the reason is cause the band taught me that if you have a dream go for it who knows it might happen it might not but if it doesn't happen don't give up like the first time you went on the X-Factor that 'no' the first time didn't stop you it made you work on it and then you eventually went back on the show so basically don't give up on your dreams and keep reaching for the stars but the most important reason is that you boys saved my life like when everything at home was going on you have no idea how much I wanted to end my life but your music your voices would stop me and that's why I love the band so much" Scarlett then looked at Liam to see Liam looking at the floor then Scarlett closed her laptop then got off the chair and hugged him then Liam hugged her back then Scarlett felt like there was water on her shoulder then she said "dad are you okay?" "yeah I'm fine" "sure?" "no" "what's wrong?" "this is why I'm glad with where I'm at cause our band does things like this for thousands of girls around the world" "oh but why are you crying is what I want to know?" "I'm so glad that our music helped you stop from ending your life cause if you did it then you wouldn't be here with me right now'' "I think the same thing everything dad like every morning that I wake up in the room upstairs lets me know that I'm not suffering anymore then when I come down here I'm sure that I'm safe and loved here" then in the living room Harry went up to Ashton on the couch and said "have you seen Scarlett?" "she's in the kitchen with Liam" "thanks" "but I wouldn't go in there right now" "why?" "he's crying" "who?" "Liam" "why?" "there having a serious talk I guess" "oh then in that case I'll sit here" "good choice" then back in the kitchen Liam said "of course your safe and loved here and wanted" "I know sometimes I think the opposite of all of that" "why?" "I don't know but then I put that thought aside and think good thoughts" "well that's good'' "yeah I know, are you okay now?" "yeah I'm fine now" Scarlett then let go of Liam then sat back down on the chair then Scarlett looked at Liam then she seen his eyes were red and there was still tears running down his face then Scarlett whipped the tears away then she said "please stop crying dad I hate to see anyone I love cry" "I'm sorry" "there's nothing to be sorry about dad" Then Scarlett opened her laptop and went on YouTube and looked up 'Alex  Vines' then she had found the video she wanted then she said "dad I found this guy on vine and I think he's funny watch this video and tell me what you think but hold up let me go get my speakers so you can hear it okay" "okay" Scarlett then got up and went to her room got her speakers then went back to the kitchen she hooked it up to the laptop then she said "oh he cusses a lot" "it's okay" then she played the 25 minute video then she got up and got a water bottle for herself and Liam then she sat next to him then they watched the video when it finished Liam laughed then said "hahahahaha Calmin" "hahahahaha I liked the one where he said Calum is not Asian he's Korean" "hahahahaha then him and the Harry mask" "oh god" "what's with him and tampons?" "don't know" "he's funny" "his vines are life" "hahahahaha how did you find him" "someone I follow on vine shared his vine and I saw his vines and fell in love" "hahahahaha" "he's funny though and I found his twitter though" "does it have a blue check mark?" "no not yet at least maybe if he gets bigger he will" "hahahahaha" "so do you feel better now?" "hahahahaha yes I do thank you love for cheering me up" "no problem dad I mean you helped me when I felt sad so now it's my turn to do it" "that's family for you" "hahahahaha true" "yeah" "I didn't mean to make you cry dad" "I know you didn't mean it I did ask you the question and I know your past so I should've known it was going to be something like that" "I know but I feel bad" "don't feel bad now" "I do though" "hey darling I'm fine okay don't beat yourself up because of this I'm fine" ''I know your fine but I didn't mean for that to happen" "SCARLETT I TOLD YOU I'M FINE!!" Scarlett then looked at her laptop closed it then unplugged the speaker then Liam said "I didn't mean to raise my voice" "no it's fine'' Scarlett then got up got her laptop and speaker then she walked to her room as she was walking to her room Michael said "hi loser" "don't not in the mood Gordon" then she put her stuff on her bed then got a sweater and then Michael said "where are you going?" "Michael I said DON'T!" then Scarlett walked out of the house slamming the door behind her. Then back at the house Ashton went to where Michael was at and said "why did you slam the door?" "it wasn't me" Liam and Harry then walked to where Ashton was at then Liam said "where is she at?" Harry said "what's going on?" Ashton said "I heard her yelling at you what did you do Michael?" "I didn't do anything she was walking to her room and I told her hi and she said she wasn't in the mood" Liam said "what happened after" "she went to her room" "is she still in there?" "no she walked out the front door" Harry's phone then began to ring he walked to the backyard then said "hello" "hey Harry" "princess where are you?" "I left" "what happened?" "Liam yelled at me I know he didn't mean to but it caught me off guard" "where are you?" "walking" "babe come home" "I need some time alone for a bit" "how about if I go with you?" "what if Liam follows you?" "he won't I'll tell him not to I'll sneak out the back if I have to" "I just don't want to be home for a while that's all" "I know princess I know I just want to make sure that your okay and I want to do that by being with you" "um" "please" Harry said sneaking out the side gate Scarlett then said "okay you can" "good cause I already left the house" "did Liam see you?" "no I sneaked out" "oh" "where are you at now?" "okay when you go to the front of the house turn the opposite way from town and keep walking straight" "okay I'm walking that way" "okay I'm just standing here I'm leaning against a blue wall" "okay then" "yeah" "okay I can see a blue wall but I can't see you yet" "you walk fast" "for you of course" "that's cheesy" "hahahahaha all this cheesiness for you" "hahahahaha" "oh I see you" "okay then" then Harry had hung up then Scarlett put her phone in her pocket then Harry walked up to her then she smiled at him and he smiled back then she said "thanks for coming" "no problem princess" "hahahahaha" "so where were you planning to go?" "no where just walk to get some fresh air" "oh well fresh air is good" "hahahahaha I know" "wait so Liam yelled at you?" "he didn't mean to and I know he didn't but it caught me off guard so I just left to let him calm down" "well we both know he's going to be worried now" "yeah I know until they put pictures of us on twitter and he knows that your with me" "true" "so that might calm him down" "it might" "yeah but I think he got worried cause it's about to be dark soon" "oh true" then as they were walking Scarlett began to get cold Harry then said "are you cold?" "a little" Harry then took his scarf off and put it on Scarlett then she said "are you sure Harry?" "yes love I'm sure" "thank you" "your welcome" then Harry took off his coat and put it on Scarlett's shoulder then Scarlett said "Harry what if you get cold?" "princess I have another sweater on I'll be fine okay" "okay thank you again" "your welcome" then Scarlett put the coat on right then Scarlett seen a hot chocolate sign as it was dark already then Scarlett said "you want a hot chocolate?" "okay but I'm buying'' "I was suppose to buy" "no I'm not letting my girlfriend buy I shall buy" "okay fine" then they got two hot chocolates then Scarlett said "thank you Harry" "your welcome" then they kept on walking then Scarlett kept feeling her phone vibrate so she checked it to see 10 missed calls from Liam, 2 from Ashton, 5 from Niall,  5 text messages from Michael, 15 messages from Veronica, 5 messages from Niall, and 5 messages from Liam then Harry said "there calling you?" "yeah all of them" then Harry pulled out his phone and said "Liam called me 4 times" "oh'' "you want to go back already?" "no not yet" then Scarlett sat on a bench then Harry sat next to her then her phone began to ring again but this time it was Michael she answered it and said "yes can I help you?" "well finally you answer" "don't you get by not in the mood" "Liam is worried about you" "of course he is" "then Harry doesn't answer his calls either and he's not home" "and?" "well he's worried" "well I answered didn't I tell him I'm not dead" then Scarlett hung up and put her phone down then she went on Instagram then Harry said "picture?" "hahahahaha of what?" "us" "okay" then Scarlett took a picture of her and Harry then edited then she posted the picture with the caption  "night out with Harry" then tagged Harry in the picture and posted the same thing on twitter then she sent him the picture then Harry said "my coat looks good on you princess" "hahahahaha I like it, it's so warm and big and comfy and soft and it smells like you too hahahahaha" "hahahahaha it smells like me?" "well like your body spray that you wear" "didn't know you noticed that I would wear that" "I noticed it smells good" "hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" then Harry sat closer to Scarlett then Harry smiled at her then he said "how's your hot chocolate?" "it's good hahahahaha how's yours?" "it's good too" "hahahahaha" "makes me warm" "hahahahaha" "it does" "I know it's the same for me too" "hahahahaha maybe I should've brought a beanie as well" "I know I should've too" "hahahahaha" "why not just buy one?" "where" "the store Harry" "hahahahaha I know that princess but town is back the other way" "well let's start walking" then they got up from the bench and began to walk towards town when they walked by the house Scarlett looked then Harry said "not yet?" ''no not yet" then they kept on walking then when they got to a store where they sold hats and other stuff so they walked in and looked around as Scarlett was looking her phone began to ring she looked to see Eleanor's name on the screen she answered it and said "hello'' "Scarlett?" "yes that's me" "were in this world are you at?" "In London" "hahahahaha" "just kidding I'm out getting fresh air" "Liam is worried sick about you he's pacing back and forth right here in the living room and Harry is no where to be found" "I'm fine and Harry is fine too" "how do you know?" "if you guys really wanted to know I was okay you would check my Instagram and twitter" Eleanor then said "Liam check her twitter" then Scarlett found a beanie that she wanted then she noticed that Harry was still looking so she stood where she was at then she heard Liam say "she's with Harry" Eleanor said "makes sense why he's not here" Scarlett said "hahahahaha took you guys long enough to figure it out" "hahahahaha well when are you coming home?" "don't know but soon" "okay at least text Liam that your okay" "I will" "okay then bye love" "bye El'' then when then when Scarlett hung up she went to Liam's name and texted him "hey just letting you that I'm okay" then Harry walked up to Scarlett and said "you found one?" "yes I did" "okay here give it to me" "your buying again?" "yes your my girlfriend" "Harry I don't want you to buy me a bunch of stuff" "Scarlett I'm not buying you a bunch princess it's just this" "okay then fine" Scarlett then handed Harry the beanie then he went to go pay after he paid he handed Scarlett her beanie then she took off the tags then she threw the tags away in the trash then she put the beanie on then Harry did the same then Scarlett thanked Harry again Scarlett then felt her phone vibrate she looked to see a text from Liam it said "love I'm so sorry for yelling at you" "it's okay I know you didn't mean it I was just caught off guard so I left to let you calm down guess it made it worse" "I know it did and I just get worried too much about you" "I know" "well get home safe" "I will plus I'm with Harry" "Oh I should've known he was" "hahahahaha yeah" "see you in a while" "okay" then Harry said "to where now?" "um don't know where do you want to go?" "um well I would like to be under hundreds of blankets cuddling" "hahahahaha soon" "hahahahaha" then they began to walk then Scarlett said "is it just me or is it really cold tonight than any other night so far" "it's getting colder" "okay so it's not just me good" "hahahahaha" "so you want to go home is what your telling me?" "no it's okay I'm with my princess I'm good" "hahahahaha okay" "I love you my love" "I love you too" then as they were walking Harry went into a little bakery to get more hot chocolate and Scarlett wanted to stay outside as she was standing there this little girl about 16-years-old went up to her and said "hi" Scarlett smiled and said "hi" "your Liam's daughter aren't you?" "yeah" "cool hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "can I have a picture with you?" "sure thing" then Scarlett took 2 pictures with the fan then she said "thank you so much" "no problem" then the girl walked away with a smile then another girl went up to Scarlett this time the girl was around 7-years-old then the little girl said "h-hi" Scarlett looked and smiled then said "hi love" "are you Liam's daughter?" "yes that's me" the little girl smiled all big then Scarlett heard a guy yelling "Sam" when he got to Scarlett he said "sorry about my sister" Scarlett said "no it's okay" the little girl said "Jake this is Liam's daughter" "Liam?" "from One Direction" the guy said "she's obsessed with One Direction" Scarlett then looked at the little girl then said "no worries I used to be like that too" then the girl went into her bag and pulled out a notepad and pen then she said "can I have your autograph?" "of course" then as Scarlett got the notepad her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "love you want large or medium?" "medium please" "okay then" "thanks love'' "welcome princess" then she put her phone in her pocket and then signed the paper for the girl then Scarlett said "there you go" ''thank you so much" "your welcome" "bye" "bye love" then the guy said "thank you" "no problem" then they sat on the bench in front of the bakery then Scarlett went inside with Harry then when they got there drinks they walked out then Scarlett looked at the bench to see the little girl and her brother there then Scarlett smiled at the girl then Harry said "you want a donut?" "um okay" then they walked to the donut shop next to the bakery then Scarlett sat on a bench outside of the shop drinking her hot chocolate then Harry walked out and sat next to Scarlett then he handed her the donut the he said "ready to go home now?" "yeah it's getting late" "did you at least text Liam to let him know that your okay?" "yes I did" "oh okay then" "yeah I also told him that I was with you so he can calm down" "good" then they got up and walked to the house when they got to the house they walked in when they closed the door Niall walked downstairs then said "hey guys, ohhhh Liam was looking for the both of you" Scarlett said "he knows Harry was with me I talked to him" "oh okay well next time answer our calls" "my phone was on silent I didn't know" "oh'' then Niall added "Harry don't you have a coat and scarf like that?" Harry said "that is my coat and scarf she got cold so I gave them to her to keep warm" "oh" then Scarlett went to her room when she got there she closed the door and locked it and changed to her pajamas then when she finished she opened the door then got her laptop then put it on her desk with her speaker then someone knocked on her door she looked to see Liam there she said "come in" "you okay now?" "yeah I'm fine" "sure?" "yup I just needed some air" "okay then" "don't worry dad I'm not mad at you okay" "okay" "hahahahaha" "you hungry?" "no I'm good I had hot chocolate and a donut" "okay then" Scarlett then smiled at him then he said "I'm going to go lay down I'm tired" "hahahahaha okay night dad" "night love" then Liam went to his room then Scarlett put her hair in a braid then got her bed ready for bed then she went to her bathroom and began to wash her face then when she finished she went back to her room and then Harry had just walked in then Scarlett said "thanks for letting me borrow your coat Harry" "no problem princess" Scarlett then handed the coat and scarf to Harry he took them then said "be right back" "okay" then Scarlett went to her window and looked out the window the she opened the window and climbed to the roof then she sat there looking at the sky then she laid on the roof looking at the stars then someone said "princess what are you doing?" Scarlett looked to see Harry at the window the she sat up and said "just looking at the stars I always used to do this when I was younger" "oh but come in the room it's cold out there" Scarlett then got up and went back in the room then closed the window and curtains then she went to the bathroom to wash her hands and brush her teeth then when she went to the room the door was closed and Harry was laying in the bed then Scarlett smiled at him then turned off the light then laid down then Harry said "night babe" "night my love" "love you princess" "I love you too" Harry then kissed Scarlett's cheek then they both feel asleep.

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