Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


17. Chapter 17 (Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Day 3 With Eleanor)

The next morning when Harry woke up he looked at the time and it was 9:30am he got up went to the bathroom and when he was walking back in the room someone said "Morning" he looked to see Eleanor there he said "morning" "is Scarlett awake?" "No she's still asleep" "oh okay then" "want me to wake up?" "No where we are going today is not an early thing" "Where are you taking her?" "first were going shopping to look for something for her to wear tonight" "tonight?" "I got us Taylor Swift concert tickets well there front row and backstage passes" "oh- well have fun" "hahahahaha I'm sure we will" "just she's going to be there?" "no Ed is opening up for her" "Awwww man Ed's going to be there" "hahahahaha yeah I'll tell him you said hi" "hahahahaha okay then" "does she even like Taylor Swift?" "to tell you the truth I really don't know great watch her hate me if she doesn't like her but I'm taking her to one of her concerts" "you think Liam knows?" "we can ask him" Harry the got his phone and him and Eleanor walked to the table and sat down then called Liam when he answered he said ''hello'' "Liam we have to ask you something" "what's up?" Eleanor said "Does Scarlett like Taylor Swift?" "Um I don't know Veronica might know" "ask her we must know for stuff" "hahahahaha okay" then it was quiet for a bit then someone said "Yes what can I do for you since you bothered my sleep?" Eleanor said "I'm sorry Veronica" "Oh Eleanor hi I thought it was Harry" "hahahahaha well he did call but I needed to know something for tonight" "what's that?" "do you and Scarlett like Taylor Swift?" "Scarlett likes her but is not in love with her and me eh I guess but I'm not like omfg it's Taylor Swift run" "So you would both see her in concert?" "I think Scarlett would love to me yeah I don't mind" "So if I say were going to see her tonight would you go?" "of course" "there front row and backstage passes" "wait your taking her tonight?" "yeah I'm taking both of you tonight" "no way" "way" "I gotta find something to wear" "hahahahaha and Ed is going to be there well he's going to open up" "Oh my god Ed is life" "hahahahaha" "Oh my I got to find something to wear ugh the struggle" "hahahahaha just get ready with what you have in your closet and I'll be there in a while to pick you up and you, me, and Scarlett will go shopping" "I don't have any money though" "don't worry about it I will buy the clothes for the both of you" "Are you sure?" "yes I'm sure" "Oh my thanks Eleanor your the best ugh I'm going to stat getting ready" "hahahahaha okay then" "I'll tell Liam to call you when I'm ready or no?" "Yeah that way I can pick you up" "okay then, wait does Scarlett know about tonight?" "no she doesn't" "wait are you going to tell her before tonight?" "you think I should?" "I think that's how you should wake her up" "Oh great idea I'm going to put you on speaker" "hahahahaha okay" then Eleanor put the phone down then yelled "SCARLETT TIME TO GET UP WERE GOING TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT TONIGHT!!!!!!" then Scarlett said "ugh" "Scarlett come on Taylor Swift front row seats and backstage passes" "fine I'm awake I'm awake" "be excited Taylor Swift concert with me" then Veronica said "and me!" then Scarlett said "wait Veronica is here?" Eleanor said "No not yet she's going to come later I'm going to go pick her up in I say an hour and a half" Veronica said "Oh then I got to start getting ready I'll call you later Eleanor" "okay then bye Veronica" "bye" then Eleanor hung up then Scarlett said "Are we really going to see her in concert tonight?" "Yes and Ed is going to open up for her" "Oh my life Ed is going to be there ugh he's awesome" "hahahahaha" "oh my what am I going to wear" "Well me, you, and Veronica are going to go shopping in a bit" "awesome" "but I'm buying the clothes" "ugh" "hey this was my plan so I'm buying" "fine only this on time" "hahahahaha" then Harry walked in the room then Eleanor said "be excited" "hahahahaha I'm excited to see Ed and Taylor but mostly Ed" "hahahahaha I had a feeling" "hahahahaha" "well I'm going to go get ready so yeah see you later'' Then Eleanor walked out then Harry closed the door and then Scarlett turned around then Harry said " Morning princess" she then looked at Harry then said "Morning my love" "your not going to get ready?" "in a bit" "up'' "5 more minutes" ''fine'' "yay" then Harry laid next to her and said "I didn't know you liked Taylor Swift?" "Yeah I do well I'm not like obsessed with her like how I am with your band but her music is good" "oh" "yeah" "hahahahaha, so what are you going to wear to the concert?" "I don't know, but I want to lie and say it's my birthday to see if she will tell me happy birthday" "hahahahaha hey this is your birthday week" "that it is" "so it's not technically lying" "I guess hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "how am I going to get her to tell me happy birthday?" "well if you can't get her to tell you during the concert then you can tell Eleanor to tell her backstage" "true but during the concert would be awesome" "I know it would" "Yeah" "well that was 5 minutes time to get ready" ''fine'' then Scarlett got up and got her phone then got clothes and then went to go take a shower then when she got out she then went in the room and put on her shoes then she put her hair in a ponytail then she sat on the bed then Harry said "you got ready fast" "I only need 30 minutes to get ready Harry" "hahahahaha I can see that" "I don't need to look pretty for people to like me I want people to like me for me" "well I know that I love you for you" "hahahahaha that's true" "hey I was in love with you way before and you never even talked to me and I loved you" "hahahahaha that's true" "very true" then there was a knock on the door and Scarlette said "come in" then Eleanor walked in and said "Oh your dressed good want to come with me to pick up Veronica?" ''sure" then Eleanor walked out then Scarlett got her phone then said "see you later love" "see you later babe" "I love you" "love you too" then Scarlett hugged him and kissed his cheek then she walked out of the room and went to the living room where Eleanor was then they got in her car and drove to go pick up Veronica as they were driving Eleanor said "so excited about the concert?" "yeah I am" "hahahahaha good at first I was just going to get 2 tickets for me and you but then I thought of Veronica so I got 3 I mean I want to get to know her more since she's with Niall" "oh hahahahaha and I know that she really wants to get to know you too" "she's so energetic and she always looks out for you like yesterday she didn't want to go in without you she wanted to make sure that you were okay first" ''that's true and I know she has always been like that with me she always treated me like a little sister" "how long have you both known each other for?" "since Elementary School 1st grade actually" "wow that's a long time" "she's family" "I can see that" "hahahahaha yeah she's the only family I have left from before the orphanage but now you are all my family" "that's true she is and yes we all are including Veronica" "yeah hahahahaha" then they pulled up at the house then they got off and rang the door bell then Luke opened the door then said "hey girls come in" then they walked in and Scarlett said "where's the others?" "Michael is sleeping, Calum, Ashton, and Liam are in the kitchen" "thanks" "no problem" then they walked to the kitchen when Liam seen them he said "hi girls" Scarlett sad "hi dad" Eleanor said "hey Liam'' then Scarlett said "I'm going to go get Veronica" then she went upstairs when she got to Niall's door she knocked on the door then the door opened to see a half awake half asleep Niall Scarlett said "Sorry to wake you up Niall" "no it's okay I've been up for hours" "hahahahaha is Veronica awake please tell me she awake and ready" "hold on" then he yelled "BABE!!!!!" then Niall went back to the door minutes later and said " she will be down in 5 minutes" "thank you Niall" then Scarlett went back downstairs then Eleanor said "where is she at?" "finishing up" "okay then" then Liam said "hungry love" "I can eat" "hahahahaha well I made chocolate chip pancakes" "oh I'll take 3 please" "okay then coming right up" "yes" then Scarlett walked in the kitchen and said "I feel like a stranger in my own home since I haven't been here for a couple of days" "hahahahaha well it feels normal having you around for this time you are here at the moment" "hahahahaha I know I miss waking up and coming in here every morning" "hahahahaha I bet you do" "yeah I also miss doing the bonfires" "we haven't done one of those since the last one we had with you" "oh god is it really that noticeable that I'm not here?" "yeah did you notice how quiet the house was when you got here?" "yeah I thought that they were all asleep" "that's how it is all day" "but like what do they miss about me not being here?" "I guess you making them laugh is what they miss you just really get along with all of them" ''that's true" "yeah well here are your pancakes" "thanks dad" "your welcome" then Scarlett sat at the table and began to eat when she finished she sat there on her phone then someone said "hi" she looked to see Ashton  there she said "hey Ashton" "how's it going at Eleanor's?" "it's going good but I miss it here" then Liam sat at the table then Ashton said "well of course you do it's your first time being away from home" "true" then Liam said "So where is Eleanor taking you today do you know?" "hahahahaha I know" "where is she taking you?" "she's taking me and Veronica shopping for clothes to wear tonight" "oh so it's you three today and tonight?" "yes it's only us three and yeah were going to go t a concert" Ashton said "to see who?" "Taylor Swift" Liam said "Oh her" "yeah and Ed is going to open up for her ugh I'm excited to see him more than Taylor" "your a fan of Ed?" "oh my yes Ed's music is life" "hahahahaha his songs are good" "no there amazing" "well have fun love" "thanks dad I'll tell Ed you said hi" "hahahahaha please do" "hahahahaha okay" then Eleanor said "Scarlett your ready?" "were leaving?" "yes" "awwww man" "hahahahaha sorry" then Scarlett walked into the living room then seen Veronica then Veronica hugged Scarlett then she said "hahahahaha I miss you too Veronica" "hahahahaha" "oh bring your sd card so you can put the video on my laptop" "oh okay let me go get it I'll meet you guys outside" "okay then" then Scarlett, Eleanor, and Liam walked to the car then Eleanor was on the phone talking by her car then Liam said "have fun tonight love" "will do dad, I'm freaken seen Ed I'm so excited" "hahahahaha" "I know you boys don't like her though" "Eh I could care less about her" "hahahahaha" "Louis and Niall hate her" "I know that too" "yeah but I didn't know you liked her?" "hahahahaha oh dad I like her music" "makes sense" "yeah not a big fan but I am a fan" "makes sense" "hahahahaha yeah" Then Veronica walked out of the house then Liam said "have fun tonight girls" then both said "thank you" then he said "bye" then Scarlett said "bye dad" "bye love I'll see you tomorrow" "I'll see you tomorrow" then Scarlett hugged him and then Scarlett and Veronica went and got in the car then Eleanor got in and said "I have to do something really quick then we will go to the mall okay" "okay" then they drove to Eleanor's when they got there they all got off then Eleanor went to her room then Veronica said "Where's Harry?" "in the room we are using, let me go get my laptop" "okay" "come on you don't have to stay here he might be asleep or not" "hahahahaha okay" then they walked in the room and seen that Harry was asleep then Scarlett got her laptop then they went to the kitchen then they began to download the video when it finished they watched it to make sure it was all there then Eleanor walked in the kitchen and said "okay lets go to the mall it's already 2pm and the concert starts at 7pm" "okay" then Scarlett said "I'll meet you both outside I'm going to put my laptop away" "okay" then they both went to the car then Scarlett quietly walked in the room put her laptop away then got her money then walked out of the room then walked to the car then she got in and they went to the mall when they got there they walked in a store and they began to look around then Scarlett went to the dresses and then began to look for a dress then she had found a couple of them one was a white tank top and the bottom part was a black floral skirt the other one she found was a peach lace dress and the last one was a red flowy dress then she got them then looked around some more then Eleanor and Veronica walked up to her then Eleanor said "what did you find?" "some dresses" "well let's try on what we got then we will tell each other what goes good" "okay then" then they walked to the dressing rooms and tried on there clothes then Scarlett ended up getting the red dress then Eleanor said "wait Scarlett try on the red dress with this jean jacket" "hahahahaha okay" then Scarlett went back in the dressing room and put on the dress with the jacket when she came out Eleanor said "yup it's perfect" Veronica said "it looks cute" Scarlett said "is there a bigger size Eleanor I am not your size" "hahahahaha we will go find one your size" "okay let me go change" "okay" then Scarlett changed back to her clothes then gave Eleanor the jacket then they walked to where Eleanor had found them then Scarlett got her size then they went to go pay then Eleanor said "Scarlett what shoes are you going to wear with this?" "my converse" "hahahahaha it won't look that bad, how about you Veronica?" "these shoes well flats" "oh that will go" "hahahahaha yeah" "Do you guys want to make a poster there allowing posters there?" Scarlett said "Can we make one saying it's my birthday?" Veronica said "but it's not" "Veronica she doesn't know that it's okay I told you this the last time this happened it's okay to lie this time only" Eleanor said "well it is your birthday week so yeah we can" Veronica said "okay let's do this and make it noticeable" Scarlett said "to the craft store that's in here" "hahahahaha" then they went to the craft store and bought a neon green poster with neon color letters that were huge then they got glitter and markers then paid then Veronica said "I'm hungry" Scarlett sad "pizza" Eleanor and Veronica said "sure" then they went to go get pizza then when they got there food then they went and sat at a table then Eleanor got a napkin and said "what's going to go on the poster?" Scarlett said "how about 'it's my 18th birthday today'?" Veronica said "we should put your name on the poster somewhere so how about 'Happy 18th Birthday Scarlett'?" Eleanor said "I like it" Scarlett said "Perfect" then when they finished Eleanor looked at the time and said "it's 3:10pm already" Scarlett said "let's get back to the house so we can work on this poster" then they threw there trash away then got the bags and went back to Eleanor's house when they got there Eleanor said "let's do the poster first then go get ready" Veronica said "where?" Eleanor said "Garage there's a table let's go take the clothes we need to start this now" then they walked in the garage and began to work on the poster they had ended up putting the glitter on the letters to make it pop more then when they finished 45 minutes later they put the poster in the car so they wouldn't forget it then they got the bag of clothes then went in the house when they walked in they seen Harry and Louis on the couch watching TV then Scarlett said "this is why I hate glitter" she said looking at her hands then Veronica said "it's on your face too" "great" Scarlett said sarcastically then Eleanor laughed and said "just go wash your face and hands it will come off I made sure we got the wash off one" "hahahahaha okay" then Scarlett went to the bathroom and washed her face and hands then she walked out then Eleanor said "Veronica do you wanna shower again?" "No I'm good" "Scarlett?" Scarlett then said "yes I do" "hahahahaha go shower then when your done put some shorts and a shirt on then come to my room" "got it" then Scarlett went to go get clothes and went to go shower when she finished she dried her hair the combed it down then she went to Eleanor's room when she got there she knocked on the door then Eleanor said "come in" then she walked in then she sat on the bed then Veronica said "how are you going to do your hair?" Scarlette said "I don't know" Eleanor said "how about I put it in a ponytail and curl the ends" "I like that idea" "okay I'll do it after Veronica's hair you want to put your dress on in the mean time?" "yeah let me go get my shoes and socks" "you can get those after" "okay then" then Scarlett changed in Eleanor's closet then she got the clothes she had on then folded them and put them next to her on the bed then when Eleanor had finished with Veronica Scarlett then sat down and Eleanor did her hair then Veronica said "can I do your make up Scarlett?" "Um okay wait do you have liquid eyeliner?" "of course" "then yeah" "hahahahaha" "okay" then Veronica was doing Scarlett's makeup then Eleanor had finished and Veronica did too then Eleanor looked at Scarlett and said "hmmmmm how does the hair look Veronica?" Veronica said "it looks nice but now that she has the make up on the hair would look better if it was down" Eleanor said "I was thinking the same thing" then Eleanor put her hair down then curled it a bit more then looked at Scarlett then said "yup that's perfect now" then Scarlett looked in the mirror then she said "Wow" Eleanor said "wow is right you look hot" Veronica said "Eleanor is right" then Scarlett said "hahahahaha I guess" then she got up and went to the room to put on her shoes and socks and put her clothes away then Scarlett put her phone to charge and seen that it was 5:20pm then Scarlett went back to Eleanor's room then said "how does it look with the converse?" Eleanor said "it looks good" Veronica said "it does go" "good hahahahaha" then Scarlett added "I'll be back in a bit" Eleanor said "okay were going to be in the living room" "okay then" then they all walked out then Scarlett went to the room she was using then she was on her phone then she heard the door open and close but she didn't look cause she thought it was Veronica then she got the jean jacket that as next to her then put it on then Harry said "hey" she looked and said "hi love" "you look wow" Scarlett stood up walked up to him hugged him and said "thank you my love" "welcome babe" "I'm loving the shoes" "hahahahaha see there's one thing about me you should know" "what's that?" 'I don't like high heels" "hahahahaha good to know" "yeah" then Harry kissed her forehead then she said "my face feels weird with all this makeup on" 'your not used to it huh?" "not at all I usually only put mascara on" "but you really look beautiful baby" "hahahahaha your funny" "just saying what I think I mean you don't need makeup to get attention" "I know that's true but you need to remember that all three of us are in relationships" "that's true" "so if anyone hits on me I'll punch them" "hahahahaha only if they don't leave you alone after you tell them your not interested" "hahahahaha true"  "hahahahaha you are too much" "hahahahaha" "Awww I'm not going to be able to cuddle with you tonight?" "you do know that I am coming home" "hahahahaha I know but your going to come after I'm asleep" "true were going to drop off Veronica first" "yeah" "you know you can cuddle with me when I get in the bed" "true" "hahahahaha you made it sound like I wasn't coming home" "hahahahaha I know" "your too dramatic Styles" "hahahahaha I just want to cuddle" "well we kinda are but standing up" "hahahahaha true" "hahahahaha" "I'm enjoying this" "me too" then there was a knock on the door Harry let go of Scarlett even though he didn't want to then she went to go open the door then Eleanor said "it's 6:05pm" "okay let me get my things" "Veronica's in the car" "I'll meet you there" "okay" then Scarlette got her phone and a purse and put her extra battery in there then put her camera then she said "Bye love" "bye my princess, I'll see you tonight have fun" "I will and I love you so much" "I love you so much too" then Scarlett kissed his cheek and Harry kissed her forehead then she walked out of the room then said "bye Louis" "bye Scarlett have fun" "thanks" then Scarlett got in the car then they went to the arena when they got there Scarlett got the poster they made then Eleanor made sure she had the tickets and backstage passes then they walked in the arena and went to there seats which were like right in front of the stage then they sat down then that arena started to get packed with fans then Scarlett said "we should take a picture of us here" then Scarlett took out her phone and took a picture then she posted it on Instagram and Twitter saying they were at a concert then she put her phone on silent then they sat there and talked then at 7pm Ed Sheeran went on and did his thing then at 9pm Taylor Swift had went on, in the middle of the concert Taylor walked up to the front of the stage then said "I see some pretty amazing posters" then she started to read some of them then she said "Oh there's a couple of birthday's in here so happy birthday Alyssa and a special happy 18th birthday to Scarlett" then she went back to singing then when the concert finished Scarlett said "Oh lord it worked she said my name" Eleanor said "hahahahaha it did work" Veronica said "I actually had fun" then they got there backstage passes and waited a while to be the last ones to go in then when they went in there was not many people then Scarlett looked at the time and seen that it was 11:00pm when it was there turn Scarlett walked up to them then Eleanor said "Ed it's so good to see you again" Ed said "Eleanor it's been a while are the lads here?" "No I brought the girls with me" then Taylor went up to Scarlett and said "hello" "Um hi" "so you turned 18 I see" "hahahahaha yeah" "well happy birthday" "thank you" then Scarlett added "can I take a picture with you?" "of course" Scarlett pulled out her phone and then took a couple of pictures then Taylor said "want me to sign your poster?" "oh my gosh yes please" then Taylor signed her poster then Scarlett said "Can you follow me on twitter?" "what's your twitter name?" Taylor said pulling out her phone "it's denisestyles02" "okay then is that you?" Taylor said showing her the phone "yup" then Scarlett's phone vibrated she looked and it said that Taylor had followed her then Scarlett said "thank you so much Taylor ugh I love your music" Scarlett said hugging her "your welcome and that means so much to me" then Eleanor said "Scarlett come here please" Scarlett then walked to Eleanor then Scarlett said "yes Eleanor" "Ed wanted to meet you" "oh hi Ed" Ed said "Hello love, Eleanor told me your part of the family now?" "yeah um Liam adopted me in America" "well welcome to the family" "hahahahaha thank you Ed" then Scarlett said "Veronica let's take a picture with Ed'' "okay" then Scarlett got her phone and took a picture with Ed, Veronica, and Eleanor then she said "group picture Taylor come your included" then one of the security guards took Scarlett's phone and took two pictures then Scarlett said "thank you tall scary security guard" he laughed then said "I'm Chris" "nice to meet you" Scarlett got her phone then she went back to the others then Scarlett said "Oh Ed Liam said to tell you hi" Ed said "hahahahaha tell him I said hi too" "will do" then Scarlett got her phone out and texted Liam "Ed said hi" then she went back to talking with them then Taylor went up to Scarlett and Veronica and said "so how did you girls like the concert?" Veronica said "I had a blast" Scarlett said "I had so much fun" Taylor said "I'm glad you guys did" then Scarlett and Veronica both laughed then Taylor said "so how did you both get to hangout with Eleanor isn't she Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?" Scarlett said "she is" Taylor said "and your both American so how?" Veronica said "We are family of hers from America and she decided to bring us here plus it's a bonus for Scarlett" Taylor said "true, so you got to meet the others too?" Scarlett said "yes we did there all so nice" Veronica said "yup I know that we were both freaking out when we meet them" Scarlett said "I know I was freaking out" Taylor said "I bet" Scarlett said "I was freaking out when we were walking in here" Taylor just laughed then Eleanor said "girls let's go" then Veronica said "bye" and went to Ed then Scarlett said "bye Taylor it was so nice to meet you in person" Taylor said "Bye Scarlett it was nice to meet you too" then Scarlett hugged her then went to Ed then she said "bye Ed it was soooooo nice to meet you" Ed said "bye Scarlett it was nice to meet you too" Scarlett hugged him then whispered "don't tell Taylor I'm adopted" then they ended the hug then he said "I won't, I promise" Ed then handed Scarlett his phone then she said "for what?" "twitter" Scarlett then looked for herself and followed herself then she said "there you go" "thank you" "welcome bye" "bye" then they walked out and sat in the car then Eleanor said "so did Taylor ask how you girls knew me?" Veronica said "yup" Scarlett said "we told her that were family of yours from America and you brought us to the concert" Eleanor said "you do know that she is going to find out sooner or later" Scarlett said "I know but oh well" Veronica said "I think we lied because I know Scarlett she wasn't going to tell Taylor Swift that she was adopted that's not her business to know about" Eleanor said "true it isn't her business to know" Scarlett said "and we are family" Eleanor said "true" then Scarlett and Veronica laughed then when they got to Liam's house Veronica said  thanks for everything Eleanor I had a blast" "no problem Veronica" "bye Scarlett" "bye Veronica" Eleanor said "I'll see you tomorrow" "see you both tomorrow" then Eleanor waited till Veronica went in then they drove back to Eleanor's house then Scarlett said "is Louis and Harry asleep?" "Louis did say he was going to sleep" "oh" "were going to be so tired tomorrow" "I know what time do we got to be up?" "8:30am" "that's only 8 hours of sleep" "hahahahaha" "I'm going to be so dead" "I am too" "I'm not going to shower in the morning I already took two showers today" "hahahahaha true" "yup" "I'm not either" "hahahahaha okay" then when they got home they both got out of the car then Scarlett got the poster then they quietly walked in then Scarlett said "thank you so much Eleanor I had a blast" "your welcome' "good night" "night" then Scarlett walked in the room and turned on the light got Harry's long shirt and went in the closet and changed then put her hair in a braid and put her dress in her suitcase then put her phone to charge then she went to the rest room and washed her face then walked back in the room turned off the light and laid in bed then looked to see that Harry was asleep she smiled then went to sleep.

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