Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


16. Chapter 16 (Go-Karts, Laser Tag, and Arcade Day 2 With Eleanor)

The next morning when Harry woke up he looked at the time on his phone and seen that it was 8:30am then there was a knock on the door and it opened then Louis walked in and said "morning time to get up" "morning and okay I'll wake her up" "okay then" then Louis walked out of the room then Harry got up and then began to wake up Scarlett when she woke up she said "No I don't wanna" "Princess time to get up" "ugh fine" then Scarlett opened her eyes then Harry smiled and kissed her cheek then Scarlett got up went to the bathroom brushed her teeth and hair then she walked back in the room then when she got back in the room Harry smiled at her then Scarlett walked up to him and she kissed his cheek then she hugged him and Harry hugged her back then Harry said "I love you so much princess" "I love you too my love" then there was another knock on the door Scarlett then let go of Harry then went to the door opened it then Eleanor said "okay just making sure your both up" "were up" "Okay then get ready were going to leave soon" "Okay then I'm going to go shower" "okay" then Eleanor walked away then Scarlett went to her bag and began to look for clothes to wear then she decided to wear jeans and a black tank top that said "5 Seconds Of Summer" then she went to the rest room and took a shower when she came out she went to the room then sat on the bed and put on her shoes then she got up and then went to go find Eleanor when she found her she said "Hey El" "hey Scarlett, what's up?" "Um I was wondering if you can help me with my hair" "Well what are you planning to do with it?" "I'm going to put on my fedora" "Okay well I can blow dry it then curl it" "sounds good let me go get my fedora" "okay" then Scarlett went to the room and noticed that Harry was in the shower then she got her fedora then went with Eleanor to her room then Eleanor began to do her hair, then an hour later she had finished so she put the fedora on the let Scarlett look in the mirror then Scarlett said "thank you so much El" "you like it?" "yes I do" "hahahahaha glad you do" "me too" "oh were almost leaving" "okay this time I'm not taking my laptop or camera" "hahahahaha okay then" then Scarlett went to the room and when she got there Harry had just got out of the shower then Scarlett said "Harry, Eleanor said were almost leaving" "okay I am almost ready" "okay" then Scarlett got her car charger then she got her phone then she decided to take a selfie she posted it on Instagram with the caption "Almost leaving wonder where we are going today....finally wearing my 5SOS shirt that I got when I was in L.A." then 10 minutes later they were getting in the car and going to the house to pick up the others, when they got to the house the guys were getting in the car then Scarlett had saw Veronica and wanted to get out but she knew that she was going to see her in a bit so she stood in the car then Liam got in the car and they were on there way to wherever they were going. Then Harry, Louis, and Eleanor were talking then she got a text on her phone she looked to see that it was Michael it said "I'm bored" "me too" "lame" "your lame" "your mom's lame" "I know she was lame" "hahahahaha that's mean" "I hate my mom she can burn in hell" "whoa there child" then Scarlett remembered that she needed to tell Harry that on Saturday is her birthday then she texted back Michael first she put "hey I got put through so much when I was with them so I don't care" then she made a text to Harry she put "Mr. Styles hahahahaha I'm just letting you know that it's my day of birth on Saturday don't plan anything or buy me anything cause I don't want you to spend your money on me if you want to give me something do it out of love" then Michael texted back "well that makes sense now" "yeah I know" then Harry texted back "thanks for letting me know love and now to think of what I can do for you" "hahahahaha were still going to the movies and shopping then after that I'm going somewhere with Liam" "hmmm okay then I'll figure something out then" "don't spend your money on me" "I won't I'm thinking of things that I can do on my own" "hahahahaha okay then" "yeah I'll think of something" "I'm sure you will" then Scarlett's phone began to ring she looked at it and seen Zayn's name then she got her earphones then answered the phone and said "Hello" "hey Scarlett" "Hi what's up?" "nothing much I just wanted to call cause your pretty entertaining to talk to" "hahahahaha I guess I am" "well you are when we talk we always have so much to talk about like if we have known each other for years" "hahahahaha yesterday when we talked for an hour I felt like that" "me too" "hahahahaha" "so what's new?" "nothing much in the car going somewhere" "to where?" "I don't know they won't tell me" "lame" "right that's what I said" "hahahahaha wait why won't they tell you" "well Eleanor kinda planned this whole week of me and her to hangout before we leave on Sunday for tour and for my day of birth on Saturday so I'm staying at her house but I don't know what were doing this whole week cause there all surprises and there's one thing you should know about me I hate surprises" "oh well that makes sense now on why they won't tell" "I know" "how bad do you hate surprises?" "so bad that Veronica threw me a surprise party that when I walked in the door I walked right back out and went back like an hour later" "Oh wow that is bad" "I wasn't going to go back but she spent her money on it so I went back plus her and her sister are like family" "well at least you went back, but did you have fun?" "I had a blast it was a day that I wouldn't never forget" "Whoa What Did You Do?" "Ewwww gross nothing like that shame on you hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "nothing happened just had a good time with friends they did karaoke and yeah stuff like that I was so glad I went back it ended up being a cool party" "that's good" "yeah it was so fun before all the bad stuff happened with her sister like literally right after the party like 4 months later she got sick and it got worse then the cancer came then she just past away" "that sucks so much I bet it was a tough time" "Very especially when she died I was in the room alone with her" "not Veronica?" "they only let one person at a time and it was my turn Veronica's was before me" "that sucks" "yeah you have no idea how I felt that day like I felt like I was dead no life in me, numb, and then I just cried then Veronica came running in the room it's like she knew that she was gone then when she got to the door of the room she just fell to the floor and cried it was just bad" "I'm sorry" "thanks" "you okay?" "I guess trying not to you know" "cry?" "yeah" "please don't" "I won't" "promise?" "I promise" "okay then" "hahahahaha" "well I know that it was very tough back then" "it was very" "but be glad it's over although it would've been better if her sister could've still been alive" "yeah it would've been better but somehow it maybe all happened for a reason just like everything else happens in this world happens for a reason" "I guess that's true" "yeah it is maybe everything that happened to me was suppose to happen for a reason" "maybe your parents died so you wouldn't suffer anymore" "who knows maybe" "hahahahaha yeah" "so what are you doing?" "at Perrie's house going to go spend the day with her family" "that's cute tell her I said hiiiii" "hahahahaha I will she's getting ready" "oh I see" "yup" "I think that's cute that your doing that" "spending time with her family?" "yes" "well we are getting married so that makes them family too" "true so true" "so yeah it was my choice to do this" "oh" "yeah, has any guy meet your parents?" "Nah there were none" "What? How?" "I don't know" "Well that's hard to believe your really nice and funny and sweet how can there not be one?" "don't know" "So Harry is your first?" "yes sir" "Awwww cute" "hahahahaha your funny" "hahahahaha wait so he will be your first everything?" "Whoa depends what that everything means?" "hahahahaha I meant first boyfriend, first kiss, and first person to cuddle with?" "hahahahaha yeah 2 of those are already done" "he kissed you?" "no not yet" "okay so we know he's your boyfriend" "yes that is true" "Awwww you both cuddled already" "hahahahaha yeah" "same bed?" "no duh how else are you suppose to do that" "I thought like on the couch or something" "no" "cute" "hahahahaha oh stop it" "he really does love you Scarlett" "oh what your a love expert now?" "hahahahaha no I can see it in his face when he's around you ask anyone in the house they can see it too not only me" "I know he does" "you see it too huh?" "yup I do" "the big smile, the happiness in his eyes it's all love" "I've noticed all of that" "there's also a little sparkle in his eyes" "I like that little sparkle" "hahahahaha it's all there cause of you" "was it there before me?" "no none of that was there" "oh" "it's love Scarlett trust me" "I am trusting you" "good" "hahahahaha your funny" "hahahahaha just saying the truth" "I know you are" "yeah it's better than lying" "yes I know that" "wait so how old are you turning?" "the big 1-8" "18 wow your no longer a child" "hahahahaha I know trust me it cam by fast" "I bet" "yeah" "what's the best birthday gift you have ever got" "this" "this? I don't get it" "being part of this family is one of the best birthday gifts" then she added "you still there?" "yeah I am" "why did you stay quiet?" "shocked" "oh but it's no lie" "didn't expect that answer I thought you were going to say something else" "No cause I never really did anything for my birthday my parents never cared so I would just stay in my room all day then sometimes when I wanted to go out I would just sit on the roof all alone every year was the same routine" "well that sucks" "yup I started to do that when I was 9 years old" "that sucks" "I know they never even loved me don't know why they had me in the first place if they were going to put me through hell" "I don't know but now think about it it's over no more of that" "I know" "Okay so I know I keep changing the subject but what's the worst birthday gift you have ever got?" "my worst birthday gift would have to be being born" "don't say that" "it's true" then they had arrived to wherever they were at then Scarlett got out of the car and walked then she said "Well at least that's how I used to feel" then Perrie said "Scarlett?" "Oh hi Perrie" "hi" "where's Zayn?" "he gave me the phone and went to the restroom" "crap" "what happened?" "Zayn had asked me what was the worst birthday gift I have ever received and I told him being born" "Oh" "I didn't mean to hurt him" "why?" "I mean I used to think like that now not so much" "I understand why you felt like that back then" "yeah can you tell him I'm so sorry and I didn't mean to hurt him?" "Will do" "bye Perrie" "bye Scarlett" then Scarlett laid on the grass and just looked at the sky then her phone began to ring she looked and seen that it was Veronica then after that was Michael then Harry then Ashton then Louis then Eleanor then Liam then she answered Liam's call when she answered she said "hello" "oh god finally you answered" "sorry" "you okay?" "no" "what happened?" "stuff" "do you want to talk about it?" "can we?" "sure" "Just me and you?" "yes now where are you" "where there's grass at" "okay there I go" "alone?" "yes" "okay then" "bye" "bye" then Scarlett put her phone down and just laid on the grass a little while later someone said "Scarlett?" she looked to see Liam then she said "hey" "what happened?" "Well I was talking to Zayn the whole way here" "okay" "well anyways he had asked me what was the worst birthday gift that I have ever gotten and I told him being born but that's how I used to feel now not anymore I'm glad I was born but I felt like that because of everything that was happening at home" "I see and did you tell him that?" "no he gave the phone to Perrie and went to the restroom" "Oh" "I feel bad I want to go home now" "But you will have fun here" "I feel bad how can I go act like something never happened when it did" "come on it's mini golf, and go-kart racing, and laser tag, and other things they have an arcade" "Eh" "look you didn't mean it in a bad way" "I know I didn't but he did think I meant it in a bad way" "it's not your fault" "it's so my fault" "did you tell Perrie what you meant?" "yes" "is she going to tell him?" "I hope so" "she will" "Ugh I regret what I said" "I know love but it was back then" "I know I didn't mean it like I don't want to be born now I meant it as back then" "I know" "is everyone inside yet?" "No I told them that I would be back and they said they were going to stay there Harry is pretty worried though" "I know I mean I walked away just to talk to him then that happened so I came here" "I understand" "I always mess up I say the wrong thing and I always hurt someone" "you didn't mean it" "what if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore I just started to talk to him I don't want him to stop" "Scarlett just let him calm down he will talk to you again" "how do you know?" "Were like brothers I know him he will calm down just give him space" "okay then" "now are you ready to go in?" "not yet just call Eleanor and tell them to go in" "sure?" "yeah" then Liam texted Eleanor then he said "Okay I told her" "okay" "Veronica really wanted to see you" "I want to see her too but I need to calm down" "I know" "you can go if you want" "No it's okay I'll wait" "Liam tell me the truth do you want to go or not?" "I do but then I don't" "just go I'll be fine" then Liam's phone began to ring and he talked to whoever he was on the phone with when he hung up he said "that was Veronica she wants to know if your going in?" "yeah I am just not right now why?" "she wants to switch me go in and her come here with you" "Okay I don't mind" "are you sure?" "yeah I'm sure" "okay let me go get her" "okay" then Liam got up and walked away then she got a text from Perrie it said "Scarlett I talked to him just give him some space and he will be fine" "thanks Perrie" "Welcome and have fun today" "how can I when I know I hurt him" "don't worry" "I'm worrying" "are you there yet?" "yeah they all went inside I stood out for a while" "Oh I see but please go have fun I don't want this to ruin your day" "I won't I'll go in, in about 5 minutes" "okay then I'm going to call Liam and tell him if your there in 5 minutes" "Okay then" then Veronica walked up to Scarlett and said "everything okay?" "yeah now it is" "Liam told me" "Oh okay it's fine" "Harry is in the front waiting for you we told him to go in but he said that he didn't want t go in with out you" "Oh just 5 more minutes" "okay" "I miss you" "I miss you too it's not the same at the house without you" "I know it's not" "you miss the house?" "yeah it feels weird that I'm not home" "I know it does" "yeah" "ready to go in?" "yeah but can we walk slow?" "sure" then Scarlett got up and Veronica put the fedora on Scarlett then they began to walk then Veronica said "See there's Harry waiting for you" "I see him go in if you want I'll go to him then we will go in" "sure?" "yeah I'm positive" "okay then I'll let him know your coming" "okay" then Veronica walked up to Harry then talked to him and went inside then as Scarlett was walking she seen these pink roses that were in a bush and she really liked them she stopped and looked at them then she got one and went back to walking when she looked straight ahead she seen Harry looking at her then she kept on walking when she got up to him he smiled and hugged her then he said "everything okay now?" "yeah everything is fine I promise" "okay then" then he kissed her forehead and seen the rose in Scarlett's hand he got it and put it on the fedora and said "it looks nice" "hahahahaha what if it falls" "it won't there's a little hole that I put it in" "oh okay thank you" "your welcome" "hahahahaha" "I love your smile I don't like seen you sad" "hahahahaha thank you and I know you don't" "your too beautiful to be sad my love" "thank you" "you make me sad" "I don't like to see you sad" "hahahahaha I know you don't" "it kills me to see you sad" "I'm not sad anymore" "hahahahaha that's true now your all smiles" "hahahahaha that is all thanks to you" "Oh really?" "yeah" "hahahahaha" "want to go in now?" "yeah we can go in" "sure?" "yeah" "okay but you can't escape from me today I'm not going to see you for a while so I want to stay with you today" "okay then I'll stay with you" "yay!" "hahahahaha" then Harry put his arm around the back of Scarlett's neck then they both walked in when they walked in they seen Liam sitting on a chair Harry said "Were here?" Liam looked and said "everything okay now?" Scarlett said "everything's fine now" "nice flower" "hahahahaha I got it from the bush outside" "oh god" then they walked inside then Liam said "Well everyone went there own way" Harry said "you can stay with us Liam" "sure?" Scarlett said "Dad stay I don't mind" Harry said "I don't either" "fine I'll stay" Scarlett said "to where first" Liam and Harry both said "golf" "hahahahaha okay" then they went to the mini golf course then as they were walking Harry moved his arm from the back of Scarlett's neck then he put his hand in his pocket then they got the things they needed for the golf course then began to play, when they finished Liam said "love I still don't get how you caught up when you were very behind" "I don't know either this is my first time doing this" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett's phone beeped she looked at it to see that she was mentioned in multiple tweets she looked at all of them and they were of Scarlett, Harry, and Liam playing golf then Scarlett got off and put her phone in her pocket then they walked around for a bit talking then they decided to go to the arcade for a while then as Harry and Liam were playing a game she got a text from Michael it said "Hi buddy where are you at?" "Hey buddy hahahahaha I'm at the arcade with Harry and Liam and you?" 'Walking to the arcade with Ashton, hey I see you" "hahahahaha I don't see you wait never mind I see your bright hair" "damn" "hahahahaha" then Michael and Ashton walked up to them then Ashton said "nice flower" "thanks I took it from a bush that's outside" Michael said "watch out we got a badass over here" Ashton said "you've been around Michael too much" Scarlett said "not really I took it because it was pretty" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett walked to the basketball game that was across from Harry and Liam then Michael said "your going to play?" "yup" "are you even good?" "just watch" then Scarlett began to play the game when she finished she had only missed one shot then Michael said "you cheated?" Ashton said "My mind had been blown" Scarlett said "how can I cheat?" "don't know but you did" "nah bro you just don't want to admit that I'm good" "how can you make all of them but miss only one shot?" "Michael it's called practice" then Scarlett walked back to Harry and Liam then Michael said "you didn't even practice before you played the game" "I used to play a lot of basketball in school that's why" "Oh no wonder" "hahahahaha so just admit it I'm good and I blew your socks off" "never" "okay works for me" "hahahahaha see Ashton this is why I like to hang out with Scarlett she doesn't give a fuck about anything" Ashton said "hahahahaha but your mean to us" "cause you guys are lame" when Liam and Harry finished there game Liam said "Well what's with the commotion?" Scarlett said "Michael doesn't think I'm good at basketball, well he won't admit it at least" "you play?" "I did on that game" "Oh I love that game although I'm not that good at it" "I want to play again" "okay then" then they walked to the game then she began to play but this time she made all of the shots then she said "I'd like to see you make all of them Mr. Clifford" "you cheated?" "how can I cheat?" Liam said "how?" Harry said ''your good'' Ashton said ''Michael just admit it she's good even you know she's good" Scarlett said "where to next?" Ashton said "they have a Ferris Wheel here?" "ohhhh I wanna go on it" Michael said "it's bigger than the one at the fair" Scarlett said "to the Ferris Wheel" then they began to walk to the Ferris Wheel when they got there Scarlett looked up at it and smiled then she said "Anyone?" Michael said "Me and Ashton already went on with Luke, and Calum before they ditched us" Liam said "I'm good" Harry said "I'll go" then they both walked up to the line then Scarlett said "your sure?" "yeah I did say I was going to be around you all day and if it means getting on this with you then I don't mind" "hahahahaha your cute Harry" "you too princess" then they got on then they almost stopped at the top then Scarlett said "Harry you okay?" "yeah just hate stopping close to the top" "I can tell your really holding my hand tight" "sorry" "it's okay but you know what calms me down" "what's that?" "looking out at the view" "huh?" "look" then Harry looked out then said "wow it's beautiful up here" "told you" "wow" "see and now your calm your not holding my hand so tight anymore" "it calmed me down" "told you it always does for me too" then Scarlett took out her phone and took a picture of the view then it started to move when they got off they walked up to the others then Michael said "Where next?" Liam said "I don't know" then as Liam, Michael, and Ashton were talking trying to figure out where to go next Scarlett and Harry were talking to each other then Harry said "I know that we have gone out in public since we got together but then when we are out we don't look like a couple we look like friends" "I've noticed that too" "you don't mind do you?" "no" "I mean I want us to look like a couple in public just waiting for the right time to make it happen" "I understand Harry" "glad you do, so are you having fun?" "yes I am how about you?" "of course I am it's a bonus that I get to be with you the whole day" "hahahahaha oh Styles you are too cheesy" "you like my cheesiness" "it's funny'' "hahahahaha" "I'm hungry" Harry said "Liam, Scarlett is hungry" then Liam said "there's pizza here" Scarlett said "yes let's go Harry pizza" Michael said "Pizza freak yes" then they all walked to go get something to eat then as Liam and Ashton were ordering Michael, Scarlett, and Harry went to go get a table for them to sit at then Liam and Ashton went to the table and they talked and ate. when they finished they went on the go-karts then played laser tag and other things until they were closing at 8pm they all had met up at the cars then Veronica went up to Scarlett and said "feeling better?" "yah much better" "good, where did you get that rose, did Harry give it to you?" "no it's more like I took it" "Oh my gosh Scarlett from where?" "a bush duh?" "hahahahaha" "the only bad part is that it's going to die" "I know that lame'' ''very'' ''hahahahaha ugh I miss you at the house cause I can't go up to any of the guys and just talk like we do" "ugh I know that's true" "so what do you do at Eleanor's?" "well yesterday eat and watch TV since her and Louis went out but today might be different since Louis and Harry are going back home I think they are" "Oh I see wait I just remembered when are you going to want me to put the video in your laptop?" ''crap I didn't bring my laptop today but Eleanor said were are going to see you guys again so then" "okay then" "yeah it's only one day" "yeah one day but many nights" "I know" "like last night I couldn't sleep and if you were there I would've went to your room and we could've talked" "dang that's true" "yeah but it's not your fault" "true she let me know about this a day before she took me" "I know" then they got in the cars then when Eleanor and Scarlett got in the car and Louis and Harry were not Scarlett said "are they going back to the house with us?" "Harry and Louis?" "yes them" "hahahahaha yeah cause when we see them again" "Oh Okay " "yeah but when we go out tomorrow there not coming there just going to stay at my house" "oh okay then" then Louis and Harry got in the car and they drove back to Eleanor's house when they got there they all got off and walked inside the house then Scarlett and Harry went to the room that they were using then Scarlett went to get her pajamas when Harry walked up to her and said "you should wear one of my shirts love?" "hahahahaha I don't have one" "but I do" Harry said handing her a black shirt of his Scarlett took it and got some shorts then she said "Okay" then she went to the restroom and changed when she went back in the room she said "I love this shirt it's comfy" "hahahahaha I'm glad you do you can keep it" "sure?" "yes I'm sure" "okay then thank you" "no problem" "I love long shirts there comfy" "hahahahaha I can tell you do" "now I have 2 of them" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett sat on the bed and put her phone to charge then Scarlett noticed Harry looking at her she smiled and then Harry smiled back at her then there was a knock on the door then Scarlett said "Enter At Your Own Risk!" then the door slowly opened to see Louis there then Scarlett laughed then Louis said "hi guys" they both said "Hi Louis" "So whatcha guys doing?" Harry said "nothing" Scarlett said "charging my phone" Louis said "Well were gonna watch a scary movie care to join us?" Scarlett said "I'm in" Harry said "Sure" then Scarlett got a blanket and they went to the living room and then Louis sat next to Eleanor and Scarlett sat next to Harry then Scarlett said "What are we watching?" Louis said "Annabelle" "Awesome" then they began to watch the movie then when it finished Eleanor said "is it over?" Scarlett said "yes it is" then Scarlett looked at Harry and whispered to him "Relax a little love my hand is dying" "Sorry" then Louis said "okay then that was awful" Scarlett said "I liked it" Eleanor said "you child like strange things" "hahahahaha no I like scary movies" then Louis put on another movie then Scarlett rested her head on Harry's chest then in the middle of the movie she fell asleep then a little while later she felt Harry moving she woke up then Harry said "Sorry princess I didn't mean to wake you up" "it's fine" "Well Louis and Eleanor went to sleep a little while ago and I was going to carry you" "No you don't have to I will walk" "that's why I tried to not wake you up cause I knew you weren't going to let me" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett got up and then sat back down then Harry said "hahahahaha come on let's go to sleep" "Ugh fine I thought you were getting up to like go do something" "No I was going to go to sleep too" "oh" then they both walked to the room then Scarlett went straight to the bed and laid down then Harry closed the door and turned off the light then laid in bed then got under the covers then he pulled Scarlett closer to him and then he said "Good night my princess" then Scarlett mumbled ''night, I love you" "love you more" then Harry kissed her forehead then they both fell asleep.

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