Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


15. Chapter 15 (Part 2 Eleanor's Photoshoot/Waterpark Day 1 With Eleanor)

Then they got up and began to walk to Eleanor's mom's office to get there things when they got there her mom handed them there things and they said they 'byes' then walked to the car when they got to the car's the first thing Scarlett did was turn on her phone and go on Instagram and like Michael's picture then Eleanor opened the trunk for Scarlett she then put her backpack in the trunk then closed it then put back on her dress since she was dry then Veronica walked up to her and said "whatcha doing?" "Nothing oh crap I forgot to take my inhaler" Scarlett then opened the trunk and took her inhaler then Liam walked up to them and said "Hi girls" Scarlett said "Hi dad" Veronica said "Hi Liam" Liam said "Scarlett you feeling okay?" Scarlett said "I'm good I just needed to take my inhaler cause of all the swimming" "Oh but did you have fun?" "Of course I did" "that's good we were wondering where you and Veronica went after we ate" "Oh we walked around then spent some time together since you know I won't be home all week" Veronica said "What?!" "No one told you that I'm staying with Eleanor for the week?" "NO!!" "Oh well I just told you" "but why?" "she wants to spend time with me before we leave for tour and for my birthday" "but a whole week" "yeah she did say you guys are going to be with us some days out of the week wherever those places are" "you don't know where she's taking you this whole week?" "No there all surprises and we both know that I hate surprises" "that is so true remember when we threw you that surprise party" "Oh yeah I walked right back out then came back an hour later and I went in from your back door" Liam said "you did that?" "yup I wasn't going planning on going back but I decided to since she did it for me" "Oh I see now I know not to throw you a surprise party" "yeah don't hahahahaha" then Veronica said "it ended up being a damn right cool party" Scarlett said "it was fun hahahahaha" "Yeah I swear all of those friends back then were stupid like member when they did karaoke?" "Oh god how can I not forget I was dying of laughter" "Oh god I was on the floor laughing" "member when Valerie, Daniella, Danny went up" "oh god" "Liam it was the funniest thing, they pretended to be drunk and they slurred the words and pretended that they were going to fall" "Scarlett member what Valerie did at the end" "How can I not she said 'Happy Birthday Love, I Love You Lots' then she walked to me hugged me and that was the first time she kissed my cheek" "Yeah even I was surprised that one she called you love and two that she kissed your cheek" "me too" Liam said "sounds like fun" "It was very fun" Veronica said "I still have the video on my SD card" "everything she did" "yup even when she kissed your cheek" "Awwww man you think we can somehow put it on my laptop?" "Yeah I can" "yes that's perfect" "wait when are you going back to the house?" Liam said "Right now Harry and Louis need clothes for tomorrow" Scarlett said "We can do it when we go plus I want to shower and change" Veronica said "Okay then I'll put it on your computer when we get home" "okay yay" "wait what are you planning to do with the video?" "well I'm planning to cut the video to the part where she tells me Happy Birthday then send it to my email then save it to my phone then on my birthday post it" "oh smart" "hahahahaha yeah" "we have so many good memories together" "yeah we do and some bad memories too" "yeah true I mean they weren't fights it was us shutting you out when we had our break-ups" "but do you remember the time where we took Valerie to Disneyland for your birthday?" Liam said "you did that?" Scarlett said "Oh yeah we did she was like so surprised and happy and us three had a blast" "yes that we did it was our first time there" Liam said "how long did it take you to save up for that cause Disneyland is expensive?" Scarlett said "it took me 3 birthday's money and 2 Christmas money" Veronica said "It took me 4 birthday's money and 2 Christmas' money cause we also needed spending money" "yeah we all had so much fun" Liam said "maybe we should stop by Disneyland when we go to L.A.?" "that would be cool dad" Veronica said "it would" then Ashton walked up to them and said "What are we talking about here?" Veronica said "we are talking about how we should dress like you" Ashton said "cause I dress cool" Scarlett said "No cause flannels are warm" "that's true" Ashton said "No really what are we talking about?" Scarlett said "old memories that me and Veronica had" "oh I see" Veronica said "Scarlett member when we went to Horror Nights?" "Veronica that was the worst day of my life like I literally was scared of the dark for months cause of that day" "it wasn't that bad" "says the one who stopped the blood flow to my hand" "I thought you were scared" "I was but that's not why you did it I know you were scared Veronica" "hahahahaha I was" "then there was Valerie who walked like she owned the place didn't get scared or anything" "hahahahaha member when the people tried so hard to scare her that they gave up on us three even though we were scared as hell" Ashton said "they gave up trying to scare you three cause of her?" Scarlett said "yup she somehow didn't get scared don't get why I was like super scared" Liam said "she was a strong girl" Veronica said "she was different in a good way she did things that other girls didn't do like get scared at Horror Nights or get scared during scary movies that's how me and Scarlett started to love scary movies" Scarlett said "she literally made me and Veronica and her of course sit in front of the TV and watch scary movies for a whole week so after that I began to love them" Liam said "I see now" then Scarlett got her phone and took it off of vibrate then "Steal My Girl" began to play she looked at her phone to see a number that she didn't know she answered it and said "Hello" "Um Scarlett?" "Yes who is this?" "It's Zayn" "Oh Zen" "it's Zayn" "whatever you say big guy" "hahahahaha" "I know it's you Zayn what's up?" "where are you guys at I'm at the house and no one is here I've called all the lads and they don't answer me so I asked Perrie for your number" "Oh um were not home obviously were going to head back soon" "okay then" "I thought you were going to spend the whole week with Perrie?" "I am I need clothes though I decided to just stay at her house for the week" "Oh okay then um I think were going to leave in like 5 minutes" Scarlett then began to walk in the parking lot since it was empty Zayn said "Oh okay then so where did you guys go?" "Eleanor parents house" "the waterpark?" "Yes sir" "that's cool her mom is nice never got to meet her dad cause he's always in meeting and stuff" "Oh I met her mom only she's so nice" "I know" "Hey Zayn I want to meet your mom too your sisters too" "hahahahaha let's see when you can meet her" "I just want to meet all 5 of your parents" "But Liam's parents are your grandma and grandpa" "feels weird knowing they are" "I bet" "yeah but I feel like I'm living in a dream like this is not real" "it's real, but why do you say that?" "I only say that because way back before I went into the orphanage I always told Veronica that I wish Liam would adopt me then I'd become part of the family I always told Veronica that me and Harry would become a thing and well it all came true that's why I feel like this" "I see and well all that did come true" "yeah it did and I couldn't be more happy like I know I have only been living here for a couple of weeks but I'm so glad that I am part of this family" "I'm glad your part of this family too" then he added "you still there?" "yeah I am" "you okay?" "yeah just great" "sure" "yeah" "your not crying?" "happy tears" "why?" "just got me in the feels Zayn" "Oh hahahahaha" "I'll be fine just that your the first to tell me that" "really?" "yeah you are" "cool hahahahaha" then it was quiet and Scarlett began to hum "Steal My Girl" then Zayn began to sing along "She's been my queen since we were sixteen, we want the same things, we dream the same dreams, alright, alright, I got it all cause she is the one, her mom calls me love, her dad calls me son, alright, alright I know, I know, I know for sure, everybody wanna steal my girl, everybody wanna take her heart away, couple billion in the whole wide world, Find another one cause she belongs to me" "your seriously the only one who knew what I was humming" "hahahahaha I knew it sounded familiar" "hahahahaha I know the whole song already and I just found out about the song yesterday" "hahahahaha so you like the song" "Zayn, Zayn, Zayn I love the song it's amazing" "hahahahaha glad you like it" "Love it" "hahahahaha now what's your favorite song that you could hear all the time and not get tired of it" "Oh man that's a tough one there all so good" "you got to chose" "Okay Little Things" "that's a good song" "Oh yeah but then too all your songs are good songs" "hahahahaha true" "you know who else has good songs?" "No who?" "5 Seconds Of Summer" "true" "and, and" "who?" "Little Mix" "hahahahaha" "No lie I die on the inside when I hear Perrie's voice" "hahahahaha she does sing good" "No Zayn it's like an angle's voice" "hahahahaha" "she's just awesome in all" "true" "Eleanor too" "yes sir" "hahahahaha I'm a sir" "hahahahaha oh god my stomach hurts" "hahahahaha then stop laughing" "I can't your too funny" "hahahahaha am not bro" "yes you are" "hahahahaha but I'm not saying anything funny" "you can just make me laugh with what your saying" "hahahahaha I guess but sometimes I do wonder do people laugh because they feel bad or because I am funny?" "your funny" "hahahahaha thanks" "No problem" "hahahahaha" "you know what Scarlett?" "what?" "I know I can never take back what I said the other day but I'm so glad I talked to you, you know how to brighten someone's day with just your smile, let me tell you something ever since Liam adopted you the lads have been so much more happier especially Liam and Harry" "hahahahaha Harry we know why and Liam too but it's the same thing for me too even ask Veronica like from the day he adopted me has been nothing but me smiling but I have had some bad days like 3 days all the rest are of me laughing and getting to know you boys better" "yeah I've noticed that too" "but it's a good thing right?" "what's a god thing?" "that you boys are so much happier" "yes sir it is" "hahahahaha sir" "hahahahaha" then someone walked up to Scarlett and said "Scarlett were leaving" she looked to see Ashton there she said "Okay there I go" then Zayn said "hahahahaha" "is Perrie there with you?" "yeah she's on the phone though" "Oh" "yeah with one of the girls from the band I think" "cool" "hahahahaha" when Scarlett got to the car she said "I think were leaving wait yeah we are everyone's getting in the car's" "finally gosh" "hahahahaha Zayn, Zayn, Zayn be patient child" "hahahahaha oh god" "what we will be home soon" then Scarlett got in the car followed by Harry, Louis, and Eleanor then Zayn said "I know you will but I've been here for so long" "but I'm entertaining you" "true" "so it's a lose win situation" "hahahahaha not cool Scarlett" "Oh it's very cool" "hahahahaha Scarlett my mom is calling on the other line I'll call you back after" "okay then bye" "bye" then Scarlett hung up then saved his number then made sure her phone was off of vibrate. Then it quiet then all of a sudden "Steal My Girl" began to play Scarlett looked to see that Zayn was calling her she put her earphone with the speaker in her ear then plugged it in her phone and answered the phone and said "hello sir" "are you home yet?" "obviously not since were not there" "you guys are taking long" "patient child" "Ughhhhh" "yo bro chill almost" "hahahahaha and the laughing begins" "hahahahaha aren't you glad you have me" "yes I am" "hahahahaha" "Oh I never told you this but the day you went to the hospital I was really like super worried" "well everyone was too" "Yeah didn't get much sleep that night" "did anyone sleep that night?" "not really" "I feel bad" "it wasn't your fault" "I feel like it was" "Scarlett it wasn't your fault we didn't know that was going to happen to you don't beat yourself up with it" "I'll try not to" "Scarlett" "fine, fine, fineee" "good" "hahahahaha" "So what are you doing sounds pretty quiet there?" "it is quiet and I'm just talking to you and you?" "weird the lads are always talking" "I'm not with them I'm with Eleanor, Louis, and Harry the rest are in another car" "but Louis is the one who's always talking" "maybe there tired" "maybe but what are they doing?" "Um just looking out the window" "Oh lame" "hahahahaha" "are you home now?" "child be patient not yet" "Ughhhhh" "Oh god hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "Okay I have a question for you?" "what is it?" "If you could sing one of your songs for the rest of your life what would it be?" "one of our songs?" "yup out of the three albums (I wrote this before Four was released just go with it please) "One from each or one in total?" "one in total" "okay that one is a tough one" "hahahahaha" "Ummmmm" "oh man it is hard I'm trying to think of one too and it's hard" "it is cause there all good songs" "you have to choose" "Okay I would sing 'She's Not Afraid' how about you?" "They Don't Know About Us" "that's a good song too" "yeah but so is 'Little Things, Happily, Strong, You and I, Something Great, Gotta Be You, and Better Than Words" "true, true and true" "hahahahaha" "My jaws hurt from all this laughing I'm doing" "mine too" "Oh god" "hahahahaha" "so how has it been going with you and Harry?" "Amazing" "hahahahaha cute" "oh no don't do that" "hahahahaha" "No but really it's going good" "has he kissed you yet?" "no" "Lame he's lame" "how sad" "Niall kissed Veronica the day after they got together" "I know he told me" "but then again slow is a good thing" "yeah it is" "but what I want to know is how is he treating you?" "really good" "No arguments?" "none" "that's good" "yeah I know I hope that it doesn't happen" "the arguments?" "yeah" "it can you both just have to be truthful to each other then everything will be good" "yeah I mean I'm going to be 100% honest" "that's good" "yes sir" "okay are you home now?" "Um were down the street" "finally" "told you to be patient" "this would've been torture if I didn't ask Perrie for your number" "hahahahaha is that a good thing?" "yes sir it's a good thing" "hahahahaha I'm a sir" "hahahahaha" "Were here" "Okay finally" "hahahahaha bye" "bye" then Scarlett hung up then got out of the car and got her backpack then closed the trunk then walked to the door when she got there Zayn said "Hiiiiii" "hey hahahahaha" "my jaws still hurt" "No ne told you to laugh so much" "hey your the one making me laugh" "blame me" "hahahahaha want me to take your bag?" "Um okay" then Zayn got her backpack then thy both walked to her room when they got in there he said "this is the second time I've been in here" "hahahahaha I know nothing has changed" then Zayn walked up to the photo Scarlett took of Eleanor, Perrie, and Lux then he said "where did you get this from?" "I took it myself" "Wait you take photos?" "Yeah want to see?" "Of course" then Scarlett pulled out her laptop and sat on her bed then she said "come sit I won't bite" then Zayn sat next to her then she said "Okay I took these at the photoshoot today" "Oh god that looks amazing" "Now I edit it" then Scarlett began to edit the photo when she finished she said "Now this is the edited one" "Holly crap that's amazing" "thanks" "what made you get the photo of them like that like did you have them pose like that?" "No they were like that, we went outside and they laid on the grass Lux was laughing and then I told them not to move and got on the table that is outside and took it" "your really good" 'thanks" "is it a natural talent?" "I took classes in high school" "oh no wonder" "Yeah I feel in love now I make all my photos look professional" "so now it's a habit?" "pretty much yes" "hahahahaha but your really good" "thank you Zen" "hahahahaha" then Zayn got up and walked to the photo and said "the colors are so bright like they pop especially Lux's eyes" "yeah" "well I'm going to pack talk to you later" "okay then" then Zayn walked out of the room then Scarlett got paper and a marker and wrote "In The Shower" then put it on the door locked it then got clothes then went to go shower when she got out she had on blue jeans and a purple Ninja Turtle shirt that said "Sorry I Only Date Ninjas" then she put on her black and white converse then she put her hair in a braid then she got her swim suit and put it back in her backpack then her phone beeped she looked at it to see a text from Harry it said "are you really in the shower?" "just got out" "oh" then Scarlett opened the door then Harry was standing there with a smirk on his face then Scarlett said "come in" then Harry walked in then he sat on her desk chair then Scarlett's phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello sir how can I help you?" "hahahahaha just checking to see where you are at I haven't seen you much today?" "I know and I'm in my room I just wanted to take a shower so I'm up here" "oh okay then" "I'll be down in a bit" "who were you talking to when you walked away in the parking lot?" "Zen" "hahahahaha oh I was just wondering I thought it was Harry cause he was on the phone too" "Oh no it was Zayn he said he called all of you but none of you answered so he asked Perrie for my number and called me to see where we were at cause he was here at home" "oh I see" "yeah hahahahaha" "well I'll let you go" "Okay then bye" "bye" then Scarlett hung up the phone and put it on her charger then Harry said "had fun today?" "So much fun and you?" "same" "that's good" then Scarlett sat on her bed then Harry said "Come sit with me" "we both don't fit on that chair Harry" "hahahahaha I know" "hahahahaha your funny" "I try" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett laid on the bed looking at the celling then she felt someone lay next to her she looked to see Harry there she smiled then Harry smiled back then she said "Are you and Louis still going to Eleanor's house?" "yeah we are cause then we won't fit in the car tomorrow" "true and okay" "yeah so that means cuddling tonight" "hahahahaha you and cuddling" "you know you like it too" "of course I do Harry" "then that's a yes?" "it's always going to be a yes Harry" "hahahahaha did I ever tell you that your the best" "hahahahaha your funny" "I'm saying this as a friend I'm not saying this because your my girlfriend" "hahahahaha okay" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett laid on her stomach then laid her head on the bed then Harry said "you okay?" "yeah just tired" "oh from the water park?" "yes" "I feel you" "hahahahaha" then it was quiet and Harry said "Are you sure that's all that is wrong with you?" "Yes why?" "cause you look sad" "I'm not sad there's nothing to be sad about" "Sure?" "yes" then Harry moved closer to Scarlett and hugged her then Scarlett said "Harry your breathing on my neck is tickling me" "Oh so your ticklish?" "Um no" "Are you sure?" "maybe" "let's find out" "No Harry" Harry then began to tickle her then she said "Harry....I.....Can't......Breathe" "Admit your ticklish" "N-Never" "Okay then I'm not going to stop" "Harry....Stop" "Admit it" "Fine......I'm.......Ticklish" Harry then stopped then he laughed then Scarlett said "Not funny Harold" "sorry" "hahahahaha your adorable" "hahahahaha oh really?" "yes well at least that's what I think" "hahahahaha" "I'm being honest here" "I know you are and I'm glad your being honest with me" "honesty is better than lying" "yes that is true" "you have all of your stuff packed for tonight and tomorrow?" "of course I do" "hahahahaha good" "hahahahaha your cute" "No" "yes" "nah" "why not?" "Well I don't think I am" "but why?" "I guess just things that happened in the past" "what happened?" "you really want to know?" "yes I do" "okay then I'll tell you" "okay" "Well okay when I was younger my grandma, cousins, and parents used to always tell me that I was ugly, fat, a low life, not going to finish school, a nobody just every bad name you can think of and this happened constantly so I guess from hearing it so much I began to believe it and till this day I still believe it which is why I don't think I'm adorable, cute, pretty, and beautiful it's hard for me to believe it sometimes I'll just say thank you cause I don't want to argue and when people tell me I look pretty or beautiful or cute I just smile cause I don't believe it" "they told you that?" "yup everyday they told me" "that's horrible" "yeah but I was put through worse" "but I think your all of those names you just said you don't think you are" "I know you do Harry and I'm trying to believe you cause it's new me time but when people mess with your head and put things in there they stay for a while" "I know they do but eventually they leave" "I know that's why I'm trying to listen to your words and not there's" "At least your trying that's all that matters to me" "me too" Scarlett said with tears running down her face then Harry looked at her hugged her then said "Don't cry" "Sorry" "it's fine I understand it was tough back then" "Very" "but now it's different" "I know it's just that I had a flash back of the day where my parents beat me" "is that when they broke some of your bones and stuff?" "yeah" then Harry hugged her tighter then he said "was it that bad?" "yeah I yelled for help and none of the neighbors came to help me then when they finally stopped I laid in my own blood all night and half of the morning until I was able to get up change and I walked myself to the hospital in pain and crying when I finally got to the hospital they did so many surgeries on me then one of my arms was in a cast my ribs were broken like a couple of them then after that when I finally got out of the hospital I went home and do you think I got to rest and heal no they had me do so many things in my cast then they would still beat me while I was practically in my cast then when Veronica and her sister came over one day she had asked me what happened to me and I told them the real story they were shocked cause my parents acted like none of that happened when they came over anyways after my casts got taken off everything went back to normal getting beat up again and until they died that's when I got out of all of that" "that's terrible but how come no one helped you in the streets I'm sure you were getting stared at?" "Oh I was big time but then too this did happen a couple of days before Halloween so they probably thought that's what it was I guess" "No wonder" "Yeah I remember it clearly cause the night of the beating I was asking my parents if I could go to Hollywood which was one block away from my house because you boys were in town and they had said no so I begged them then all that happened I ended up going to Hollywood the next day cause that's where the closest hospital was at" "oh that time when we were in L.A. for that month I remember" "Yeah didn't you boys visit the hospital for sick kids" "yup we went to Children's Hospital" "I was in that hospital" "you were?" "yup" "We went everyday of the month to see every kid and we did" "wait so that means you came into my room?" "I don't know" "wait the nurses told me that I went into a mini coma and that I had visitors when I was in my coma" "let me think" "hahahahaha" "wait!" "what?" "I remember now we did visit you" "are you sure?" "yeah nurses told us that you got beaten or fell so hard that it put you in a coma" "Well that is true" "then she said that no one had went to visit you so they were wondering if you had any parents" "oh" "yeah you were the last person we visited and the month wasn't over" "I see" "yeah so the boys had went to the cafeteria and asked if I wanted to go but I said no and stood in the room with you" "you did?" "yeah then I did some thinking and I knew that you didn't fall okay I get that if you fall you brake you arms and legs but ribs no so I knew that you had to get beaten then I thought that it was weird that your parents weren't with you when there child is in the hospital in a coma so I had a feeling that they had something to do with it" "well you were right" "so I'm the one who called Child Services" "that didn't even work" "I know they kept me updated whenever they went to your house" "that's cute you cared for me even though you didn't know me" "that's true anyways they always told me that everything seemed fine" "they made it look that way" "then I got the news that you got put into the orphanage because your parents passed" "oh but the two people still came to the orphanage" "they did?" "yeah they always told me that people wanted to adopt me but it never happened" "but now aren't you glad it didn't happen?" "Oh very glad" "hahahahaha, I remember after they told me that you had gone to the orphanage they stopped telling me about you until the day Liam adopted you they had called me telling me that you had been adopted I tried asking by who but all they said was you will find out soon" "that meant when I came here with Liam?" "yup" "oh" "and to be honest when I walked in here the day we meet you I knew that you were the girl from the hospital" "you did?" "yeah I did" "but how you only saw me once?" "No you were in a two day coma and those two days I was in your room but when you woke up I didn't go in I stood at the window telling myself to go in but I couldn't" "why not?" either you would tell a complete stranger to leave your room and because I was nervous" "Why nervous?" "you really want to know?" "Yes I do" "cause I know you were a stranger but you were a stranger that I had a crush on" "YOU LIKED ME!!!???" "yeah" "that's cute" "so I thought I was going to make a fool out of myself so I decided not to go in but I went everyday till the day you got out is when I stopped going" "well yeah because I was let out" "yeah I had sent you flowers once" "wait!!" then Scarlett got up and went under her bed and got out her box of things then she pulled out a photo book and said "I saved one of the flowers only that it's dead now" "let me see" Scarlett then showed Harry the dead flower then he said "did you save the card?" "of course I did" Scarlett then flipped the page and the card was there then Harry smiled all big at her then Scarlett said "I tried to figure out who H.S. was then I thought what if it's Harry Styles then I laughed and said nah" "only it was" "well now I know that" "hahahahaha true" then Scarlett put the box back under the bed then laid back down next to Harry then it was quiet then Scarlett looked at Harry to see that he was looking at her with a smile then Scarlett said "what?" "your just as beautiful as you were back then" "thank you" "your welcome" then Harry kissed her cheek then Scarlett got up and got her phone then he said "I like that picture of us so much" "me too" then Scarlett put her phone back down on her stomach then Harry said "what time are we leaving?" then Scarlett's phone beeped she looked to see a text from Eleanor it said "were leaving" then Scarlett said "now" Scarlett and Harry then got up and Scarlett went to go fix her hair then Harry got her backpack then they both walked downstairs then Harry left her backpack by the door with his stuff then they walked to the kitchen then Scarlett seen Veronica and Niall outside so she walked out there and said "hey you two" Veronica and Niall said "Hi" "I'm leaving already" Veronica said "lame" "I know don't miss me too much" "I'll try not to" "your going to see me tomorrow" "still it's too long" "hahahahaha your funny" Niall said "have fun at Eleanor's house tonight and we will see you tomorrow" "bye you two" "bye" they both said then Veronica got up and gave Scarlett a hug then Veronica said "I love you" "I love you too Veronica" then Scarlett walked in the house and said "bye" to the other boys then Liam, Harry, Scarlett, Louis, and Eleanor walked outside then while the others got in the car Scarlett went up to Liam and said "Bye dad" "bye love" Scarlett then hugged Liam then he hugged her back and kissed the top of her head then she said "I'll see you tomorrow" "see you tomorrow" "I love you" "I love you too" Scarlett then got in the car and they were on there way to Eleanor's house. When they got there Scarlett went inside and took her backpack to the room she was using then put her phone to charge as well then Eleanor walked in and said "Hey Scarlett" "hey Eleanor what's up?" "Oh well since Harry is here and you know he's your boyfriend is it okay that he sleep in here with you?" "it's fine" "okay and me and Louis are going out for a bit" "hahahahaha okay then have fun" "Louis left some money on the counter if you and Harry want to go out of order pizza" "Okay then thanks" "No problem bye" "bye have fun" "will do" then Eleanor walked out then she heard the front door close she then walked out of the room and then walked to the living room and seen Harry on the couch watching TV Scarlett then sat next to him then he smiled and said "I ordered pizza?" "yay okay" "hahahahaha" "Oh your sleeping in the room I'm using with me tonight" "okay yay cuddling time" "yay cuddle" "hahahahaha" "whatcha watching?" "SpongeBob" "Only you would Harry" "there's nothing else to watch" "I know" then Scarlett laid her head on Harry's laps and began to watch TV then 15 minutes later there was a knock on the door Scarlett got up and opened the door to see a guy with the pizza he smiled and handed her the pizza and said "Hello" "Um hi" then Harry went to the door and said "how much?" "$10.00" harry then handed him $20 and then said "keep the change" "thanks man" "no problem" "by any chance is that your sister cause she's hot?" "No that's not my sister that's my girlfriend" "oh" then Harry closed the door then went to the kitchen and got some pizza then they sat on the table and ate when they finished Scarlett washed what they used then went to the room and changed when she finished she opened the door and then looked at her phone to see that she had a missed call from Veronica she called her back when she answered she said "well now you call me back?" "sorry I was eating" "didn't you have your phone?" "No it's in the room charging" "oh I see now" "yeah so what's up?" "I miss you already" "already?" "yeah the house is like super quiet like even Michael is quiet" "wow he's always talking when I'm there" "that's the thing we know your not home" "and?" "well I think we all miss you I know I do" "and Liam too" "well yeah of course he is after you just got out of the hospital I would be too" "I know but I thought she was going to take me back home everyday and just pick me up in the morning" "guess not" "but she did say all of you guys are going to hang out with us tomorrow and Wednesday" "oh okay then but watch the house be quiet everyday until you get home on Friday" "hahahahaha I bet" "I know Harry is going to miss you like crazy" "trust me he is the first time I left it looked like he was sad and depressed and he hugged me super super tight" "he doesn't want to let you go" "hahahahaha I know" "that's true love right there Scarlett" "I know it is oh crap I found out something today" "WHAT TELL ME!!!" "okay well member when my parents beat me and I was in the hospital?" "yeah" "well member how we wanted to go to Hollywood to see the boys and all that happened then we found out that they visited every kid in Children's Hospital and I was mad cause that's where I was?" "yes I remember" "well I told Harry about it and guess what he told me" "what?" "that they did visit me" "What? When?" "when I was in my coma" "lame" "yeah then Harry told me that he would still go everyday and even when I was awake he would go but he wouldn't go in cause he was scared" "scared of what?" "that I would kick out a complete stranger or that he would make a fool out of himself" "why the last one?" "Cause he said that I was a stranger but a stranger he had a crush on" "OH MY GOD!!!" "what?" "he said that?" "yup" "Awwww Scarlett he liked you too" "hahahahaha yeah then he told me that when he met me the first time he knew that I was the girl from the hospital" "Awwwwwwwwww" "hahahahaha" "so he fell in love with you a.k.a the stranger" "hahahahaha yeah pretty much" "that's like a movie scene it's all perfect he thinks he's never going to see you again then BAM you pop up in his life again it's all perfect" "hahahahaha now that you put it like that it does seem like a movie scene" "See!!" "hahahahaha" "So has Zayn talked to you more now?" "yeah I was talking to him today" "When?" "in the parking lot on the phone?" "oh when you walked away?" "yeah we talked for 2 hours" "holly crap" "I know then we talked more when we got home he went into my room for the second time" "nice" "yeah" "I miss you" "me too" "come back to me" "you'll be fine without me" "no I won't" "you have Niall" "but he's not a Scarlett" "but he is your boyfriend" "well that is true but see I can't just go up to him and talk about stuff like how I do with you" "true, well with him you can make-out and with me no you can't make-out with me" "oh god hahahahaha that just made my night" "what it's true" "hahahahaha" "well you can sleep in the same bed with me and him so that doesn't count" "hahahahaha" "it's true" "I know but see I can go up to you and tell you I love you and him not yet" "true" "see so I need you" "well it's only 4 nights that I'm going to be here" "that's too long" "true" "see even you agree" "only because I can't mess with Michael for many days, see you, Liam, and Harry if he goes back home" "but you will mostly miss me" "and my dad too" "well yeah Liam too" "what is he doing?" "just sitting on the couch he looks like a statue" "poor Liam I'll call him after" "well Scarlett since we got to up early like before 10am I'm going to go to sleep or else I won't wake up on time" "hahahahaha okay then goodnight" "goodnight and I love you" "love you too bye" "bye" then Scarlett hung up and walked to the kitchen when she got there she sat at the table and called Liam when he answered he said "hello" "hi dad" "hey Scarlett" "whatcha doing?" "nothing I'm bored" "hahahahaha" "and I miss you" "I miss you too" "I don't think I can be without you this long" "your going to see me tomorrow" "I know but then your going to leave again" "you'll see me on Wednesday again" "not the same, and it's the first time your away from home so I'm worried" "I'm fine dad plus Eleanor will take care of me" "I know it's not that I don't trust her I just have never done this before so now that I'm a parent it's like you moving out for a couple of days" "don't worry I'm not moving out till I have to be put in a coffin" "oh god" "and that won't be for a long time" "true" "if you want to check on me call me I won't get bothered I miss you too and it feels weird not being home I miss it" "will do love and I think Michael misses you too he's quiet and doesn't talk much" "I bet he does" "yeah so what are you doing?" "not much I'm in the kitchen on the phone with you" "where's the others?" "Eleanor and Louis went out for a while and Harry is watching TV" "Oh I see bored?" "kind of it just feels weird not being home" "I bet and now that I have a kid it feels weird not having you around" "is it that noticeable that I'm not home?" "yeah it kind of is" "lame" "hahahahaha yeah" "yup" "but then too Eleanor is not going to see you for months so that's why she asked me to let her keep you till Friday and it was also for your birthday" "she told me that" "what are you doing on Saturday anyways?" "Um going to the movies with Harry then shopping with the 5SOS boys and Harry if he still wants to join us" "for your birthday?" "No I don't think they know it's my birthday that day" "oh" "yeah" "are you going to tell Harry?" "I don't know cause then he's going to want to buy me stuff and I don't want him to" "but you should tell him and just tell him that you don't want him to buy you anything expensive cause he's going to get you something if you like it or not" "ugh I know but I'm going to tell him to get me something out of love" "what's the suppose to mean?" "like out of love and creativity" "oh I'm sure he will figure something out" "I know he will" "Yeah he's Harry" "hahahahaha that he is" "wait are you going to be gone all day?" " on Saturday?" "yeah" "Um no cause I need to pack for Sunday" "Oh right" "yeah but I'll be home before dark why?" "cause I want to take you somewhere" "with who?" "me, you, and Veronica" "oh then we can go when I get back" "okay then and when we get home you can pack or do half before you leave to the movies" "true the movies doesn't start till 12:55pm and we might leave like at 12pm" "oh then you can do it before you leave" "yeah I will" "okay then no more plans then cause us three are going out" "okay then I won't make anymore plans on Saturday" "okay then" "hahahahaha ugh I miss you" "I miss you too" "I'll see you tomorrow though" "I know that" "but I don't know where we are going to go" "I know where we are going but I'm not allowed to tell you" "lame" "your going to have fun though so no worries" "okay then I won't worry" "okay just know this, that this entire week your going to have fun" "I know that" "hahahahaha yeah" Then Harry walked in the kitchen and got some water and sat at the table with Scarlett then Liam said "it's so quiet here without you" "do they miss me?" "probably but if I ask Michael I know he won't admit it" "it's cause he's a weenie" "hahahahaha" "what he is" "he does call you loser" "yes he does so I call him names back" 'you two are something else" "it's called bonding" "hahahahaha if you say so" "that's how we bond" 'that is true not going to argue you both get along" "yeah we do but then too everyone there gets along with me very well" "I know they do I'm glad they do" "me too cause I have friends" "yeah and that one girl who came for you the last time" "oh Ashley?" "yeah her she's really nice I talked to her for a bit when she got to the house" "oh you did?" "yeah" "Harry got to meet her too" "he did?" "yeah we were at the mall and she was there" "Oh I see" "yeah" "is he still on the couch?" "no he's right here" "tell him I said hi" "hahahahaha okay" then Scarlett said "Harry, Liam said Hi" Harry said "tell him I said Hey" Scarlett then said "He said Hey" "okay then I'm still bored" "dad go to sleep it's 11:02pm sir" "hahahahaha you should go to sleep too" "No I'm not tired and it's early still" "I'm kind of tired the others went to sleep already since we have to be up early" "Oh lord I forgot we had to be up early Ughhhhh don't you people know that Scarlett needs sleep?" "hahahahaha I know that but we have things to do tomorrow" "I know that but it's okay I can wake up early if I need to" "well you need to tomorrow" "I know, I know" "well love I'm going to go I'm tired plus we got to be up early" "okay then" "Goodnight darling" "Goodnight dad" "I love you and sweet dreams" "I love you too and sweet dreams too" "Bye" "bye" then Scarlett hung up and put her phone down then she looked at Harry then he said "Are you tired?" "a little you?" "not really" "Oh" "I can show you where to put your stuff at though" "Okay" then Harry got his bag and then followed Scarlett to the room they were going to share then Harry put his stuff down on the bed and got his pajamas and went to go change then Scarlett had heard the front door open then she quietly walked to the living room when she got there she seen Louis and Eleanor there then Louis seen Scarlett and said "We thought you both would be asleep?" "no well almost were getting ready" "did Liam call you?" "yes he did he misses me like crazy we talked for an hour" "Oh wow he misses you that much" "hahahahaha yeah he does" "well I don't blame him it's the first time your away from home" "yeah and for a whole week" "that's true" then Scarlett got her phone from the table then Louis said "well we should get to bed since we have to be up early" Scarlett said "Sir yes sir" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett said "Goodnight Louis and Eleanor" they both said "goodnight" then Louis said "wait were is Harry sleeping?" Scarlett said "With me" "Hey no funny business" "Oh Louis No Oh God Louis Never In A Million Years" "what just saying" "hey same thing goes for you two" "No promises" Eleanor said "LOUIS!!!" Scarlett said "I did not need to know that Louis that's your private life" "you said it" "I just said that goes for you two" "yeah and I said no promises" "well I think Harry is calling me bye" "not so fast I don't hear him calling you" "yeah he is" "hahahahaha your free to go" "night" "night" then Scarlett walked to the room then closed the door when she turned around Harry was sitting on the bed on his phone Scarlett then put her phone to charge then Harry smiled at her and said "ready for bed?" "yes I am" then Scarlett turned off the lights and they both laid down then Harry said "Goodnight princess" "Goodnight Harry" "I love you so much" "I love you so much too" Harry then kissed her forehead then he hugged her and they both eventually fell asleep.

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